Cliq XT Back In The Proverbial Wild

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Attention Motoblur fans: More pictures of the Motorola Cliq XT (also known as the Motorola Zeppelin) continue to surface.  The photos above detail the Cliq XT in all its glory with Motoblur, LED flash camera, and a 3.1 inch screen. For those who don’t know, the Cliq XT will run Android 1.5 and be both WIFI and GPS equipped.  Unlike its brother, the Motorola Cliq, the Cliq XT will not feature a keyboard.  The handset will be touchscreen only and feature a new keypad called Swype.  The handset is rumored to be launching on March 10th.  Oh yeah, the face of the phone and the area outside the trackpad are also touch sensitive!  From the look of things, this looks to be a darn good handset with quite a few possibilities for developers.  So, T-Mobile fans, will you be getting this phone?  Let us know in the comments.

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  • Max

    ABSOLUTELY NOT!. I don’t know why they keep pushing those crippled first generation phones.I’ll be waiting on the MOTOROI.

    • Noel

      I feel your pain brotha!

    • randall

      unfortunatly, there hasnt been any new Motoroi info, im not holding my breath for a first 1/2 of 2010 release

      • phonegeek

        i hope we get it here in the states but why am i hearing it sucks tho…

  • Noel

    NOPE. T-Mobile, step up your game or i’m leaving for another carrier who’s obviously winning all the android glory. Until you get something similar or some what fair (or better) to the nexus one that can support family plan upgrade… my money is in the bag waiting for something BIG to happen.

    • Jonstonson

      you’re quite the bitch..

  • Noel

    Oh and uh.. i’m still waiting to hear the news on this Motoroi

  • Jonathan

    What he said. :)

  • dj lu

    who cares about a freaking cliq. release the HD2 already you bastards!!

    • SteveG1

      Hell yeah! Can’t wait until the end of the month!

  • NeedanewPhone

    I think I’m goin get this phone, I like it, I jus wanna kno what colors it coming in!!??

  • Dave

    I am totally UNimpressed with this device. I have never been a huge fan of the stock Android keyboard (though admittedly there are a few 3rd parties that are solid). But with MotoBlur and this smaller screen (which looks extra small now that I am used to the HD2) I just dont think this device is impressive.

    That being said – and playing devils advocate – if you use MotoBlur, if you like the software and you dont use a hardware keyboard then, sure, this phone could work for you.

  • Marland Pittman

    motoroi… now.

  • Carlos

    I will NOT be wasting my money on this crap!! HD2 is REALLY nice but I am not a Winmo fan although WP7S looks like it will be nice once released. I’m almost sure they won’t keep all the tiles blue and boring looking as it had in all the demo’s. Winmo might win me back if all goes good. My contract expires in October and I am not upgrading to anything. I still have my G1. I am waiting for something new and BAD @$$. T-Mobile is starting to get boring. They don’t have any kick ass phones that I like with the exception of the HD2 but having winmo 6.whatever does not interest me. I feel bad saying this but, I might be jumping ship soon!

  • shawn1224

    I understand the need to sell lower end smartphones but this is straight up robbery. Essentially this is the Cliq without a keyboard, no RAM upgrade, no memory upgrade or even an OS upgrade. At least AT&T is releasing the back flip with 1.6, you’re telling me that TMO couldn’t even get 1.6 for this sub standard device.

  • Tim

    It’s ugly, old tech, old OS and it’s BLURry. I’ll pass, thanks.

  • lev

    I read on a few sites it at least was getting Android 1.6, I do agree though, it is the cliq minus a keyboard, same as the mytouch 3g, a g1 with no keyboard, seems tmobile always shafts us, its kind of like being last to the party, we launch Cliq, Verizon launches the Droid, we launch the behold 2, sprint launches the Moment, we launch the cliq xt, AT&T launches the Backflip, and Verizon launches the Devour, my point is, whenever we launch something, another carrier always launches something better with better specs, I guess thats why tmobile is the # 4 carrier

  • davidohio

    Wow what hostile responses. The funniest is when the guy said Verizon got the Devour and it is better than the Cliq xt lmfao! The Devour is absolute creap, he ovbiously has not read the specs on that sidekick..I mean Devour. I thought this was a post on the Cliq xt but I see a buch of you whining about the Motoroi..what gives? Guess what?? When that comes out you will find fault with it too! The Cliq xt is not bad at all and it will have 2.xx soon after launch. Ugh…..whiners!

    • Mockerfab4

      LOL! LOL!

    • Max

      With all due respect,people have the right to express their opinions.Don’t get me started about the first amendment right.He is entitled to his own opinion and as a matter of fact he made some good points.

  • SactoKings

    Looks so lame.

  • Defiantbeast

    Ive had a mytouch which i sold to buy the behold2, which is now in my wifes hands, so i could play with the nexus one. I wouldnt mind getting this phone for my kids or even as a backup for myself for several reasons #1 1.5 will soon be upgraded its already been confirmed several times #2 this phones camera has a flash which was one of my main reasons for wanting a behold2 over the mytouch. #3 the touch sensitive/gesture area under the screen leaves open alot of possibilities for developers, look at what palm has been able to do, and android has a bigger community of developers than palm. #4 I understand that its just a keyboard-less cliq but for the same reason i liked the mytouch over the g1 i like my phone thin and pocketable. I am all to aware that of everyones gripe that tmobile never gets anything high end but every phone cant be a nexus one, and theirs still a good possibility that the desire ends up on our doorstep along with motori and the dell android phone

  • david

    U guys do know that is a picture of a dummy phone…we got one in our stores too a couple days ago

  • lev

    The point I was trying to convey, is t-mobile is usually behind when it comes to releasing high end phones, and btw, the Devour has Android 1.6 AH, so then in term makes it a better device then the Cliq, plus it has a more solid build, and I would take that over the Cliq any day, and I have the cliq, so many bugs, if the Devour can get 1.6 out of the box, and runs the same motoblur, why couldn’t they at least update the Cliq to 1.6, no excuse. The Nexus One is the only high end phone they have released, and you have to buy that through Google, which brings me to another point, Verizon will be releasing the same phone in April, yet they will sell it through Verizon, yet Tmobile does not get the same treatment.

  • deeone

    this phone also has pinch to zoom in the browser for those of you who don’t know, yes i said it, check out few videos on youtube.

  • enveed05

    T-Mobile ought to be ashamed of themselves releasing this phone. It’s aesthetically unpleasing, with an outdated OS, small screen and slow CPU. I wasn’t a big fan of the Cliq in the first place… this thing is a completed loser. I smell another Samsung Behold II. T-Mobile needs to get real. If they want to play with the big boys, they better come up with some top line hardware to back it up.

  • WazzuKirk

    It’s still ugly…doesn’t matter what pic is shown….BLECH!

  • Ms. Matrix

    Well I’m looking forward to it, it may not be the hottest phone Tmo has to offer, but ANYTHING that can save me from Windows 6.5 hell(I have the Dash 3G) I welcome with open arms.

    Of course I would love to have the Motoroi, but I don’t know when that’s coming out, plus I read an article saying the Koreans are not happy with the phone. It’s not living up to the hype, so they are returning it and getting the iphone instead.

  • NK

    Whenever T-Mobile releases a phone (or any carrier for that matter),everyone bitches about how the phone doesn’t have this or that. Obviously if you don’t like this phone, you aren’t the targeted audience that this phone is intended for.

  • I agree wit u NK. If u obviously dont like the phone,then y the hell are you even on the page writing bad comments bout it. I understand dat u gotta express ur feelings bout sum but if u hating on the fone or say you dont lyk it, then more than likely, you should just get of this page…

  • jd

    Well I am am waiting for the phone to come in the mail I have the cliq I don’t like itbecause of the key bord then I want to try out this swype program they have. like the other persone said everyone has there own opinion about the phone don’t knock it befor you try it. I will tell you all about the phone in a couple of days.