More Launch News For The Dell Mini 10, webConnect Rocket & Dark Project

2010-03-02 11.18.30 (1)

If you recall, our super ninjas have told us the Dell Mini 10, T-Mobile’s very first netbook,  would be launching March 24th.  As shown above, we continue to confirm the March 24th launch date (that is, if there aren’t any potential delays).  On the very same day the Dell Mini 10 releases, T-Mobile will also be launching  the webConnect Rocket, T-Mobile’s first USB modem that can take advantage of HSPA+ 21Mbps.  Do keep in mind that the Mini 10 and webConnect Rocket will launch in “Pilot markets only”.  Pilot markets for the Mini 10 include Dallas, Miami, LA, and Chicago.  Additionally, if you look at the internal image above, underneath the Dell Mini 10 launch date, you will see that Magenta is also planning a “Dark Handset Launch” on the 24th of March.  If we didn’t know better, we’d probably say this “Dark Handset Launch” is most likely the upcoming T-Mobile HTC HD2.  Stay tuned for more info!

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  • My trackball says that its gonna be Nexus One launch by tmobile!!

    • ninjavanish

      The hd2 is codenamed blackbird.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Cool. I wish it was codenamed F-22 though as that’s my favorite plane but the SR-71 Blackbird isn’t far behind.

        Anyway, I can wait until the 24th because I’ll be playing my demo of Monster Hunter Tri that releases at every Gamestop on the March, 8th until the HD2 comes out. Woohoo!!! :)

  • TmoNinja

    Nexus One launch? Ha ha.

  • whyhellomichael

    Nooope. Hd2

  • How amazing would it be if the “Product Dark Launch” was something that no one knew about? Maybe an Android device with a slide out keyboard, with a Snapdragon processor? Maybe the iPhone? But most probably, it’s the HD2, but hey, a guy can dream (and no, I’m not a huge iPhone fan)…

  • They may actually carry nexus one in stores lol

  • dqnny

    Can we still upgrade the dell mini 10 online?

  • willgetahd2

    24th here we come.

  • 3tech

    So excited for March 24th, it’s been a long wait! What I don’t understand is why T-mobile not advertising, promoting the HD2 and other new products. I mean if March 24th is the launch date of the HD2, don’t you think they might want to start the ball rolling? How many more myTouch3g/fender commercial can we seat through? I mean that’s been out for quite a while now! Anyhow, can’t wait!