Ahhh, I love the smell of 3G in the morning!


I don’t know about you, but I sure would love to wake up in the morning to a nice, big fresh dose of some T-Mobile 3G!  It looks like those of you in the Denver market are going to get just that!  The 3G network will go live for you lucky Denver customers tomorrow November 11.  Now, those of you in the Denver area who picked up the G1 or the Behold (or one of those other 3G phones that we seemed to have forgotten about these days!) will actually be able to use it to its potential.  Hopefully you guys will still be able to get a decent nights sleep after this, I don’t know if would be able to or not!


  • Persia

    FIRST. YAY. AND ALSO IM IN DENVER. ohhhh gaawwdd. my hearth is beating fast.. i get 3G in the morning when i wake up for school and i can zoom on my G1

  • se30chris

    You won’t be disappointed. Us here in Minneapolis can’t get enough of it! Gratz!

  • Persia

    thank you. is it FAST like LIGHTNING.lol????

  • Sean

    I’ve been waiting for this. Just got my G1 on Friday and was pretty surprised at how well it worked with EDGE…can’t wait to see how it does with 3g here in Denver.

  • se30chris

    It’s fast……and it kicks ass…. :)

    You’ll never want to EDGE again.

  • I’ve had my G1 since the first day they were available via pre-order shipping and have been dying for 3G here in Denver. I’m just gonna go drive around and explore the coverage tomorrow using Maps. I am so excited. I won’t sleep at all!

  • Persia

    MEEEEE TOOO. EXCITED. i gotta say edge has been very impressive but 3G is a whole different beast. I HOPE ITLL WORK IN AURORA TOO. im sure it will, its metro denver

  • Sean

    I work in Commerce City, but live in Thornton and I’m praying it works in both locations.

  • Persia

    im pretty sure it will, it can’t just be DENVER denver,u know? as long as it works in Aurora/parker and in Downtown denver and on my daily routes, i don care about anywhere else. lol jk, no but seriously

  • Sean

    I’m sure it works here as well, but just a little scared…lol. It should be the Denver market and should cover both of us.

  • Sean

    Have you found a 16gb card for your G1 yet? Has anybody?

  • Persia

    @sean, u are right good sir. it will cover us both and will be great (yes?). lets not spoil the good news we just got by our worrying. lol. NOW HERE IS A DILEMMA? Should I (1)turn on 3G on my G1 so when i wake up i get slapped in the face with the 3G icon?, or (2) wait till the morning and turn on the 3G and watch the magic happen? HELP EVERYONE

  • Sean

    I say watch it happen. You’ll regret not seeing it pop up.

    And sorry for worrying…never experienced 3G.

  • Persia

    no i have the 8GB. havn’t filled it yet.. yes i know i fail… lol. don’t be sorry for worrying. im worried 2, i too have not experienced 3G yet, woo no more waiting. R u thinking on gettin the 16gb? i was thinkin about it but the 8gb was $21 and the 16gb was like $100 so i went with 8gb..

  • Sean

    Sounds like we’ll be pretty please with 3G. I’m sure I’ll wake up in the middle of the night (not on purpose) and look at my G1, which will be right next to me (how sad, huh?) and see if it’s 3Gn’
    I would be happy with 8gigs…especially at $21. Where’d you find it at that price?

  • Persia

    Mine will be next to me also. Don worry u not the only one. I’ve fell sleep many nighs with it and foung my self rollin over it. Haha. I found 8gb at amazon.com. they got good deals on them.

  • Persia


  • john

    I spent a late night (left at 12:30) at the office near DTC, headed towards Highlands Ranch for an errand, then to Parker where I live and I had 3G in all places. It’s showing right now! WOOHOO!!!

  • Neil

    Oh hells yea looked at my phone and saw that sexy 3g icon! now only if i could use my sling box on the G1!

  • Sean

    Kickin 3G here in Thornton. I gotcha Persia.

  • thaone&only

    Wat about Tonalea, AZ!!! Lol! Jk jk

  • 3G alive an well here in Aurora. Speeds are blazingly amazing!

  • kyle

    YA! Finally 3G here in Denver . Denver has had some pretty imporessive egde but on christmas ill be able to look at my new Behold with that 3G icon

  • J

    My 3g keeps flitting in and out…I’m in Louisville and work in Boulder. I guess they didn’t go through the whole metro area…

  • Carl

    I can report that they DO have at least one 3G tower in Boulder. I was very exited to see the new note this morning and the first thing I did was activate my 3G network. When I did that, I found a new tower location that was not their yesterday. It’s just east of Western Disposal Services? ( about Valmont Rd and 55th). Love it! I got full bars at work! Meanwhile my iPhone coworkers are struggling to get 1 bar on Edge with AT&T. Ha ha ha!!!

  • Taylor

    No 3G in Fort Collins

  • Jon

    Does anyone know if 3G will work in Colorado Springs as part of the “Denver rollout?” I had a T-Mobile rep tell me that she believes it should, but I wanted to verify before making a purchase. Thanks!

  • Mike

    No 3G in south Parker.. I’m assuming the post above is on the north side of town close to 470. I seriously hope they’ll continue the rollout to the rest of the metro area soon!

  • emm333arrddd

    i work in DTC also and get dropped calls without fail in certain areas and intersections going back home thru littleton to the foothills: @ the hospital off broadway, wadsworth and ken caryl, anywhere in the hogback just beyond the first foothill range, places you’d expect to at least still have a connection let alone 3g speed. not convinced the G1’s my baby though i handled a demo phone at the mall and it’s pretty cool. i’ve been waiting for some time for the new network and hope we can get a fully loaded, beefed up wing II (with specs beyond ATT’s Tilt) sometime real soon.

  • Frosty

    As Mike said, 3G is very sketchy from mainstreet south in Parker, I live just south of Main along Jordan and 3G only reliably shows up on the north side of my house, but up in Stonegate at Chap, I have full 3G bars on my TM506. Loving the 3G baby, now let’s see all of Parker get it! :-)

  • Steve O

    Now, if only T-Mo would get to work about 300 miles west of Denver. Don’t forget Salt Lake City guys!

  • Jim A

    Anyone else having issues with calls on 3G, when I’m Denver (between Colorado Blvd/Speer/Downtown) oftentimes the call doesn’t go through and/or gets dropped after 1 sec, once I switch my G1 back to a 2G network it works flawlessly