Smartphone BOGO Starts Tomorrow?


UPDATE: We are still trying to clarify this offer and obtain further details as to which markets this offer is valid in. We can say that we believe this is a T-Mobile authorized dealer special and NOT a corporate location offer. But we have confirmed that this offer requires a new 2 year activation on a postpaid account. Stay tuned for more info!

Nothing says come in and shop with us like a “Buy 1, Get 1 Free” advertisement.  Starting tomorrow and running through March 3rd, T-mobile retail will be offering a Smartphone BOGO with any 2-year agreement.  Before you ask, we’ve tried to nail down if that means just for new customers, just for upgrades or all of the above.   As it stands at the moment, we aren’t sure so we’re going to stick with the idea that since the document doesn’t specify one or the other, we’re tentatively going to say both.  Don’t you think both new customers and existing customers should get to take advantage of this superb offer? This is fun for the whole family!

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  • chris

    based on the quality of the design* of this flier i’m going to go ahead and say that this was created by someone that works in a store, not sent down by corporate. i wouldn’t get your hopes too high that this offer is everywhere until tomorrow rolls around.

    *the awesome MS Word “starburst”, improperly placed and poorly worded “* requires 2 year agreement with data plan”, and the fact that the entire “FREE! * requires 2 year agreement with data plan” line is underlined lead me to this conclusion. This is just sloppier than an official T-Mobile flier would look.

  • Nobody cares

    Clearing the stock for the HTC HD2….

    • Wilma Flintstone

      in which I’ll be happily purchasing on March 24th. I won’t renew my contract until then.

  • c-phresh

    not to mention why is the fender screen empty, no apps or even a splash screen lol looks chopped, prolly done by an indirect dealer

  • Matt

    I have to agree this looks really lame and something that my 7 year old could make.

  • drivethruboy168

    It’s real… Trust me! Saw it personally first hand instore

  • Tad

    Really cool of you guys to phrase the post title as a statement and not a question before you have obtained any actual confirmation! I’m sure the T-Mobile employees will appreciate the extra work of dealing with disappointed customers! Kudos TmoNews!

    • David

      Changed it just for you!

      • Tad

        Much obliged!

  • ig0tno0dles

    Hmm I called my local T-Mobile store and the rep told me it’s not true…

  • Nick M

    this would really piss me off because I just upgraded my phone and will be upgrading my wife’s phone very soon and I specifically asked them if they had any deal like this. I agree though that it looks kinda fake!

  • Fake. /End

  • Stephen

    New activations, upgrades not included. Both phones would have to be new lines of service.

  • steven


    Have you noticed that your postings suck at formatting when you post a large pic?

    For viewing full size, have it link to open a new window instead. :)

  • huh?

    It’s not fake, it starts tomorrow, and it’s only for new lines. Goes until March 3rd. No upgrades.

  • guest

    This is absolutely real, as far as we know only for the west region of retail. New lines only with data on an even more rate plan only. Good luck out there

    • jim

      Real? Highly unlikely, at least for tmo RETAIL… I work in a retail (corporate owned) store in the west (oregon) and we have nothing of the sort going on. If we did that would be awesome for everyone, you’d get killer deals on smartphones and I’d get a nice boost on my commission check. But this is clearly an indirect dealer offer and they pretty much do as they please anyway. Do yourself a favor and READ YOUR PAPERWORK if you do go to an indirect dealer, there are usually secondary terms and conditions attached that tmo has nothing to do with. That said, good luck and enjoy the smartphone goodness.

  • mikeeeee

    i’ll be on the phone with customer service tomorrow.

    just got a blackberry bold yesterday and i want another one or i’ll send this one back and get 2 more.

    screw android, no UMA, i don’t care anymore, my crackberry does everything i want it o do.

    • David

      This doesn’t apply to corporate owned retail locations so if you bought your phones there, don’t bother calling in!

      • CO_Yeti

        Um, it applies at my corporate owned retail location (west region)!

        New, postpaid activations only. Deal is buy 1 smartphone, get 1 of equal or lesser value for free. Out the door, no mail in rebates!!

  • taj

    I have it going to March 16.

  • chris

    The flyer is not a corporate flyer. However the offer is at corporate stores in select markets only and applies to activations on postpaid even more accounts only. Sorry not on upgrades or flexpay.


    this is definitely not a corporate flyer. t-mobile is trying to push even more plus–no contract rate plans–and clearly this promotion would require contracts which is a huge push for authorized dealers. sorry kids, that 2-4-1 fender probably isn’t going to happen…even if you could find a store that had them in stock.

  • Tom

    It does apply to Corp stores, activations only.

  • TmoNinja

    The flyer shown is not a corporate flyer, however, there is a corporate flyer that exists.

  • Jackchord

    Is that a Cliq without a Blur?