Talking about G1, delays…


The elusive white G1, rumored to have been recalled due to paint chipping, is not expected for a launch at least until after the Thanksgiving holiday. I know this might not come as a shock to most considering the amount of chatter about the release date for the phone that spreads across numerous discussion forums. This is a little delayed I grant you that, this article was supposed to post a number of days ago but circumstances of course wouldn’t allow for that.

The bronze G1 has been temporarily removed from my-tmobile due to you know, a lot of people ordering it. Expect to see its return around November 24th!

The black G1 is currently on back order (online only!) and customers who placed their orders after November 5th (I know, I should have posted this sooner!) can expect to receive their equipment before November 24th. T-mobile stores and other retail chains should have in stock inventory of the Black model.

That is all.


  • mikenyce

    Which is better the g1 or the behold plz answer

  • T1 Connect

    i ordered the behold but i didn’t get it yet but the g1 is pretty smooth. i wish we had another windows mobile phone. 3g ready, i’ll return the behold and get that. i wanna see the wing 2 so bad.

  • Mike

    The wing 2 will be the HTC TyTn 2 with 3g

  • T1 Connect

    na i dont think so the kaiser is bulky heavy and its out of line with the rest of the products htc is making right now i see touchpro-like with keyboard.

  • Persia

    any one know if the White g1 is actually all WHITE, or just the top part?

  • Andréa

    I do want the white one… but I gots the black one….and it’s battery door is broken….

  • MikeB

    Can I please get a offical release date on the white g1! I got the bronze but I’m trading with my cuz when the white g1 come out. Can’t wait to b different! Then everyone been buyin bronze….. gotta get rid of the bronze!

  • Tom B

    Got a black G1 from the store a few days ago. I did not like the red printing on the keyboard on the bronze model and overall just like black better. My wife got the Behold at the same time. It all depends what you want it for. We only got T-zones for her and from what I’ve read the browser is not very good. The touchscreen keyboard on the Behold works extremely well though. The screen on the G1 is better. If you’re looking for full web/email/games, etc go with the G1, if you want a really nice phone and mostly care about messaging and a better camera go with the Behold.

  • B.

    Keep in mind that if you order the G1 as of today your order will be delayed until December 5th.

  • oh man i still want that white one. i love my black one tho. my coworker would trade me once he gets his. but i think i need to see it in person because i don’t know how i feel about it having gray.

  • Some Dude

    Every white one I’ve seen has a gray/silver back and keyboard

  • brian-y

    i wanted the white one from the start but they pulled the old switch “A” rew on us and put the bronze out instead . i might sell mine to a friend and or eBay and buy the white ? but then again Q2/09 they bringing out the G2/w GOOGLE so ill wait and have the G1&G2

  • cocopuff

    Go to the store and get your G1 if you can. My order was delayed but I walked down the street to T-Mobile and my local store was getting daily shipments of both colors.

  • robert

    I am SOOOO confused man. If you go to Android web site they are reporting a lot of problems with it. What’s true? Behold or G1? I am upgrading next month when my contract comes up. They say the G1 has been slow, freezing up and have to take th battery out and contantly remove your texts. You G1 users tell me please.

  • T1 Connect

    @robert thats a lie the g1 is not slow it doesn’t freeze and you dont have to reset your phone tho u should once a day for network reasons. dont take if from websites take it from real users. matter of fact goto the forums and post a new thread and ask if one’s not already there about that.

  • Pythagoras


    ? WING II
    ? DASH II

  • T1 Connect

    i gotta see specs on the wing 2 and dash 2 and i pleeeaaseee let them be better than the touch pro diamond and hd. i loved my herald and i will gladly get another one with no problems.

  • SweetsFest

    When you go to websites about phone issues, you will always see “a lot of problems”. Happens with any phone. I don’t know anyone that will go to a website about said issues just to post “Hey, this phone is working great!” Knowwhatimean? :D So 100 people complaining about a phone when 800 billion people have it, isn’t so bad. I know I have a G1 and I’m having a SMS issue, but other than that, the phone acts like it’s supposed to, and I heart it! Best phone EVAR! :D

    (My 2 cents)

  • encoreorv

    My only issue is the battery life. Can any of you tell me how to turn of the backlight. I spoke with a rep today 11/15 and she said its a known issue but she is not sure if they are working on a stronger bat..I have grown dependant on all my chargers and that’s not a safe felling. I have a chager for my home,my office and my car. Mam oh man that’s so much more I needed for my mda. She also stated that the reason the bat dies so quick is cuz its supporting the 3g. I wonder if att

  • styles3way

    I have the black G1 and Im haveing internet problems i all T-Mobile at lease 6 or 7 times about the issue and they keep telling me the same thing the G1 is a great phone and we dont know why your internet is not woriking but the G1 is a great phone WTF does that have to do with anything I got yhe phone for the 3G network and the phone is only reading off the the EDGE network WTF

  • blake

    Anyone know if the US is going to keep the same color scheme (white front, white back) as the UK one? I’m going to be so angry if they use the white front, gray back.

  • diirtyboii

    So say if I order the G1 today over the phone will I get it in 3 days or will I have 2 wait cause I’m still in my buyers remorse period and I don’t know if I should return my blackberry or keep it is the H1 gonna get video recording?


    the white g1 is already available, upgrade program through tmo for the normal price of 179.99, and which all colors are now available. white black and bronze!

  • Ben

    Just ordered via telephone with Tmobile and they offered me a white verison G1 I said yes. Lets see if Tmonews was right about the order being delivered before November 24th even if the Tmobile REP said to expect it before Dec 8th……

  • David

    @Ben, I’m sticking to by whats written in this article that the phone won’t be delivered until at some point after thanksgiving!

  • L

    @Ben: where did you see that??” Lets see if Tmonews was right about the order being delivered before November 24th even if the Tmobile REP said to expect it before Dec 8th……”

  • PhoneCrazed

    I ordered the white G1 on Nov 18 and I been tracking it, scheduled delivery is for Nov. 25.
    Track it through UPS and if you dont see it make sure that you call and complain about it, I had to call 2 days after my order since I was not getting any tracking info and the same day that I called a few hours later I had my tracking info and my phone on its way. The reason that they said by Dec. 8th is because they are having so many delays, if you dont call they will take their time. Theres no way that ground shipping should take so long. If you ordered yours before mine you should get it by the 24th if it was done correctly.
    Hope this helps and you get it sooner….