Moto Cliq XT in T-Mobile Branding

Motorola Cliq XT on T-Mobile

Have you been longing for Moto Blur, but you would really appreciate a thinner device and no keyboard? (GASP! I know, but I fit into that category)  The WiFi equipped, Android 1.5, Blur covered Cliq XT might just be your phone. It is rumored to be launching on March 10th.  While nothing is completely shocking about this phone, I hear there is a secret feature which is quite interesting.  Apparently, the face of the phone outside of the trackpad is also touch sensitive (ending just past the bottom of the screen).  This could make it possible to select apps without touching the screen or the trackpad.  While I can’t see how this is incredibly useful, kudos for novelties.  There are a few more pictures after the break and leave your thoughts in the comments.


Motorola Cliq XT on T-Mobile

Motorola Cliq XT on T-Mobile

Motorola Cliq XT on T-Mobile

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  • blargables

    i like the blackberry more

  • Terry

    Blur with 1.6? That doesn’t sound right.

  • andrew

    How many color is there and the HD2 is better just need to be android not window mobile 6.5

    • efjay

      But it wont be. WM 6.5 rocks!!

  • tato22

    what an ugly phone

  • Jonathan

    This phone will not have Blur with 1.6 as it is listed on Motorola’s website to be running 1.5, as disappointing as that might be…

  • Rob

    It is poor reporting like this (blur/1.6) that makes my life hell at work. Thanks…

    • davidohio

      Yeah Rob, because I am sure you have NEVER made a mistake, or given misinformation to a customer, ever. Right?

  • FILA

    Ugly, but thats Moto for ya

  • Kroam

    Why can’t we get the MOTOROI instead of this PoS? Alot of people will upgrade to the MOTOROI and not this CLIQ like device. All of T-Mobile’s Android devices have the same old Qualcomm chip. T-Mobile needs to wake up and realize that us consumers want something powerful, not crappy.

    • davidohio

      T-mobile is getting the motoroi so calm down and quit whining. That being said, it is not t-mobiles fault that Motorola has not released the Motoroi to them so maybe you should hop on over to the motorola blog and complain to them. Geez.

      • SteveG1

        Yeah but according to Korean news, the Motoroi has been a huge dissapointment. I guess that phone sucks too.

  • whyhellomichael

    Omg I want x phone at x price and only want to pay x amount of dollars. And x sucks because it doesn’t have this.

  • heber

    One thing if that i want to said…..Tmobile need to bring to us a pretty cool and device, better or same like NExus or DROID or Iphone i noticed that Tmobile is realy BEhing and this way he is losing customer, beside this phone to me is like a downgrade….. after been dealing with motorola CLIQ and all the issues i have still wit the phone i done with morotola i want tmobile start selling NEXUS or if not that possible look for something good i love Tmobile but and is a frustration to me the others carries have better phones that my beloved TMobile

    • Cesar

      The nexus one is exclusive to t-mobile right now. What are you talking about?


      Losing customers? Check the Fourth Quarter results. T-mobile gained over 300,000 customers. Stop complaining.

      • heber

        those customer tmobile gain was people with out contract tmobile can loose then any moment that not really count, why people go with out contract because they are not really satisfied….. they dont have a very nice motivation to go with it

      • Jonstonson

        @heber, yes.. T-mobile can lose those customers at any moment.. but that doesn’t mean they will. Some people prefer to stay with a carrier they aren’t tied down to. 300,000 new customers is 300,000 new customers. doesn’t matter if they’re prepaid or post-paid, month-to-month or contracted.

    • Cesar

      @herber God you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    • Tre Bor

      Well after taking 5 minutes to decifer what you are trying to say… Nexus One is exclusive to T-Mobile and the better devices are coming! Be patient, they are coming!

    • Tre Bor

      Well after taking 5 minutes to decifer what you are trying to say… Nexus One is exclusive to T-Mobile and the better devices are coming! Be patient, they are coming!

  • Oleg TMO

    Wow, look, another Mytouch with a smaller screen and shinier surface! Why not release a phone that does something different for a change? Something with a faster processor, higher resolution screen, a better quality camera… Wait… Hold on… Oh, it was already released, it’s called Nexus One and is sold exclusively by Google! Motorola Cliq had a purpose, yes it’s a crappy phone, but still-it was made for people who needed a qwerty keyboard. The phone is heavy, bulky, has no dial or hang up button and is very slow at times with absolutely appalling battery lite, but, again, PURPOSE-a good qwerty keyboard.

    Now this qwerty-less piece of crap…


  • teesquared

    that phone is fugly!!! ewwww!


    This phone would be so much better if they got rid of that foolishness below the screen. Then they could utilize the whole body of the phone and make the screen 3.5″


    look at all the wasted space on the front.

  • WazzuKirk

    U-G-L-Y, that phone ain’t got to alibi….it’s UGLY! Actually, it’s FUGLY!

  • alan

    @ heber… unless ur not good with numbers the last time i check the “no contract” EM+ are the lowest out of all the carriers and were released for people that do no want to tie themselves down to a 2 year contract. if u knew anything about business or thought outside the box for a bit, tmo brought a new strategy to the industry with this approach. People will not leave or are less likely to leave if they are content with their plan. I know a great deal of the new customers tmo reported 4th quarter do not have a contract but believe me most of these people that got the not contract option were people that jumped ship from other carries because they were paying double the price and getting less. Unless they got no reception where they use their phone the most, it is highly unlikely that these customers will walk….

    long story short, IMO stats are only good if u interpret them the right way… think outside the box before you post a comment that kinda makes u sound ignorant…

    as for the phone, i hope it does not dissapoint but them it kinda reminds me of the damn tap!

    • Jonstonson

      ^ Wise man, this Alan.

  • SactoKings


  • Ermac

    Aiight, typin this from a regular cliq using swype. First off, the guy who types like he talks, u have a lot of research to do, we have the HD2 and the Nexus One. Tmo did cover, they got two powerful phones for both mainstream smartphone platforms. The nexus one is sold thu google, EXCLUSIVELY FOR T-MOBILE. Well why can I get it unlocked and put it on at&t then? Umm, cause u can do that with any GSM phone, but juss like all phones u get unlocked there’s gonna be a flaw because u unlocked it. In the nexus one’s case, u won’t be able to use at&t crappy 3G because it doesn’t support their bands!!!!! IT ONLY SUPPORTS T-MO’S 3G BANDS. Is that exclusive for ya?????……it sounds pretty exclusive to me. Like that chick who wants to give every body an autograph but go home wit u?………yeah. Now about the custo thing, thass a plus for tmobile because half of those customers were tired of the crappy non-contract company known as Metro PCS. Wow I can get the same shit with a better phone and be able to go anywhere, even out the country w/o buying some dumbass card?????? For almost the same price?????? ILL TAKE IT!!!!!! Tmo’s strategy for the two plans is superb, u make ur own plan (believe it or not, some ppl in this world still talk like the lonely old man at the corner who everybody on the block is afraid of….u know….the one who puts his heart into his front lawn so expects u to keep ya dirty sneakers off of it?…….yeah) and choose weather u want to have benefits of putting that plan in a contract or being able to walk out at any time. How great is that?????