Samsung Behold is now available

Samsung Behold

You’ve seen the unboxing, you’ve read over the stats time and time again, you’ve had the day marked on your calendar for weeks…nay months!  The day is finally here! Those days of T-Mobile Customer Service Representatives pushing the aging Wing whenever a customer brings up that “other phone” are now a thing of the past!  Normally, we would have put this up a little earlier, but with the way things are around here I guess it’s better late than never right?  The Samsung Behold is now available for purchase and upgrade over at T-Mobile in both Espresso and Rose for the low low price of $149.99 after that $50 mail in rebate.  There has been quite a lot of excitement about this phone over in the forums, so head on over to the Samsung area and let us know what you think!


  • knytphal

    Ummm, sorry about the ‘greased lightbox’ stuff at the end of that post – I have no idea why that’s there.

  • angrytmocustomer

    We have been with t-mobile since February 2007. They want $339 for this phone without eligible upgrade!!!!!!!!! It figures that all this time t-mobile has been behind on high end technology, we stayed loyal. Now that they’re up in the times – they don’t give a crap about us! We told them it was cheaper to pay cancellation AND buy new equivalent phone elsewhere..they gave us instructions on how to cancel our line!!!!!! Shocked at t-mobile customer service and WILL be finding a holiday deal elsewhere! Blackberry Storm anyone?

  • thaone&only

    Oh yea!! I ordered mine for $392.82…! Well that’s ok!! Can it play MP4 videos?

  • adwhit

    well I did not expect to be excited about this phone (c’mon now, G1 anyone?) but Im actually quite impressed. I haven’t purchased the G1 because I have been waiting on the white to come out, but I may have changed my mind.
    I know the “real web browsing” will probably be disappointing, but does anyone know how “real” this web browsing actually is? Is it like the Blackberry web browser?

  • rommel

    what a joke!!!-dont get the rebate,unless you get the $25 internet package,fuck that!-the tmo store was in richmond va.-west broad st.,ill stay with my unlocked nokias!!!

  • WXman

    I feel your pain. Loyalty should be rewarded.

  • armytank

    Look at it one way or another. Good or Bad. I don’t really care because ei have my g1 But this does show more improvement and they are obviously inspired to get 3g evrywhere. Hope they get it in my city.

  • timatl

    i got this for my wife today. i must say it pretty nice. she is loving it. if she happy, i am very happy. i also ordered my G1 today. i was suprised to see the behold had a semi-push email that works pretty good with gmail. i got the $19.99 data plan with phone as well. i had to upgrade to the latest my favs plan that is $10 more but it includes mobile-mobile. so this will free up about 7 of our myfavs for other people.

  • El_Diablo

    @ angrytmocustomer

    You signed up Feb 2007 on a 2yr contract which means you get your full discount after 22 months. Or December 2008 (2 months before your contract ends) You have a month to wait. Big whoop. They are already willing to give it to you early pending you don’t have suspended bills in the past. If T-Mobile kept giving people early deals and handing out freebies to customers that demanded stuff early all the time, they wouldn’t be in business. T-Mobile is looking to make money, just like all companies, it’s not a charity. I am saying this because I have dealt with Sprint, Verizon and AT&T. And if you hate T-Mobile, boy you’re going to love the other companies when they nickel and dime you for everything else. Sure Verizon will sell you a phone for cheap, with the bill you’ll have, you might as well stayed with T-Mobile.

    Also keep in mind the phone retails for 399 and they are giving you a partial discount. No one else does that. I really hate people like you who never see the other side to the story. Me, me, me, me.

  • *Ashley*

    I spoke w a rep today to see how much it would cost for me to upgrade with partial discount it will be $249. Oh how I would love to have the Behold but thats more than I can afford right now. I will wait till the 14th when they start the new Equipment Installment Plan begins. Maybe a cooler phone will be out soon….

  • Cool_c


    You will get a full discount next month if you have been with Tmo since Feb 07, thems the rules. Besides if you get a Storm now with verizon and then the Storm 2 comes out next year and they ask you to pay nearly $400 for it, will you cry foul again?

  • I’m a rep….In response to the “angrytmocustomer”…. feb 2007? Wow… talk about TENURE…you haven’t even been a customer for 2 years and you are already bitching about prices… you get a full discount 22 months after activation… just like everyone else… quit bitching… its customers like you that make me hate going to work every day. You say you’re gonna go somewhere else? Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out… people threaten to cancel like we actually give a shit? Please… have fun with your blackberry storm!

  • T1 Connect

    just bought one at a whopping $399.99 no contract now all I need is the wing 2 and dash 2 to complete my collection.

  • neesh

    ….i’ll be ordering mine around xmas time.
    but on the plus side i get a 60$ discount…which is better than nothing. :)

  • se30chris

    @ angrytmocustomer

    I am glad they showed you how to cancel. T-Mobile needs to get rid of people like you. Look at all the people above who agree with me…

  • stillonskLX

    i dont know which to get now, cuz i heard the g1’s battery life is like 6 hours..and the behold is sounding pretty cool by now..

    im just tired of my sidekick.

  • theriverpimp

    @ angrytmocutomer

    Or you can move to Europe where you are free to change companies, as you like, but pay full price for your phone. Your free phone isn’t free. It retails for $100 plus. You want that behold? Pay the price you were quoted. No subsidy.

    I have been reading this forum for a long time and have read so many (at times) silly things. I have never had a thought to sign up and post. But you made me so angry that I had to respond to you. In the scope of things, you JUST GOT HERE! Why do you “deserve” after a 18-22 months? There are people who have been here for over ten years. How selfish. But, I am done, so if someone else wishes to pick up the fight . . . have at it.

  • Theicool

    I ordered my behold too.. Coust me $389.14.. That’s how much I paid for my sidekick

  • Sampsy

    se30 it’s called being a fanboy. They crippled this phone and now want to charge smartphone data prices when it’s not a smartphone, sorry Tmob, I don’t like things up my anus, out of contract was nice while it lasted, I gone!

  • robert

    I am trying to decide which to get between G1 or Behold. I have a Sidekick 3 in which I hate the web browser. I do not have internet on my home computer and try to use the sidekick for everything web. I am not able to pay many bills online due to the web pages being very limited. Which one would you guys suggest? I rarely use I.M., about 4 times a week and use text maybe 20 times or less a week. I really was looking forward to the Behold but seen negative comments on the we browser. I also plan to use a video viewer often too and see that G1 has one for sale in the applications store and Behold has one. I have a american sign language video Deaf Bible I want to laod to the phone. Thanks.

  • leslie

    I have a small ?, what is the highest memory card the “BEHOLD” holds? Can anyone answer me that please. Thanks

  • remnique

    @ everyone getting on angrytmocustomer, tmobile does care about losing customers. it customer service reps like you who, is giving tmobile a bad name. The numbers are out and they are down in The 3rd quarter. their is a reason why they are number 4 and not gaining ground. and before you try to jumo on me i have been with tmobile since they were voice stream/ omni point, and i am thinking about switching companies, and don’t bring up pricing, cause i have The unlimited plan voice and data!

  • thaone&only

    Oh, can this Behold play MP4 Videos??? Just wondering cuz I ordered mine..:) :)

  • armytank

    The g1 is great for web browsing. Very easy to use. Pan around and zoom is great. I think the g1 has a better browser now and in the future will get even better. I highly recomend the G1.

  • Gizmalien

    Seeing the partial upgrade price on the Behold and the G1 for myself, I think I will be waiting till next year when I can get a full upgrade. Besides, who knows what they will have to offer then, but I’m sure the phones will be better by then, lol.

  • Gizmalien

    Damn trackpad, wasn’t finished yet, lol.

    I can make do with my Shadow for another year. Maybe I’ll hack it some more. Or spring for one of the many iClones out there. But seriously, $50 discount after a year with service extension?? I’m not saying we should get it at the same price as new accounts, but damn, $50 off, lmao.

  • Pythagoras

    does anyone know if you can keep a grandfathered plan when buying this phone?

  • Atlanta Person

    does this phone work good?
    i want to buy it but im not eligible
    to upgrade til saturday!
    so can some one tell me how this
    phone is cause alot of ppl say that
    it sukz please and thank you

  • Andréa

    For every person in contract who wants to bitch about being in contract, you could shut up and wait for your contract to expire…just a thought oh and good things do come to those who wait, this is supposed to come out in 2009
    Or maybe t-mobile should come out with a 10 year contract and every time you upgrade in contract it compounds and then 15 years from now your sorry ass will have sold it’s soul to t-mobile and they can force you to shut up and give your whole paycheck to them
    I myself will stay happy while I am in contract(I was out for quite a while the G1 lured me into it’s arms…so to speak) and maybe save some money back so I can stay out of contract, not because I want to leave t-mobile but because it would be nice to get a freaking awesome deal later down the road.

  • Mike

    I got it yesterday and love it.

  • i picked up my behold yesterday. it’s not perfect. the web browsing may not even be worth the twenty bucks a month, but my deal wasn’t so bad. i had 1000 anytime minutes, w/ free nights and weekends 39.99. but i couldn’t add web, cause i had smart access. so i had to agree to a shittier plan 1000 anytime, no free nights or weekends. i also had to sign a new contract. the last time i got a new phone i spent 150 for a t509, and got slapped a one year contract. i’ve been without contract for a while now, so i got the full discount on the behold and paid 200 +20 upgrade fee, +40 taxes. apparently there’s a 50 dollar mail in rebate. so it’s not that bad of a deal. i’ve been with tmobile for four years now, so I figured it’s time for me to stop being scared of two year contracts…

  • thaone&only

    Hey, can the Behold download Google Maps?

  • Tymobile

    The Behold is app locked, 3rd party apps are blocked. No app unlock hack yet…

  • robert

    Thanks for the advice guys. The Behold does play mp4 videos. What is the processor speed on the Behold and G1? Want make sure I get the most power. I am going to Best Buy next week to check them both out and see which seems best. I am scared about the pop out screen on the G1 being weak. Have any of you had yours break yet? Do you still feel they could break easily? I don’t want be stuck with a phone that could break before my renewal time comes up in 2 years.

  • se30chris

    @ remnique

    Then switch. No one is stopping you. I hope you sign up with Sprint’s unlimited plan.

  • thaone&only

    Thx for the answer… well that’s a bummer… hey, can u watch videos from different sites on it, besides YouTube??

  • WXman

    Got my wife the Behold today. No threaded text, no WiFi, no FM radio…all this stuff SUCKS for a phone that’s $400. But if they would fix that, it would be a really really slick phone.

  • phonegeek12

    Does the Behold have an fm radio or not? I’ve looked at other sites and it says it does? But posters here say it doesn’t? I’m confused…

  • Black Knight

    I got my wife the Behold got it today in the mail, i ordered my G1 when they were first released, I said to hell with it l will order it anyway doesnt matter if its ugly.Phone is beautiful..people love it at my workplace. To the meat and bones of the issue ran side by side test with the G1 and the G1 not having a 5Mega pixel camera is a disadvantage but a small one as with the behold the more you zoom with the camera the grainer the pic becomes, the G1 all they need to do is to release a camera appto fix the zoom issue . The G1 on web browing is a far more satisfying experience with richer graphics and clarity comparesd to the behold ,even when it comes to playing youtube videos .The virtual keyboard on the behold is sweet…wish the had on the G1 in a blue then we set, the screen on the behold is not as touch responsive as the G1 as it has slight feel to it , the G1 allow quick responses to buttons presses .The interface on the behold is nice ,and they go head on this one, nuff said its a matter of personal choice which you want but l prefer the G1 more apps more for the buck and or yeah l got this phone for 150 after the rebate if u negotiate with the rep they will giv it to you sometimes .you could even ask to renew your contract to get the full discount ,l did this once ,l am on my 5th phone in two years…

  • Matt

    Hello, for people complaining about paying 339 for the Behold phone, its because you only qualify for partial discount. Its not T-mobiles fault that you always want to upgrade your phone instead of waiting the 22 months for best pricing. I have news for you people saying you will switch becasue of this, its the same with every company, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, if your on a 1 yr contract, its 11 months to upgrade, if your on a two year its 22 months. every company is the same. Its great your loyal but there are still rules and policies to follow, remeber the T-Mobile buys the Beholds at $400 a piece and only subsidize the price if you willing to extend your contract and the amount off is based on your tenure from last getting a phone. Thats how it works.

  • does anyone know how the aim is on the behold?

  • danny

    for that is more better just make contract one year not 2 i never in my life i will sign again for 2 years fuck that

  • WXman

    I don’t think T-Mobile is paying $400 for this phone. Maybe $100. Didn’t someone post that the G1 costs them $143? That’s why it’s a shame they are raping people who have been with them for so long on this phone when for $400 you could buy a laptop PC, or a smartphone, or even terminate your contract and go elsewhere. It’s pathetic business to treat loyal customers worse than people off the street, and I don’t care what anybody else here has to say about it.

    However, I do think my wife is liking the phone and that’s what I wanted to get it for so it was worth it.

  • Okay so here is my question, some one said the EIP starts the 14th, is that December 14th? Or November 14th? I want the phone very badly, but I have a debauchery filled trip this weekend, and next weekend also. Xmas is around the corner, and well I want to keep my spending to a minimum..

  • Another question, since when has it been 22 months? I have always upgraded my phone every year, and never had a problem getting the discounted rate. Mind you I’ve had my Dash for god knows how long, I’m on my second one now, and need to get a new phone, because it’s screwing up again. Anywhoo, since when has it been 22 months?

  • Tex

    I ordered my wife the phone and only paid $163 flat out after taxes no rebate. We’ve been t-mobile customers since 04. She was still in contract (ending oct 2009). I told them that I was going to sprint and got the hook up from the retention office.
    So angrycustomer you sould talk to the retention ofice if you serious about canceling.
    @ leslie the phone can hold up to a 4gb card

  • megan

    I have been a customer for about five years. and my 2yr. contract isn’t up until july 2010. i really wish i could get this phone now because i have the blast and half the buttons don’t work. is there any other way to get rebates or discounts?

  • thaone&only

    Hey, can this phone play videos on different sites besides YouTube? And what plans does the Behold work with for Data..

  • robert

    I will get the G1 and appreciate all the feedback. Another website had a tester with a Behold saying that the web was awful and that the G1 was best for the web.

  • Joe

    I can get the Behold for $149! if I add 2 years..but I don’t know if its worth upgrading from the LX I don’t wanna pay the new Data prices =/

  • stillonskLX

    im with joe’s position


    @tex, thanks that was a big help…

  • Matt

    WXman you have no idea what your talking about, please go to another company, you will have to pay an activation fee and pay way more for service plans oh and when you want to upgrade a 100 times a year, you wont be able to and you will see that they all work the same. And yes T-mobile does buy them at full retail value. So they buy the Behold at 400.

  • Ermac

    ok. I’ve read every comment on here, for you behold lovers, glad you like it, my girl is debating on that or a zine. im getting my G1 tomorrow. as for the angry custo, from what you put, you asked how much without an upgrade, so of course you gonna pay full price 4 da phone, unlike other companies, t-mobile has four levels of credit, bad, normal, good, and excellent. having excellent credit gets you upgrades an extra month early, for example, instead of getting it in 22 months, you’ll get it in 21. I have excellent credit with them because even when I make a payment plan due 2 my bill being late, I pay it in full. so t-mobile is like “wow, we can give this guy free days until the day he pays his bill and when the deadline comes, he pays it in full? on the day he set?” and they feel you should be rewarded for that. hence excellent credit! and thass why ill be getting my G1 tomorrow with a full upgrade. oh and I started february 1st ’07.

  • diirtyboii

    I’m gonna get it I didn’t know they had 3G in my city I’m gonna get it ASAP!

  • Tex

    @ leslie UPDATE the phone can hold up to a 16gb card. To update the browser go to plug in your usb cable from your phone to your comp and download. save to the mobile device in your files and you should be good to go. The browser you will be downloading is the Opera Mini with Verisign & Thawte.
    Until next time!!

  • Tex

    @ megan if you are really serious about getting the samsung then call 611 and tell them you want cancel and get a touch phone from sprint (or whatever carrier) they are going to try to do anything to keep you. If they don’t bite hang up and call again, you’ll get another person in another state. Otherwise the’ll offer you the phone for a higher price let them know that you like the phone but can get a similar phone cheaper through another carrier. They will send you over to the retention office then you’re golden.

  • Tex

    @joe you don’t add two years from the end of your contract you agree to a 2 year contract from the day you upgrade.

  • thaone&only

    Hey, can this phone play vids from different sites besides YouTube??

  • Trish

    I am a rep and phones are very expensive!!!! The G1 cost the company $370 and the behold cost $361. Everytime T-Mobile sells phones on a new contract, full discount, or partial upgrade, they actually LOSE money. T-Mobile depends on their services to generate revenue.

    T-Mobile is a business, not a not-for-profit; people need to understand that.


    Feb 2007? oh please

    My mom been a customer for over 10 years and she is not complaining.

    Customers are entitled to a full discount upgrade 22 MONTHS into their 2 year contract, or 11 MONTHS into their 1 year contract.

    youre right!!!! T-Mobile has 5 levels of Credit

    Class A: Excellent credit!!!!Postpaid contract, up to 10 lines, usually gets full upgrades a bit earlier
    Class B: Good credit, Postpaid contract, up to 5 lines, have the option to add a 6th line after a year of good standing
    Class C: Satisfactory credit (normal), postpaid, up to 3 lines, have a option to add a 4th line after a year in good standiing
    Class M: Flexpay Annual Contract, no more than 2 lines, upgrades will come no less than 22 MONTHS from the first day of service
    Class N: Flexpay monthly contract, no more than 3 lines, not entitled to upgrades

  • Leslie

    @tex, thanks so much fot ur help. I really appreciate your advice. I think i got it. Well am using it now n it got stored where the games are, is that good? I like it, i think is little faster but is not likewise the web thatch. I got one more ?. Do u know if i can download another version of AOL MESSENGER i had “jive talk” for the blackberry…is there something similar to that, I checked the site but the product is good for BLACKBERRY,IPHONE,ITOUCH,WINDOW MOBILE. Plz let me know..thanks a million =)

  • Tex

    @ Leslie….The “Behold” isn’t a open applications phone(yet), so finding these subsitutes for the current programs are a little difficult. As soon as I hear something about the AIM I’ll let you know. I would try to store it to the SD card. Remember the more you sore to your phone the less responsive downloads will be and loading will take longer. I also recomend to get a larger flash drive, because your phone isn’t hot swappable(being able to switch SD Cards while phone is on)get a good sized flash(4-8 GB) so you can store plenty of music and still have your upgrades.
    Until next time!!

  • Tex

    Trish I understand why you would say that they pay over 300 dollars for certain phones but sipmle business principles. They pay whole sale prices for their phones. THink about it why would they pay 300 plus per phone, and they buy hundreds of thousands of these phones. Really? That’s only the G1, what about the Behold, Blackberries, Nokias, Samsungs, Motorolas, LGs, etc…. Come’on think about it babygirl. Anyway, you could be right I’m just voiceing my opinion.
    Until next time!!

  • Diane

    Does anyone know what the full 22mth upgrade discount puts the Behold at? Thanks!

  • Tex

    @ Diane $199.99 before mail-in $50 rebate. So $149.99

  • Matt

    Hey TEX, I have been working for T-Mobile for about 5 years now and I will tell you that they dont get the phones a whole sale price. What Trish says is right. Each phone individually sales at full retail value. Even though they buy phones in bulk, the manufactures like, Motorola, Nokia, samsung, RIM, and HTC dont offer any discounts. Thats why they can only subsidize the price when you qualify for an upgrade, if they did it all the time they wouldn’t make any money.

  • Andrea

    is the behold $149 for a one year contract?

  • Tex

    @ Andrea…. I think you can only get a 2 year contract. The one year contract extentions is for a plan change only. Thanks Matt! I’m sure you guys know more then me, I was only voicing my opinion….but I’m sure you and Trish are right. Matt do you have the inside scoop on the new HTC device that’s coming to t-mobile??

  • djcutie1

    I happen to work for T-mobile customer care, while i understand that you as customers like to have up-to-date phones for a good price and everything, you cant really expect us just to give you a phone for free or a high priced phone for a next to free price just because you’ve been with us for a certain amount of time. Its not that we dont appreciate your loyalty, but you’re not looking at it from a business perspective. We’re not doing good business by just handing you something everytime you complain. Oh and by the way you can cancel if you want, and go somewhere else, but eventually you will run into the same thing, no matter what company you go too. Verizon, ATT, Sprint,etc.

  • Behold Lover

    The Behold is all that n then some!! For those of you complaining that T-mobile isn’t giving you the best deals, you need to check again!! If you’ve been with T mobile for a long time, as I have been with them for 10 year almost, they will give u a tenure discount. i actually purchased 2 of these, an expresso n a rose, both totaled out to a little less than $300, with shipping, and i was able to get the upgrade fee waived!!! when you get a rep tell them you want to speak to the sales department & they can help get that priced reduced a great deal!! One bad thing, but it’s really not that serious, is that the camera takes a little long to load n take the pics, but the quality of the pics are excellent!!! Do a search on the behold and compare it to other phones! I’ve dealt with a G1, and it’s got nothing on this phone!!