Videos are always fun

First let me just preface with the irony of today’s G1 video. It comes from an iPhone fan website. The guys at iPhonesavior posted a G1 video today that shows some excellent shots of pacman which is all I really want the phone for anyway. Just kidding but we do get great shots, however, of the market, google street view along with a few other goodies. As usual I prefer the video to do the talking so enjoy:

Make sure to head over to iPhonesavor and check out a few extra spy shots of the size comparitive to the iPhone.


  • Jay

    11 more days!!!! its going so slow. i want my g1 already. i dont care what people say about the g1. there is a saying, do not under estimate the underdog, their full of surprises. So if your gonna talk crap about the g1 gonna suck iphone is better, dont judge untill u get one and try it urself.

  • Mr. Tactful

    I’ve used the device, and it is quite good.

  • alex

    THats the bronze and it looks oh so sexy

  • T1 Connect

    sweet cant wait. i want my phone.

  • Aight… no more dick tease… I want damn G1 NOW !!!

    I WANT IT NOW!!!

    Who’s gonna be the first to post they see it on UPS shipping!!!??? Come on who??? Let’s take a bet here who’s gonna be first!!!

  • Jon

    to Jay,

    they didnt bad mouth the g1 at all. and barely compared the 2 phones, the writer was actually pretty positive on the g1.

  • badbob001

    Don’t expect to break any records in pac-man (or even finish a board) on the G1 with no real direction pad.

  • Okay, who’s with me in thinking that the barcode scanning comparison shopping program could be one of the greatest things since sliced bread? For those of us that pick up things to resell on eBay all the time, this is so hugely valuable that I’m at a loss for words.

  • PorkChopSandwhiches

    Street View FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I agree, shop savvy is something that will very vey valueble. I’ll be getting the black G1 and my girlfriend will be getting the behold. I can’t wait the bext few weeks are gonna be awesome after we get our phones

  • brian-y

    that was so sick yes cant waitin 1 week, 3 days, 14 hours, 21 minutes, 59 second

  • Imagine a store that has no checkout…
    I mean you go to isle. Grab what you want. Scan it with G1 and your money gets taken from acccount you identified.
    Then it sends signal to RFID tag in units packaging allowing you out the door as the signal was then sent to do so you just paid for item…INSTANTLY… No checkout… Grab my shit and leave… PEACE!!! If you did’nt scan it you ain’t leaving… Some shit like that… I mean I’m just saying the shit we might be able to do in future if they would ALLOW us to do it. Unlike apple just holding on to dat shit… Not letting programmers be FREE!!!

  • SheShe

    i cant wait for my bronze one

  • T1 Connect

    @kevman420 yo that sounds possible im really feelin that idea maybe you should send that idea to google. on another note these dudes at dhl just messed up 21,600 xboxes and refused to compensate microsoft. if that happens with the g1 and ups man i would kick someones ass.

  • GrayT

    It better get here on the 22nd or at least by that Friday (24th) so I can flaunt it at Homecoming to my IPhone loving friends LOL

    I guess I won’t be playing pacman…seemed pretty hard to maneuver with the on-screen joystick but then again it prolly takes some getting used to.

    G1! G1! G1! G1!

  • s2krob

    Im sure you can proly use the trackball in pacman they just used the touch screen

  • mundo



  • USCmed

    god, last night i was stuck in traffic and had no idea how to tell my taxi the way to get to an alternate route back to pasadena with my ancient handset. all i want is gps!

  • T1 Connect

    mundo wants a bb pearl flip since when i thought u were a g1 lover.

  • Shadowleo

    for the record pacman has 3 diff ways to be played… u can play with the onscreen joystiq, the track ball, or the accellorometer i personally prefer the trackball when im playing

  • Rccarroll1

    I have watched this video a couple time now. Why didn’t I order the brown/bronze? I am so kicking myself..:)

  • Roll Tide

    shadowleo u have a G1 already?

  • A.R.E.

    Can’t Wait for UPS to Deliver this to my door!

  • Whoa! playing with the accelerometer? AWESOME!!!!!

  • YO all you suckas who are playing with this phone some how and rubbing it in can kiss my ass…

    At least wait till we get ours…

    BB Flip.. COME ON!!! that shit is out dated… and its new!!!

  • T1 Connect

    @kevman420 aint that the damn truth man shut up people stop rubbin it in. im dyin to get my shit and im feelin real jealous right now. i think if the ups man dont come soon imma do some shit.

  • dat chyk


  • Doble-A

    I think there are four ways to play Pac-Man on the T-Mobile G1. I believe you can use the touch-screen, the accelerometer, the physical keyboard, and the trackball. Sounds reasonable.


  • rolltide

    The 22nd, is going 2 be A GreAt DaY”””

  • Lance Romance

    Question, would this phone work in Japan if I use the international roaming option?

  • NY Certified

    I hope T-Mobile’s 3g is up to snuff because it’s going to get hammered on the 22nd.

  • T1 Connect

    well its quad band it should

  • Will

    Hopefully they. Ship them this wensday. Cause I’m. Also. Getting angry @ everyone. Else. That. Has it lol. Smack down on. Ups man on. The week of. The. 22nd LOL I see. Some. Peps going. To jail.

  • Josh

    Actually thats one of the signs of the Armagaddon, personal identifiation and kind of stuff (mark of the devil) but anyhoo, the gps works great even with edge speeds but the maps were a pain to load especially using street view but still really nice

  • Madison

    Question, is there a specific reason why you have to “upgrade” your data plan to $35 dollars, when I’m getting the exact same thing for $20 currently?

  • encoreorv

    people people calm down i also ordered my phone the first day it was an option and im waiting for the 22nd too. I actually took that day off but its no reason to get hostile, i like to bust a nut when i can but sometimes im down with the four play. so just consider these next couple of days a some of the best four play you ever had.

  • Andréa

    @Lance Romance, most of japan works off of umts/w-cdma (what we call 3g) I beleive ( they also run cdma or 2g ) They do not use gsm. I know that when you are in japan you can buy a gsm phone that also has umts, your best bet would probably be a nokia or softbank store for both technologies. You will only be able to buy a prepayed phone as you have to be a japanese citizen(or a legal alian type form)to own a japanese phone (almos all phones are only sold with a contract and you cannot but them out right). As for our network I know verizon should work in japan but I don know if they have any phones that are compatible, T-mobile I do not know, the most popular 3g frequency is 2100MHZ, but I think t-mobiles is a variant of the 2100hmz, maybe some one more knowledgable will be able to help you

  • sam

    sooo.. did anyone else get a call from t-mobile asking you why you purchased the g1? it was kind of weird.

  • Andréa

    I beleive this answers my question. I do Think that the G1 will be able to go to japan. You should call t-mobile and ask how much it will cost you though because they will charge you for the roaming. If you had a wifi capable phone (sadly no wifi calling on the G1) you could make phone calls for free (or $10 month for wifi calling…it would be closer to free than what t-mobile rates are…)

  • Andréa

    for roaming I mean

  • @Josh What sign of Armageddon???
    We have scanners NOW that we swipe our credit card wit… without people at the register…
    All I’m saying is scan, its paid, out the door…
    May have other uses besides SHOPPING!!!
    I ain’t talking bout anything else but that…
    How you see Armageddon in that I will never know.. I mean where is the sign of Diablo?
    I thought I was 420!!!
    You must be smokin some real goods…wit dat shit…
    @ T1 Connect I hear ya man… I ain’t waiting for UPS man to come to door. I’m trackin and then gonna be at UPS Center 5 mins from my house ahead of time and try and pick it up before it gets on the truck…
    Be back on the blog after that letting you all know what I THINK!!! LOL

    @ encoreorv We are calm… Just a little jealous of mofos rubbing it in if they got one…

  • Infamous Rell

    As far as I’m concerned the 22nd will go down as one of the greatest days in history. It’s the day the consumer actually got some kind of control. It’s kinda like the 4th of July or Thanksgiving or like the day I lost my virginity. Yes it will be a day to be remembered.

  • mundo

    @ T1 CONNECT


  • T1 Connect

    @ mundo it will be a hit for bb lovers especially round here everyone has bb a sidekick or a winmo device

    @infamous rell i feel the same way

    @kevman420 imma make a deal with my ups man. make sure im the first person he sees that day. i want my shit as bad a yall do i just gotta fight off everyone else on da block dat want their joint too.

  • dat chyk

    LOL @Infamous Rell


    @ ti connect

    i just hope they have by the end of next weeek!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • unknown

    I GOT A CHANCE TO PLAY WITH THE PHONE AGAIN FOR A LONG PERIOD OF TIME!!! I finally found a flaw with the phone. it runs out of battery VERY fast when you’re using gprs services. especially youtube. other than that its really REALLY cool. it takes a little getting used to. especially if you’re used to windows took me like 5 minutes to figure out how to send an sms. lol. I still think the phone is too heavy for its size.

  • drivethruboy168

    The phone is sick… I played with it again today and again tomorrow. You don’t have to play pac-man with just the screen, I believe also that there is 4 ways to play it.
    @T1 connect:
    Atleast you’ll have yours forever on the 22nd, I have to wait till employees can order it for me to have mine, I’m just playin with my managers in the mean time, but trust when I say this bro… It’s definetly worth the wait, I was just taking some pictures on my curve today of the G1 next to my iPhone 3G because my friend wants to see the size difference from the 2, if anyone wants to see those pics, just e-mail me and I’ll reply back with the pics, my e-mail is the same as my username but Something to look at till you get the phone.

  • drivethruboy168

    I also have some good shots of the Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220 if anybody wants some good pics!

  • T1 Connect

    hit me off im hittin you up right now son.

  • T1 Connect

    can someone tell me why this phone only has 71mb of rom left after os install. im still buggin about that and what problems are going to be caused by this in tems of memory and storage for applications usage. especially programs that need to run directly from the phone and cant be run from the storage card.

  • Armytank

    Thats not the bronze thats the black..
    If you go to the site you can see that its black.

  • vlad

    are there gona be g1 phones available to buy from t-mobile stores on the 22nd or should i order mine now from online and get it later than everyone?

  • Armytank

    If you live in one of the t-mobiles 3g cities then it will be available in the store. But if you dont live ther you have to order it which means november.
    SOrry for the bad news.