Servers issues – site stability

Update: Forums are back online.

We sincerely apologize for the issues this site has been experiencing recently. The server we are hosted on seems to have been having some problems and even though it apparently was supposed to have been back online 10 minutes ago, it obviously still has some major stability issues.

It really troubles us here to keep having us go through periods of unavailability, and we’re going to do whatever we can to get this resolved. Fortunately, our files are still intact (which wasn’t the case with our old host, GoDaddy… grrrr) so it should not mean that we’ll be offline for several hours like it was when we switched hosts just to get the site back up.

On a related note, the explosion in site traffic has caused us to yet again rethink our needs for server capability. While it may be a bad thing on its own, it’s because of how popular you the readers have made us so its your fault!!! Expect a better, faster TmoNews soon…


  • Smoku

    no!!! :( what will i do now heh

  • T1 Connect

    shit happends aint nothin

  • mingkee

    still can’t post at forum, got timeout error

  • Best wishes!

  • :) Yey!!

    … I mean… NOOO!!

  • Secrecyguy

    oh no! Well, the forum is still down. I hope you get it working again soon.

  • Armo

    even tho its not really ur fault, u guys at tmonews should put some info up about the winmo device or one of the htc devices from the upcoming phones to since u put us through this distress. LOL

  • Have you considered VPS based hosting? Initial setup might be a little painful, but once everything is set up it shouldn’t cause any headaches and its a heck of a lot cheaper than dedicated hosting but with a lot of the benefits. I’m not affiliated with them, but Linode is one provider that I use personally and highly recommend.

  • T1 Connect

    @armo yo im with u son i want to keep a winmo device and a droid i need winmo gotta keep up and get ready for 7 i hope the interface doesnt change that much. but just in case u didn’t know if theres a winmo 6.5 and anything above will have a zune installed in it now thats flavor. the social all the time.

  • Armo

    @T1 COnnect

    they’re gunna release version 6.5? i thought they would just go straight to seven. but anyway, the zune player sounds really nice. im pretty sure winmo 7 is gunna kill iCrap OS. aha

  • T1 Connect

    @armo i dont know about windows mobile 6.5 but 7 is a def. take a look at the article oh and keep in mind that pic you see is fake as hell.