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Even More 1.5 Soon Among Us?

Way back in October when the Even More and Even More Plus plans saw their unveiling, quite a few readers wondered where the data only plans had gone?  It’s important to recognize that a small but important minority of users have no need for voice services and just require a data package.  Typically, the Sidekick was the phone of choice for these individuals who saw the Qwerty keyboard device as a one-stop shop for communication.  … [read full article]

Web2go Getting Slight Makeover!


Details on this upcoming change are still coming in, but our source has it that the web2go interface, specifically for Touchwiz devices is set to get a makeover. Therefore, Memoir and Behold owners should definitely keep reading. Our source pegs this as a change to the “homepage deck” and not to the browser itself, unfortunately. Having said that, the side note here is that Behold/Memoir owners who have yet to discover the html “hack” should check … [read full article]

T-mobile launches web2go, yahoo search, slew of services that brings peace and joy to the world!

We’ve pretty much already covered most of what todays official unveilings brought to the T-mobile customer base. Web2go, data pricing and the app store are all starting their rollouts with this week. Oh yeah, in case 4 or 5 people cared, the Cameo launched as well. Notable about the web2go that hasn’t really been covered on this blog is the yahoo based search bar that dominates the top … [read full article]