Blackberry Curve II hands on…

Last month we gave some preview information about the Blackberry Curve II formerly known as the Javelin. Now thanks to the guys at Crackberry we have video. Without further ado:

If the Curve II doesn’t fancy you, don’t forget the Blackberry Kickstart 8220 Pearl launches Monday.

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  • se30chris

    Saw the video yesterday. I must say, the nicer screen is a good selling point. Still the lack of 3G hurts my feelings.

  • Ty

    I am sooo glad that this phone is coming to t-mobile..
    After the let down that was the G1..

    Anyone else hoping that it gets announced this month..and released in November?

    I know I am praying for it..

  • Tmobile2lyfe

    Nice phone……g1 let down?

  • T1 Connect

    How can the g1 be a letdown if you haven’t gotten word from the masses. I mean why are people knocking the phone when they haven’t discovered the phone yet

  • Tmobile2lyfe

    T1 Connect thats what i was thinking.

  • drivethruboy168

    once you have the G1 in your hand and use it, it won’t be such a let down! I promise you that! But this curve 2 is going to be a great addition to the line up… maybe they will secretly throw some 3G radios in the phone before they release it! I person can dream right?!? Well let’s just cross our fingers and hope soo!

  • Lil’ B

    I love the G1, I played with it all day yesterday. The screen is a little smaller than I was expecting but it feels good and performs well. If anything this Curve II is the letdown, with no 3G! Then the blackberry rep was tryna convince me of how this thing is so fast even with just edge, he didn’t know who he was talkin’ to.

  • T1 Connect

    Personally I can’t knock the curve or any other tmo phone not a blackberry lover. and even I u like to give ur honest opinion how are u gonna knock something u haven’t used. That’s like saying a movie sux and u haven’t seen it yet

  • Ty

    The reason that the G1 is a letdown is because of it’s stupid hardware mistakes.

    A great example would be including an mp3 player and not having a head phone jack..
    Stupid stuff like that ruins the phone..

    As far as 3g is really NOT all it is cracked up to be..
    Besides I will be connected to wifi more often so it does not matter for me..

  • Damn…G1 a let down???? Funny how the phone isn’t even in costumers hands yet to “ty” its a let down!

  • Ty

    Besides the fact that this is the first gen android phone..
    So it is bound to be buggy..

    If I were to ever get this phone..I would have to wait until the second gen or so.

    Just to be safe…

    It is just a let down because of the poor choices made in the hardware..the software and operating system look to be very good!

    But I would NEVER buy a phone with which I would have to suffer through with disgusting hardware…just so that I could enjoy the awesome OS.

  • Lil B

    For the price of the G1, I was expecting it to feel like a sidekick ID. It is solid. And how is it “bound to be buggy” when I and others who have played with G1’s extensively and have not found such bugs? Some people rip themselves off by thinking about things too hard…

  • T1 Connect

    but if you know its first gen and its not going to perform at its peak performance theres no need for you to knock it in front of all the people who want it. i personally will never knock this phone because i know its first gen and they’re are going to be problems, and those problems will be adressed if it can hold up to a 2nd gen jobsphone(and im not comparing it but it looks like it can)and for firmware 1.0! send me the phone right now. all im saying is stop knockin the phone i want this and all the negativty is too much.

  • Ty

    Because no one has had the phone for a year or so..and used it all day and almost everyday..

    Nothing is going to test it like putting it out on the market and letting the average tmobile consumer use it and abuse it.

    If you guys are happy with it, that is great. I am glad that you guys found a phone that will work for you.

    However, all I am saying is that the phone itself, excluding the OS and software, looks like it was rushed through production.

  • T1 Connect

    im not gonna lie to you i think it was rushed too could have been way better. but when you put it in the hand of the consumer at a stage where its acceptable. i say do it, and work on it as you go along. it always leads to a better os and better hardware. and the price is not that bad. for a buck seventy nine or two ninety nine, thats wicked.

  • Armytank

    It might start out buggy…. But when it starts to get into use they will have upgrades constantly… Thats whats so good about android. If anything is wrong with the OS you can fix it… I got a heaad phone jack adaptor for 2.50$ whats to complain. When there is something wrong with most other phones you have to wait till the next one comes out to fix it… Everyone who is hating on Android will be so jealous because the longer the android is out the better the phone is going to get….. It is going to be first generation for about half a year and then they will upgrade…..

  • rommel

    bb is good-but enough of this htc crap!,same ol tmo bullshit-ill keep buying unlocked nokias.

  • Mr. Moon

    So I went to the State Fair going on in my city, I saw a T-Mobile stand and was curious to see what they had going on. A T-Mo rep approached me with his “BB Bold” and was pretty much hinting at me that his “Bold” was better than my Curve. I Immediately googled the BB Bold and the picture that came up was a totally different thing. I showed his the pictured I had on my screen and he was like “oh mine is the 1st gen Bold the one without the camera, that one right there is the 2nd Gen Bold” Is this true or was he on crack!?

  • gregerator

    I’m gonna go with crack on that one. Coulda been an 8800 series which didn’t have cameras. And is supposedly the forerunner to the bold but they never had a namesake. They are just the 8800 series. I always liked the look of those.

  • jdslim

    He couldn’t have been a true T-mobile rep then. Anyone can sell and repersent Tmobile phones and services but I wouldn’t call them a true Tmobile rep. Tmobile reps are trained and are employed by tmobile. You should of asked to look at their pay stub. Lol Sorry I had to get that out of my system. It just gets to me sometimes.

    Now most likly it was a German Bold or or sometype of Bold prodatype. Unfortunly the bold will not be availble for T-mobile stateside anytime soon. Now the Bold was released for T-mobile Germany and many have found their way here to the States. Havnt seen on peersonly but as a tmobile pda rep I have talked to customers who have seen and own them

  • b.thunda!!!

    Or maybe he was talking about the bb 8800…that phone doesn’t have camera…
    As a tmobile repp too I know that that phone doesn’t have a camera or anything like that…
    He must have been someone from att or verizon trying to make us look bad…you know how dirty they like to play!..hahaha..

  • Lil’ B

    He wasn’t a real rep because in public, a rep wouldn’t even approach you in that manner. And the only Bold I’ve seen was a RIM employee’s son who had an evaluation Bold device made for Cingular but unlocked. It was nice looking so I took a lot of pics of it but it was the laggy as hell!

  • dj

    I think it is real stupid that you have to pay $35 a month just to use the phone plus your phone plan rip off.

  • dj

    I think it is real stupid that you have to pay $35 a month just to use the phone plus your phone plan G1 rip off

  • diirtyboii

    WoW that’s a nice phone! But ima wait for the 3G sidekick =)

  • bill

    dj you only hsve to pay 35 if you want unlimited text messaging. otherwise its 25 for 400 sms/mms

  • Mr. Moon

    Does anyone know if the G1 will be able to get unlocked and be used in Mexico with one of their cell phone carriers (EX: Telcel, Movistar) I’m just curious since I’ve seen the Sidekick LX working as a regular Mexican phone from the mentioned phone carriers. Anyone that might know please help out. I’m sure my cousin in Mexico would really like a G1 south of the Border. :-)