Even More 1.5 Soon Among Us?


Way back in October when the Even More and Even More Plus plans saw their unveiling, quite a few readers wondered where the data only plans had gone?  It’s important to recognize that a small but important minority of users have no need for voice services and just require a data package.  Typically, the Sidekick was the phone of choice for these individuals who saw the Qwerty keyboard device as a one-stop shop for communication.  With the Sidekick line (perhaps) ready to meet its disappointing (but on some level necessary) demise given recent troubles, a gap is missing in the T-Mobile lineup for this small yet important minority.  Enter Even More 1.5, launching “Mid-March”, which will introduce voice-barred data plans for  hearing-impaired individuals.  Pricing and exact details are sparse but our ninjas have said we should learn more less than two weeks from now.

Also launching with Even More 1.5 is pay per use web. That’s right, pay per use web! All for the low low price of $1.99 per mb.  If your browsing needs are low, this is the package for you allowing you to surf just when you need it without the “high cost” of a monthly package.  Flex-pay, smart access and pay as you go plans are not eligible.  Upon hitting $10 worth of charges, a free SMS recommending a data feature will be sent automatically to your device.  Keep in mind that at the end of every web2go session, this feature will round up to the next kb and, at the end of every month, the next mb.  There is a $50 cap on the pay per use web, ensuring this doesn’t surprise your grandmother who might end up with an $11,000 bill.

We’re still clarifying these details and the information is unconfirmed but we trust in our super ninjas to lead us down the right path.  Hopefully, more detail will come to light leading up to launch but we applaud T-Mobile for again considering the needs of an under-recognized minority of users who often require specific needs that aren’t usually met in the wireless world.

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  • Jason

    I don’t know why managing editor David is thinking people are asking where the data only plans have gone. When Even More was released, T-Mobile still offered data only plans for devices. On the T-Mobile website just go to Plans, Even More, Internet & Email plans and you’ll see them.

    As for this plan here, $1.99 per MB is kind of expensive—even dumbphones can burn through that fairly quickly. If T-mobile were nice, they could just cap the charges at $10 per month instead of sending out a text message asking if you want to add the dumbphone plan to your account.

    And I don’t see what hearing impaired has to do with it…

    • David, Managing Editor

      Jason, because right now this feature is only available to laptop, Blackberry, Sidekick and Windows Phone device users. Try selecting that rate plan with the Cliq or with a MyTouch. You can’t.

      It has to do with the hearing impaired because that was a HUGE selling point for the Sidekick and a big reason for its success.

      • john

        1st off…very politely pwned, thanks for saving me from having to light another 1 up. Secondly, imagine someone who is deaf, wants a phone, but no voice. You don’t want a kick…no adult should, a bb isn’t your thing, so you want a cliq…can’t get it, this is very welcomed news.

      • BronxBebe

        I’m hearing impaired plus vision impaired and I have the SKLX09 my 1st one got it cos thought it would be very useful in many ways for me. Nothing but problems with it especially since the outage in October. Hoping to get the BB 9700 soon to replace it nothing but issues and thank you MS/Danger for failing in that department.

        Bad thing is the SK being tossed away is a big mistake would be a huge loss to the deaf community and to say its not an adult toy who cares? Cell phones are made for what and your needs not meant to be the next big thing but it is what it is.

        If you haven’t read up on what only phones are truly useful for the deaf community you should. The SK & BB are the only 2 working cells that uses IP Relay for the deaf mute and also the newest BB 9700 has 2 codes for the hearing aid user like me. Read up on most of the cells and you will see they don’t have these features. The IPhone wants you to buy some of these apps – why?

        These cell companies forget there is disabled people who uses their cells who would like to see a little bit of improvement on them. Bring back more flips – why? Most of them were louder and easy to use on the aids compared to smartphones. Only thing is they need to put IP Relay on all of them including smartphones. Yes TTY is there but it’s not like the IP Relay. Put the M 1-4 & T 1-4 on all of them to help the deaf community along with the IP Relay which is also used in AIM. Now if the MY Touch & BB slide (rumors) get those software added then good.

        Now this new even more 1.5 will not help me cos I’m a loyalty customer not planning to switch over to even more for it. Plus they can have no voice plan just data and txt for a few bucks less.

        Hopefully they’ll be cells for everyone who is disabled to fit their needs the tech world just need to add these for me and for them. Like CC is such a hassle today knowing that the FCC has told the tech world must have CC but it still lags in that department.

        I’m suppose to do a article for phonedog.com on top 5 cells for the deaf community and so far there’s 2 the SK & BB. Then about other useful gadgets that can help to hear but not much to type with as a deaf mute.
        Just imagine something happen and you couldn’t speak and the IP Relay becomes useful to dial 911?

        MS in my opinion is making a big mistake for chucking the SK and Tmobile deaf community aside some just don’t like that touch screen. Manufactures must find a way to make it reliable and useful to the disabled.

  • Anonymous

    One thing to note, as well, is when you reach said $50 cap, you can still web browse, just not rack up any more charges. That’s cool.

    And “dumbphones” don’t use as much web as you would think. Since they connect to mobile versions of pages, they use a lot less bandwidth.

  • randomguy

    This is highly disappointing, seeing proprietary information posted like this.

  • Mockerfab4

    O-M-G! Seriously, a pay as you go dataplan!?!? I guess if you ask for it, it will come!!! This is perfect for my needs. I use data sparingly, just in the car or when I get lost, otherwise I have wireless at home and at work. This would be so awesome and save me some serious cash!!!!

    Do you know if the data plan excludes certain phones? I want the HD2 and planning to buy it off contract. In the past, they required you to purchase data with certain phones. I hope this is not the case.

    THANKS!!!!!!!! :)

    • Innuendo

      It’s only for feature phones, smartphones aren’t capable of using the pay as you go service

      • Chris

        are you sure about this? I am looking to get a smartphone (motorola cliq or mtc touch pro 2) and I would love to be able to just use the pay as you go service considering I don’t really need a data plan and don’t want to pay an extra 30 dollars a month.

    • TmoNinja

      Innuendo is correct, any smartphone will not be allowed to do this.

      • Mockerfab4

        Bummer!!! I was afraid of that. I really hope some provider could offer the pay as you go dataplan for smartphones. I barely use it nowadays with WiFi available free in a lot of places. For me I have it at work and at home. Already debating turning it off…


      • Chris

        y is that? they should be allowed to because sticking ppl with data plans even if they dont want it is a dumb concept

  • Bigg

    Low price of 1.99 per mb? How the F is that low price?

    • john

      compared to sprints .30 per kb, that’s astronomically cheap. at&t and vzw charge the same rate, so i would say it’s on par.

  • Robert B

    About time for me and my wife and all of our Deaf freinds. I am stuck paying $29.00 for voice that I never use at all. I have to have it in order to get my G1. All Android phones not allowed have data only. Just not fair at all for the Deaf people being forced to get a phone they dont want when we wanted the G1. About time T-Mobile.

  • BenWah

    I LOVE my “no contract” “even more plus” plan from tmobile.

    I would have left tmobile for sure if they didn’t offer it.

    • john

      Then you’d be paying more and on a contract with another telco. comments like this are pointless.

  • Hmmm, $1.99??

    I wonder how many megabytes of data an “eveyday” person uses.

  • FILA

    thats kinda expensive and pointless, whos going to want to pay per/MB, why not just come out with a flat rate for unlimited data on a device without talk.

    • john

      man, you must not have read the whole thing fila, you’re here more often than that, so i’ll give you a mulligan. the article is about the voice barred plans coming back, and that those who don’t want a data svc, they can paygo with a ftr phone…wait, that means the nuron too, lol.

  • steve

    I’m nonverbal, and I’m very please to see that there’s a data-only plan for the Android phones. Since both Sprint and Verizon offered data-only plans for their Android phones,

    I had been planning on waiting until my contract expires this June, but if T-mobile’s data-only plan is reasonable and fair, I’ll stick with them.

    Sprint charges $30 per month and you have to pay full price for the phone.

    Verizon charges $55 per month but you recieve the discounted price for the phone.

    I would be ok with the data-only plan being a little bit higher than sprint’s price, but no where near Verizon’s price since verizon has a lot better service.

  • Joe

    The data-only plan is now available.

    It’s 49.99 per month with the discount on the phone.

    Unlimited texting is included.