Cliq XT Back In The Proverbial Wild

2010-03-01 12.142010-03-01 12_opt (1)

Attention Motoblur fans: More pictures of the Motorola Cliq XT (also known as the Motorola Zeppelin) continue to surface.  The photos above detail the Cliq XT in all its glory with Motoblur, LED flash camera, and a 3.1 inch screen. For those who don’t know, the Cliq XT will run Android 1.5 and be both WIFI and GPS equipped.  Unlike its brother, the Motorola Cliq, the Cliq XT will not feature a keyboard.  The handset will be touchscreen only and feature a new keypad called Swype.  The handset is rumored to be launching on March 10th.  Oh yeah, the face of the phone and the area outside the trackpad are also touch sensitive!  From the look of things, this looks to be a darn good handset with quite a few possibilities for developers.  So, T-Mobile fans, will you be getting this phone?  Let us know in the comments.

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