T-Mobile updates your browsing experience with Web2go


T-mobile is definitely on a mission to revamp and push out some sexy holiday offerings and standing at the ready is web2go, a total relaunch and revamp of the vaunted T-zones. Web2go has been designed from the ground up to work with your current mobile device to offer the best browsing experience it can. Described as “providing customers with mobile Web surfing, through an interface that is specifically designed to work best on their mobile device. Web2go keeps you connected to what you want, when you want. It’s a new and better Web browsing experience.”

Launching next week (we’re going with the 15th after a coin toss), web2go features a customizable homepage complete with the ability to customize your email offerings, up to 8 shortcuts to the sites that matter and most and themes! That’s right, I wrote themes!

The ability to create and customize your homepage will be key in T-Mobile’s new Web2go offering. E-mail, Ebay watch, and other social sites will be able to have custom links on your homepage. In addition, T-Mobile has done their best to reduce the number of clicks needed to access the sites that you are interested in. There will be easy access to People, Places, Mobile Web, and Web content.

Also featured is mydownloads, which offers the ability to store downloaded content (ringtones and wallpapers only from what we can gather) and should you need to do an insurance or warranty replacement of a device you can re-downloaded that content without calling into customer care. Hooray for self service!

If am understanding this correctly there will be 3 tabs available to navigate from.

  • Web2go: Customers access this tab to gain access to their customizable home page, web browsing and search. This is the part where the aforementioned (up to) 8 channels can be added to personalize the home page.
  • More sites: What’s new(new features), Email/Chat/Social(Pretty explanatory), News(breaking stories), Weather(local and travel reports), Entertainment(Movietimes, gossip columns, celebrity sightings), Sports(scores etc), Maps/Finder(map directions thought not necessarily gps based, bars, banks, restaurants), Traffic(traffic updates), Myfavorites(Bookmark links for easy access), Downloads(buy stuff here)
  • My account: Self-service tab for account management regarding billing, downloads, store locater etc…

Three pricing tiers, forgive the lack of screen shot here but I’ll just forward you to this article to help with a visual.

  • Free web2go: default feature replacing T-zones, download and purchase content and can access my account information
  • Phone-First devices: 50 MB data, 200 messages OR 100 MB data, unlimited messages….overage $.20 per MB, capped at $15 (Hooray for data caps!)
  • All-in-one devices: unlimited data, 400 messages OR unlimited data, unlimited messages

Your ability to see the new web2go services will vary depending on the type of handset you use. Newer phones will already be updated and have access at launch to the web2go portal, but some devices and customers will not have the updated interface until sometime early next year. Customers currently on a $5.99 t-zones plan will remain on such a plan and be grandfathered in.

I’d like to mention that I had screen shots available for this post but unfortunately they exist on my laptop which is currently undergoing an autopsy. As soon as the nature of the death is determined, I’ll hopefully be able to update this post.