Take a picture, it lasts longer…


T-mobile is certainly doing its part lately to turn around the stigma that its slow to the punch with competitive products. No, I’m not talking about the G1 and normally I would link an article here but seriously, just keep scrolling down the page. I’m not talking about Blackberry Javelin, or the Blackberry Pearl 8220 Kickstart with the multiple names I just love saying or even the Shadow II, the future follow up to quite possibly one of my least favorite devices ever sold.

No no ladies and gents, we give you, the T-mobile picture frame, currently dubbed the “Cameo.” Love the name. For $100 dollars or 73.9645 Euros as the dollar continues to slide, you will be able to purchase this picture frame which includes its own sim card and a brand new phone number for MMS messaging pictures from anywhere you are, to anywhere the Cameo is. At your home or at your office, just MMS yourself the images you want to preserve most. Finally!

For $10 a month, you can shoot over as many pics as 64mb of onboard memory will hold. Think of how many pictures you can get of the kids with the Grandparents on there! When you are no longer having fun wirelessly messaging (seriously when you would get bored with that?), you are also offered a mini-USB port plus slots for sd cards to upload pictures manually, you know the OLD fashioned way. That just takes the fun out of doing out of this in my opinion and fun with the “cameo” is where its at.

Can I just point out a flaw in the picture up with this post? The picture in the frame of the phone on the left has no trees, on the right trees. No word on if trees are magically added to all your images.

Update: No word on if the $100 purchase price is contract based or full retail pricing. More details to come.

Picture via cps

Info via our awesome forums