HTC HD2, Nuron And Cliq XT Pricing Cometh


I’m going to let the numbers do most of the talking here so this will be short and sweet.  When T-Mobile originally launched the TouchPro2, it was understandably met by a large number of detractors who were taken back by the $349.99 price.  T-Mobile seemingly took that lesson to heart and this time is introducing their next Windows Phone powerhouse with a much more agreeable price, $199.99 after rebate.  At the moment, we can’t verify what the exact dollar amount of the rebate is, but I think it’s a safe bet to assume it’s either in the $50 or $100 increment, though we’re hoping for the former.  No contract?  No problem.  That’ll be $449.99.  NO REBATE REQUIRED WITH DATA PLAN!

How about the CLIQ XT?  The second phone in the CLIQ lineup is beginning to show itself from behind the curtain and if MotoBlur is your thing sans keyboard, this will set you back $129.99 after rebate.  No contract?  No problem.  That’ll be $329.99.  NO REBATE REQUIRED WITH DATA PLAN!

Not to be left out in the cold is the Nokia Nuron which was cut off from the image here.  Our source was kind enough to drop us a line and let us know that it’ll be coming in $69.99 after rebate.  No contract?  No problem.  That’ll be $179.99. All in all, not a bad deal!

Obviously this information is subject to change  as we come into March and the kickoff of all these phones.  Any changes and we’ll keep you updated!

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  • Kroam

    Holy !@#$! I’ll be first in line!

    • Nobody Cares

      You gotta beat me first.


        I will be camping out in front of the store, good luck beating me!

  • Inuyasha

    $200 for the HD2!?!?! SOLD!

  • Mockerfab4

    Thanks for scooping us on this announcement on Twitter. Been refreshing like a mad woman waiting for this post! ;)

    $449 for HTC HD2!!! Great news!!!!

    • epic

      exactly I’m on the even plus plan and had been bracing for a 600 (especially since they go for like 700 on ebay) but this is even better

  • gargoyle999

    I’m buying one and maybe one for the wife too!

  • Richard

    Maybe they are selling it for only $200 because it will be outdated soon since it isn’t getting 7

  • Richard

    Maybe they are selling it for only $200 because it will be outdated soon since it isn’t getting 7

  • Richard

    $200 on contract for the HD2 is a nice price especially since it will be outdated soon because of not getting 7

    • Twitch110

      Soooooo freakin happy. I just wonder what kind of break i’ll get for only being into contract 8 months. $450 is still steep for me. Starving college student here guys. I’m sure i’ll be able to figure something out. Alms for the poooooor? :)

      • Mockerfab4

        I’d call Tmo. I’m not sure if they still do it, but in the past they offered partial upgrade pricing. I used to get a new phone every 9 months, but it’s been a few years since I did this.

      • Kevin

        With the new early upgrade system, you will get basically full upgrade price at 12 months. So just wait a few months and you will be paying $200 tops according to this pricing

      • Twitch110

        Wait a few months??? Dude, i can’t even wait till tomorrow morning. I have a couple hundred saved. I’m sure i could find some sucker to buy my mytouch for $200 out there. Maybe i’ll paint it poop color and say it’s fender edition :)

    • laphoneuser

      Why don’t you repeat the same thing a fourth time?

    • itsmichaelnotmike

      Richard… with all due respect your statement is unfounded and makes no sense.

      Remember that MS is adopting a dual platform strategy. That means it will have two operating systems, one for business (WinMo 6.x.x) and one for consumers (WP7).

      WP7 will compete with the iPhone, WinMo 6.x.x will not.

      IMHO the HD2 will be considered a top of the line 6.5 phone, not a WP7 superphone.

      It looks like TMo is pricing the HD2 as a 6.5 phone, and not a hot superphone. By the time the superphones debut the HD2 will have been out for a year. While that is really old in tech years it will still be considered a great 6.5 phone and fully supported by MS.

  • I keep going back and forth on the HD2..I want it so bad, but I really enjoy Android more and the fact with the whole upgrade eligibility issue?? What to do??

    • pecoy

      with the hardware of the hd2. im pretty sure xda will have android ported to the hd2 in no time. the nexus one’s and the desire’s builds will work good with the hd2’s hardware.

      • Kevin

        I agree about xda, but the supersonic is what will really bring movement in android on the hd2.

        @Dave – Android is nice, dont get me wrong, but windows is much more developed. Yes, its style may be older, but the sense ui does an amazing job of making it everyday usable. Android has a great market place and full integration with everything google is amazing, but the best part of android is the mass of widgets. Sense ui is the closest thing to widgets. A dual boot would make this the best phone hands down

  • branon

    $449 for the HTC HD2 seems very reasonable. I wonder if that is to compete with Nexus One sales. Even with sales tax it would be cheaper than the nexus one.

  • deemota

    $200 for HD2? I have died and gone to heaven!!!!!!!

    • Nobody Cares

      Amen to that

  • epic

    words can’t describe how happy I am I will be first in line for a 449 cheaper than what I was excepting awesome totally awesome!!!!

  • epic

    words can’t describe how happy I am I will be first in line for a 449 cheaper than what I was excepting awesome totally awesome!!!!

  • edd

    ooo exciting!
    HTC HD2 – 450
    Nexus One – 530

    But then I wanted android. This ones going to be tough.

    • Nova504

      Yeah same here, I love android, but the price difference, and the 4.3 inch screen is really tempting.

  • Kal

    Hell for $200 it is well worth it, by the time another upgrade time comes around WP7 will have been out long enough to work the kinks out…

  • HR

    Let’s not watermark the money shot here guys…

  • Richard

    apparently when commenting while the site goes down it double posts

  • Derrick

    This phone is mine. I can careless about a wm7 upgrade, sense on wm6.5 is still an outstanding ui imho.

  • paladin238

    Kudos T-Mobile kudos… I will be there day one for my HD 2.

  • wgg

    how about pricing for upgraders ?

  • CO_Yeti

    Glad to see Tmo is finally seeing that device price drives sales. Lose money on the handsets and gain customers. (VZN and At&t have been doing this for years).

  • Lance

    Now its all up to which I finally choose: HD2 and WM6.5 experience, or wait for a similar android phone. Thank you for giving us a very good competitive price!

  • Cybersedan

    T-Mo came definitely came through for the winmo fans. Go Magenta!!!

  • watbetch

    $199 is an amazing price. At least T-Mobile is getting it… I’m sure Win Mo lovers will be snatching them up at either price.

    • watbetch

      Amazing compared to retail and what others paid to get one stateside.

  • ahh

    Man this is great htc hd2 in my pocket for sure Could it be that tmobile is setting the price so low because they might be expecting another phone like the iphone I hope so it would be awesome especially since I’m thinking of buying the hd2 in retail price and wait to see if the iphone comes out to use my upgrade

  • Nobody Cares

    Now who is crying about the HTC HD2? With that pricing….you can’t bitch too much. I’m sold on this bad boy 100% now!!!!

  • manus


  • Guerrilla

    the funny thing is a month sgo i replied to something about the HD2 and said i spoke to a I-mo rep snd he told me the unsubsidized price was gonna be $450, and everyone called me crazy and said the rep i spoke with had no idea what he was talkin about….guess my source was right. the low pricing of this phone might make me buy it…i was on the fence because of the lack of wp7.

    • Nobody Cares

      I remember that….good call brother.

      • Eric

        I remember that as well. :) I was secretly hoping that you were right this whole time.

        Good thing you were!

  • pcchip53

    OK so what’s the rebate price?

    & oh yea I’m sleepingin the parking lot that’s for sure!

  • arizdegenerate

    I’m em+ but if it’s 449 I may just have to get the hd2. I’m so done with moto and the cliq. Try winmo again. I loved my dash but wanted to try android. That 4.3 inch screen and the blockbuster app look nice

  • Mockerfab4

    LOL! Noticed almost every post is about the HD2. No love for the Nuron or that other Motorola Android phone? ;)

  • Bobomo

    And even though full retail on HD2 and TP2 are the same, TP2 is still going for $70 more.

    I was ready to pass on this, but that price is worth taking a second look. I’d prefer an Android device for my next phone, but if T-Mo isn’t going to help loyal family plan members get the N1 (or pick up a similar device), I’ll reconsider.

    • Oce

      Just call Tmo, they will help u get N1 at sud’d pricing. I called and they are going to split my fam plan so I can use my upgrade to purchase N1. Soon as I get it they’re switching me back to my grandfathered fam plan. Tmo rocks!

      • Bobomo

        Thanks for the tip, I might just give that a try. The thing is, my grandfathered family plan is a freaking STEAL, and I don’t want to do anything to risk losing it.

        Did you get it for $179 or $279?

  • Jose

    The upgrade news this morning really sucked, but at this price, it’s not really that big an issue. I could sell my G1 and iPod Touch and come out practically even now.

    Come on, 24th, hurry it up!

    By the way: if the pricing is decided, does that mean that the earlier rumors of an early release might actually be true?

  • Infamous Rell

    Consider me sold. I already decided to get the HD2 but if this price point holds to be true, it’s just reinforcement. And the I’ll be fine if it doesn’t get the W7PS upgrade. Microsoft took the minimalist approach a little too far as far as the UI goes IMO.

  • wam

    I am liking the Nokia and the Moto! That HD2 looks sweet also. I guess its time to re-mortgage the house so i can buy me a few phones. :-)

  • B

    Most definitely did NOT expect the HD2 to be that “cheap.” That is a great price for such a beast. I was already surprised by the low price of the Nexus One on contract, but I thought the HD2 would be in the Touch Pro 2 price range. Now all they need is a big ad campaign.

    • Twitch110

      This is the thing that is making me the most nervous. FINALLY they have a sick nasty phone, and i’m terrified they’ll blow it with advertising. The droid was so overhyped in my opinion. And look how well that did. If they execute this well, this could be a huge game changer. Most people don’t know that it’s not wp7 eligible. IF that holds true. I just want Tmo to catch a break! But they need to make it happen!

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Your name is Twitch.

        You are nervous. (So tell me, do you have “nervous twitch?”)

        You are terrified.

        In your other post you said you are starving.

        My advice to you is to log off and forget about the HD2. Put the money into therapy.

        No need to be nervous, terrified and starving over a cell phone.

        Besides, you don’t want a phone that is “sick and nasty.” You might catch something from it. Then you will miss classes, your GPA will suffer and you might flunk out of college.

        Not worth it “dude.” Log off now.

      • sorandkairi

        Lol, ive been trying to tell him!

      • Twitch110

        Wow, your attempts at being funny are incredibly painful. Everything you just said was completely unnecessary and off topic. Seriously? I thought you were more mature than that. Guess i was wrong. Sorandkairi, don’t get my started. U R teh coolest Soran!!!

      • sorandkairi

        Its about time Twigy, Tiggy, Twitchy,…whatever, that you FINALLY realized that I am teh CoOlEsT! That said, you are kinda acting a “little” too overzealous about this phone, sort of like how a crackhead would act after not having his/her “fix” in about 2 hours!

        So please, please save that little piece of money that is burning even bigger holes in your fadded glory jeans and buy the phone when it is released this month. If your pockets arent big enough then you can feel free to ask me for help. But it depends on your report card from school, so you better do well, ok kid!

  • DLCortina

    …I believe I have died and just gone to heaven. I mean, how many of us expected this

    beauty to be over $350? I know I did. But I can now rest easy and know, that whenever

    the release date is, I will be there in line waiting with the rest of you.

  • Ernest

    YES! HD2 $200!!! SOLD!

  • bigc17

    The hd2 is looking pretty nice right now,even though I did want to stick with androidbut ig they add one more thing good to this phone/mini tablet, this is going to for sure be my next phone.WOW, just look at the price, cheaper than the nexus one and the same price as the droid. It’s about time T-Mobile got a actual powerhouse and flagship phone to go with its growing 3G network. Who cares that the hd2 might not get the windows phone 7 upgrade because in my opinuon, 6.5 with sense looks better than windows phone 7 and has multitasking, which I heard that 7 doesn’t have which is dumb. With a $200 price tag and a 16GB micro sd card included w/ two movies, T-Mobile has one customer to get this baby, me.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    THANK YOU TMONEWS!!!! I know you were sick of me nagging about the pricing and now you don’t have to worry about that anymore. $449 is a great price for this unlocked. $200 is unreal but bring it on. I’ll be first in line for this baby where I live. Depending on how much I have at the time, I may end up buying it Subsidized because I’m saving up for a water bill, a college course and this phone. Hopefully, I’ll be able to buy it unlocked though. Here’s to saving up money. GO TMOBILE!!!! HD2 and SPB Carousel Mobile Shell 3.5 will be mine!!! WOOHOOO!!!!! :)

  • Beetle

    The HD2 may have been OK 6 months ago, but now I have second thoughts, due to the declining nature of Windows Mobile in the wait for WP7S handsets to become available. I feel it may be better to wait for WP7S.

    Recently we’ve had the news of Skype withdrawing, Adobe ceasing development of Flash, and others. Today there was the news that there’ll be no official upgrades to WP7S for the HTC HD2. The outlook for the HD2 isn’t as pretty as it once was.

  • tmoreppart 2

    hey guys just wanted to let you all know from a great source and a long talk with a employee that official release date is supposed to be 17th of this month and I’m totally believing it so I guess we wil have to see.

  • tato22

    nice cant wait for ittttttttttttt now we need a date

  • Stallion

    I wish Amazon will start selling this around the same time TMo make it public so I can save on the CA sales tax… But $449 for HD2 is an awesome move from Tmo, if that price holds till release ! Or may be Tmo is testing the customers and feeling the mkt with TmoNews…

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Not to toot my own horn, but I will, here is my previous post from before. Look at the last sentence. LOL:

    “You can look at my other posts on here for a detailed guess on why I guess the HD2 will be $550 at most.

    1. The T-Mobile Touch Pro2 was priced at $550 when it debuted. At the same time the European version was selling for $650 to $750.

    The HD2 European version sells for about the same as the TP2 did back in July 2009. So hopefully the price spread on the HD2 will be the same as it was for the TP2.

    2. HTC charges Google appx. $184 for each Nexus One. The Nexus One has about the same specs as the HD2, slightly better on the HD2, of course. So assuming a $250 cost to T-Mobile for the HD2, there’s more than enough room for profit if T-Mo sells the retail HD2 for $550.

    3. On a long shot I am hoping T-Mo prices the HD2 as the phone it is, which is a touch screen only phone with a large display. In other words, while it’s a great phone, technologically it is not all that revolutionary.

    In that case I am hoping we see the phone unsubsidized at $450.”

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Ok, one more toot of the trumpet, here is what I posted on January 7. While some of you feel my posts are too long, I simply discuss and back up what I am saying. In regards to the last sentence, sales of the Nexus One have been poor. Draw your own conclusions why the prices are what they are:

    “Anyone want to speculate on why the delay on the HD2 debut for the U.S., especially since it is already out in Europe?

    Price: Keyboard devices cost more than touchscreen only devices to make. The T-Mobile Touch Pro2 which has a keyboard was $550, $350 subsidized. The HD2 will be $450-$500 without subsidy; $299 subsidized.

    But T-Mo will see how the Nexus 1 does on sales at $530 unsubsidized. If sales are slow then T-Mo will adjust downward the prices for the HD2.”

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    OK, now that pricing is out of the way, what’s next? I know, everyone start wishing there was pre-order and if not, start complaining about it.

    This is all so predictable, isn’t it.

    Sidenote: at $450 I can justify handing the HD2 over to my girlfriend and getting one of them new superphones that everyone will be talking about the day after the HD2 goes public.

    You won’t see me doing that, albeit if I don’t give the HD2 to my girlfriend I’ll start working on my eBay ad to sell the HD2 in November.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Anyone want to speculate if we have any advantage over others if we gave our e-mail address on that T-Mobile HD2 page?

    Also, can people post if T-Mo does in fact send them something and tell us what they sent.

    Maybe it will be a pre-order opportunity?

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Here is the T-Mo page in case you lost the link or did not sign up:

  • tsang

    On a subway ride back home yesterday, I saw a lady holding the T-Mobile bag with HD2 and Transformers theme and the HD2 retail box from T-Mobile also. Soon enough she pulled out the HD2 and keep playing with it on the whole subway ride until she got off at 79th St on the D train. Really amazed me when I saw it. The price is great too!


    T-mobile might wanna lower the touch pro2 prices soon. Maybe to the same price as this beast


    looks like I won’t have to sell my n1 after all. But I will sell the hd2 when a 4.3 screen size wm7 drops.

  • Dave

    Color me very impressed.

    199+tax is extremely fair and right in the wheel house for smart phones these days (look at the Iphone and Droid as examples).

    This softens the blow of no WinPho7 upgrade big time – for me.

    I suppose my only remaining questions are:

    #1 – What is the official release date? I am assuming its the 24th, but I am hearing a few different things.

    #2 – What “rebate” will T-Mo be attaching to this? Will it be a $100 mail-in or $50 mail-in? I hate these things, but you can bet your butt I will be doing it to get my cash back.

    Overall though, I am quite happy.

  • xtiab63



    wait if we get it at $449 were not forced into data plan right becuase thats the reason im getting it at $449 i do not need to pay $30($720 in 2 years) for the immediate 2 years

    • davidohio

      No rebate required with data plan means just what it says. If you get a data plan with the HD2 then you get the price after rebats, $199.99. If you do not get a data plan then you pay $449.99. Still confused?

      • JB6464

        How does this work for a Grandfathered Unlimited Loyalty Plan customer already on a data plan by volunteer choice ?
        Can i extend my Grandfathered Unlimited Loyalty Plan contract for $199.99 ?

      • Lebron1189

        Your wrong. If you get the Dataplan you Do not have to pay the rebate at all

      • davidohio

        @Lebron1189 you don’t pay a rebate…a rebate pays you. Again, you get the instant rebate upfront if you buy the device with a data plan.

    • Matlock

      Why have this phone or any smartphone than? The point of a smartphone is to be able to access everything on the go! I cant stand people like this who have a smartphone and dont have the web on it. If you dont want to pay for the web than dont get a smartphone!

      • JB6464

        BS! Alot of people don’t need the Data all the time. Wifi is just about everywhere and ssome cities in th US it’s free wifi for everyone.

      • TheDude

        Actually, a smartphone does NOT equate to OMGINTERNET!!!1!!!11DATAPLAN. Here are some definitions for you to wrap your head around:

        -A smartphone is a mobile phone offering advanced capabilities, often with PC-like functionality

        -Electronic handheld device that integrates the functionality of a mobile phone, personal digital assistant (PDA) or other information appliance.

        Not only does wifi exist for those who constantly use their smartphone around those areas, some people actually use their phone to store information which is better organized on a PDA-like device. It’s called PIM – Personal Information Management. Feature phones just don’t have the capabilities of smartphones. And to reiterate: Some people don’t need internet on their phone 24/7 to operate it! sheesh

      • davidohio

        You don’t have to get a data plan, you just won’t get the sub pricing and will pay way more for the device.

    • SactoKings

      Why would you get this phone with No data plan?

      • Mockerfab4

        Personally, I’m debating no data plan…the reason is every where i go (with the exception of my car) has free wireless…At work and at home, so I end using data sparingly….Wish they had a pay as you go data plan!

      • epic

        me as well plus it’s more than a home internet connection if you have wireless everywhere else and just check updates periodically why not pocket that 720 over two yrs? I can wait till later for the heavy internet use

  • Dave

    Another poster made an excellent point…what type of ad campaign are we going to see for this device?

    I am not sure if the HD2 is truly going to be T-Mo’s “flagship phone” or not, but the fact that we are only 22 days away from what I am expecting to be the release date (March 24) or potentially even less (if rumors of a March 17 release date are true) has me a little worried. Where are the ads? Where is the buzz?

    Tech geeks (raises own hand) know this phone is coming and that it is a monster – but I bet if I were to poll a hundred friends who have t-mobile that close to NONE would know anything about the HD2.

    I wouldnt mind seeing an add calling great attention to the massive screen, mobiTV, blockbuster movies and then even showcasing swype and then rounding out with a sexy shot of the SenseUI weather app.

    There is some massive potential here, but I feel like T-Mo may be missing the boat here – but who knows maybe it is by design?

    • SactoKings

      Start the ad campaigns after i get one in my hand….lol.

  • TmoNinja

    When we were on a company call the other day, one of our sales reps asked whether T-Mobile was going to advertise this aggressively. We were met with the response that “T-Mobile pushes the value of it’s plans, we don’t see a campaign for the HD2.” We shall see though.

    • Dave

      Yet they pushed the MyTouch3G pretty aggressively – at least in my opinion.

      I THINK that Moto helped push the Cliq themselves, but I could be mistaken.

      At this point, and in most of the country – the service will be very similar across the 4 major carriers (VZW, ATT, T-Mo and Sprint) what will separate each company – even more then the price points on plans (which admittedly are darn close) will be the hardware.

      How many people pick AT&T for their plans? I can name a total of zero – my friends go there because that is where the Iphone is – the same could be said for other big time phones the Droid with VZW, a few years ago it was the sidekick with T-Mo.

      Hardware will sell even more expensive plans (See: Iphone).

      • Twitch110


    • Twitch110

      That just makes no sense to me! Screw plans! If people cared solely on plans, they would ALL be at tmobile. But no, everyone has the $150 a month iphone because it’s an amazing phone. People will sacrifice some money to have a sweet phone. I just don’t see their logic in not pushing this phone. This is the only phone out there that based off the “beauty factor” could give the iphone a run for it’s money. The droid is absolutely hideous in comparison, and look how many people bought that thing. Even WITH verizons insanely high pricing plans. I think tmo is making a big mistake. People want cool phones damnit! :)

      • Marcelo L

        TMo has never “gotten” that. Since the days of the original Windows PocketPC 2002 Smartphone ( which I still have in my possession ), it never quite occurred to them that the actual phone mattered much in the equation.

        Sure, we’re all watching out pennies in this economy, but frankly, if I don’t have a phone that’s useful for what I need to do, it’s wasting my time ; which as we all know = $$$.

        My suspicions about the pricing of the $199 HD2 is specifically because it won’t have an upgrade path to Win7Phone. That aside, did NO ONE notice the continued ridiculous price level for the TouchPro2 @ $269 ??

        C’mon TMo…..come iPhone 4, it may not matter much your great plans. At that point, my 11 year relationship with you, may need to do more than seek a phone plan therapist.

  • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

    “T-Mobile seemingly took that lesson to heart and this time is introducing their next Windows Phone powerhouse with a much more agreeable price, $199.99 after rebate”

    What optimism! I wish I was that optimistic… I think the $200 price point is simply because WinPho7 is coming in 6 months and T-mo knows it.

    Too bad. Still not going to buy it.

    • nobody cares

      Nobody cares

  • hislove1826

    finally a price for the hd2. I am sooooo happy. I have already started my countdown…. 22 more days.

    • Cmfusco

      Might be sooner if my Walmart rep was right maby might come out same time as moto

      • TehAndroid

        Walmart reps are the last people I would listen to about anything.

  • doug

    I was wondering what would happen with the HD2, and for $199 I will probably pick one up, since I have been out of contract for a long time, and was not able to use my “renew credit” on my N1, I had to pay full price. I am not really into WM 6.5, but I will buy one for 3 reasons:

    1)This is an insane piece of hardware, even compared to the N1 because of that screen.
    2)The XDA community is very strong, and we will likely see a W7 rom for it at some point. I know people are worried about the leaks, but HTC will leak a rom at some point, it is what they do. They will not make it an official upgrade because they can’t, but they have always fed the geeks IMO. For instance, the Alpha leak of the Sense UI ROM that runs on the passion was most likely leaked on purpose to get feedback. Leak it, and watch all these developers spend thousands of hours unpaid to work on an alpha rom, and get the bugs out.
    3)I am guessing at some point someone will get Android on this thing, which I am very excited about

    Either way, when you paid nearly $600 for the N1 like I did, $199 is a steal since I am not leaving tmobile anyway.

  • shawn1224

    Why is the Touch Pro 2 more than the HD2?

    • Mockerfab4

      The HD2 has a rebate. The $199 is the price after rebate. I’m assuming before rebate, the prices would be the same as the TP2

    • andrew

      maybe tmobile buys the hd2 at wholesales price and that.

  • Marc

    Not a bad price, expensive but not a bad price.

  • newcleus

    I was on the fence because of the upgrade, but with this price I will definitely be getting one.

  • esco

    i know I didnt pay that much for my G1. I paid 300 flat for mine, and that was when it first came out. Not saying the pricing isn’t legit, but I do have my eyebrow raised. right now. Something just seems off.

  • sorandkairi


    I wonder what they could be pissed about, multitouch maybe? IDK….

    And oh, on the pricing tip, hate to say it but i told yall so…. my source from about a month ago gave me these prices 249.00 and 549.00 or 199.00 and 449.00 back when tmonews had posted something about internal training for T-mobile’s workers.

    • Mockerfab4

      I just read that too…probably multi-touch, the cover flow could be another one. The appeal of the HD2 and the HTC Sense is the fact that it mimics some of the great features of my iPhone. It will be interesting to see how this pans out…

      • sorandkairi

        I agree but really does Apple really have to continue on this crazy trend of lawsuits that really never go….anywhere! Sense UI does “mimic” the interface of the Iphone somewhat but not enough to file a patent lawsuit over. I’m waiting on the filings to see just what they are suing HTC over. Whatever it is I’ve got a feelin that it is going to make me laugh.

      • Mockerfab4

        I’m with you. If Apple hates competition, they should just let the iPhone off their ATT leash and let the masses have it. A kick to the teeth to their competitors isn’t some frivalous lawsuit, but letting the iPhone run wild on all carriers. If they announced today that the iPhone would be on every network in the US, that would send a bigger message to Google, WM, etc. I’d be in line and hold off on the HD2 if they did (sad to say, but I love my iPhone). AH wells…Apple loves lawsuits, so let the suits battle it out…for now just give me my HD2.

      • sorandkairi

        mockerfab64, go to engadget’s page again they have the patent filings up and APPLE IS ATTACKING ANDROID! lol

      • Mockerfab4

        Attack away!!! Anything to get that pos off the market is fine with me. ;)

  • Srinivas

    @ 199, don’t care if not getting WM7. I am getting this one

    • Me too, I can’t wait!! This is great pricing. But, i’ll have to wait until August to get full upgrade. But, that’s fine with me.

  • Phalosopher

    Regardless of the windows 7 upgrade or not.. lol this phone will be owned by me!

  • Phalosopher

    Oh and to everyone thats cryin about not getting it bc its NOT android or currently windows 7 ready.. that just leaves more phones in stock for everyone that intends to purchase it.. (thanks in advance! lol) So with that being said.. lets just leave the htc hd2 talk to those that are really serious about getting the phone..anything else is just BLAH!!!

  • dj lu

    HD2 Rules!!!!!! Apple Bitches!!!! Sore Losers!!!

  • Chuong

    With these decent pricing, I might get the HD2 on contract and the Nuron at MSRP.

  • SactoKings

    Now we just need a solid release date. I hope current T-Mo customers get first dibs….but I doubt it.

  • DJ LU

    T Mobile release the freaking HD2 already you Bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anon

    Good friggin job on that watermark making the most critical part almost unreadable. Dumbasses.

    • TmoNinja

      Are you that blind? It’s not that hard to read.

    • SactoKings

      You get good info and you still cry about something….wow.

    • B

      He’s right though. Why put the watermark right there of all places? It makes me think it was done on purpose. Why not cover up the Blackberry pricing up top?

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Anon… if that pic was my post that is exactly how I would do it. If I wanted it to look like an unauthorized leak and make people feel good about their being slick enough to nevertheless figure out the pricing, I’d do what he did.

      Why not insert a little mystery and suspense into this. Heck, I would have made it so people would have to blow up or magnify the image to figure out what was what. Make a game of it.

      Otherwise these T-Mobile authorized faux leaks would be boring. (To be sure, the timing of these blurry, obscured pricing charts are as predictable as my going to the bathroom the same time every day). Why not obscure the good stuff with a watermark or a little less focus.

      Come one, even a moron could figure out that what people want to see is the HD2 column and that he or she should be highlight that, not obscuring it. Don’t be so naive to think that it’s coincidence that the watermark was haphazardly placed where it was. That was strategic.

      Enough said, except that you’re the dumb one here, not only for your name but also your rude comment and lack of intellect (aka dumbassitis).

  • Phalosopher

    yea that watermark killed me when i saw this post about 1am this morning.. that watermark could’ve been slapped across the pic ANYWHERE else except for the most important part of the pic.. lol

  • Average Joe

    Thanks David. This is fantastic news!

    @Anon. Quit whining. You sound like the type that would complain about winning the lotto, cause you were paid in 10s and 20s. What a dingleberry!

  • NCole

    I’m getting this sucka as soon as it comes out!!! My G1 needs a rest:)

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    There’s that old saying in law enforcement, follow the money. Well let’s talk about T-Mo’s pricing motive here.

    Other than chortling about the HD2’s faux leak prices has anyone questioned why the HD2 prices are what they are. (Sidenote: I say “faux leak” because we all know this is a T-Mo authorized release, otherwise T-MoNews would be sued instantly, as if by magic. Moreover, the pricing leak tracks the pattern of release information, first a blurry pic, then a few teaser statements, then soft sale date, then pricing, then actual release date, and finally unboxing videos on YouTube.)

    Bottom Line: I suspect these prices reflect the power of the Internet and sites like this. I suspect these prices are T-Mo responding to YOUR concerns and comments related to the HD2/WP7 uproar. I suspect T-Mo’s pricing is indirectly telling us that the HD2 phone is NOT going to be a WP7 phone, it’s a WinMo 6.5 phone, plain and simple.

    Details: Ask yourself why would T-Mo price a supposed hot new phone, the most powerful phone in its lineup, the same unsubsidized price as the BlackBerry 9700, myTouch LE, Touch Pro2, again, all phones that have been on the market.

    Here’s why:

    Before T-Mo released the HD2 prices one of the feelings permeating the Net was that people were becoming really upset that they would be spending some serious coin for a device that would be outdated the day they bought it. People were upset that they might be paying $550 to $700 for a device that would not be upgradeable to Windows Phone 7.

    By pricing the HD2 at $199, $450 T-Mo has diluted, if not obliterated, this argument. Now the HD2 is priced the same as other phones that have been on the market. No premium price = no “I feel cheated” arguments.

    So keep up the comments, T-Mo is watching. :)

  • Joe Pa

    Preorders would be nice for the HTC HD2, but if not I’ll be camping out to make sure I get one the first day (good thing I live in San Diego…lol). I think they will sell quick with that pricing.

  • Steve

    Didnt Tmobile say the Touch Diamond 3 was going to be there 1rst Win 7 phone in September. Most phones like the HD2 go for around $600, I think $449 is a great price. And Win 6.5 isnt that bad if your used to 6.1. It sucks that it isnt getting wm7 since this phone would be able to shut iphone users up about how great the iphones is.

    • Joe Pa

      Regardless of the WM7 update or not, the HTC HD2 still does things the Iphone only wishes it could do. The device’s specs are unmatched currently.

  • mlesure

    i want to upgrade well i upgraded 4 months ago and got the blackbeery 9700 what would it be the partial upgrade discount be for the htc hd2 i see its says 449.00 minus the partail upgrade?

  • gargoyle999

    Many of you are talking about paying the $449 for this phone. Wondering what the reasons are for paying more upfront? The Even More Plus plans seem to be only $10/month cheaper so it wouldn’t pay off. Would just like to know other reasons are out there.

    • Mockerfab4

      Don’t want to be tied into a 2 year contract. The economy is a factor in my decision making. Don’t want to be tied into a 2 year contract if I get laid off. Also, many other reasons, one being if the iPhone is going to all carriers, I may just use my companies carrier and discount and have only 1 phone instead of 2.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Not sure what you are asking here, but if it is “Why would anyone go with the More + plan?” Here’s my reasons:

      1. I get phones too often. I don’t qualify for upgrade pricing for as often as I get phones. For example, I bought the Touch Pro2 in August 2009 and sold it last month in anticipation of getting the HD2. But as far as T-Mo is concerned I am still counting my next upgrade discount from August, so when the HD2 arrives I won’t even be close to getting a full discount.

      2. As you say, the More+ is $10 a month cheaper for unlimited everything. While that does not sound like much, for my two lines that adds up to $120 each year. Savings are savings.

      3. I do like the concept of not being under contract. I can book any time I want. Although unlikely, if there’s a better deal I’ll take it. But it would have to be real sweet compared to T-Mo.

      4. I suspect that the More+ prices will decline over time, more so than two year accounts. Maybe in a year or two the two lines I have, with unlimited everything will be $100 a month.

      5. Lastly, I have a $600 credit limit on phones that can be financed (I don’t know if that’s $600 per line or $600 on the entire account). No matter, that $600 is free money. I love the concept of interest free loans.

      So if I can get the HD2 for $450, finance about $350 over 20 months, that’s a lot better than how I paid for my Touch Pro2, which was $329 all at once. (I paid $329 on a one year contract). That month’s bill with everything was about $800 which totally sucked. After all we are talking about phones here not friggin computers.

  • myG1

    @@@Dave says:
    March 2, 2010 at 10:49 am
    Me too, I can’t wait!! This is great pricing. But, i’ll have to wait until August to get full upgrade. But, that’s fine with me.

    remember with tmobiles new upgrade..every 12 months ull get a full discount on all smartphones so thats a steal rite there…

  • Bdar

    I talked on the phone with a t-mobile corporate store employee today about the HD2. I mainly was calling to get an estimated total of fees and tax I’d be paying for 2 new $450 phones with a new family account and activation. (Basically what total cost would it take for me to walk out the store with two HD2s) Most of the pricing and deferment option I was aware of but the employee helped to give a better picture of the taxes and fees that would come with activation (BTW, :( no bonus for leaving AT&T after 6 years) I also toyed with the fact that this employee has likely been through, or is aware of, the ‘training’ that precedes the HD2 release and prefaced questions that would allow the employee deny-ability, but garner information. So here’s some fuel for speculation:

    The main gem I thought worth sharing was that according to this employee there will be “no pre-sale” for the HD2. I quoted the online plan prices (specifically the 109/mo. 750min/unlim/unlim family plan) and was quick to be informed that whatever prices are currently being offered will likely be lower by the end of the month. The employee would not say what these ‘lower prices’ would be, so I just asked for estimates based on current pricing information. The employee also did not once hesitate at my mentions of being there on the 24th at 9:00AM to get my HD2s.

    And for those of you that may be unaware, you can walk out of T-Mobile with 2 unlocked HD2s (with 750talk/unlim text/unlim data) (if you have good credit) for around $250. Then only pay a deferred $45 per month for the next 19 months on top of your already 1/2 AT&T/Verizon plan.

    I’m taking a leap here with giving up AT&T and going to a new carrier, but in the time I’m been following T-Mobile they’ve done nothing but improve their offerings while taking care of their clients. I can’t wait to join.

    • Mockerfab4

      Welcome to the Tmo family! If there’s one thing I hear the most from Tmo customers is how much they love the prices and the way Tmo treats you. I hope you receive the same type of treatment I’ve been happy with for the past 5 years.

      Their customer service is hands down the best. I chat with them quite a bit about how to lower my plans, what options I have to upgrade, and they have always gone above and beyond. I recently saved some dough after an agent viewed my acct, noticed I can save a few bucks PLUS get more text msgs. And before that, I was 2 months from upgrade pricing and without hesitation the rep honored it early knowing I was a good customer with good standing. And not only the agents, but the company as a whole listens to their customers about product quality. When I had the Shadow the worst thing about that phone was battery life. After a few months, and having people complain about it, they offered a FREE extended battery! It’s things like this that has kept me a customer for this long.

      I had AT&T years and years ago and recently flirted with it getting swept in the iPhone 3g hype, and their customer service was horrible! The 5 in store reps ALL looked down on me when I returned the phone. Tsk. And I currently use VzW for work and good luck getting service at their stores. Its always busy, and you have to sign in electronically and wait for 2 agents to serve 15 people and 1 of them is busy playing with his BB Storm. Not a a great way to spend my time. The agents at Tmo are always patient with you and always willing to give you answers and find better solutions. I love that about them.

      Again, welcome to the Tmo family! :)

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        As a long term T-Mo customer I can say I used to think they had the best customer service, but the last year has caused me to reevaluate that.

        They have made a lot of mistakes on my account and recently when I questioned the bill the CSR pretty much told me I was a dumb ass. When I told him that he should not be so condescending he continued with his attitude. I then asked for a supervisor and he said “She is going to tell you the same thing, you just don’t understand how things work.”

        When the supervisor came on I first complained about the CSR’s attitude. Said I had been a long term customer and this was not the T-MO I used to know. She apologized and then looked at my bill. She then said that the error was that T-Mo had mistakenly billed me twice for the same thing. In other words, I was right, the smart ass CSR was wrong.

        And yes, T-Mo used to be an advocate for the customer. But last month when I bought a BlackBerry 9700 I did not qualify for a full discount. The CSR said I did qualify for a partial discount. She did NOT say that my contract would have to be extended (I thought maybe that had changed or something.) Turns out the partial discount was about $65. In return I would have had to agree to a two year extension of my contract.

        Now I know it’s buyer beware, I should know this stuff and I do (matter of fact, when she was playing the recording to get my authorization for the discount and two year contract I stopped her and said that was a stupid deal.) But IMHO a CSR who is looking out for me, as you say and as I knew they used to do, no way should she have suggested entering into a two year contract for a measly $65 discount. That’s not looking out for my interests, is it.

        And about 8 months ago T-Mo screwed up our accounts.

        All I’m saying is that I have about seven years of T-Mo experience to compare what service was like before to what it is now. They seem to be becoming more like Sprint used to be.

        And it should be noted that Consumer Reports did a survey of hundreds of thousands of mobile customers. Verizon came out #1 on customer service, T-Mobile #2. Not saying that is earth shaking news, but I did notice that T-Mo did not make #1.

        I guess my last experience with that CSR who talked down to me, implied I was a moron for not understanding the bill and derided me for asking to talk to a supervisor still bothers me. My impression with the supervisor is that she was siding with the CSR and did not plan on doing anything about that person’s attitude. That’s fine, they can support him and I can move on.

  • JB6464

    Please move on then. Go join the Death star or the big communist red. You still will not get the deals T-mobile offers without paying way over $100.00 month.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      That’s exactly the attitude the CSR displayed. You don’t get the point, do you. You probably work for T-Mo on the sales floor. It’s people like you who will bring the company down.

      And it’s your kind of attitude that caused Sprint to go under. When people complained about customer service people like you said “move on then.” The bosses said that it was CSRs’ cocky, condescending attitude that caused them to lose customers by the millions. People moved on and in 2008-09 Sprint said they had to change the company’s image to save the company.

      The fact is, many people have stayed with T-Mobile because of its great customer service, despite spotty coverage, growing pains and a poor selection of handsets. Personally I have been known to pay more for something if the customer support and service is better than the competitor.

      Take away the great customer service, customers will do what clueless, cocky CSRs say, “please move on.”

      But there’s a good thing out of all this, isn’t there. You sure told me, didn’t you. You would be a model T-Mo employee, telling the customer to scram, get out and don’t come back. Smooth move ex.lax

  • Joe Pa
    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Good find… I don’t know about anyone else, but the time sure seems to be flying.

      That’s only 3 weeks from now.

      Although I have been enjoying the G1 with Android 1.6, I am looking forward to getting back to WinMo 6.5.x and HTC Sense.

      • Cmfusco

        Sorry but I’ve been waiting since I’ve seen htc release this phone time cannot come fast enough lol and every day passes just feels longer and longer

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Are there any T-Mobile employees who can provide us insight on why T-Mobile is not advertising the HD2?

    Remember the Touch Pro2? T-Mobile did not advertise that at all, they issued a press release. I guess they did not consider the Touch Pro2 a significant device and maybe they were concentrating on the myTouch debut.

    I’m not saying that T-Mo should spend $100 million like Verizon did for promoting the Droid, but I’d like to see something on the TV, for example.

    Maybe the economy sucks as bad as I have been saying it has, especially for wireless. The Droid did not sell well despite that $100 million. The Nexus flopped.

    Maybe handset sales are so bad right now that T-Mo has decided not to put significant money into advertising.

    Maybe Germany cut off T-Mo U. S.’s advertising dollars?

    Maybe T-Mo is saving up for a really big holiday WP7S launch.

    Any inside info on all this?

    • Joe Pa

      I’d be interested to hear about this too. I know T-Mobile is more about pushing their plans, but they sure went all out for the My Touch. Most people don’t even know about the HD2, and I’m sure if they got a glimpse of this gorgeous device….it might turn some heads for sure in T-Mobile’s direction. We are 3 weeks aways from this, and it is basically still a secret that only us tech geeks are aware of.

  • Cmfusco

    I work for Walmart retail store and my rep just left and stated that Walmart will be carrying the htc hd2 when it hits which might ne the 17th because their training on it is the same time as the motorolla phone and don’t quote me but he believes the price should be 149.00 which is most lilly true because Walmart is known to sell phones for 50$ cheaper then in stores

    • gargoyle999

      Can people upgrade an existing phone at Walmart or does it need to be a new line?

      • cmfusco

        you can upgrade your account you have now or start a new one you can do both and its alot cheaper then at the actually store

    • nobody cares

      Ill believe it when I see it.

      • cmfusco

        ya i know i will believe it when i see it also lol thats why i said dont quote me on it because they dont tell you anything even if you work there

  • gargoyle999

    Can anyone answer this. I have a T-Mo BB curve. I’m guessing that when I upgrade to the HD2 I’ll have to pay more for the data plan (currently $20/month). But when I plug my SIM back into the Curve will the data work on it? Seems like T-Mo has different data prices for different platforms.

    • Danny

      My guess would be no. Because you have a BB data plan. I do know like with the Android plan i can take my sim outta my mytouch and put it in the wifeys G1 and it works but those are both android devices.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Keeping in mind that although I have been with T-Mo a long time and have always had one form or another of its data plans (BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Google/Android), here is what I understand, but I may be all wrong:

      I thought that data plans are NOT priced differently depending on which you have (see above paragraph), data plans are priced according to whatever prices T-Mo is running at the time. That’s why you see variations of the prices people are paying (some people are still using $10 monthly BlackBerry plans from 2004).

      When you change devices, T-Mo simply changes the plan you are on. For example, I just went from Windows Mobile to BlackBerry and now to Android (all withing a month) because I keep switching the phone I am using. All it took was a call to change the plan.

      What did NOT change was the price I am paying for any one of those platforms, $25 for data – unlimited everything.

      What you need to do is when switching data plans is to make sure they do NOT change your plan rate. They can do this, it should not be a big deal. If you get a newb CSR who tries to change you to a new plan, but at a higher rate (what that plan currently cost) ask to talk to a supervisor who can do anything they want with pricing, including making sure to keep you at the same rate.

      As to the SIM, I can take my SIM out of the G1 and insert it into my BlackBerry and it will work for calls.

      But after that I need to call T-Mo and tell them to change the phone data plan from Android to BlackBerry so the push e-mail feature will function.

      When making data platform changes I do not believe that entitles T-Mo to cancel your old data contract and force you to switch to a new, more expensive data plan. Data does not work the same way as talk. Matter of fact, I think data plans are not on a two year contract, for example. I think they are month to month.

      If month to month T-Mo could certainly change terms to what they want, going forward, but they know too that you could simply say to hell with them and go with another carrier.

      Also, I am not sure, but I don’t think your data plan rate is tied specifically to a platform (BlackBerry, Android, WinMo). It’s the price you pay for data, regardless of how you use it.

      That said, it sounds like you are on a BlackBerry E-Mail plan with Net, but no text. Or maybe you have text too. Either way, you want to make sure you keep that rate once you change over. Simply politely ask and they should be able to change you over to WinMo for the same price.

  • Samuel

    Does anyone know how much a full discount would be for HD2 Priced @ 449.00 like the percentage ?. I’m on a 2yr.contract…my contract up in December. I have a behold from December 2008. I really want the HD2.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      The best source for this kind of info is to call T-Mobile.

      But keep in mind that whatever they tell you, they can always do a deal, especially if you ask nicely.

      One time we were not qualified for a 2nd upgrade discount, meaning we would have had to pay $450 for a BlackBerry Curve instead of $250. The supervisor looked at our account, said we were good customers and gave the second Curve for the $250 two-year contract price.

      And last year when I bought the Touch Pro2 they made a mistake on writing up the correct phone for purchase, a myTouch. The supervisor said “Well that was bad of me, to order you the wrong phone, I am going to knock off another $100 of the phone. How does that sound?”

      If the CSR won’t cut you a good deal, ask for a supervisor to get the deal you want (something more than you want the HD2 for $100). Supervisors have the absolute power to sell you the phone for whatever is within his or her authority, such as the two year discount price even if you don’t qualify for that discount.

      As to your price, don’t forget that your two years is actually up after 22 months, to qualify for a full discount. So that would be October for you, not December.

      Assuming a March 24 HD2 debut, that would mean you are looking for a six month exception to a full discount. That’s not much in T-Mo’s eyes. I am pretty certain T-Mo will say that is close enough to 22 months and give you the phone for $199.

      Also, look around in here. They posted a story about T-Mo was changing its upgrade calculations, I think to where you can get a discount sooner than 22 months. But not sure on that. Search here and call T-Mo.


    Just sold my g1 for $150. That makes my price that much sweeter for this beast!!!

  • Danny

    Just a tidbit of info also i ofund out If you are miltary you can get $40 off ur upgrade but has to be ordered thru tmobile on the phone discount isnt given in stores.

  • gargoyle999
  • gargoyle999

    Just under 3 weeks away from the expected release date. Just curious if being so close to the expected release date and have no official announcement from T-Mo on price or release date is normal?

    I think I’ve had one email from them after I entered my info on the stick together page. So they are not even teasing too much.

    If the screen shots are real with release on March 24th and price $449/$199 what would they be waiting for by not having an official announcement this week?

    • Joe Pa

      Exactly what I was thinking.

  • plannnn

    what kind of plan will tmobile offer for the hd2? they have the $60 500 minutes/unlimited text and web plan offered on their site, but will that apply to the hd2 if its bought with a new contract for $200? to me it seems likely they won’t, since the nexus one is 130 subsidized with an $80..if you do the math you’ll actually save money over 2 years if the phone is bought at full price unlocked and throw a cheaper plan on it…i know this first hand, my girlfriend has an unlocked nokia smartphone with something like 600 minutes unlimited text web and her bill total comes out to like $77…maybe it was googles idea but nonetheless sadly it stands…i think knowing what plan will be offered is just as important as the price of the phone itself..while $200 seems like a bargain, $80 plus tax is nearing $100 and with this economy its nothing more than a financial scheme…$20 extra each month is 480 over the course of 2 years, add that to 200 its 680! its only a $230 difference but hey thats another decent phone you can get..though im still optimistic about upcoming plan rates since in my opinion tmobile has one of the best..

  • Jeff W

    Why would you get a smartphone and no data. what the hell you getting the phone for??? yeah this is my my new HD2 but it doesnt work the way it was intended too cuz im too cheap for data.. people are so retarded sometimes

    • Warsgun

      why buy the data plan when you got wifi? i had the data plan on my g1 turned off the service and and had wifi connections like every where.

  • Kam

    It is posted on the Tmobile website now marked as “coming soon”…

  • Jess

    I’ve had T-Mo for like 7 or 8 years now and wouldn’t dream of leaving them…. IMO their Phones have always lacked sophistication so I’ve always had unlocked AT&T phones on t-mo service (Tilt, Tilt2) however I think now they are finally stepping up their game with the HD2 and I’ll proudly be walking around with mine on the 23? 24? whenever it is……