G1 user reviews starting to come in!

A few lucky employees have much to the jealousy of T-mobile fans everywhere gotten some hands on time with the G1 and have posted their musings on the forums. One such user Sol Glow has posted his thoughts and impressions AND has been more than kind enough to keep a thread going with a Q&A session.

Initial Start Up

With that said the first screen you’re faced with is a log-in to Gmail account screen. If you don’t have a g-mail account (like me) you must create one before you can go any further on the screen. Once I created my g-mail account I had to verify a password. Something I liked is that the built in security of Google is imminent, as it told me if my password I had entered was solid or not. The password I originally entered was “yellow” meaning it’s not 100% secure. I changed a few letters and added a few extra digits and Google told me my password was as solid as a rock.

After The Log-In

Once I logged in I was presented with the home display which features the Myfaves icon on the top left, the clock on the top right and default buttons on the bottom of the home screen. I quickly loaded with menu button with a quick motion of my finger up and moved my “mail” icon to the home display right above my “maps” icon which was preloaded as the very last icon on the right part of the screen. Second I moved my “messages” directly next to my “mail” icon. Moving icons is a BREEZE to do and something I can see myself changing weekly as I download additional apps to the device (more on that later.)

The Camera

Because I had no data access the phone was basically eye candy, with messaging available via text. So, I took some time to check out the camera which I was disappointed had no zoom (perhaps I couldn’t figure it out?) but the picture quality was excellent. Even though I had no zoom initially, I was able to zoom in on a picture once it was taken and when I did zoom in on something in the photo is was as clear as if I had taken the photo right in front of what I had zoomed in on.

This camera takes exceptional photos, and I’m counting on a developer to create a video record mode and perhaps a “zoom” application to zoom in on a photo before I snap the pic. Once I snapped a pic I was presented with options to save, delete, or share the photo with friends. I did not try to crop a photo but may do that in the near future.

Because this phone relies heavily on data I’ll say two things. It’s pointless without the data plan (I can see why it’s required) and two, because it relies heavily on data, that’s something that I was given access to rather quickly. However I must say I was limited to connectivity on the EDGE data network. Now the fun begins!

Using Yahoo! Messenger

I did not have a Yahoo! Messenger account but I created one to see how the experience was. I must say that the lay-out of the registration page made hitting the wrong button extremely easy. There’s a “zoom” button (both in and out) when you attempt to “drag” the page from side to side. I found that I had to use the “zoom in” feature to access small, hard to get buttons, or buttons that were placed closed to each other. No big deal, but it did take a little extra time to register a user name. I’ll chalk that up to the EDGE data connectivity (like I will many gripes that I have about the Internet experience.)

Once I had my account created I had a friend send me a message. Lag? There was no lag on Yahoo! Messenger. It was as if I was on my regular home PC and a friend sent a message. The message was transmitted with great speed and the display that the message came in on was great. I then had another person send me a message. I wanted to see how it looked with multiple conversations while in Yahoo! Messenger. The drop down menu at the top of the screen alerted me that I had a new message. I used my finger to drag the menu down and was able to view my new message and respond. The threaded messaging was great, but I often wondered how I’d go back to my other conversation. That was a little difficult to figure out and I’m not sure I can explain it just yet because I’m not comfortable with the steps on how to go back to a conversation without navigating back to the home screen, then pull up the menu, then go to my IM messaging folder, so I’ll try to figure out a different way to do just that.

Anyway, the drop down menu when you have a new alert (e-mail, text, IM) has a few issues (like how to go back to a different convo) but again, I’ll say that I’m new with the device and haven’t gotten used to the IM applications.


I had somebody send an e-mail to my new G-Mail account I had just created. It was a simple text e-mail with a signature from the person that sent it. The e-mail came through in roughly 25-40 seconds after it was sent. So from the time it was sent from a desk top computer to the time it hit my G1 on the EDGE network was roughly 25-40 seconds. Certainly nothing to bark at.

Amazon Music Store

Since I had data access on EDGE I decided to hop on over to the Amazon Music store. Every song is just $.89. You have the ability to search by song, band, album, top 100 or top 20. I chose top 20. Even on EDGE the app worked quick. As a user you’re allowed a 30 second preview of every song on available on the store, something I totally dug and could find useful to make sure I’m getting the RIGHT song. For instance, I listened to a song on the top 20 called “All Summer Long.” It was one of those remakes of Kid Rocks song since he won’t sell his music on-line (he just signed an agreement with Rhapsody.)

The speaker was nice and loud for what it is. Even though I was on EDGE the song preview loaded pretty quickly. I didn’t bother to see if I could download a song while on the EDGE network so I’m not sure if you absolutely MUST be on a wi-fi connection or not.

At this point I’m going to take a slight break (fingers are sore) and I’ll make another post in this thread about the Android Market, importing contacts, and other positives and minuses I noticed in my time with the G1…..TO BE CONTINUED

There is more, much more to his review but its to long so you’ll just have to go to the forums to check out. **SHAMELESS PLUG FOR THE FORUM HAPPENING.**

More importantly, many, many thanks go out to him for taking his time to not only write up the review but also to stick around and answer the many, many questions readers have been posting. Please direct your questions toward him via that thread. Blog questions will not be answered.

Read the rest of his review here.

Read another detailed review here.


  • sam

    hooray! the 22nd can’t get here soon enough. 12 more daysss. :)

  • T1 Connect

    this is a nice review very informative definetly cant wait. i like the good news but what about the cons i need to hear that too im not knocking the phone and please dont get at me for this but i want to hear the bad news with the good. so far all i hear is good. i heard there was a memory leak i want to know what that person was talking about. that being said. bring it on tmobile, bring it on.

  • incrediboi

    finally new news…can’t wait for the 22nd get here

  • sam

    i second that t1 connect. maybe the g1 is just perfect? ;)

  • T1 Connect

    well whatever that guy was talking about in that post i read, i hope it will be fixed b4 we get it cause i dont want to keep rebooting my phone after a while. i got a big mouth jobsphone user i need to shut down and i cant have any flaws. thats right im gonna mash up a jobsphone 2nd gen user with android 1.0 (g1) phone. and i got money riddin on it.

  • dat chyk

    @Sam & T1 – I’m ready for my G1 too! Just got an upgrade letter from TMo when I upgraded a while back…so I had a little hope today that my device would be shipping soon.

    I agree with both of you…I want the good and bad too! I would love for it to be perfect, but, I can accept the not so good news too. I have confidence that I will be more pleased than disappointed anyway.

  • Damn…..Still 12 long day’s!

  • SheShe

    I can’t wait to explore all these things for my self!!

  • eclipse87tj

    I also had a chance to play with a store demo when it arrived today. I have to say initial impressions I have are positive. The ease of use is wonderful. I use a Curve now. I have no problem using it but there are people who find BB’s great to look at but are intimidated by the OS at first. The G1 has a great pick up and play feel to it. It’s responsive for the most part with only a small lag once in awhile. And personally I really like the brown color. Also, the phone has a good size and weight to it. I’m more excited now for it than before. The potential is limitless in my opinion.

  • USCmed

    i came home from my renal exam and saw a package at my doorstep, got excited and then saw it was for one of my house-mates. bummer!

  • chicago

    I cant wait to get mines and i hope someone come out with a touch screen keyboard app. the phone sounds so cool except for not haveing a touch screeen keypad and NO 3.5mm phone jack it can live with out the 3.5mm jack. 12 more days and counting

  • Jason

    The memory leak your heard was from an application he downloaded on the android market while he was downloading the application he lost his data connection corrupted it and since the phone was a test phone it didnt know how to handle that and caused a memory leak. The review is here. He updates his review in the comments http://androidcommunity.com/first-t-mobile-g1-user-review-20081009/

  • Shadowleo

    well i recently recieved the phone in my store and i must say i love it wow… and i dont really have to much bad to say besides the fact that… where the phone charges at gets really hot when its charging i mean really hot… someone needs to develop a program that lets u save certain text from deletion… i agree that a zoom program needs to be implemented… the speaker phone is loud and clear alot better than my wing… the autofocus on the phone works great… someone build a program to change the way the clock looks… i only used the phone on the edge network and i was really impressed it worked very well… i could load all my youtube videos and watch them without buffering or long load times… another drawback the keypad is not raised enough… its very inset into the phone and takes sometime to get used to cause its a lil hard to know if ur hitting a key or just the phone itself… i got used to it fairly quickly but i still miss a few keys here and there because of it… the touch screen is very responsive although i wish the accelorometer could rotate the screen… (i wonder if a program can be made for that)… i also hate and i mean really hate the fact that t-mobile only put 64mb of mem space into the phone ugh that just churned my sstomach… i had a few more good and bad things but i forgot what they r

  • 215live

    The phone is great. Post some question because I am writting this directly from the phone

  • T1 Connect

    @jason thanks man

    @shadowleo what do you mean by 64mb of rom i cant deal with another wing or dash. i need to know if im downloading a bunch of apps from the marketplace it will be able to fit in the phone.

  • dat chyk

    @T1 – Yea, that would be nice to know…especially if a lot of the Apps are free.

    @215live – Is sliding out the keyboard annoying to you? I don’t see it as a problem for me because it was never an issue when I had my sidekick.

  • dat chyk

    @SheShe – Me too!

  • T1 Connect

    @215live whats up with the 64mb of rom space

  • Macho

    I want my g1!!!!!

  • heartbreaker182

    One silly question, does it has AIM messenger?

  • Lance Romance

    12 long days….

  • tmofan12

    i spoke to 3 tmobile reps. they all said you can type text and e mail from the touch pad. she said she learned it in her training class. weather or not thats true i dont know but thats 3 times i’ve heard it.

  • gmoney

    got a weird message from tmobile on my phone today it said. you have received a message. log into my.tmobile.com with your username and password to retrieve this message. from 333. i preordered on the 24th. anyone else get this weird message??

  • CJ

    A person at work today got that exact same message, but she hasn’t preordered. I did preorder and never got that message, so not sure what it’s about. She logged into her account and there were no messages there…

    BTW, I really enjoyed this review…finished it on the forum and all the related questions. Great job. Can’t wait to play with mine.

  • Mr. Moon

    Ok so my question is….. For those of you that have played with the G1, is the speaker as loud as the Curve’s or less than the Curve’s but more than the Wing’s. A loud speaker is a must for me!!!

  • Pythagoras

    the G1 is 1 real G


  • Land Of The Trill

    The one thing about the G1 will be how the android will be handled and that’s the downfall say if you have a software issue or download an app and it gives you some problems then you have to contact the developer not T-Mobile all they can do is basic troubleshooting which isn’t much also if more than one app gives you a problem that means you have to contact the dev that made it and there isn’t a number there will be a link and you will have to email the dev or HTC depending on the issue via email and wait for them to contact you. The plan is great at $35 but say if your paying the $99.99 for unlimited then you still would have to add an additional $35 because you cannot add just data its a bundle like the sidekick plan except for one being the total internet addon and the other for messaging so when you get the plan you don’t have a choice and this phone under no circumstances should be used without data although the user friendly OS is great and the touch screen response time is great not like the flawed WING but don’t get me wrong there will be issues I see the calls already in my head but its overall a good phone I’m thinking whether to get it are not but it looks promising also if you go over 10GB worth of data your service could get temporarly turned off til your next months billing cycle because anything pass that would interfere with the network.

  • TomCruise

    third party apps have been successfully provided , running and supported for all other OSs like symbian, winmo. that too from multiple different sources.

    why this concern about apps for android? how would this be different?

  • Dan

    dont get me wrong, the g1 is AWESOME!! i have been using the phone nonstop since the htc event in nyc a few weeks back, the ONLY disappointment in the phone is the battery life (no surprise = htc!) i hope they have a sw update that will fix this problem, the phone itself only lasts a couple of hours on a full battery, very annoying since most of the time your using the phone, your “playing” with all the fun stuff on it, which is draining the battery

  • Dan

    mr. moon…

    speaker is loud as hell!! plays music very well, voice clarity on speaker is great

  • foo

    I see you were one of the lucky managers that went to the kick off. Some of my lucky engineering buddies were invite to the event at LAX and they got to bring home a G1 for themselves. I’m pretty pleased w/ the phone, it’s a lot more solid than I had expected, but after being able to physically play w/ the phone it’s a nice solid device doesnt feel cheap.

    Enjoy your phone! Im hoping my participation in the SELL program will result in something similar ;)

  • Mr Moon

    @Dan- Thxs for your answer. I really needed to know about the speaker!

  • Noreen

    Here’s a weird question: I don’t live in a 3G network state. One rep told me I still have to get the $25 or $35 3G plan for the G1 even though I won’t have access to the 3G.

    Another rep told me that I can just use the regular $20 data plan (EDGE/UMA) like the one I currently use for my Curve.

    And 2 reps told me they have no idea at all!

    What do you guys think? Appreciate it!

  • youngmiss156

    I just want my phone.
    When I pre-ordered mine I got the $35 plan, but “rumors” are saying if you have an unlim msg plan, you can go with the $25 w/400 msgs plan for the data.
    Then any msgs over 400 will be covered in your unlim msg plan.

    Can anyone or any t-mo reps confirm this?

    Thanks…10 more days remaining not too bad!

  • Sojizy

    I would just love to know for sure if the phone has an on-screen keypad. I’m not too thrilled about having to slide open the keyboard for a text that i’m just gonna reply with an “ok”. If there isn’t then is it poss for there to be an app or software update that can? Really looking foward to its release tho. Preordered mine on the 23rd and its seems like forever. Might have to change my $25 to $35 cos of my 1500 texts or so a month is gonna be murder on my bill.

  • Roll Tide

    I read that u could just add the 19.99 data plan to ur acc.

  • Land Of The Trill

    No the $19.99 plan cannot just be added only $25 and $35 plan exist its a bundle you can’t get just one its provisioned specifically for the G1.

    The G1 is useless without data much like the sidekick because everything is internet based and the pictures are great I have a few taken from the device and let me tell you wow. Even though 3G may not be in your area it still will work off of GPRS and EDGE so that’s why the rep said what he did.

    Its not like the Iphone so you can only type via keyboard sorry.

  • Stine

    Ok….I’m loving everything I’m hearing about the G1, but I haven’t heard anyone talk about goin from the Sidekick LX to the G1. I love my Sidekick more than anything, but its a long story on why I’m leaving it for the G1. So my question is…”will everything transfer over from my Sidekick to G1? Like my bookmarks, notes, todo list? I was told my a customer service rep no, but she didn’t sound like understood my question.
    Does anyone know?

  • Dan

    Noreen…being a t-mobile employee i have been told that you CANNOT use the phone without the g1 plan. but* when i put my sim in the phone, and signed into a new gmail account, the phone worked fine using my blackberry plan on my account, 3g worked, email worked, internet worked, everything seemed to work fine, well see if they change that rule come launch day!!

  • wytestelth

    @youngchick. Why don’t you just take off the 400 msg feature and just use the $35 bundle pack where you get unlimited msg anyways. Save yourself $5.

  • youngmiss156

    I can its not a problem, but I have the Family Unlim Msgs for $9.99 and “rumors” are saying that if you have any type of unlim msgng it will be over the 400msgs that come with the $25 plan for the G1.

    I will figure it out, but when I pre-ordered my G1 I got the $35 plan so I am ok for now.

    I will have to look into it further once launch day comes, thanks for the sugg anyways.