The breakdown of T-mobile 3G thus far


Since everyone always posts in the comments where oh where will 3G work for me, we decided to post this super easy breakdown for those of you who are still interested in what areas of the country T-mobile is rocking out with 3G.

List after the jump!

Update: I’m going to try and just say this one time, I DID NOT make this list so any areas not included or other errors that may appear should be forwarded to me so I can correct them.

  • · Austin –
  • · Atlanta
  • o Atlanta,
  • · Boston
  • o Boston, MA
  • o Cambridge, MA
  • o Lowell, MA
  • o Providence, RI
  • o Worcester, MA
  • · Birmingham
  • o Birmingham, AL
  • o Huntsville, AL
  • o Hoover, AL
  • o Tuscaloosa, AL
  • · Chicago
  • o Chicago, IL
  • o Elgin, IL
  • o Gary, IN
  • o Joliet, IL
  • · Dallas
  • o Dallas, TX
  • o Arlington, TX
  • o Carrolton, TX
  • o Fortworth, TX
  • o Garland, TX
  • o Grand Prairie, TX
  • o Irving, TX
  • o Mesquite, TX
  • o Plano, TX
  • o Richardson, TX
  • · Denver
  • o Denver, CO
  • o Thornton, CO
  • o Boulder, CO
  • o Westminster, CO
  • o Arvada, CO
  • · Detroit
  • o Detroit, MI
  • o Clinton, MI
  • o Livonia, MI
  • o Sterling Heights, MI
  • o Warren, MI
  • o Dearborn Heights, MI
  • o Royal Oak, MI
  • o St Clair Shores, MI
  • o Taylor, MI
  • o Southfield, MI
  • o Troy, MI
  • o Farmington Hills, MI
  • o Westland, MI
  • · Houston
  • o Houston, TX
  • o Pasadena, TX
  • · Kansas City
  • o Kansas City, MO
  • o Kansas City, KS
  • o Olathe, KS
  • o Overland Park, KS
  • o Lees Summit, MO
  • o Independence, MO
  • · Las Vegas
  • o Las Vegas, NV
  • o North Las Vegas, NV
  • o Paradise, NV
  • o Spring Valley, NV
  • o Sunrise Manor, NV
  • · Los Angeles
  • o Los Angeles, CA
  • o Anaheim, CA
  • o Burbank, CA
  • o East Los Angeles, CA
  • o Glendale, CA
  • o Irvine, CA
  • o Long Beach, CA
  • o Norwalk, CA
  • o Ontario, CA
  • o Pasadena, CA
  • o Pomona, CA
  • o Santa Ana, CA
  • · Memphis
  • o Memphis, TN
  • · Miami
  • o Miami, FL
  • o Coral Springs, FL
  • o Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • o Hialeah, FL
  • o Hollywood, FL
  • o Miramar, FL
  • o Pembroke Pines, FL
  • o West Palm Beach, FL
  • · Minneapolis
  • o Minneapolis, MN
  • · New Jersey
  • o Elizabeth, NJ
  • o Jersey City, NJ
  • o Long Branch, NJ
  • o New Brunswick, NJ
  • o Newark, NJ
  • · New York City
  • o New York City
  • · Orlando
  • o Orlando, FL
  • · Philadelphia
  • o Philadelphia, PA
  • o Atlantic City, NJ
  • o Trenton, NJ
  • o Wilmington, DE
  • · Phoenix
  • o Phoenix, AZ
  • o Chandler, AZ
  • o Gilbert, AZ
  • o Glendale, AZ
  • o Mesa, AZ
  • o Peoria, AZ
  • o Tempe, AZ
  • · Portland
  • o Portland, OR
  • o Vancouver, WA
  • · Sacramento
  • o Sacramento, CA
  • o Modesto, CA
  • o Roseville, CA
  • o Stockton, CA
  • · San Antonio
  • o San Antonio, TX
  • · San Diego
  • o San Diego, CA
  • o Chula Vista, CA
  • · San Francisco
  • o San Francisco, CA
  • o Berkeley, CA
  • o Concord, CA
  • o Daly City, CA
  • o Fremont, CA
  • o Hayward, CA
  • o Oakland, CA
  • o Richmond, CA
  • o San Jose, CA
  • o Santa Clara, CA
  • o Sunnyvale, CA
  • o Vallejo, CA
  • o Pleasanton, CA
  • · Seattle
  • o Seattle, WA
  • o Bellevue, WA
  • · Tampa
  • o Tampa, FL
  • o Clearwater, FL
  • · Washington DC
  • o Washington, DC
  • o Alexandria, VA
  • o Arlington, VA
  • o Baltimore, MD
  • o Gaithersburg, MD
  • o Washington, DC
  • o Alexandria, VA
  • o Arlington, VA
  • o Baltimore, MD

o Gaithersburg, MD


  • tmobile2lyfe

    …….I love T-Mobile….. o yeah and Tmonews.

  • Andréa

    Damn I live outside of lee’s summit and Independence areas in the kc areas

  • Atlanta Person

    Yes Atlanta i buying the behold!
    g1 suckz

  • Andréa

    but it is closer than NO kc coverage

  • kickstar13

    u forgot to add that Warwick RI has it too.

  • Jimmie

    I can’t believe this BS NO NEW ORLEANS, not even a city in Louisiana, i think i’m about to jump over to the dark side, please be gentle ATT!

  • Brian

    Utica, MI has full bars with 3G!

  • Don’t forget Aurora, Colorado under the Denver section. :)

  • andrewm

    Any idea on when kc area will go live?

  • John Davies

    Bethesda, MD

  • Solrac924

    When’s the next round of 3G launches? Isn’t there a campaign where 120 cities willbe available? I hope this list isn’t it.
    When’s El Paso gonna get 3G? We’re bigger than Boston, Seattle, & Las Vegas.

  • Chris

    I’m not sure what the list is.

    it list birmingham but we don’t have 3g yet. I’m happy to see Huntsville up there though. So I get 3g at home and at school.

  • Jonathan

    You forgot Baltimore, MD also

  • Jonathan

    nevermind, i found it, its on there several times lol

  • g diddy

    just because you are bigger doesnt mean people like to go there.


    okay well i found this at cellphone signal and i won’t jump for joy yet since the last exciting news i found there ended up being fake (the touch hd)

    but it’s interesting take a look

  • Chris

    oh yeah…FYI.

    It’s Atlanta, GA, not AL

  • When will t-mobile release 3G for Honolulu,Hi. I’m still using my G1 on edge speed. :[

  • JBSnider

    What about Indianapolis? We seem to have been left out of the loop. Please, I do not want to go to AT&T….

  • rommel

    deleware?!,nobody lives in delaware!

  • 3gmitsu

    @g diddy
    Hey be nice, we need some 3g love here in El Paso.

  • Teufel

    im about 2-3 hours north of my closest 3g coverage :(

  • David

    I did not make this list nor did I doublecheck it for missing cities so if there are corrections just leave a comment and I’ll try and fix it later.

  • SneakerFiend

    Now all we need is the HTC Touch Pro on t-mobile and we’re set.

  • Brent

    I would have to agree with the poster who mentioned New Orleans, LA. There is no city in the State of LA mentioned. I would love to see T-mobile send some 3G to my city.

    I would like to point out to the author of this post. There have been many post regarding 3G, but I think you failed to answer the question often posed. I think the real question posed on blogs are since we already know which cities are scheduled for 3G release with T-Mobile, what cities will get 3G next.

  • Tucker

    no love for wisconsin? =[

  • Andrew H

    You can add Jessup, Columbia and Laural, MD

  • mafiaashish

    ohh man when would i wake up with the 3G i live like 75 miles north from dallas and 60 miles north from plano and i dont even get the edge in here i think i never get to see the 3G written on my phone bummer

  • justinhub2003

    Ha to who ever it was that said g1 sucks and behold is better, that’s ridiculous in my opinion, yesterday I went to the tmo store to check out a behold and did a quick comparision of the 2 and my g1 blew it away, its so much smoother and the touch screens aren’t in the same league (well literally, capcitsitive vs resistive) and software and OS wise its no competetion.. in any case its a matter of opinion though and its exciting times for tmobile.
    As far as 3g goes, I’m wanting to chexk it out bad, I’m in cincinnati and our EDGE network is crazy fast, in 2 out of 3 test against an iphone 3g running 3g my phone one and rendered the page all the way un like iphone where it scrolls to blank boxes, so im, excited to see how much faster it makes it, my wifi is crazy fast with it and edge on g1 destroys it on my former shadow.. lol how much 3g can make this thing go any faster unless its wifi speed

  • LazyCody

    If this is a list you guys are trying to add cities to, you can add Brandon, FL; Valrico, FL; Riverview, ; Gibsonton, FL; Sun City Center, FL; and Temple Terrace, FL under the “Tampa, FL” list

  • xoizen

    no love for Honolulu, HI?

  • AJ

    Thanks for the map, but…. what good is it if it is blank?

  • cutie

    El Paso Sucks! We are the last to get everything!!!

  • HerbBlaiser

    3G is makin everyone act like babies… your jets people without 3G….Tmo released a statement saying they guarantee their entire network(that means even podunk towns in LA and the likes) will be fully 3G by the end of 09….. AT&T suckz more than any other carrier out there- that’s why they have the flashiest phones(iphone,Bold). By having the flashiest phones and “3G”, AT&T is able to sign up unsuspecting and uneducated idiots who enter into contracts with companies based on whether or not they have nationwide 3G and flashy phones. The sad thing that nobody knows about yet is since AT&T released the iphone 3G, most of their spectrum is congested and even slower at times than EDGE. That’s correct-the iphone is a 3G hogger(and it sucks in every other way imaginable as well). Not to mention, now that AT&T FINALLY released the Blackberry Bold their 3G spectrum and data services will be even slower and more congested. So by all means- switch to GAyT&T. I hope you get locked into an overpriced contract and get stuck with a sub-par and problematic phone like most of their customers do. Oh and by the way, AT&T won’t give you bonus minutes if you’re about to go over like Tmobile will. In short: AT&T sucks wang.

  • cyberjr

    The HTC Touch Pro is about to be released later this month overseas. It called the MDA Vario IV. We can wish can’t we.

  • mingkee

    on NYC part
    Long Island, Westchester, Yonkers are included

  • Nails

    FWIW, T-Mobile rep told me yesterday that Nashville, TN is scheduled for 3G by Q3/Q4 2009. Sucks.

  • Vision77

    I have been back in Kansas for about a week now and there is no 3G here. I’m using a G1 in Overland Park.

  • Guy

    Flower Mound, Texas and Lewisville, Texas which go under the Dallas metroplex have it.

  • southern belle

    I live in Lake Charles LA and I have 3g

  • Brady

    I wonder if LongLines (a Tmo affiliate in IA) will upgrade to 3g.

  • Dave

    Yeah, funny Pittsburgh is not scheduled to mid 2009 as well. That’s why I have a Sprint Diamond now…

  • sleepyyazo

    i’ve gone around Hammond, IN and i get 3G around there.

  • D

    Hello. I’d like to add a few cities under the Boston umbrella. It looks like just about the entire area in and along the 128 corridor is covered. I can definitely confirm Burlington, Somerville, Medford, Allston, and Brighton. I’d imagine other cities like Newton and Woburn are also covered. I’m pretty sure I saw 3G bars when I was in Manchester, NH over the weekend but I don’t recall for sure. The surrounding area definitely wasn’t 3G, though. Same for Worcester, where 3G disappears once you get outside the city limits.

  • Lukasz

    Schaumburg IL
    Hoffman Estates IL
    Hanover Park IL
    Elmwood Park IL
    Roselle IL
    Itasca IL
    Carpenterville IL
    Bloomingdale IL

  • g willi

    Anyone know if TMo has a “planned list”? Or does anyone know when anywhere in Ohio will get 3G?

  • g willi

    We got Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Toledo, and Cleveland in Ohio. (Although we don’t usually admit to Cleveland!) So give Ohio the 3G love TMo!

  • ay wasup

    @ atlanta person , all the way at the top… hell yea g1 sucks. tired of using it on edge

  • Pot Roast

    “Fortworth, TX” – should be “Fort Worth, TX” – it’s two words. :-)

  • Ike_Skelton

    There’s no 3G in the Kansas City area yet.

  • andrewm

    3g isn’t on in Kansas City or surrounding. Is this list the expected rollout or what?

  • ahh

    Ahhh, El Paso needs 3G’s grace.

  • Brandon from Cleveland…….. GO OBAMA

    Damn…… alright, gwilli!! Lol.

  • Omar

    Any news on when Ohio is getting some 3G?

  • diirtyboii

    Oh hell yeah so theirs 3G in modesto now? I’m getting a 3G phone now


    All are located around the DFW Metroplex.

  • SANTi.SiCKO™


  • Solrac924

    Possible rumor for now: Feb. 1 will be the target date for another “3G launch day”…and El Paso is among the cities!!!
    Can any field tesers confirm?

  • hitdog042

    Ohio is the 7th most populated state. Tmobile dropped the ball on how they did this roll out.

  • TeKKiE

    Why is everyone on the 3g bandwagon? Why not 4G?! T-mobile’s reason for building the network from the ground up was not only because of the issues with the feds not releasing the spectrum, but also because they built a 4G network, not just a 3G network. We’ll all be on 4G when other network providers are trying to upgrade their already congested 3G networks. Another benefit to T-Mobile’s 3G network? As stated before, we’re on a practically untouched spectrum, that doesn’t share with other providers. This could be a downside, but I see it mainly as an upside. You’re not sharing the backbone with other carriers because they can’t utilize the 1700MHz band. They of course see the 2100MHz band, but not the exact frequency spread that T-Mobile has secured. Less to share, more bandwidth and less saturation ;)

  • MWD

    F*** that :( Iowa is not on the list!!

  • Kubastank

    I’m in the San Diego East County area and have yet to see to hear about 3G. All of the rest of San Diego has the 3G blanket while I sit out in the cold…

  • 3g is not almost good in all cities.Still something to be done

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  • 6047786
  • 6047786
  • Less to share, more bandwidth and less saturation

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