Boise, Idaho Now Experiencing 3G Goodness!


Residents of Boise, Idaho are rejoicing!  Thanks to T-Mobile, they are now experiencing 3G goodness! As someone who has had 3G for a while, I sometimes forget that not all of the country has 3G.  Personally, I can’t wait for HSPA+ which T-Mobile is indeed promising.  Currently, HSPA+ is only available in certain markets now.  Get ready for 21Mbps!  Let’s hope it comes soon.

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  • efjay

    Now they can enjoy the HD2 to the full!!

  • sorandkairi

    Congrats Boise

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Great!!! The more Maggy 3G Coverage we get, the more places we can go with 3G goodness.

  • comatose

    FINALLY!!! I can now use the 3G part of my MT3G. Now just need the new Cliq XT to hit. come on 21Mbps.

  • Yes we have to keep expanding, i am glad that tmobile is still trying to expand its 3g coverage.

  • I have also been noticing that tmobile is expanding its coverage in the south too

    • Trill

      I’m close to Houston and I can confirm a lot of changes and once the market here goes 21mbps then wow and for those that don’t know that’s about a 2MB download speed if your getting the whole speed which won’t happen and will probably average out to 10mbps or 16mbps.

      • davidohio

        I don’t mean to sound ignorant but, is it 21 mega bits per second, or mega bites per second? Thanks.

      • Sanjay

        Network throughput is usually Mbps (mega bits per second). When it is MBps then it is mega bytes per second. Small b is bits, capital B is bytes. 8 bits make a byte.

  • Mockerfab4

    Congrat Boise!

  • davidohio

    Congrats Boise! Welcome to the wonderful world of 3G. Enjoy!

  • m

    3G came on last night at around 9:15… I thought it would be a long process like it was for SLC, but no… all of a sudden, *POOF* it was on. Though when I was driving home last night, I did notice one dead spot… right at the Flying Wye… :/

  • comatose

    the dead spot i heard was between canada and ten mile but it worked my whole drive in of the freeway this morning. wasn’t the strongest in that area but it was there. don’t think its working well in eagle, kuna, or west caldwell but its good where i am at

  • abe

    I just have one thing to say
    ok good job Tmo on the 3g. HOW ABOUT CELLULAR SIGNAL!!!!!

  • more 3g and more coverage tmobile!!

  • jm

    finally!! wahoo!!

  • 18.4009

    My phone has an H now instead of 3g in Boise.. Whats that about?
    On a Nexus One

  • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

    Holy Cow! I never thought I’d see the day! :-) Ever since I first heard of the fabled “Google Phone” I’ve been waiting for TMO 3G service to come here to Boise, and it finally has! Wooo Hoooo! :-) Now I can finally get a smart-phone! :-)

    Now, I just have to decide WHICH smart-phone to get! :-) Such a happy to choice to make now! :-) It’ll be an android phone, just not sure which one yet.

    I was sick today, and stayed home from work, so I’m just now seeing this news. Wow! :-)

    Now, the 7 largest US cities with no TMO 3G are:

    City ( Rank at )

    Anchorage, AK ( 67 )
    Lincoln, NE ( 72 )
    Mobile, AL ( 116 )
    Jackson, MS ( 132 )
    Tallahassee, FL ( 133 )
    Springfield, MO ( 148 )
    Sioux Falls, SD ( 150 )

    And, the 6 US cities that still need 3G, from TMO’s leaked 2009 3G roll-out list are:

    Evansville, IN
    Greenville, NC
    Springfield, OH
    Erie, PA
    Victoria, TX
    Waco, TX

    Everyone else that doesn’t have 3G yet, and everywhere else, don’t loose heart, I’m sure you’re time is coming soon too, for the 3G goodness!!! :-)

    • dirk411

      Is there an official list of upcoming cities to receive 3G coverage. I’m in Jackson, MS using a Nexus One with no 3G. :-((

    • I hope so….

      3g just seems so far off for me… ;-b

      Heck, We don’t have AT&T (sorry to use that name here ::shiver:: ) 3g yet.


  • Eric

    hmmm, I can still only connect with EDGE with my Samsung Behold…am I missing something? Phone Setting?

    • comatose

      the behold isn’t 3G capable, the behold II is. if you have the behold II then go into your settings and make sure the “use 2G only” isn’t checked.

      • Eric

        Sure it is, I have been on 3G in numerous other areas ie Seattle, Portland, etc and it has always automatically switched over to 3G, so weird why I havent seen it yet

    • Samsungiscrap

      I have the same phone it does that sometimes but it should connect to 3G automatically if your in area that is covered by 3G because the whole is not covered by 3G.

      • Eric

        Yeah I was able to get 3G at my house in Meridian, but my office on Parkcenter just east of downtown is a dead spot for me, which is not a huge deal.

        Very happy that 3G has arrived, now may it may be worthwhile to get a data plan

  • J9

    About freakin time! we’ve been waiting for so long!! From the map we were sent out to the call center here shows mostly Nampa, Meridian and Boise and some parts of Caldwell. Kuna will have to wait.

    • aryndar

      Kuna has 3G. Been on it since 1 March….

  • Theo

    Oh wow thanks!!!

    Now my droid isn’t even useless!

    3G is slower than Portland, but WAY faster than that outdated EDGE crap.

    Thanks again! i was |–| close to writing the FCC.

  • icehole

    3g is a hit & miss in Kuna.. I am south of town & I Get 3g signal & can normally make it between 1-3 pages before it drops from inside my house. Slightly better outside. But where I work in meridian its perfect (damn well better be I Can see the tmo call center & a cell tower from my desk).

  • Jose

    I live in Waco, TX and we had 3G for about 20 mins was pretty cool now turn it back on lol!

  • Michael

    Now if they’d just stop ignoring the rest of the state! Southern Idaho is a wasteland of miserable EDGE / GPRS reception. Would it be so impossibly hard to toss another tower up for the Twin Falls / Burley / etc area? I feel pathetic trying to pull up anything on my BlackBerry Bold 9700 via weak GPRS while friends sitting right next to me using other carriers have excellent 3G signal…