"Behold" the Samsung T919

We first got wind of this phone back in mid-August and it certainly has a lot of expectation as the first ALL-touch screen phone for T-mobile. Dubbed the “Behold” we’re still waiting on a detailed list of specs, but we know a 5mp camera,  Honestly, where do they come up with these names lately?! Well the good news is info leaking out shows a November 10th release date with a price of $149. No word on if that’s post rebate but I’d bet the last 12 dollars I have left in the stock market that it is. Specs are still a little vague and other than the 5 megapixel camera and “web2go” capability we don’t have confirmation of much so details are forthcoming. Enjoy:







Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

  • Dan

    It’s Windows Mobile 6 though which also sucked on the Shadow…

  • Armo


    i am sooo getting this is the display is at least 3.0 inch. anyone know?

  • enjoijams

    So this is not the re-branded Omnia right?
    Does it run on Samsung OS or Win Mo with
    overlayed UI like the Omnia?

  • David

    Its touch-wiz from what it looks like…

  • southern belle

    Pretty but not the g1

  • Armo

    and i just noticed that touchwiz looks MUCH better now than that on the F480.

  • David

    @Dan, its touch-wiz and NOT WM6

  • mrssherico

    Finally, I have been waiting so long!

  • Georgie Flik


    Isn’t that something you do in the bathroom? At least if you’re polite?

  • ratchet

    I cant wait to get this!!

  • joshc08

    I second that it is not the g1, it looks like a want to be vu, I am not in love at all

  • Mark

    Jeez. Now I don’t know if I want a G1 or this phone. Anybody have a suggestion on what I should do?

  • YAY!!!!, can’t wait to get mine

  • ratchet

    This phone was out wayyyy before the view. Ok not THIS EXACT phone but this is pretty muched a edited F480 which was out BEFORE the vu

  • J

    Pretty solid phone for the lineup.

  • John

    I know its still kinda early, but does anyone know if this phone is 3g or not? Pretty sweet if it does. kinda THINKING about returning the G1 of this has better specs.

  • TechnologyXDA

    The Best phone coming to the market is the SonyEricsson Xperia X1a, got all features, the all phone killer, check it out here at http://www.sonyericsson.com/X1/ ….!The good thing about this super phone, it works on t-mobile’s USA 3g network, confirmed …………!

  • J

    It is 3G. I also believe it will come in black and pink.

  • Pythagoras

    that is great news. they will sell tons of those. i definitely want one.

  • Qady2209

    I used to want this phone, I want a ZN5 now & the G1 sucks!! Hello MOTO!!!

  • Chuong

    This or the Moto ZN5 for my wife

    Decision, decision

  • Jackzonjenk

    This phone looks AMAZING! I’ve been following this release very closely and checking out it’s predecessors. And I’ve got to say this phone looks like samsung has learned from past phones, and we all know our magenta isn’t going to release something this cool if it isn’t going to impress us. And lets face it people; a 5 mp camera it blows the competition out of the water! GO TMO! 3G capable, touch screen this phone ROCKS!

  • David

    I have to say, I’m really liking this so far. Of course my biggest contention is how receptive the touch screen is and whether or not its LG Voyager like or iPhone/G1 receptive. That is my question.

  • Tmo Android

    I saw a pic that the phone will also come in pink.

  • TMO


  • mr.gadget

    Get up!!! All my true t mo fans who have waiting on samsung love

  • Jack

    I had a chance to play with the t919 last week and it is amazing!! The touchscreen is wonderful, very responsive, like iphone or g1!! The browser is wap based only, but very fast and great graphics.
    overall a great non-business phone!
    Camera is the best so far, moto camera is good, but the phone itself is just a rokr with wifi. Samsung all the way!!

  • Armo

    does anyone that watched the video know if this is the only news or is there more to come?

    oh and anyone know how well this could stand up to the iCrap, instinct, dare and others?

  • southern bell

    if it comes in pink i may have to buy one f

  • da

    oh yeah i am going for this one

  • 17

    this will not be a WinMo phone
    it is a “dumb” phone running the Samsung proprietary OS with Touch Wiz

  • Yayo

    The Samsung TouchWiz has 3g http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ME7qZ7mfYM

  • RS

    Looks like the Prada phone.

  • T1 Connect

    hello sexy meet me in the back

  • Kam

    This should be a cool phone to sport on the weekend.

  • SheShe

    looks nice

  • rommel

    ill finally quit hatin,for now….

  • Skyscraper

    Looks nice. And no doubt the camera will be good. I just hope it works well as a PHONE! It seems like all the focus and attention is going on the 5mp camera.



  • Macho

    So which phone is better “Behold” or G1?????

  • dat chyk

    @T1 – LMAO…where exactly in the back is it…that I need to meet u?

  • cellphoneman

    I got email frm my rep tday abt new phones tht r cuming to tmobile. There was a crappy looking “roumor” kinda phone by samsung calld gravity dated for 17th and perl 8220 and 8120 in crappy colors. But didn’t mention of this “behold”

  • Galen20K

    We all Knew it was Comin’ but now that it’s Almost Here OMa’Gosh it’s Nice!!! – D. Maybe a 2nd Phone to my G1 but I was also thinking of Javelin as 2nd.

  • So Real

    Is the touch screen capacitive like g1 and iphone? Dont really like the pressure sensitive touch screens like the Lg Dare. Doesnt matter really, nothing matters at Tmobile til I get my G1

  • T1 Connect

    @dat chyk wherever meet me in the back and bring the g1 and the tacco. i gotta get this and it has web2go for 149 i must recomend this phone. hope it has more rom and ram than the instinct i know it will be less restricted and maybe the tmobile app store.

  • dat chyk

    @So Real – Yea, I’m waiting on mine too and nothing else matters!

  • dat chyk

    @T1 – I can only bring the G1…won’t have the Tocco. I agree with you though, the Tocco is sexy!

  • misscrys

    I want a pink one I’ve seen a video spec of this phone its freaking awesome :) still torn between this or g1 but I get to play with the g1 tomoorow so I geuss ill find out

  • kazii

    YES!!!!!! Finally we have some news on the Samsung T919! I have been eagerly waiting all this time..and now FINALLY Thank You Tmonews!! =D

  • Brad

    it’s cool, but how many extra apps are out there for Touch-wiz?

  • TechnologyXDA

    17, you are right, a pure dumb phone for dummies! Sam Man if you are not sending the Omnia i900 to T-Mobile, then don’t nothing at all. Sam Man, I know that you have the i900L 3g GSM/UMTS version over at the FCC now being checked out and you treat us like this, come on Sam Man. That’s why I getting the Xperia X1a, yeah……!

  • Pythagoras

    T is filling out it’s line up. think about it- a new SE, a new HTC, and now a new Samsung.

    Now, T, give us a new WM phone!

    Collect all 4!

  • T1 Connect

    the x1 is a good phone the front panels finish is nice kinda like a pure metal alloy and the os panels sweet too but the itself is sexy kind of like a playboys phone

  • Tmobile

    it does look like the prada phone. copyright infringements. up in the air

  • drivethruboy168

    yea…super excited when I saw this at work and watched the video on it. But my boss said the touch on the g1 has a way better touch response! I like this phone. I give it a 2 thumbs up for my great company, I’m still getting the g1, but you can load opera on this samsung since it’s 3G and get some pretty fast Internet on it!

  • Sojizy

    this is just the ‘tocco’ thats been out in the U.K. for a bit check it out @ http://www.tmbile.co.uk. solid lookin phone. just wish we were getting the 5800 xpress music. im lovin that right now

  • J-Hop2o6

    can’t wait.. then the X1, once the price drops…

  • Random!!!!

    wheres news of the next sk already lol. nice phone too. like the x1 a little better though.

  • iancdp

    Hey X1 lover you do know that the x1 will not work with t-mobiles 3g only with at&t there was an article on engadget and cellphonesignal and this was about a week back i believe so sorry to break it to you.

  • Macho

    G1 is still gonna blow it out the water i can’t wait for the 22nd

  • rtimi

    hey its simple its better than the tocco cos i think it has the new haptic 2 on it which so far seems to be the best touch wiz wish i never left tmobile but will still wait till they have had 3g for while b4 switching back

  • T1 Connect

    @iancdp yes it will work has a 1700mhz umts band in it. matter of fact i think it has all umts signals in it.

  • kimberly

    Will it have a qwerty keyboard on it? The picture looks like it but I can’t tell. Also I saw web 2 go but what is that? I’m assuming it’s not a full web browser but is it better than what t-mobile has right now? I’m trying to decide if I want to get the G1 or the samsung. I like the G1 but it’s ugly and I can’t find much info on android that I can understand. I like the samsung but I want to make sure it’s not just a fancy dumbphone.

  • Hugo84

    @Jack No Wifi as the Samsung F480 base doesn’t have WiFi – which as great as this phone is (probably my preferred purchase until the G1 is more solid) – stops it from being a G1 killer. Does video though, which as we all know isn’t an out-the-door launch feature on the G1.

  • Macho

    What does web to go mean i was reading on this phone and one if the features was “web to go”

  • rommel

    i lied,where are the damn n-series?!!

  • T1 Connect

    @macho free ensential web elements like weather news sports etc.

    @kimberly no

  • ratchet

    Im guessing this has a qwerty keyboard. seeing as how you can see one in the 2nd pic.

  • rudy

    Hopefully this will have a tmo 3g. If so I just have a new phone.

  • robert barrett

    Always remember the G1 does not play mpg movies at all. I am upset the guy at the revieling of the G1 was asked if it plays videos and he says no but not to worry and shows a screen shot of a video player program in the applications market and I went to see if they have it and guess what? There is no such a thing. Thank God I did not buy it. That was a planned lie to fool people because they knew people will want to play videos like all the other phones have. Shame on you.

  • Mr Orange

    @ T1, I think you might be wrong about the X1 working on T-mobile. The FCC just gave aproval to the X1i wich would be the European version, and it was lacking in 3g support for anything other than 1900MHz signal from AT&T. Earilier in the forums or someplace esle i can’t remember it was stated that t-mobile had turned down Sony on the X1, along with reports of AT&T grapichs on the X1 on Engadget, it’s looking like a longshot for the US version to support t-mobiles 3g bands.



  • TomCruise

    if any phone has a qwerty slide out keyboard, then atleast 1 image is shown the keyboard slid out. I haven’t seen any such image of this phone with a keyboard so, no, this phone doesn’t have it.

  • ratchet

    I dont mean physical. I mean on-screen.

  • iancdp

    thanks for backing me up mr.orange. And that’s for xda the x1 freak not for t1

  • Steven

    Can any one tell me what the funk ‘web2go’ is? if this thing doesnt have a full HTML browser then im going G1.

  • rudy

    Hopefully we’ll be able to tether and or use the opera mobile on this.

    It is a dumb phone, so we shouldn’t have to use the 19.99 internet plan

  • Macho

    Thanks t1

  • John

    Does this have a 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack? Or stereo bluetooth? Not sure if this has mentioned or not. If so this could be a deal breaker over the G1.

  • T1 Connect

    @mr orange i didnt know the fcc stripped the phone down i know it passed but whats the point of stripping it down the best thing about it was all the umts bands it had it was like it was any 3g carrier capable now just att capable we need another umts signal for tmo along with the 1700. breaks my heart s.e. and fcc

  • Yayo
  • Hey, guys. This is in fact an updated “Tocco”. It doesn’t have a slide keyboard, but does have a landscape touch QWERTY pad. It is indeed a dumbphone, or featurephone, so no native apps or multitasking.

    The G1 is a full smartphone (unlike the iPhone, which is just a high end featurephone), which means its a mobile computing platform, just like a laptop, capable of multitasking, being used as a 3G modem for your desktop or laptop, and installing and running natively installed applications. The T919 is just a fancy media-capable featurephone like the iPhone, but without its application installation features. (This feature is why people mistakenly consider the iPhone a smartphone.)

    Featurephones rarely support full HTML browsing natively (The iPhone is a rare exception, though all phones can usually provide iPhone-level web rendering by installing the Opera Mini browser, a free download.), while smartphones usually provide a way to do so. If you want the more powerful, configurable, capable device, possibly as a laptop replacement, the G1 is the choice. The T919 is more for mainstream users looking for additional features to add to a phone.

    [b]Qady2209[/b], the ZN5 has a nice camera, but is nowhere near in the league of the G1. The ZN5 is a featurephone, much like the T919. Its features are set, and can only be used one at a time. The G1, like all smartphones, allows you to install the extra features you want, which can all be used at the same time, and can be updated and enhanced at the user’s whim. It can serve as a computer, much like a Windows or Mac laptop. Depending what you want, the ZN5 can be great, and its camera is surely better than the T919, but it is a much less powerful device as a whole than the G1, a WinMo, Nokia 5800, N and E series, or Blackberry models, even with 3G.

    [b]Robert Barrett[/b], don’t be upset the video player wasn’t yet in the Android App Market. The App Market isn’t yet fully deployed online because the devices aren’t launched. The video player was on the launch devices, so we know the app exists. Rest assured it will be there when the G1 launches.

    [b]rudy[/b], the $19.99 data plan won’t give you the faster 3G browsing speeds, though without a full HTML browser with Flash content support, 3G may not be as necessary.

    Everyone, don’t be so upset at the G1’s lack of a headphone jack. Bluetooth headsets and headphones are all the rage these days, and maybe we can get rid of all this old wired connections and lower device costs for manufacturers and consumers. I’m so past wired headphones…

  • ratchet

    out of curiosity is it possible to download opera mini on this phone or is the OS closed?

  • Black Knight

    TMO current offerings of smartphones are depressing…what the heck…the G1..ugly..look at the UK website ..briliant..is what L got to say offer more selections …Tired with a headache..sony X1..where r u my baby

  • fanboi

    in honor of a linux fanboys i’ll be the first to say,

    “will it run android” lol

  • danny

    no lol this phone doesnt the only phone right now with android is g1 that is it no anything else

  • Jay

    So. It no longer have an aluminum back? Urgh.

  • Macho

    Tmobile is the best i was passed due for 20 days and they still allowed a payment plan lol no other carrier would do this !! Lol

  • jtothada

    does any body know if it will have a 3.5mm jack?

  • Samsung F480. The F480 is based Samsung’s latest Croix OS. This 11.5-mm slim handset comes with 2.8-inch, 240 x 320 touchscreen feature. F480 supports HSDPA 2100 MHz compatible networks. On 2G Samsung f480 supports GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz compatible networks. F480 features Include a 1000 entries, Photocall Phone book, microSD (TransFlash) expansion slot, GPRS, EDGE, 3G (HSDPA), Bluetooth, USB support, H.264/H.263/MPEG4 player, Organiser etc. Its 5 MP camera at a resolution of 2592?1944 pixels, autofocus, and flash enables you to shoot videos and pictures cearly than ever before. Imagine the strength of 5 megapixel camera, Until now You would get this stuff in a professional camera only.


    GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900 HSDPA 2100

    2008, February



    95.9 x 55 x 11.5 mm


    TFT touchscreen, 256K colors

    240 x 320 pixels, 2.8 inches

    Polyphonic, MP3




    1000 entries, Photocall

    Call records
    30 dialed, 30 received, 30 missed calls

    Card slot
    microSD (TransFlash)


    Class 12 (4+1/3+2/2+3/1+4 slots), 32 – 48 kbps


    Class 12

    HSDPA, 7.2 Mbps


    Yes, v2.0 with A2DP

    Infrared port



    SMS, EMS, MMS, Email, Instant Messaging

    WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML


    5 MP, 2592?1944 pixels, autofocus, video, flash

    Java MIDP 2.0
    H.264/H.263/MPEG4 player
    MP3/AAC/AAC+ player
    Document viewer
    Built-in handsfree


    Standard battery, Li-Ion


    You must login to use this service.

  • So I guess the haptics that are being commercialized in Korea will never come out to American stores… I really like the phones i see from Korea, they look prettier… but whatever, I’ll take whatever I can get. These phones are all in the same family anyway.


  • nesha.

    yay!!! Finally sum news ive bn waiting on…..

  • mando

    I was going to upgrade from my sidekick 3 to the g1 but now I think I’m going to upgrade to this phone. We need more news on it.

  • da

    wifi is inside 2?

  • da

    yeah wifi 2?

  • thaone&only


  • Theicool

    CANt WAit tiLL tHiS PH0NE C0MES 0Ut! iM EXitED!!

  • mafiaashish

    Its just a rumor about getting this phone with the Tmobile US this is a european model and moreover samsung has signed a contract with AT&T last month, i dont know what was that contract about but i guess it for a phone and Tmobile is going to atleast wait 2 months before launching a phone after the launch of G1. i dont know, personally i just dont buy this story.

  • David

    @Mafia, these pictures were taken from a 4th quarter launch announcement for T-mobile USA announced by CEO Robert Dotson. I’m pretty sure that’s enough confirmation for everyone.

  • victor

    the phone is scheduled to launch november 10th. I personally want to get the g1. The white one is not going to be at the store oct. 22nd like i thought. I probably will wait til this phone comes out to see how it is. I doubt it will be better than the g1 phone though. except for the video conference and 5 mp memory card and the sleaker style, this phone doesn’t have the extensive capabilities as the G1

  • da

    somebody talk me is wifi in this phone?

  • sexy black girl

    this phone will come in pink to and yes it has wifi

  • disappointed

    this phone will NOT have wifi

  • jay

    ok i got the g1 on monday it’s now thurs finally got on a 3g network wifi is good camera has no function no zoom no mode select no video record no wi fi calling and the list of disappointment could continue on so i’m returnin it tommorrow hope the behold is better

  • sexy black girl


  • WXman

    This phone looks perfect, but why is there no official announcement yet? November 10 is getting awfully close…

  • information

    t-mobile has / getting 4 new phones. On sale, highly anticipated G1, the bomb! & the Pearl flip. Getting the Samsung Behold & a Moto + a cameo! stay tuned & check out it out! & if you dont have it yet…T-mo’s @ Home service for $10! YES, ten!

  • G1

    For anyone to say the G1 “sucks” is ignorant. This phone has a ton of desirable qualities and with it being open source, the possibilities are endless. Sure you may not be able to record video, but atleast you can send a picture message on it.

    Anyways, Im really eager to see the Behold and find out some more details on it. Im really surprised that with the release date being just two weeks away, there arent any guarantees on the phone itself, just hearsay.

  • Moose

    Now I am really torn have an upgrade available and am not sure what phone to get … I have looked over and over reviews on the G1 some say it sucks and some say it’s awsome and the same for the Behold … I got T-Mo in New York I then moved from New York to just outside Charolette, North Carolina about 2 years ago and am excited that T-Mo is coming to NC after buying out SunCom Wireless. I am not sure if either phone will work well at the current moment seeing how I am still currently roaming off of SunCom but I am seriously trying to make up my mind on which one I will get … I have watched the video’s on the G1 and the phone really looks sweet … plus the android market will be nice once developers get to messin around with the G1 and its cappabilities … I hear good things about the Behold but have not seen any demo videos and what not … I love new toys and just want to make a educated decision on which one to buy and could use some more detailed info on compairing both phones.

  • Opensource is as opensource does

    The G1 is as “open” as Windows Mobile in that you can download the SDK for free, and make your own apps. The only advantages of Android over WM6 are that nerds can custom configure the OS itself. Whoopee.

    Make it worth something to me and I’ll start caring. Until then, it doesn’t do MS Exchange or USB/Bluetooth tethering, so F the G1.

  • G1’s Former Lover

    @Opensource is as opensource does

    Despite your potty mouth, I must say I agree with your conclusion. I just bought — and returned — the G1. Quite a disappointment, both in terms of hardware and software. Thank God T-Mobile is finally investing in 3G though, and also pricing their phones and plans well below AT&T’s. The Samsung phone looks like it has some potential and I might do another buy to try. If so, I’ll report here.

  • UTE Boy

    I looks to me like the “Behold”, is the same phone as the Sprint “Instinct”. Does anyone know if they are the same phone?

  • Opensource is as opensource does

    Sorry for the “potty mouth”. LOL. Fundamentalists.

    Anyways, I would have been a happy “wait and see” adopter of the G1, except that as a faithful, on-time payment-making, year-plus customer with TMO, My discount on this was only $50 on release date. I won’t pay $349 and still have a 2 year contract. That’s idiotic. I can buy it without contract for $399. What on earth would possess me to lock into another 2 years of abysmal phone selection for $50? That’s one dinner out with my wife. It’s also an insult to customers in good standing to have an “upgrade” option like this thrust at us. If they had offered ALL existing customers in good standing the $179 price, I would have bought. As of now, they can bite my shiny metal ass.

  • Man screw tha g1 it doesnt have voice gps nor a video to play as a ringtone….plus its not that hot its weirdly shaped and kinda big!!!! i want this one!

  • Curious

    I called t-mobile few days ago and they said that this phone does not have wifi…does anyone know if it does or not?? Can’t really trust tmobile customer service since half the time they don’t know what they’re talking about.

  • gadgewt lover

    i talked to tmobile a few minutes ago and they said no wifi in this phone i got
    two answers regarding data plan at this point rep says no documentation
    requiring data plan which is required in g1 and kindof expenasive 24.99 at least
    should definitely be in stores on the 10th i am using g1 right now … honestly i dont like the look but feautures are awesome … and new apps are being released

  • Plans

    Will the T919 plan require internet or will it be an option for internet or no internet?

  • Oueenie Jay

    @ Opensource

    My brother had this same problem. He would go online and the price of the G1 was $349. but when he called they told him the actual price he would pay was the $179. so… its better to call tmobile because if you haven’t noticed their website isn’t too reliable.

    I can’t wait for the Behold to come out! Is the pink version coming out november 10 too?

  • my boyfriend’s sister has this phone (her bf works for tmobile) and i pretty much killed her battery because i played around with it!! It’s a beauty, it really is, i cant wait to get it for my bday!!!

  • Im getting this phone, and thats not the only phone they are coming out with they are also coming out with a phone that looks identical to the rumor exccept it slides to the left and not the right like the rumor, and it offers a full querty keyboard.

  • Mike

    I almost bought the G1 but glad I didn’t.
    I heard about the Behold and I am going with that
    one. It has what I want, touch screen and a 5
    mega pixel camera. That is all I reall y want
    it for, so why get a g1. It is too much for what
    I really want it for.

  • Jesenia

    I originally had the sidekick LX, then pre-Ordered the G1, I’m literally sending it back today. I’ve had issues with my AIM, where if I get an IM from someone it comes from MY SN, then if i try to respond, it responds to me. I’ve had different applications force close, I can’t forward text messages. The GPS looks nothing like what it did in the video for the G1.

    So I just found out about this new Samsung today and I think i just may get it. Not too thrilled about not having a keyboard, BUT.. the keyboard on the G1 was too flat so i didn’t care much for it. Can’t wait to order it.

  • Sunshyne

    I was all excited to get the G1 until I heard about this one. The G1 is out for me, it is to thick. I like pettite phones. I have been waiting forever seems like for a touch screen phone to come out with T-Moblie and the 5 Megapixel that did it.

  • firestarlish

    Had the G1 phone for about 7 days then I had to return it. It keep working whenever it wanted to and gave me a No Service icon (the phone couldn’t call out or receive calls, no texting and the internet didn’t work). It is not a good phone. For the first 4 days it was cool and glamarous, the the last 3 days it was a total nightmare

  • Petemax13

    The G1 battery life was very bad when I had it. I charged it over night and the next morning I went to work in Massachusetts and I use the phone once and the battery ran out. The other thing I hated was the Voice dial function, I need to have voice command not voice dialing. With the cops giving tickets now-a-days you need to be able to say a name nad your car blue tooth dials, not to have to look at the screen. This phone was not planned right, the G1 should have been the HTC Touch HD. HTC did a poor job designing this phone and I dont like Sidekicks and thats exactly what the G1 is with a fancy touchscreen.

  • Petemax13

    If you have the patience and money to burn, I would wait and buy the Blackberry Storm unlocked. That phone offers so many features and much more. Tmobile I have been with them for 2 yers + and their phones are getting way behind on technology. The unlocked phones available right now will blow your mind (HTC touch HD, Sony Xperia, Blackberry Storm, Blackberry Bold) I mean the list just goes on. The bad thing is Tmobile is not paying attention. I told them if they dont start perking up with technology I am porting my number quick. I hope this helped.

  • dbmedic

    The tmobile rep told me today that it will be hotspot but someone else said it was not. does anyone know for shore.

  • Ron Ramseur

    Here you go guys.. here are a few things about the phone…

    1. Advanced Responsive Touch Screen with Widgets-This has a large
    color touch screen that responds to the touch of a fingernail, a
    fingertip, or a stylus, and can be adjusted to match your customer’s
    individual touch pressure. Your customers can touch, drag and drop,
    tilt, maneuver, and modify menu items by moving their finger across
    the screen. The phone also has Widgets – small icons that provide
    fast access to the items they use most often.
    2. 5 Megapixel Camera, with video capture and playback, 4x digital
    zoom and settings for scene modes, resolution, and effects, plus a
    3. High-Speed Internet with HTML Browser-This enables your
    customers to view full HTML web pages, visit their favorite sites, and
    get their downloads through T-Mobile’s 3G network.
    4. Assisted GPS Navigation (AGPS)* provided by Telenav. This will
    also give turn by turn directions with automatic re-routing.
    5. QWERTY Keyboard-When your customers compose a text message,
    tilting the phone to a horizontal position displays the QWERTY
    keyboard, while holding the phone in the vertical position displays the
    numeric keypad.
    5 Things You Should Know
    1. Details of the available web2go plans will be communicated in your upcoming web2go training, and will also
    be in StreamLine.
    2. Here’s what’s in the box: Travel Adapter, Ear Bud, 1 GB microSD card, and Data Cable.
    3. The AGPS service will be free for 14 days, and then the customer will need to sign up directly with TeleNav
    for $9.99 a month.
    4. The device does not work with corporate email applications. (Customers that need a corporate email
    solution should be directed to Windows Mobile or Blackberry solution).
    5. This phone has a completely new Menu and user interface from previous Samsung handsets. It is
    important to note that the Touch Screen sensitivity cannot be adjusted.
    Touch. See. Believe. Samsung t919 Behold

  • mkayyy

    Man, the Xperia looks AMAZING
    too bad for the windows (im am mac lover at heart). I would get the iphone, but tmo is all i can afford now. that would be cool if you could put android on the xperia and keep some of the windows features tho.
    Does anyone know if the unlocked version even works on Tmo, like will the internet work???

    Its so pricy too, im gunna stick with getting the behold in five days
    i hope they release it in pink the same day(doubt it)
    but i havent had an upgrade in 4 years!!!

  • omega

    if anyone wants more info on it just search samsung f480. that is euro version which been a while ago. yes the display is 3. and no its is not win mobile 6.

  • ryverdaddy

    umm…my wife is wondering if you will be able to upload to photobucket right from the phone…i think so…anyone know for sure?

  • JMAK

    i work for tmobile. the behold is $149.99 with a $50 rebate and a final price of $99.99. will come in espresso brown and pink.

  • petere

    how much this phone?

  • cassie

    ryverdaddy; i don’t see why not. on photobucket under ‘account options’ you’ll see somewhere on there ‘change mobile settings’ or something of the like. & there should be an email address or whatever you’d call it that you’d put in the address of the phone when sending the picture & it should upload the picture to your photobucket no problem. sorry if that makes no sense or i’m bad at explaining it. i just didn’t know how to word it. so the answer to your question, yes it should work. but i can’t tell you for sure.


    jmak; is the pink version going to be released on launch day? from what i keep hearing it won’t be. i’ve talked to two different ppl on the phones of customer care + i’ve called the t-mobile store in which i’m planning on purchasing the phone from. customer care said “at this current time it’s only showing up in one color, which is the espresso” & the guy i talked to at the actual store said “it probably won’t be available on launch, probably sometime after”. so i’m assuming the pink would come later, unfortunately. i want this phone in pink but i don’t feel like waiting for the pink version to come out. so i guess “espresso” for me.

  • ryverdaddy

    thanks for the answer cassie!!! i understood the answer so no worries! im getting pretty excited about this phone…me and my wife are getting one. i heard at another site that its gonna have 2 cameras: one being the 5 mp and the other on the front for video calls. not sure if this is true. im getting this cuz the g1 has alot of potential but im thinking ill wait till its a little more “mature” before i go down that road.

  • Andrea

    JMAK. hey things for all the info, but how much will the phone be for only a 1 year contract?

  • cassie

    ryverdaddy; as for the second front facing camera as far as i know that was just on the uk version of this phone known as the samsung tocco, i believe it’s been taken out. & now we just have the 5mp camera. without video calling. but i’m not completely sure.

    you’d think with less than 3 days til launch we would really have a lot more info on this phone than what we do.

  • ryverdaddy

    hmm….that front facing camera woulda been sweet! oh well. still seems okay by me. i agree about the amount of info circulating….you would definately think we would have more hard facts…but hey, going from a nokia 5300 to this is a big jump and will keep me happy for some time!!

  • cassie

    yeah, definitely. anything is better than the phone i’ve been using. my phone broke not too long ago so i had to buy a prepaid one & put my simcard in it. i’m definitely ready for a step up. lol!

  • brent

    does it connect to corporte email? outlook?

  • JML

    the pink one should launch at the same time. we have already received shipments for it at my store.

  • jowan

    I’ve been thinking of getting the samsung omnia… but since, i’m about to get what i’ve been waiting for, for t-mobile to release a new phone… (excluding the G1, i’m really not that into it)…i’m kinda thinking to get this one.. since the price is cheap.. compare to omnia.. uhmm… i’m getting confuse now.. can’t decide which one!

  • cassie

    jml; i’ve talked to numerous ppl when calling ‘611’ all saying that the only color that shows up in the system, which is the espresso brown one. + two different t-mobile stores i’ve gone to have said no on the pink a well. & a friend of mine [her bf] works for t-mobile too & he also said no.

    so i’m mad if you have pink at your store & i can’t get it. =[

  • pogi

    I wonder if you could download opera 9.5 browser on this phone….anyone?

  • saintsfan

    hey guys so is the expresso brown the same color as the phone in the pics above or is that black? i cant really tell cuz the pics are kind of dark

  • cassie

    i went to a t-mobile store today & the girl i talked to said they already go their shipment in & it is coming in pink. the only part that is pink & the back part, like in the pictures.

    + the espresso color is more of a black color that a brown.

  • Aaron

    Hey dan, it’s not windows mobile. It’s another system, thank God it’s not windows mobile, otherwise it would suck!!!

  • cassie

    oops. when i said coming. i meant they have both the pink & espresso colors.

    so both colors will be released on monday.

  • mkayyy

    is it true that this phone may be free on black friday!?!?!
    i’ve read some forums about it being so
    i know about the whole plane ticket thing
    but im not sure about this one

  • misty

    it’s actually more of a Samsung F480, not Omnia.

  • jcb623

    I just gt the g1 last week and love it but I’m have to see if behold will stand up to g1,if so I’m gona have to take the g1 back…we will see tomorrow

  • kookie

    is it true that this phone will be commin out in pink and if it is when will it come out :]

  • shiley

    I WANT THIS PHONE SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shiely

    yes it is coming out in pink on Nov 10

  • Trudy

    Well…I got the G1 phone when it first came out and I LOVED it, except for the design and the camera quality sucked. So..I returned it. I just got the Samsung behold in a rose color and ABSOLUTELY love the design and camera quality. But…I miss my G1 apps. Hmm…what to do, what to do :(

  • Jean

    Just got the phone – really like it. Not set-up for Yahoo – won’t validate account. Even though it’s part of the internal programing. AOL works fine. What’s the deal??? Even T-Mobile can’t help me. Might have to return it.

  • abcyesn

    The Behold also provides quick and easy access to a customer’s favorite features through Samsung’s innovative TouchWiz™ user interface, which has specially designed widgets to customize and personalize your phone. The quick and simple ‘drag and drop’ feature allows users have instant access to their favorite functions, such as the clock, music player, instant messaging and photos and a custom widget for myFaves. There’s already a fans website named http://www.Samsung-Behold.com LOL

  • vick

    I just bought this phone its pretty good

  • ryverdaddy

    so….do i have to put a web browser or something on the phone when i get it?? or does it come with one??? if it does come with one is there a better one i can get?

  • zzTamiz

    I am using blackberry now and cant wait till blackberry touch will come to t mobile will this fone sync with my blackberry files?

  • I’ve used a BlackBerry for pretty much the past decade and I love it. However, I’m ready for a change and gonna try the T-Mobile Samsung Behold. I found a great deal at UShop Wireless where its Free. I placed an order on Friday and should have it on Monday. Super excited to try out this new device. I will keep you posted if its as great as everyone is saying…

  • PEZ

    @TechnologyXDA No, the Experia WILL NOT work on Tmo’s 3G. And its an $800 phone – good luck affording that with your paper-route. Regardless, the X1 will be a dissapointment for most. The screen is about the size of the Sidekick (2.8 inches) and the UI is slow as hell.

    For those saying that “this is no G1” No kidding – The G1 is the G1. Just like the G1 isn’t an iphone, and just like this phone (Behold) isn’t the Eternity.

    Make sense when you post.

  • marine06

    the behold has expandable memory to 16Gb. G1’s network is too expensive and samsung uses regular tzone internet. and works just as good. phone is great…

  • viking4life

    How do videos look on the behold? Are they good quality maybe something similar to that of the Iphone’s

  • Yo imma get this phone in a couple of weeks u digg and its touch and it has a 5 mega pixxel cmera and u can watch videos on youtube in it kkkkkkkk LOL Im so exited PEACE TO YALL

  • Liz

    the G1 doesnt have video capability. it takes pictures but no video.

  • ryverdaddy

    expandable 16Gb memory??? how do i take advantage of that? ive got the phone…only complaint i have is the short battery life…other than that its awesome….ive got a 1Gb memory card in it now….how do i get that 16Gb your talking about?

  • yeaaa

    t-mobile hasn’t released any decent phones in AGES. can’t wait to get thiss =) is there a good amount of memory without using a memory card?

  • behold rose was great for text only or tmobile g1 are news cellphone but bad used never work as mobile with laptop or pc desktop . only one does is sam beat t539 only way get internet with a cellphone works on laptop and pc desktop .

  • ana

    i have tmobile and i have t-zones on my phone… does anyone know if i will have to change my plan for the behold to work or will my current plan with t-zones carry over? thanks!

  • is anyones g1 have terrible battery life?

  • vd

    I want google maps on my behold and other apps. How do I do that?

  • tjgirl

    I got the behold yesterday. I find it very slow pulling up my email. I guess I got spoiled by the BlackBerry. I’m returning this phone. I need instant access to email!

  • is the behold werth the buy or not?

  • im getting it in january and i want to have a touch screen but not a G1

  • supp


  • missginger

    im choosing between G1 and behold, i was really into the behold but i really like the keypad on g1, im kinda worry about texting on behold cuz its all touchscreen..and also, g1 in white is going out and that will definitely be a plus cuz i LOVE white phones they are gorgeous, i saw the behold in brown and pink today they are nice and slim, but i still realyl really wanna see the white g1..lol oh and i dont plan to get internet service on either phone, does anyone know that if i dont plan to get internet access, id still be able to get g1? [or behold] thanks

  • The BIG Sexy

    I’ve had the blackberry 8120 and have s s blackberry 4 years and I bought the G1 and the flip up screen sucks the hinge that flips up came loose and and the base chiped I tossed it over the bridge and went and got the behold I love it it is better then all of my blackberrys and G1 it is fast and easy to work I went to a concert and took a vidio and it sounded great my 8120 BBs sound sucked well I’m a big fan and transfers to me Mac book are also fast and easier then my BB the wigets are easy this this phone should be called pda’s 4 dummies.if you can’t work this phone go back to 4 grade my son has the behole to and he’s 10 and he’s better then me lol HP GET 1

  • darndelion

    i have the pink behold and i LOVE it! it is easy to use, really accessible, and comes with many great features. i also think it looks and feels nicer than the G1. i highly recommend this phone but i do wish that it had more downloadable applicates like the iphone.

  • Zubo

    can u charge the phone threw the usb port??

  • Good Day Guru, I fell lucky that I located this post while browsing for ago hours minutes news yahoo music sports home stocks days. I am with you on the topic of “Behold” the Samsung T919. Ironically, I was just putting a lot of thought into this last Sunday.

  • sunnyboi

    i have the behold, the camera is okay, but doesnt taken pix like a 5mp sstill to this day the tmobile dash has the best pick quality even better than the behold. and for full html, thats a load of crap there r alot of websites througj tmobile epc.tmobile.com server, anyone know how to or wheeew if theres a fix for the internet???i

  • Epi

    hey….I now have the Tmobile wing…which I literally wanna zet it on fire…its sooooo sloooooow…any way…anybody coming from a pocket pc to the behold…I realize it won’t hv many of the features im used to…but it seems to hv all the features I need….does it have password protection?? copy paste?

  • Don D

    I got the Samsung Behold. I haven’t found any terrible glitches worth mentioning. Email does take a while to load. But it’s not an email phone. Mobile Youtube does work for it. It’s not a smartphone. It’s an average touch screen phone. It has a great camera, and it lets you save GIF images as your wallpaper, also full songs as your ringtone. If you’re used to a sidekick, you will have to adapt to the full keypad. Only thing I hate is the sounds when you type. I like the blackberry click sound. Also I hate the phone lock screen. You can’t change the image. Its a bunch of different ones, and one is flowers. It’s a good phone overall.

  • Amber

    THis fone looks so cool :)

  • Jordan


  • can u change the wallpaper on it? evrytime i c an advertisement the background is brown. grrr. and also does it take video andhows the internet on it. all i do is call text browse and video. how r thoes features???

  • Miguel

    Have had my T-Mobile Samsung Behold (T919) for a couple of weeks, and must say I’m VERY impressed! Viewed my website:


    and it looked pretty good!

  • Natalie

    I’ve had my behold for a while now and yes you can change the backgrounds. The brown is the default when you get the phone but it can be changed. I havent found out if it has copy and paste or not. Its a great phone over all.