Total recall on the Nokia 5610?? Updated! Not a recall, just a sales halt!

Word on the street is calling for a total recall halt to sales of the Nokia 5610 from all T-mobile sales outlets. Apparenly a flaw in the manufacturing process has led to some defects in the device which causes it spontaneously break out into a rendition of “YMCA.” I’m making up the last part, hopefully everyone already knew that. No word for a return date back to stores but I imagine with a nice collection of upcoming devices, this won’t be a big blip on the radar.

The problem lies in a defective component that affects the display screen in a small amount of phones. T-mobile isn’t taking chances however and had recalled the entire lot of phones sold. If you are experiencing issues with your device you should contact customer care. T-mobile has stopped advertising for his device for the remainder of 2008 and customers in need of a warranty replacement or insurance claim will be offered the option of the Nokia 5310 or 6301. There is no indication that the phone won’t be returning to the lineup as the information stated that Nokia has identified the problem so we can expect new handsets sometime after the beginning of the year.

I guess I’d rather have a defective screen than a battery blow up in my pocket.