T-mobile Blackberry Pearl Kickstart 8220 Unboxing

Courtesy of boygenius, we have unboxing pictures this morning of my favorite phone to call by three names. Thanks to some high quality imagery we get a much better look at the phone itself as well as the usual range of included items shipping with the phone. Though I was really disappointed to read through boygenius’ quick summary of the phone itself as the words terrible, 2001, letdown, bad, worst and somehow they even managed to fit a Sarah Palin reference into there. That’s when you KNOW it’s bad. Haha kidding, not getting political!

All in all it’s a pretty disappointing super mini-review, I was definitely hoping for a better start to the reviews for this 3 name goodie. Of course judgment is reserved until its in the hand of the users themselves and the real reviews start pouring in.

See more pics and thoughts over at boygenius.