More strangely named phones from Samsung


Earlier today we previewed the “Behold” and now we bring you the “Gravity.” Which begs the question as to how developers come with these awful names? I wonder if developers blindly go to a random page in the dictionary, point to a word and voila, we found our device name!

Previously code-named the “Holic” (another name I won’t even touch) this little device from Samsung borders on those who love qwerty yet don’t need any extras. We saw some in the wild shots about a month ago and for straight messaging fans this should please nicely. Expected in stores on November 17th, no official word on pricing.


  • Caller ID, messaging, IM, speakerphone blah blah blah
  • 1.3 Megapixel Camera with Video Capture
  • Stereo Bluetooth Connectivity
  • EDGE High-Speed Data
  • Memory Card Slot (microSD)
  • Mobile Backup
  • QWERTY Keyboard
  • Sync with PC
  • USB Interface
  • web2go
  • Lime with Gray
  • Aqua with White



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  • Mr. Moon

    Nice phone but not for me!! Can’t wait to get my G1!! Ha first one!!

  • MMM

    i liked that phone, a year ago. hope this is better than the rumor & such lots of friends had it & it broke in two. ha,

    wheres g1, its been a few days lol.

    second one ! [=

  • Pythagoras

    oh goody it has that new ‘text messaging’ feature.

    but what the hell mi gente it looks pretty good and it has EDGE!

    not bad for a backup

  • fastball

    What kind of names would you come up with?

  • T1 Connect

    man im really feeling my carrier right now looks like they’re making some real smart positive steps. lots of good changes and add ons. makes me proud.

  • southern bell

    should have named it circa2002, lol

  • rommel

    that was clever southern bell!

  • Puv

    Give me a phone like that, made by nokia, with AWS and tethering support – and I’ll buy it! I think I saw a spy shot of an E series phone that may fit the bill….

  • Qady2209

    Don’t be surprised if voila appears as a phone name!!!

  • J

    There was a Samsung codenamed “lollipop”

  • Kam

    I am going to get one just to piss off my lil sister because she wants one through Cricket…

  • Andréa

    this is one ugly phone…. the designers could have at least tried

  • Andréa

    @ southern bell that is pretty good, it does look like it belongs in 2002

  • T1 Connect

    theres nothing wrong with the way this phone looks and it has edge probably faster than a winmo device

  • sam

    give me something new! give me something about the G1! work is so boringgg..

  • incrediboi

    I feel ya sam…sitting here bored as helll..need some g1 news to help pass the work day…

  • drivethruboy168

    YOOOO…. ilm usin the G1 right now on this comment I’m leaving right now! It’s soo sick! Way better then the iPhone. And I have an iPhone to say that! It’s soo smotth and it fits very well in the hand. Touch screen is great! It’s not as big as it looks in pictures. Wish everyone was here with me as I play with it! The key board is very nice! Be back with more details soon.

  • Andréa

    @T1 connect are you kidding? You really think it looks decent?
    the it really reminds me of an old(2002-2003) moto with a qwerty key board? … anyway I guess I don’t care since I am getting the G1 and I think it looks alright…(it is definitely NOT the tocco OR the touch pro which are really good looking phones in my opinion…) I mean i am extremely glad no one will mistake the G1 for an icrap…I guess the person that wants the behold wants a basic phone that has qwerty.

  • brian-y

    its ok it is a step in the rite direction for t-mobile . in 1 week, 5 days, 8 hours, 57 minutes, 17 secondsto are GGGGGGGGGG1111111111111’sssssssssss will be at are door

  • sam


    oohh, you make me so jealous!

  • drivethruboy168


    If you only knew man… it’s SICK! I’m lovin it!

  • misscrys

    I think though this phone is not a g1 (duh) it is a step in a good direction for the company I’ve actually had numerous customer asking still about that old moto a630 JUST because it is basic phone but has a full keyboard definitly going to be a seller for preteens but good price for parents!!!!! good job T-Mobile :)

  • sam


    how did you manage to get your grubby little paws on it?

  • MMM

    ahhhh, i feel like a fene.
    i come to this site way to much.
    im sorry [=

    g1 is LOVE.

  • T1 Connect

    @andrea its certainly not the g1 but what if u dont want the g1 and just want to text perfect for that stuff ya know like kids and heavy text how many phones like this do u see with edge you know how many people in ny has the rumor just for that reason. its time for tmo to shine

  • T1 Connect

    @drivethruboy168 yo stop by my crib on ya way home and bring the g1. oh you might have to lrave without it tho

  • drivethruboy168

    T-Mobile managers went to some traing yesterday… playing with the training device.

  • Galen20K

    I thought this Phone was Ugly on Sprint.

  • Mr. Moon

    Sorry for going off topic here but I have a couple of questions. I have a friend that tried getting T-Mobile because he wants the G1, problem is, he was only qualified for 2 lines but with a Flexpay contract, would he still be eligible for a G1 or Flexpay customers won’t even be allowed to get one!? And if he did, would he receive a new customer discount ($179.99) for signing the 2yr contract with Flexpay for his G1!? I called customer care but all they said was “go to the website and check” makes no sense since this is only for current customers. So if anyone would please help me out I’d really appreciate it.

  • continentalt13

    Your friend will be able to get the g1 on flexpay at that $179.00 price point. He has to sign the 2yr contract to get it though. Flex pay customers can get the g1 whether they are approved for monthly service or if they sign a contract

  • dat chyk

    @MMM – Yea, I’m looking for some G1 news. Not to take the spotlight off of this phone but, my focus is strictly G1 at this point!

    @Qady2209 – Seriously…some of theses phones should be named “Huh?” because thats what I say when I see them. LOL.

  • USCmed

    sorry to post this on a non g1 thread, but i just looked at the itunes remote app for android and it looks awesome. hopefully it runs just as smoothly on the real thing. cheers to progress!

  • drivethruboy168

    Yea… Anyone who wants to activate on a new 2 year contract and get the G1, you’ll have to wait and put your name on the waiting list if a store has a waiting list going, and then activate on the 22nd. From what I hear is that the $179.99 price is the presale price for existing customers. Soo when the G1 launches I hear it’s supposed to go to $199.99 on a 2yr contract. And that goes for Flex pay as well. Flex pay Month 2 Month will have to pay retail price on it and the first months bill. By the way… I’m sad, I couldn’t take the G1 home, but I’ll play with it again on saturday… Hopefully… AWESOME PHONE!!! WAY better then I thought it was going to be!

  • Can you all start monitoring these blog post. Cause it gets on my nerves when people post stuff that’s completely irrelevant to the blog post. Like for instance the G1, what does that have to do with the Samsung Gravity (t639)? Nothing @ all, but people evidently are not realizing that what their posting is highly irrelevant cause they keep posting. And when people post of this phone is out in europe, and thier r better phones, iPhone is better, and stuff, that’s annoying.

  • Mr. Moon

    @continentalt13- Hey thxs for helping me out on this one. I didn’t know what to tell my friend but now I got it clear. Thxs!!

  • sam

    come on guys, let’s get something new up! my day isn’t complete without my daily dose of tmonews!

  • TomCruise

    from what i hear, the advantage of presale on G1 is that these will be filled on a priority basis, even over stocks alloted for stores. so some stores might not even sell G1s or have just a handful in stock.

  • MMM


    why does it matter what people post on here,
    if it doesnt sound relevant to you. dont read it.

  • Patrick

    Ok and so where is it? Today is Nov. 17th. The upcoming phone section of this site claims 100% for “Certainty or [sic] release date”. Tmo web site shows no such phone.