Talking about G1, delays…


The elusive white G1, rumored to have been recalled due to paint chipping, is not expected for a launch at least until after the Thanksgiving holiday. I know this might not come as a shock to most considering the amount of chatter about the release date for the phone that spreads across numerous discussion forums. This is a little delayed I grant you that, this article was supposed to post a number of days ago but circumstances of course wouldn’t allow for that.

The bronze G1 has been temporarily removed from my-tmobile due to you know, a lot of people ordering it. Expect to see its return around November 24th!

The black G1 is currently on back order (online only!) and customers who placed their orders after November 5th (I know, I should have posted this sooner!) can expect to receive their equipment before November 24th. T-mobile stores and other retail chains should have in stock inventory of the Black model.

That is all.