T-mobile introduces do it yourself customer service…


T-mobile is pulling out all the stops to retake the vaunted top spot in the wireless customer service wars. Introducing, customer service from….the phone!! In a deal with Nuance Communications T-mobile will introduce on select handsets a do it yourself application which initiates when a customer calls customer service. In an effort to streamline “”issues such as diagnosing and repairing configuration problems as well as with making account and billing inquiries,” this application according to T-mobile has already shown promise in live trials. Installation is available via the manufacturer or over the air T-mobile remains mum on what devices will have this service.

This begs the question of what happens when a customer calls from a phone other than their mobile, like oh say a land line? In principle I think this is a wonderful idea but the questions remains as to how many customers will actually see their issues settled by an application, or how many will ignore the application and just desire to talk to a live person.

Via RCRnews