More information on the equipment installment plan

You may recall our earlier story about T-Mobile’s upcoming Equipment Installment Plan, which is set to begin on November 16, well we have a little more information about this interesting option which you might be interested in.  First off, let me just let you know what this is not: it isn’t really an offer of credit and is not going to have any interest or APR involved, so there is almost no reason to not be all for this offer.  How much you can spread out (up to $500) does depend on your credit class and history though, so don’t expect to be able to walk out with a top of the line device (or two, or a bundle of accessories….) if you’ve had credit problems in the past.

Which brings us into what else the equipment installment plan can be used for, not only is it for phones but also for accessories!  You can put all accessories, devices and handsets on an installment plan – as long as it’s over $19.99.  You will not be able to include any fees (including upgrading and restocking), airtime payments or e-pins and hard card prepaid refills.  So now there are no excuses for walking out of the store with those hands free kits and an extra battery or two!  Or, you can always just grab a couple of phones for the family instead.

OK, that’s cool and all – but what about upgraders?  Have you recently upgraded your device(s) and are now a little upset because you didn’t know about the G1, the Behold or the Zine (and why didn’t you?  Aren’t you following along)?  T-Mobile haven’t forgotten about you either, upgraders can take advantage of the EIP as well!

If you do decide to opt for the installment plan (and I would imagine that quite a large number of people to take advantage of it) then the day that you decide to take that brand new phone (and accessories!) home, you’ll be out the first payment plus any taxes and fees as well.  After that, the next three payments will be added to your monthly bill.

So I’m really excited about the equipment installment plan, and I hope that you are as well!

  • For some reason, I still don’t get it, lol

  • crystalina

    just to clrify you can not buy accessories only it has to be included in a phone purchases to qualify for the eip

  • knytphal

    Well, personally I would use it if I weren’t eligible for a full discount. Assuming of course that I wanted to get a phone that they were offering. It just helps to not have to pay out the whole amount at one time.

  • Theicool

    What’s if we recently upgraded? (I just ordered the behold) once this comes out, can we get on it?

  • Jennifer

    This is awesome! But I recently just got the pearl flip (which I love by the way!) and I ordered it and it won’t show up on my bill till december, can I still qualify for the eip? Or is it too late?

  • Renesandy

    Will this also be offered over the phone, or just at the store? Also, I’m thinking of ordering the G1 around the 25th, how much would the first payment amass to? (Estimate)

  • Texan

    you still have to make a payment so dont think you can credit it all to your account, you break it up into 4 easy payments


    im so confuse……

  • mikenyce

    I just called a tmo rep and didn’t kno what I was talking about lol I want to get the behold or g1 which is better plz answer

  • Dominic

    Would be good if T-Mobile actually sold smoe phones worth having!! Come on T-Mo, I am waiting on some Windows Mobile 3G love…

  • carl

    is this the offical start date cc doesnt have a date yet but they know of the program

  • deelovely

    I just spoke with a rep and was told that its been pushed to the 17th. It will not be done retro for any orders that have already been placed. Its for phones and accessories. And it can be used in store, online, and over the phone. Its a great idea but sucks for those of us who ordered phones within the last couple of days….

  • Gizmalien


    I agree with you on that, I’d love to see some 3G Winmo phones.

  • Big Q

    Is it available for any type of customer? ie post paid, pre paid, flexpay on a month to month, flexpay with a contract?

  • Jesned71

    Still waiting for an Win Mo HTC device with a full keyboard and a faster processor. This is the one thing I envy about Europe. Maybe the Messiah (BO) will change that!

  • Mr G1

    Is this EIP offer to flexpay customers of t-mobile you know the heart of the company. Lol! I work for t-mobile and in my store that would be gr gr gr Great!

  • diirtyboii

    Well I called T-Mobile the other day and if you recently upgraded you would have to return your phone and get a different one cause I ordered a blackberry pearl 2 weeks ago and I’m still in the buyers remores period and the lady on the phone urged me to wait for the payment installments

  • Tainasgift

    The only thing I am wondering is…can you use this plan without upgrading. Let’s say I just want to buy the phone outright…can I still use this?

    If so..I will be buying a phone outright and just paying it off in four payments (probably sooner).

  • Tainasgift

    Nevermind..I think that this might answer the question: “upgraders can take advantage of the EIP as well!”

    To me that probably means yes you can buy your phone outright. ;-)

  • Bob

    Just another way for Americans to get into debt.

  • deelovely

    I know @ diirty!! I just got my g1 like 2 weeks ago. In california we have 30 days so im considering sneding it back but i just dont think its worth the hassle. Idk guy…idk

  • escentz

    “we have a little more information about this INTERESTING option which you might be INTERESTED in”

    hahahha, do tell me more! I may be INTERESTED!


  • flyyphone

    Any more news on the Blackberry Javelin so I can take advantage of this EIP??? It was officially announced in Germany for Tmobile the other day. Tmo says 2009, but when in 2009?…some people are hoping for a November release…I’m one of them.

  • flyyphone

    A November release for the U.S. that is

  • diirtyboii

    Lol but I don’t wanna get in debt I’m still debating this is my second phone first I had a sidekick took that back got the blackberry and now I want the behold so I’m still on thinking but I still have a lot of time left to decide @ deelovely

  • Kaminsky

    Yeah…more news on the Javelin so that I can get one…

  • Theicool

    I’m sopose to get my behold 2day.. N I’m waiting in my living room for the UPS like a retard lol

  • keep in mind certain states, florida, georgia, illinois, new jersey, ohio, south carolina, and tennessee can’t take part in the EIP online — they see it as a loan and you have to sign paperwork if you take part of the EIP in those states.

  • Jaye

    I hear a lot of people saying that this is just another way for us to get into debt, but I could not agree more. This is not a house, not even a car, this is a handset that, at most, would cost you five hundred bucks. Furthermore, there is a safeguard here, in that credit limit. T-mobile is ensuring itself against people who would not be able to pay for the phone because they can barely afford their plans. Personally, my insecurities on this program have been laid aside because of the reporting here, covering the different angles on how T-mobile is guarding the investment and protecting clients while at the same time, offering a genuine service to transfer customers over to the 3G network.

  • deelovely

    @ diirtyboii the g1 is soooo much better!!! I wanted the behold but its pretty generic. The camera is awesome but thats about it. the browser is slow and chunky. IDK I mean i guess it makes more sense to jusy buy a camera right lol. seriously tho if youre considering upgrading i’d check out the g1

  • flyyphone

    Yeah, the Behold is sort of a camera with cell phone capabilites. The G1 is cool, could use quite a few updates though. G1 is mainly for the applications though if you don’t plan on utilizing any of them, go for the Behold, maybe

  • deelovely

    ive had my g1 for about 2 weeks now and theres been a couple of updates. the 3g isnt that great in my area but everything else is great. considering theres only a 30.00 price difference between the two id definitely say drop the extra 30 and spring for the g1

  • westsidebb

    back to the EIP. i spoke with a sales rep and CC today and neither of them could confirm a launch date for the EIP. hopefully it does launch on the 16th. a few phone from tmo look very promising and thius plan would help me buy them ALL

  • diirtyboii

    @deelovely that suckz maybe I should keep my BlackBerry and wait I was checking out the 51 and they told me I would have 2 wait until around December 2 get it and the behold isn’t a smartphone rite? So no 3rd party apps?

  • deelovely

    the behold is just like every other samsung phone. same menu and everything. downloads from t-zones yadda yadda yadda. pretty lame

  • bbgtbck

    Anyone try to use the new EIP yet?

  • M

    EIP is now available at least in DC. Went to the store this morning to pick up a G1, I asked the rep about about it and was able to do it. I was able to put $120 toward the next three bills. Yes, not a lot but it’s better for me than taking one big hit. I’ve never been late on my bills, so it’s not a risky move on my part. Some of my past bills have been more than what I’m curently going to be paying over the next 3 months, compared to my current plan structure.

  • Yo…CS

    They are starting to set it up for me in Michigan.

  • Panic

    If you can’t afford it then you shouldn’t buy it.. unless you can save up for it and once you have cash in hand then buy it.

  • It doesn’t mean you can’t afford it @ Panic. YOu just might not have all the money @ that time. Cause I know I want the new Sidekick 2009, and the economy is a slump for 1, so everybody might not have the money @ that 1 time. But, for me, I might not receive the other half of my money I need until June, so the EIF is really good for me, and I need a phone, since my last one was so much of a hassel.

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  • Akaesquire6

    Does anyone know why only DC & Puerto Rico are excluded from the EIP program?