My Account Android App Updated


Do you have an Android phone? Do you like viewing your account and changing account settings on the fly?  Then this update it for you.  T-Mobile has updated the App to include two menu icons, My Account and Help, and it now allows you to switch to paperless billing or make payments using previously stored information.  They also added some extra security, making you sign in with your My T-Mobile password or the last 4 digits of your social security number.  You can find the update in the market, but chances are you have already received that notification, maybe.

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  • watbetch

    paperless building – I was waiting for that feature.

    Anyhow, can you view megabyte usage now?

    • BPRhythm

      Awesome. An all electronic building. No papers, very eco friendly!

      • Andrew

        it’s all the rage, no more going to work, just sit at home and do everything electronically, love it.

    • kenbot

      I have the NetSentry app installed on my phone. It monitors my 3G and Wi-Fi usage. I also have it set to clear the day a new billing cycle starts.

  • Anand

    I tried this when I first got my phone and it seemed to want to stay resident all the time, even after turning off its “battery saver” features.

    I just started visiting in the browser instead and then tapping on “my account” which gives you much of the same information without having another app running all the time taking up memory.

    • eYe

      Same thing for me, besides T-mo sends bill to my billpay service so I don’t need to look it up ever. Could be useful for others. And extra security is always welcome in info-sensitive app.

  • tato22

    they need to let this work on the nexus one

    • It has always worked on the Nexus One. The old version and the new version. I have it installed right now and it works great.

  • J-Hop2o6

    i got this MyAccount update today on my TP2 w/ Android 2.0.1 on my sdcard ;)

  • Bigmerf

    love the update.. thanks for the nexus one support. for those with a nexus just hit the menu button then help.

  • Acsteffy87

    so where is the freakin update for us Nexus One users?

  • brian

    I hate this update. I have an unlimited web plan with 400 text/month, and this app for whatever reason thinks I have unlimited texts. Because of this it does not show me my text usage or allow me to turn on text usage alerts. Does anyone know a way for me to reload the old app?

  • Newmexican

    With the memory limitations on the G1 I had to uninstall this applications as its memory footprint is more than unreasonable. T-Mobile please give us App to SD-card or make this application a more reasonable size!