My friends…


I just wanted to again apologize as of late for the slowness for which news has hit the blog. I am still on vacation and sadly my much loved laptop, the same laptop that took me 6 weeks to get fixed from a company that shall remain nameless died on me. Completely, absolutely, positively cannot be turned on. I have tried electric shock therapy, mouth to mouth and other means of life saving restoration to no avail. Rest assured Tmonews is still here, alive and well, yet it pains me to no end to see the site behind on the news.

So please, bear with us as we catch back up on the news, some days this week things may get posted a little later than they normally would and I can’t promise we’ll be first with everything but I can promise I’ll do my best to catch and post the things you guys want to read and hear.

For the moment however, I’m going back to the pool!

  • mando


  • Snowy

    which mobile device are you using?

  • TeXan

    Snow its the phone that shall not be mentioned on our network.

  • armytank

    That is ok. Take your time and don’t worry about us. Have fun on Vacation! That’s what it is for.
    Mouth to Mouth. ( that’s pretty funny)

  • T1 Connect

    yea you’re probably gonna be swamped with work when u lcome back anyways but u do a great job and u deserve your vacation. enjoy it drink it up and chill with the ladies and don’t worry we’ll be here when u get back

  • steve

    I love this damn site! Bring the news! :)

  • david

    Sorry to hear your vacation is being bummed out due to the laptop, take some time-off and enjoy…

  • knytphal

    Don’t worry! We got your back!

  • robert

    Enjoy the vacation. Hey people, what’s the next big phone tmo coming out with? Now I feel a big let down like ran out of drugs with nothing to get excited about with G1 and Behold already selling. So what’s our next big drug fix going to be? Of course I abhor drugs as a Christian Deaf man but love the high from new phones coming out. Need my new phone high nowwwwwwww!!!!!!!!

  • Texan

    robert samsung candybar slider phone is whats next then its all in 09

  • Johnston, Ernie

    You know, its the funniest things about laptops. Sometimes you have to unplug the AC Adapter, TAKE OUT THE BATTERY, count to 5, plug all that back in and it just might start up. I don’t know what chip causes that, but it happens on many makes and models. eJ