A Little Clarification On This Whole BOGO Thing


Just two hours ago, we managed to get a screengrab of a flyer advertising a Buy One, Get One Smartphone deal from T-Mobile. A number of you screamed “fake,” and a number of you swore it was real. Turns out there was a good reason why some of you didn’t believe and some of you did. As it stands, the BOGO does start tomorrow February 24th and run through March 3rd, and to the best of our knowledge at both corporate locations and authorized dealers. (Don’t quote us on that though, ok?) The catch? Its test market only and if you aren’t in one of the select test markets, you probably aren’t supposed to know about this.

Here is the rundown:

  • Test markets:
    New York City
    New York Metro
    New Jersey
    Pennsylvania/Upstate New York
    Mountain Plains
    Los Angeles
    Pacific Northwest
  • The Following Phones Qualify

Samsung Behold II, BlackBerry Pearl 8120 (all colors), BlackBerry Curve 8520, BlackBerry Curve 8320 (all colors), BlackBerry Curve 8900, BlackBerry Bold 9700, T-Mobile G1, T-Mobile myTouch 3G
T-Mobile myTouch 3G with 3.5mm jack, T-Mobile myTouch 3G Fender Limited Edition
Motorola CLIQ, BlackBerry Pearl Flip, Sidekick LX 2009, T-Mobile Sidekick (2008)
HTC Touch Pro II, T-Mobile Dash 3G

New activations and add-a-line only!! Not valid for upgrades, Even More Plus, and FlexPay customers.

2-year postpaid Even More contract required on both lines as well as $30 data package!

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  • james

    good thing ohio isnt on that list cause i definately dont something cool like this.

  • Richard

    Good thing a device that has been sold out for a week or so is offered

  • Mark

    Tmobile hates the Midwest I know this for a fact and this just further proves it.

  • Steven

    Wooo the entire Pacific Northwest! T-Mobile loves us so much:)

  • BronxBebe

    Uh not cools..my sis’s G1 liked died on her and The Bronx Tmobile are being dumbasses of not helping her out, especially if she needs a loaner.. Would of been great for the both of us to get new cells.. Me the BB 9700 and well something good for her nails, lol..

    • john

      Fine print friend…new activations, if her g1 died, I think that excludes you from being a new activation.

      • BronxBebe

        This I know, I’m saying regular customers doesn’t get the BOGO free plus she’s been due for a new cell contract has been up.. That’s why I’m saying oh poo poo, we don’t count lol.. Unless we go with EM but not worth doing..
        My bad for not making it clearer but I was being sarcastic..guess it didn’t fall.. lol..

        PS-anyone notice that now they offer the Family Plan of unlimited txting for $20? Did I missed that some where cos I don’t remember seeing that before.. An 3rd line cost an extra $40 on Family Unlimited on 1500 it’s $9.99.. Ok enough jabba jawsing..

  • tmoguy

    If you are persuasive enough, you should be able to get a bogo whenever you want. as someone who works in a retail store, i have seen on more then one occasion a customer haggle there way into a free smart phone. tmobile can be very agreable When you want to add two lines of service (postpaid contracts)

  • Richard

    Yay…. once again T-Mo says screw you to most of their potential customers (those not in the ‘test market’ area)… and those that already have service that aren’t adding a new line.

    T-Mo is without a doubt the single worst run cell phone company in America. They are CLUELESS when it comes to taking care of their customers… and getting new business.

    • trickinit

      What part of “Test Market” did you not understand? This is obviously not some new policy that T-Mobile is offering. Before any company makes any kind of major change, including special offers such as this, they test it out in various markets to see if it would be profitable on a larger scale. If so, the change would most likely be implemented throughout the entire company. And if it totally flops, they save themselves a lot of money.

      YOU are the the clueless one. How can you say they don’t know how to take care of a customer when that is T-Mobile’s main objective. Why do you think that year after year T-Mobile strives to be #1 in customer service? (Here’s a hint, do a little research and see how many JD Power and Associates awards T-Mobile has won for customer service.) So why don’t you go cry about it and sign up for Verizon or AT&T, I’m sure they’ll cater to your every need. T-Mobile doesn’t need customers like you anyway.

      • housetek


    • ig0tno0dles

      Richard, go do your homework and learn some common sense before you post up stupid stuff.

      • vikingfan45

        T-mobile is retarded they won’t be rolling this out nationwide lets be honest they don’t have the money for it or the balls to attempt something like that.

  • AZCellGuy

    Just got off our call for the day and T-Mo is launching a BOGO after MIR in the AZ(and many more markets)starting Feb 23rd, for smartphones 49.99 or 99.99

  • makdeezy

    Looks to me like the “Test” markets are some of their largest 3G areas which would likely go well with a smart phone promo and better customer experience. Imagine you Midwest customers being happy only to realize the 3G is spotty, I am sure that is not what they want. But what do I know.

    • shawn1224

      Eh I don’t know about that. Houston is one of their more robust 3G markets and we can’t sniff a BOGO.

  • Jonstonson

    is this site running out of real news? haha

    • TheDude

      What is real news, should they start reporting on the weather? From what i can tell, they are reporting on something goj ng on with tmobile. If that is not “real” news to you then GTFO

  • vikingfan45

    T-mobile won’t ever have the balls to switch how they do business there whole approach is retarded the objective is to gain subscribers not to do send them away. I know you guys are all for T-mobile and who wouldn’t its the underdog but maybe its because you haven’t seen the light. All of the major carriers is have either A better service or be better products and i would pay $5-20 more a month to have better service. Or to have the powerhouse phone the HTC SUPERSONIC as opposed to the HTC HD2 huge win for t-mobile but not the SUPERSONIC.

    • vikinghater

      holy shit, you got grammar problems.

      • Cesar

        You “got” grammar problems too.

  • JBLmobileG1

    I hate to say it because I Love this site… but what is up with the news? Its been ssslllloooowww and this BOGO thing is getting old. Any idea on when or IF Tmobile is picking up the Motoroi? Where I work we just picked up the Verizon Devour and I must say… what is up with Tmobiles crappy line up of Android phones? How come we end up with the crap Motorla phones? Heck I was told the Devour has Android 1.6 because Verizon said they wanted nothing less and here we get an update for the Cliq and its still 1.5??? Yeah I know 2.1 is coming but geeesshhh Motorola no wonder why your going down the drain. All I can say is Tmobile needs to grow some ***** (you fill in the word) and make the companies release better phones with updated and not outdated software…. and at least confirm that the phones that are outdated (which is ALL of them) will indeed get the newest version of Android. Although by the time that happends 2.1 will be outdated.

    • TheDude

      ya cuz three posts on the whole site about bogo makes it “sooooo old”

  • TmoNinja

    We’re doing this in the Tampa area as well. Guess it’s more then just a few test markets.

  • anonymous

    Just for clarification, the BOGO offer applies to each handset and you can mix and match them, e.g Bold + CLIQ , or MyTouch + 8520. Also, the 2nd handset is only going to be free after Mail-in Rebate which you’d only qualify if you purchased 2 devices on a family plan.

  • Bryan T

    Just to confirm, midwest market is doing this as well. (Springfield/Joplin, MO and Wichita, KS)

  • Mr. Ovalles

    I am glad to confirm that T-Mobile Limited stores in the New England area launched the program and its in effect until March 16!!!

    Phones start at only $99. So if you’re in the New England area and want in on this sweet deal GOOGLE “T-Mobile Limited” and then the state.