It’s Coming….


The original Cliq successor, the Motorola Cliq XT (Zeppelin) announced all the way back at Mobile World Congress, is nearing release.  The MotoBLUR powered handset is still slated for a March 10th release and, as previously stated, it will include a 3.1 “high-resolution” touchscreen (predicted to be 480 x 320), “pinch and zoom” touch capability, a 5-megapixel camera, navigation touchpad and a dual-mic noise cancellation system, with Android 1.5 to top it off. T-Mobile pricing is still unknown, but it should be somewhere around the Best Buy pricing that was leaked not too long ago.  Mark your calenders for March 10th!

UPDATE: The folks over at MobileBurn have scored a copy of a pre-release version of the Connected Media Player that will ship on the upcoming Motorola CLIQ XT and it definitely looks promising. Some new features include, shoutcast radio support, synchronized lyrics, and TuneWiki mapping. Hit the jump for a video demo!

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  • AndroidMaster

    If it is priced well, it should end up selling well. Let’s see what happens!

    • AndroidMaster

      Also(sorry for the double post), can anyone tell me if black is the only avaliable color?

      • Ms. Matrix

        They should have it in white too

    • pdxduckfan

      BIG DEAL……Let’s get to the HD2 already……..Let’s quit with the rumors and get some firm pricing!

  • Timothy

    Why is it that the Motorola Devour over at Verizon gets 1.6 and tmo’s MotoBlur phones are still stuck in 1.5, even this Cliq XT that hasn’t even came out yet???

    • Blargables

      umm…. we’re hated by moto?

  • andrew

    wish it had keybord

    • FILA

      thats why they have the Cliq

  • Meh, Motorola phones always fail me. I’m glad certian circumstances prevented me from getting the Cliq. I’m sure it’s a good phone but it is nowhere near what I expected it to be.

    let me know when the HD2 arrives.

    • Ms. Matrix

      I’m looking forward to it, it’s my second choice as a phone. I don’t know if they are getting the motorola motoroi, but in the meantime I’ll mess with the cliq xt. The only reason I’m not getting the HD2 is because it’s windows. I have a Dash 3G and I can’t stand it. Maybe if it had android I would mess with it.

      • I’ve always loved WinMo. Maybe this is because it’s all I’ve had. Lol.

        But I like it because of the Windows applications. Especially Excel.

        I would recomend at least playing with it first. HTC Sense looks great. HTC always seems to put a good spin on WinMo but Sense looks even better.

      • Blargables

        hell since my upgrade is in October i hope the windows 7 series phone comes to t-mobile, then i’ll be happy for once

      • BronxBebe

        Blargables,you don’t have to wait till October any long they’ve change those plans..
        1-11 mos partial upgrade,12-22 mos full upgrade..Check it out with Tmo CS and what you can get for it..

      • BronxBebe

        Ooops, lol.. thinking HTC HD 2 may come with Windows 7- maybe?

      • BronxBebe

        i tried to say maybe htc hd 2 may come with windows 7 a hope at least if this goes through..

  • Max

    Meh! I’ll be waiting on the MOTOROI

    • Ms. Matrix

      I want it too, but nobody has an official date on when it’s coming out.

    • Me too :)

  • FILA

    1.5, lol

    • timmyjoe42

      No kidding.

    • Dominick

      seriously 1.5, that is what keeping me from gettin a motorola phone. Thats y I love my G1 i can go from 1.5 to 2.1 in about 2mins :)

  • Let it be known that i am not a fan of this phone lol

  • artiepants

    is the processor on this any better then every other Android phone that’s not the Droid/Nexus One?

    • Kickstar13

      PROCESSOR: Qualcomm MSM7201A
      RAM: 256 MB
      FLASH ROM: 512 MB

  • shawn1224

    This contraption is about as fugly as the Moto Devour. Whoever heads the design team at Motorola needs to be fired ASAP … seems like they’re stuck in the 80s

  • Andrew

    I cant believe that Moto continues to back their crappy blur service when all they have to do is upgrade us cliqers to android 2.1. I cant even get FB updates because their supposed glitch reducing update the other day completely obliterated my phone. I cant wait until the Mytouch slide comes out so I can abandon Moto forever!

  • menchi

    That update yesterday has made my cliq go nuts too. My 3g has been fucked, so I’m on edge. Can’t surf the web fast and can’t upload shit to the net from my phone and mms has problems toof

  • Red

    Will the cliq owners be able to download the final version of the connected media player?

  • phonegeek

    motoroi…. please…

  • Chris

    The CLIQ XT is going to be coming in black and purple.

  • BronxBebe

    Oh damn it as I said.. I tried to say maybe htc hd 2 may come with windows 7 a hope at least if this goes through..

  • RockTripod

    I wonder if this will change anyone’s opinion on the phone: the browser comes with Flashlite built in. Straight from Motorola.

  • alex

    seems like with so many smartphones hitting the market, there seems to be less development on the traditional phone with good camera. i’m going to upgrade my phone soon, but i dont want to get a smartphone because of the mandatory dataplan. and i can’t seem to find a good regular phone with a good enough camera. My nokia 5610 seems to still be the best of the bunch

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Why don’t you buy a used Samsung Memoir on eBay. They go for cheap now (less than $200), you would not be on contract or a data plan, and the 8MP camera has received good reviews. And if $200 sounds like too much, you will save that much in one year of not having to pay for a data plan.

      The Memoir has been billed as the phone to get if one wants a “camera phone” since the browser on the phone really sucks, or so I’m told.

      Remember, the mandatory data plan is only if you buy a subsidized phone. BYOP and you can just use the Samsung as a phone (insert the SIM you are good to go.)

  • randall

    We need some Motoroi news.

  • Tim

    Oh poo, it’s blurry. :(

  • Fred McHill

    This phone sucks. Wake up people.