Attention Cameo fans!


I know the lines were already getting started for this soon to be holiday blockbuster but unfortunately I am the bearer of bad tidings. The cameo has been delayed till the 19th!! After you’ve grabbed your box of kleenex and calmed down, we should mention that its only a 4 day delay and that you will still be able to send pictures of yourselves to Grandma before you know it!

On the other than, there is good news! My laptop is working which I am sure has been keeping everyone up at night waiting for my triumphant return to daily T-mobile musings.


  • mando

    So that means you can tell us what you had up your sleeve in the other post right. Since your laptop is fixed?

  • David

    Hmmm what did I have up my sleeve??

  • Pythagoras

    Which end of it do you speak into?


    I want to here more about the bb javelin but for now the g1 is good

  • Pythagoras

    I know a secret hack that will allow you to not get charged for adding photos – use something called a “USB cable”

  • Patrick

    Ok while the frame sounds like kind of a cool idea, how is it any different/better than getting a Digital frame with built in Wifi? Most of the Wifi frames are compatible with RSS feeds from places like Flickr. You can send photos from your phone directly to your Flickr account which would then show up on the WiFi frame.

    I guess we will have to see what the feature set of the Tmo version actually is, how much it costs, etc.

  • Mystictrust
  • Nick

    I hope it’s not $10 per month, I would rather have a $4.99 for 400 pix per month. Way more than enough, I can’t see most people sending more than that per month. It stores 150, at $5 I would totally get one for the fun and noelty factor. At $10, I’ll pass.

  • robert

    Hooo Hummmm big dealll!

  • Robert

    Unfortunately it will not work as I need. The problem is that there is no way for old pictures to be automatically removed, therefore requiring manual operation. I was hoping to give it to relatives that are unable/unwilling to learn technology, but love getting pictures from the family. They live away from the rest of the family and visiting them is quite a hassle. When the device gets full someone has to manually delete some pictures (note that only the on board 64 mb can be used. the sd card slot is for transfer only.) T-Mobile’s solution is that when someone visits then they fix it. If someone is visiting then I don’t need their T-Mobile’s service. What I want is, ideally, a way to remotely manage the device, or have a setting to allow for dropping the oldest picture so that new ones are stored.

  • Patrick

    Robert, That is why I mentioned (above) why not get a Wifi frame instead? While you would have to set it up for your relatives the first time, if you had it display a RSS feed from a service like Flickr, you can have it get certain albums which you could then easily add or SUBTRACT photos from.

  • Robert, if your faraway relatives can’t get wifi maybe you could still use this Cameo thing. You could resize the photos to where they take up less than 100K each, so you could probably get 640 photos before any had to be removed.

    Like Patrick said, a wifi frame would be better if that’s an option. I have things set up at home so our frame merges our photos with photos from my parents and my sisters’ family. (This is with OurDoings; I think it would be hard to accomplish the same thing on Flickr.) Media RSS opens up a lot of possibilities for sites that support it. See also FrameChannel.