New data plans, oh goodie!

Well, we all knew it would happen eventually… new data plans. Even better, it looks like prices have gone up – oh joy! Who doesn’t like spending more money? Yeah! Okay, so seriously – BB plans, Sidekick Plans, Smartphone Plans, G1 Plans, Shadow Plans, Phone First Plans (non-smartphone) – it looks like pretty much everything is covered here. Compared to what it used to be though, don’t expect these prices to be pretty (some appear to have gone up more than others).

New plans start November 16th. I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

Just click on the thumbnail below for the data plans you’d like to see:
(Note: After clicking on a thumbnail you will see another one, click on that to see the full size)


  • mando

    This sucks

  • so which one could i use with the behold?

  • Zomg

    they want to limit my sk on texts but give me unlimited shitty web browsing i rarely ever use wtf?

  • Carrie

    Yea, so…The most expensive option to use with the Behold would be the $19.95 right?

  • I saw that the “Total Internet” becomes $39.99… is that the same Total Internet that’s $19.99 now?

    I got Total Internet as a requirement to redeem the mail-in rebate for the Motozine ZN5; if the price goes up, surely T-Mobile will let me cancel it?

  • se30chris

    @ ally

    did you even read it?

    You use the same one as you would on Window mobile devices.

  • Brady

    yesh…there goes the sidekick

  • no need for the snarky remark. but thank you.

  • bobby

    so this means i can cancel my sidekick plan right?

  • Eddie

    If they think they can force the Teens into G1 from side kick with that rate plan hike…well maybe they might, it just seems so not T-Mobile. What is the motive to take away the unlimited txt? SK’s are pretty much done they will discontinue in about 1-2 years at the latest. Why get a SK if you can get a G1 cheaper, touch screen better plan. Things to think about

  • JP

    apparently these are for new customers only as existing customers of these plans won’t have to pay the extra money since it violates their customer agreement.

  • Will the Phone First $19.95 plan work with the Samsung Behold? That is my only question, cause that would be perfect, cause I rarely use the internet on my phone, I would use it very little, but, I need my unlimited messaging, so that would be the perfect price for me.

  • rommel

    tmo is becoming a joke.

  • Texan

    Geaster34 yes you can because the behold is not a data phone it is a “phone first”

  • Chuong

    @ rommel

    I agree with you. I’m going to AT&T after my contract is up. I only have to pay $15 for unlimited MediaNet plan and have lots of unlocked/unbranded 3G phone choices (N95-3/4, N85 NAM, N96 NAM, 5800 XM, and etc).

  • Marc

    I’ll have to see how those prices work out, before I can decide whether to say with tmobile. And there’s always the fact of whether they will grandfather in current customers.

  • Ran

    Hmmmm…may decide to take a peak at AT&T as well. Much better phones.

  • Thanx Texan, really appreciate it

  • Andréa

    As I wrote in the g1 section for the G1 data this is actually saving me a ton of money and I have the data only plans for my two G1’s and tzones for my third line

    I have two unlimited data plans for the G1 and a tzones plan plus unlimited family texting at a grandfathered rate

    If I had the Unlimited data and 400 text bundle per line I would have to get rid of the famly texting because it would conflict with each other and pay $15 for unlimited for the third line plus pay for ovarages on MY texting. $25+$25+$6+$15=$71+$$ for overages in texting

    Or pay for the unlimited data and texting package for the g1 with no overages $35+$35+$6+$15=$91 again I had to get rid of the unlimited family texting because it would conflict with the G1 plans.
    So the data only plan saves me a lot of money and I like to pay for what I am getting, which in my case is a lot of web surfing.

  • Oghma

    I realize there are folks that are upset about the plan changes but really when you consider what you’re getting out of it you’d understand. I did the training and it blows the old t-zones out of the water. They had us training on the SE TM506 so we could see the experience from a regular phone.

    Most importantly, you KEEP your current data features. So if you have your 19.99 SK unlimited plan it’s yours. Just like we’ve done with grandfathered rate plans in the past. BUT, in the future changes to your rate plan could cause you to take on one of the new data rates.

    Also the system will now be able to tell if you’re using the correct data package for your phone.

  • ShotWithAnSLR

    How will this affect my web browsing via T-Zones? I assume I will be able to keep the $5.99 plan and continue with full Internet on the iPhone until I make a change to the account (grandfathered in). Can anyone confirm/deny this belief?

  • mando

    Does anyone know how I can get an iphone on tmobile? I don’t know where to get them unlcoked?

  • ShotWithAnSLR

    Currently you can only unlock a 1G or 2G iPhone. I am asuming you are using Windows of some newer variety….

  • Snowy

    ill never change my 20$/month total internet plan wit wi-fi hotspots.
    But for the web2go plan is really bad, its not worth the money, its just a ripp off.

  • mingkee

    T-Mobile is attempting to get short pay
    Smartphone service required for T919, are you kidding?!
    is the platform open to all: no
    can the phone be used as modem for laptop: no
    can you install 3rd party and go online: no
    I know T-Mobile wants to get the return from 3G investment, but the thing they do really annoys customers, if they don’t realize their fault, they have no way to gain JDPA award back

  • walscobry

    T-mobile is going down the drain like a bad doody. The G1 is a sad (sad sad) toy at best, android is nothing but spyware and t-mobile is smoking crack (again). The Touch Pro (fuse) just hit ATT (who actually has 3g here) so it’s so long t-mobile…

  • There’s one thing that I don’t understand. . . why would they increase the sidekick data plan if (as of right now) the sidekick doesn’t support 3G? I mean, why can’t they wait to increase the sidekick data plan until a sidekick with 3G comes out?

  • Brandon from Cleveland…….. GO OBAMA

    The only reason their doing this is because their probaly getting rid of the sidekick, gettin ready to launch a 3g version, or they’re thinking a lot of people are getting over with the cheap data plan pricing. They’re gonna lose a lot of customers when they go foward with this dumbass idea. This will be my second year straight with the sidekick and I love. It does everything these new wack phones do and it still has a luxury look. I still get wows when peeps see the phone. This is bad for business. Peace. Sidekick forever.

  • wtf

    That sucks. T-Mobile use to be awesome because of their prices. These guys suck. now. Wow, I can’t believe they’re raising the prices.

    I’ll never go with t-mobile.

  • mingkee

    the price on SK will drive TONS of users out, this would hurt data business (I can tell how popular SK is, it’s as popular as iPhone)
    it’s wise T-Mobile should keep SK pricee intact

  • Jay

    So this doesn’t effect current contracts right? I have the Sidekick Unlimited plan for 19.99. Will it go up?

  • diirtyboii

    If you already have the plan it won’t go up but if your new customer or you change your data plan it will go ip

  • When you look at it the prices havent really gone up lol!!! its just everything comes in a bundle as one instead….. let’s take the blackberry plan for example thats $34.99 is basically $19.99 for the email and web plan plus 14.99 for unlimited text which adds up to $34.98 or 34.99. aint no difference really!!! or get a blackberry plan for $19.99 with 400 text for 4.99 add up to 24.99.

  • Their prices don’t make sense anymore. Plus tmo service is not as good as att. So i don’t know, may be I should really consider att as an option. I’ve been tmo customer for 6 years, their liberal prices really attracted me and I assume a lot of customers, now with their change in pricing, I’d say they going to loose many of us.

  • Mockerfab4

    I love this! Added on the Shadow $10 plan for 50MB of data and 200 messages. This is perfect for me as my usage is very minimal, and only cost me $10 more. I used to pay $25 for more service then I needed. This is perfect!!!!!

  • william

    So will IMs on the sidekick and blackberry still count as data or now as txts?

    tmobile site when selecting a data plan for both sk and bb:

    Get unlimited Web access, bundled with any 400 domestic messages.

    • Unlimited Web access
    • 400 domestic text, picture, e-mail, or instant messages

  • Cryssy

    well it appears that they have changed the phone first pricing. i tried to order a BEHOLD on the website and i had the option of the 100 MB and unlimited messages for 19.95 (as of Nov,17th)no they have plans of 24.99 and 34.99 aka a smartphone plan!!!!! this is insane!!!

  • Marcos

    This SH!T is WACK!! man it only used to be 20 bucks for the sidekick plan w/ unlimited everything and now its 35! man screw that!!