October 22nd holds more secrets

That’s right T-mobile is in high gear for the 22nd of October, you know the day some G1 phone launches. Oh well, phones are all the same these days, right? Much more important however is some small overhauling to the Myfaves rate plans.

Magenta has done a little tweaking to the plans increasing them by $10 and making mobile 2 mobile standard on all myfaves plans. So really, its not “tweaking” per se, just making what was once an option now “included.”

The only REAL revamp here is the inclusion of a $69.99 myfaves 400 plan. No surprise really as that price point remains the common entry level for family plans on the big carriers. This does not affect any of the non-myfaves plans.

Anyways, not much else to tell but here’s a small graph because some of us just learn better with pictures.


Thanks to everyone who sent this in!