T-mobile introduces do it yourself customer service…


T-mobile is pulling out all the stops to retake the vaunted top spot in the wireless customer service wars. Introducing, customer service from….the phone!! In a deal with Nuance Communications T-mobile will introduce on select handsets a do it yourself application which initiates when a customer calls customer service. In an effort to streamline “”issues such as diagnosing and repairing configuration problems as well as with making account and billing inquiries,” this application according to T-mobile has already shown promise in live trials. Installation is available via the manufacturer or over the air T-mobile remains mum on what devices will have this service.

This begs the question of what happens when a customer calls from a phone other than their mobile, like oh say a land line? In principle I think this is a wonderful idea but the questions remains as to how many customers will actually see their issues settled by an application, or how many will ignore the application and just desire to talk to a live person.

Via RCRnews

  • alex

    I dont understand what this does?

  • some dude in queens

    I think this will be something like when an app crashes on a mac or pc and that app wants to send a report of what happened back to the company, as you call in the rep will be able to pull up that report from your handset and see what the problem is..

    im sure there may be some privacy issues with this, i don’t let my apps call out every time they crash. should be interesting to see if people install this and actually allows reps to use.

    as for me, no thanks i do my own tech supprot.

  • T1 Connect

    maybe its a more advanced version of tmoible’s ivr system. thats what it sounds like.

  • rolltide

    I think this is a waste of time here, tmobile is coming out with some crazy ideas. I pefer to talk to CR live, that’s just me.

  • T1 Connect

    man tmo is taking different steps other carriers just follow one another. its the difference that attracts a lot of people cause they do things that wow people instead of “hey dont those other guys offer that”.

  • David

    Alex, this is supposed to be an application which will provide customers with an opportunity to receive information and troubleshooting via their own mobile phone. It’s supposed to alleviate the traffic for call in customers who sometimes experience hold times due to unnecessary billing questions which are easily solved by the customer taking a little initiative. At least that’s my opinion.

  • alex

    oo alright thanks DJ

  • rolltide

    I agree…

  • jdslim

    It’s a really good idea. When T-mobile released the Dash they piloted a similar product on a small scale that was pretty cool. This aplication was more for trouble shooting internet/email issues. It was able to sync the network with the billing system with just a few keystrokes aswell as top correct phone internal settings.

    One of the first two things I do as tech support rep is to check that the customer is provisioned correctly for the services they subsribe to and to check if all settings are set correctly on phone to work. Anytype of selfhelp option that checks and corrects network or phone settings is always welcome.

  • SheShe

    i wanna see how that would work cuz i usually wanna talk to a rep

  • Tmo Android

    This is a good idea in theory but this is intended for the same people who still call CS to find out what their bill amount is, when there is like 15 ways to check yourself. Most people prefer to talk to someone because they are too dumb to figure things out for themselves and need someone to tell it to them like they are in 3rd grade. Its quite sad.

  • This begs the question: What if I am a HoFo type who has a tendency toward flashing my firmware, playing with settings that aren’t really supposed to be played with, installing apps to “maximize functionality,” etc.? Does this mean that when I call customer service now, TMo will be able to “read” my phone in all its non-stock glory?

    They might not like that too much…

  • Daniel

    I’m not sure what it is for. But, I called in to customer service and my BB had a picture of a sim card on it and a down arrow and it said customer service on it. Any idea what that was?

  • RockinTheG1

    my roommate and i both have t-mobile with no landline. so when one of us is having issues(usually her), we have to call from the other’s phone. it’s normally amusing to confuse the customer service rep, but not so much when you actually need assistance. i am on a relatively featureless unlocked Motorola SLVR until the G1 gets here, so i haven’t had to deal with CS for a while now….and i am hoping not to any time soon either.