HTC CEO comes clean on Android sales numbers, competitiveness…


Well, we all know that the “1.5 million G1’s sold!” rumor that was making it’s rounds on blogs everywhere is fake, but the question on everyone’s mind really has got to be… what IS the actual sales number?  Mercury News sat down with HTC’s CEO, Peter Chou, last week to discuss the success of the first Google phone and got some good, albeit not exact, numbers.

“I’m saying we will ship more than 600,000” Chou had said, when asked how many G1 phones he expected to sell by the end of the year. “It will be more than what we originally planned.”

It’s nice to finally have an answer! The numbers seem to show that Android is here to stay and has been accepted as a platform that is ready to play with the big boys… paving the way for the next Google phone and implementation of Android as an OS that will keep getting better and stronger.

His answer was a little cryptic in regards to projected sales figures for 2009, preferring instead to say that they [HTC] do not disclose particular sales numbers but are confident in their competitiveness for next year. Translated: Our numbers will be high as long as word spreads about our awesome phone. I mean, it’s Google, c’mon!

As for how Mr Chou might convince potential iPhone buys to get the G1 instead? Well, we’ll let him do the talking:

“HTC products are very pragmatic and productive. We have spent a tremendous effort to make our product better. … It may not be as sexy as others. But it’s very nice, very mature and a very good experience. It has a very good quality keyboard, which makes it thicker. … It’s very good for text messaging or e-mail. .Americans are very keyboard-oriented.”

Ummm… do you think something might be missing in that statement? Like, “we have an open source platform which allows anyone to develop any kind of application at all” or maybe “Our phone is better, neener neener neener” Okay, maybe not that last part :-P

Enjoy your G1’s everyone!

Androidguys via Mercurynews

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  • drivethruboy168

    Well those are some nice numbers which should totally raise around christmas and as 2009 gets closer… Tell you now, working in a retail store and having a bunch of people wanting G1’s was pretty darn nice! And when we sold out… People were not happy. And when people found out that the white one wasn’t coming, even more upset. But it’s okay because tmo was quick to send out more and my store should be restocked really soon. This phone is great! Google did a fantastic job on the OS. It over exceeded EVERYONES expectations for it’s first version of it android platform. Kudos to google!

  • Kevman420

    The G1 is my first HTC Phone.
    I would definatly consider another HTC product.
    I think the HTC hardware is made pretty well.

  • david

    600k @ $179 > $107M….or about $240M list price…now if we only knew the cost like the iphone costs were known/guesstimates

  • brady

    now if only we could get the g1 without the assinine 25$/month data… thats more then most people pay for heat in the winter…it doesn’t add up. I totally want one, but i just can’t justify one, i am on the fence and every day i teeter back and forth. If there was a hack that would allow me to use it with the tzones plan i would jump on it in a heart beat.

  • Don


    $25 for data is cheaper than any other carrier charges for pda/smartphone data plans are you really that cheap?

  • shawnshawn

    htc rocks tho!

  • Shawn

    Comments like this:

    “i dont know if he is but i am that cheap screw the data plan having to be on just to make phone calls thats bull”

    Will be deleted

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    Any comments that are not productive in any fashion, too negative, insulting, annoying, or inappropriate will not be approved.

    Lets keep the comments positive and productive. Thanks

    The TmoNews Team

  • joey

    i pay 20 a month for my data plan. Tmo full internet on my nokia n95. Runnin push email and rapin the data. But no 3G. It was messed up on tmobile side to bump the price and force a data plan. I wonder how they goin to sucker me and bump me up. Anyway this is not at&NO & Ifake, this open OS, promising to unlock the device…..the data plan should be left open on the table. I still question googles full intentions with the mandated data and gmail account.

  • joey

    HTC can kiss my ass. The is ugly, all thier shit sucks, and not to mention crappy hardware. Now dont get me wrong i aint knockin down the OS. In a matter of fact i woulda bought the G1 for funs & kicks if it wasnt for the jacked up hardware. But u must see this is from only my point of view and history of nokias nseries. Comin in from any other background it would be different, i wouldnt mind the phone and consider it a move up ;) But too bad i woulda loved tryin out the first android and 3G. Till lata.

  • T-Mo B

    Wow… just wow. Joey, you have serious issues. Yeah, like you saw in the article, even HTC’s CEO admits that they don’t go for “sexy” hardware designs, they go for “pragmatic” (some might say practical or mature) hardware designs. While it won’t win any beauty contests, the G1 is hands down THE most functional phone I’ve ever picked up. I say that having used not only many of your precious N-series (way to go on your spelling there by the way, “nokias nseries”) but also pretty much every smart phone T-Mobile has launched since the crazy SDA/MDA days. So yeah, try to keep your Nokia fanboy-ness down to a background roar while the big boys try to talk about something more than your N95. Thanks.

  • Mark

    They better address the poor battery if they plan on actually selling this many units. At this point I am considering returning mine due to this issue. The rumblings about this are only getting louder. I hope t mobile realizes time is running out.

  • curry

    how could anyone complain about the date plans price it should be around 110$ every month like other plans like sprint Verizon and at&t

  • mingkee

    I believe the 600k is true
    now G1 is everywhere, even authorized dealers
    just hope the OS gets more function, like full functional bt, ability to quit application, better port 993 secure IMAP support, video capture, file manager, full streaming support, and…..Adobe Flash!

  • Joey

    I will enjoy my G1 when everything is fixed,
    untill then it sits on the charger 24/7

  • T1 Connect

    @JOEY so what exactly do you want another n-series phone. c’mon man, get out of the nokia box and bring your brain with you. the only problem i have is the battery. no hardware issues where do people get that from. i read an article yesterday people say thier experiencing pop/imapp problems with the g1, and im like are you kidding me. i haven’t had one problem with my email, then i figured it out those people dont knwo anything about computers and email most of them never held a pda (are you one of those people joey). when htc came out with the sda (if youve ever heard of it) i loved my sda and still have it then i got a mda wm5 then a dash and a wing and through all of that they just got better and better. and since i got android on a htc phone i havn’t had one problem besides the batt. so stop yapping cause i dont think you know what your doing or even how to use it. oh and if your gonna complain about it sell it on ebay or something give someone else a chance to be happy with one. you know someone who will appriciate it.

  • Armo

    u know i agree with a lot of the people here. ya Android is almost perfect and amazing. im in love with it even tho i havent even played with it yet. but, the general public doesnt know much about software nor do they care. they dont know wat OS means. they care about wat the phone looks like and wat it can do. the G1 isnt hitieous. but, nowadays, its considered ugly. thats why i dont own one. i got rid of my treo cuz it was TOO fat and ugly. now im at a sidekick slide which isnt gorgeous but its nice. and i know tons of people that would choose something like the touch pro over the G1 because it looks hella nicer and it has most of the same features. and those are the people that dont know the difference between WinMo and Android. i dont understand why HTC would make something as beautiful as the touch diamond, then make somthing like the G1. im starting to think its to make more sales with the G2 but thats the wrong wat to go. people dont care about the future, they care about the present.

  • T1 Connect

    everything requries time to get used to. how can you possibly judge it in 5 days. judge it after a month or something and it doesn’t look bad at all it is sexy everyone i know from windows mobile to mac osx love the g1 my boss, my friends, even artists that walk in to the studio where i work cant put it down. seriously i had a guy come in and paid for four hours of studio time and saw it and he played with it for like a hour(jobsphone user)and lost a hour of his time and he didn’t care. and the best part all my jobsphone friends keep saying yes a keyboard how lucky are you. the only thing i can say is envy me. and for those who have just seen it on the web its much better in person. named mine “ambience”.

  • badbob001

    I find it perfectly normal for the hardware guy to just talk about the hardware and not the software. You may hear HTC brag about how great is the touch interface they added to their windows mobile phones but I don’t hear them explain the wonders of windows mobile.

  • So Real

    I agree wit u 100% in ur response 2 joey. I 2 actually “own” a g1 and like u the only issue I really have is battery life although its not too much of an issue. I think a lot of the issue ppl are havin has a lot 2 do with user error. Just cuz u don’t kno how 2 use something doesn’t make it defective. And 2 all the haters who judge the g1 on just looks just take a look at the web browser which is bested only by the iphone due to multi touch. No n-series phone can touch the g1s web browser. There are other great things about the g1 but I won’t elaborate, just kno its way more than meets the eye.

  • T1 Connect

    transformers…lol but i think joey way just repeating something he heard someone say. and chances are that person does not own a g1. talk about ur own user experience then post that i bet u it wont be as bad as what you commented earlier.

  • So Real

    didnt catch that transformers reference lol. i think it kinda fits the g1 tho

  • T1 Connect

    thats a def

  • joey

    First off, i did not leave the comment about battery & power. Must be another joey.

    2nd thx for the warm remarks, no i mean it, a good laugh.

    On that note how do you expect to grow an gain traction as community by bashing on others while being so young(OS speaking). Give back by being constructive and persued and show what is to offer, educate! Take this from someone with 8 years experience & knowledge.

    Seriesly acting like apple fan boys an jump at anything and thinking and not acknowledge whats wrong or bad. I dont expect this from an android community.

    Now i see and understand that most of you are babys in the smartphone game, if ur goin to give me crappy mobile reference especialy when they all reside in the U.S. Come on theirs better out there to toss at me.

    Speaking of a nokia reference for hardware standard, shows me again younglings to the smartphone game. I was giving my background for hardware preference or standard. Ask the editor of this site to see if he will disagre. Nokia has a good history of hardware specs. So when its comes to G1 by HTC in what im accustimed to does not hit that benchmark.

    So for you to miss interpert makes me wanna call out applle fanny wanney boys (as much as i do not want and like the to see android flurrish) or prove me wrong…..
    P.S. This aint to spellen B. When it goes from being mobile, theirs an error margin.

  • mike

    @ joey. are you seriously just gonna leave your phone there ? lol that’s a waste of money :/

  • T1 Connect

    Who the hell cares abot those little inconsistencies right now dude who cares tha the os is just a baby people got a new toy to play with let us discover the phone and the problems your spoiling it for us man. What’s wrong with u dude keep that in ya brain son. dude at least I’m willing to work with a new phone. Look how long nokia has been around and for u to compare android to that you gotta be smokin something keep it to yourself.

  • So Real

    U feel better now man? Lol

  • Armytank

    i understand you like nokia i like the lookand specs but man how do you deal with those small keyboards? every time i see a new nokia the keyboards are getting smaller and smaller. also just to tell you something i agree with t1 this phone isnt ugly at all. Also i think that you should take a chance and try the g1 before you come in here and bash it before you had your hands on it. I think you would be surprised how good the os is. The os is the best i have had and its only going to get better.

  • LA26

    I got off with a T-mobile rep and he had informed me that they sold 95k in pre-order’s last week for the phone.

  • Ermac

    Ok, this is mainly 4 joey there. Im a HUGE nokia fan, I can literally tell you their background with no research, but I can also point out their cons 2. As for HTC’s hardware, you need to point your browser over to allshadow and read the stories ppl posted about the many accidents they’ve had with a htc device known as the t-mobile shadow. As for the looks, lets face it, dude you only think its ugly cause of the “chin” at the bottom, but lets ask someone with an iphone to put their phone down face first…’s not ugly, its innovation. What if it didn’t have that chin? It’d be the most basic, versatile, horrid, sexy, weak, powerful, ugly, beautiful phone you’ve ever touched. What phone do you know has a trackball and a touchscreen? Navigating is about as easy as it gets on this phone. Everything is different about this phone, they even made the way it slides different, it still slides up, yeah, it doesn’t do anything 2 exquisite, but ppl will still like it just like jews still get a kick out of “hello mudder, hello fodder”. who wants to go down a list of apps when they can just scroll their homescreen around. So why can’t you see that? Because of the operating system, an open platform baby that you’ve never used in your life. When a baby comes does it come with job in hand? No. Give it time.

  • tmoemp

    tmobilehas sold 111,000 devices as of 10/23/08 an an additional backorder of 25,000 to date

  • L.Krishna

    htc doesn’t have exclusive rights to manufacture phones with android os. check out this link: