Dell Mini 10 Pricing


Update: Apparently there is a little confusion over the 3G connection and the Dell Mini 10. The webconnect services are built in, just the same as a Verizon or AT&T netbook comes with the service pre-configured. The same goes for T-Mobile here.

The netbook is, by all accounts, a road warrior’s dream.  Lightweight with a lengthy battery and mostly capable hardware, the netbook has the computer industry in a frenzy.  Thus far, T-Mobile has remained idle in the netbook game but given all the news leaking lately, it appears the cat is truly out of the bag.  So if you’ve been following the news, watching the leaks and preparing to purchase, than we’ve got what you want, the pricing, which is, of course, always subject to change!

The Dell Mini 10 netbook will sport the standard netbook specs:

Looking to purchase?

EM pricing:

$199.99, for use on a $59.99 5GB data plan or a plan $24.99 containing a paltry 200MB

EM+ pricing:

429.99, for use on a $49.99 5GB data plan or a plan $19.99 containing a paltry 200MB


  • As a Tmo rep, I’m mortified to sell this device to some of my customer base. Absolutely mortified.

    I have customers on a regular basis ask me what a website is…



  • FILA

    Sooo let me ask this. Whats the cap for smartphones data? They say there is no cap and its unlimited but there is a cap that they think we would never go over on a phone, BUT if we tether were bound to use more data, so if you tether, whats the cap of data that wed get busted for? Is it 5 gigs?

    • Matt Hatter

      There is no cap on internet usage for the phones, including tethering. However, there is a throttling point, which coincidentally is 5GB.

    • john

      The “limit” you speak of is that at 10 gigs they throttle your speeds back to edge.

    • Davidohio

      Brace yourselves because a friend of mine who is a regional manager for t-mobile siad that word is coming from the higher ups that t-mobile (and at&t via is going to crack down hard on people who are teathering on a smartphone plan due to major network congestion that is slowing down 3G speeds for t-mobile customers. Very soon accounts showing “excessive data usage” will be paying higher data rates than accounts using “acceptable/normal data usage” . The system will identify these accounts and a text message will be sent to the user advising them that there data usage is excessive and they will be charged and extra $10 or whatever they will charge for “hogging” data channels by teathering. has an article that at&t is doing the same thing. I’m sure verizon and sprint will follow suit. It sucks I know, but when a buch of people start teathering on a cheap data plan it slows down 3G for all other customers and that sucks for the customers so I can see their point. Personally I feel the excessive data charge is justified.

      • FILA

        So Im hearing 10 and 5 gigs, which is it

      • Keebler

        The throttle cap is 10GB. I work in tech

      • FILA

        well then, thats a huge chunk just for simple browsing and some minor mp3 downloads. not bad, hopefully they dont lock down tethering completely

  • Joe Pa

    So this is releasing the same day as the HTC HD2?

  • Mark

    Does this thing have an integrated radio or do you have to use the WebConnect Dongle?

    • Matt Hatter

      WebConnect data stick is internal. There is no external data stick needed.

    • Matt Hatter

      The web connect is integrated. no extra peripherals needed. Also it is WiFi capable so if you are in a HotSpot (which do still exist) you can switch to WiFi and not burn your GBs. You can set it to detect for WiFi before it searches the broadband thus stretching out your usage. You know, for times where you are hanging out in front of the Verizon store laughing at the people who think that the Droid is the first Android phone in the states.

  • devildothack

    Man, if they take away the 5GB. I’ll be more than happy to purchased this product and pay the monthly web access. Heck it almost comes out to my cable broadband at the house but with the freedom of mobility. I hope to see that day come soon with no cap on mobile web…

    • Davidohio

      Maybe they will remove the 5GB cap and raise the rate from $59.99 to $89.99 for truly unlimited data and use the revenue to increase network capacity and add more t1 lines and data sites.

  • larry

    Wow, 5gb cap. I guess netflix streaming is out of the question on this. Heck prolly even hulu too if you are a heavy user.

    • Mockerfab4

      Hulu sucks streaming on this device. It’s plays very slow and then if you watch more then 1 hour, it crawls. This issue only lies with Hulu. Netflix and pretty much every other site does well on it.

    • TheDude

      I suppose it depends on how much you stream. I’ve tethered using netflix and it seems to “cost” around 350mb for a 90 minute movie. So actually Netflix streaming is NOT out of the question depending on how much you watch.

      That and I thought netbooks were simply a supplement to a home computer that wouldn’t have the net restrictions and such. Are people actually using netbooks as full time machines? Ugh, that is way too tiny of a screen for people who use over 5gb of data.

      • Mockerfab4

        I recently bought one to just stream movies and TV, because I was tired of paying an arm and a leg for cable. The thing is super small and fits perfectly in my purse. The best thing about Dell’s Netbook is that it connects via HDMI onto my big screen, so the tiny screen size wasn’t an issue. But the only problem is it doesn’t have a powerful video processor, so it streamed slow on some sites. On Netflix it worked fine. On Hulu it was painful. And I was streaming through my wireless.

  • eYe

    Meh….You can pick up a netbook for less then that without a contract. I just saw a really nice Samsung netbook at local Sam’s club for just over $300.

  • rushmore

    No thanks. I bought an M11X and it rocks! :)

    Sure, it cost $900, but:

    1. Dual core 1.73ghz
    2. Nvidia 335m 1gb
    3. 500gb HD
    4. 4gb ddr3 memory
    5. Windows 7
    6. Switchable GPU to save battery
    7. 11.6″ LED 1366×768
    8. No contract :)

    Plays GTA 4, Crysis, Mass Effect 2, MW and Left for Dead super fine!

    • God

      you’re comparing apples to oranges.

      • Mockerfab4

        Thank you God! ;)

  • Simone

    Don’t know about you, but I was looking to get this device. I just can’t see paying 59.99 per month for net access

  • watbetch

    Horrific deal. Do they not realize that Verizon has basically the same prices?

  • Deekayy

    The specs of dell netbooks/laptops always amazes me of how great they are. Only thing that disappoints me that no matter what price you buy of a dell, the closing lid will slowly become loose… and wobbles. this prevents me from buying another dell ever again, not just once… 7 different dell users i know have this problem.

  • Kendrix_myrealname

    Meh…I’ll pass. Though this is good for new consumers who are past 50 and are execs who cant see into their precious iPhones at the airport or waiting on the next meeting to start, I don’t see the significance of me having it.

  • vikingfan45

    yea its pretty much pointless. Nobody is really going to t-mobile for netbooks and web services just that 49.99 unlimited plan. All the big execs and business users already have one with verizon or AT&T, because t-mobile dosen’t cater to those type of customers, they cater to the lower class which in theory makes sense but they have no use for a device like this probably will never know how to use one ever in their life lol.

  • lp894

    NOBODY will buy this if it’s 429 no contract. NOBODY!!! Not when they can go to walmart and get one for 250 and just use a $50 usb connect stick lol

  • Anthony

    Why all the moaning? I have WiFi Uverse at home, wouldn’t use the 3G here. On the road when you’re not near WiFi, then you can use 3G. What are you going to be doing downloading 10 torrets at once?

    I have a regular 15.6 HP I just bought and I wanted a netbook for longer trips like plan flights. Being 3G I’m not limited to certain connections. Most Hotels and Hostels have cheap WiFi at good connection speeds.

    When would you actually be using the 3G and run to the cap???