Sunday Release Date Bonanza!


I think it goes without saying that release dates for new phones are among  the most sought after pieces of information for the readers.  With that in mind, I’m back again with some updates, some new info and all around confirmation of things already known.  Let’s start with the Nokia 5230, aka Nuron, which remains on track for a March 17th launch with its awful name intact.  The Webconnect Rocket, first previewed at Mobile World Congress and the first HSPA+ capable device for T-Mobile, will enter our atmosphere March 14th.  The Dell product I believed was  a netbook has been definitely confirmed to be just what I thought.  In addition, my super sources have verified upcoming accessories labeled “Netbook Sleeve”, “Netbook VPC”, and “Wireless Mouse”.  However, I hear that the launch will be limited  to around 200-300 locations nationwide.  I suppose that’s not  surprising as I suspect that those stores would be selected based on proximity to corporate bodies such as the downtown of a major metro area. The Samsung T469 Gravity 2 in Deep Ocean Blue will drop around March 3rd but will be far overshadowed by what comes later in the month.  The HTC device we’re all anticipating, the HTC HD2, still has a launch date of March 24th.   The Zeppelin, aka Cliq XT, is on the calendar for a March 10th launch.  The photographed yet still shadowed in secrecy MyTouch Slide, aka MyTouch 2, is still scheduled for a May 19th launch.

Ok, so all that is nice, but is there anything new? The Samsung T479, known as the Gravity 3, will be dropping in both  Indigo and Rum variations on June 23rd.  The Gravity 3 won’t have June 23rd all to itself as the Samsung T669 will also be dropping in the “Steel” color.  What’s really interesting here is the addition of the LG GS505 Navy Blue coming June 30th.  I saw this one hit the FCC last week but, as of yet, details are totally unknown and the FCC gives us nothing good to work with.

That’s all for now!!

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  • Mega G

    I’m waiting for iPhone.. the rest of the dates don’t mean squat.

    • Twitch110

      I hope you’re nice and comfy because you’re going to be waiting for a long long time for that bad boy. There’s no way that thing is coming to tmo. I don’t care what any rumors say. There’s just no way.

      • Blargables

        if the iphone doesnt take at&t theres only one other company, T-mo, cause both T-mobile and AT&T are worldwide

      • Twitch110

        Ha i know. I just think it’s way too good to be true. Tmo never has “too good to be true” moments that actually happen. I’m still thinking the HD2 is a myth.

      • Davidohio

        @Blargables…I was not aware at&t was worldwide. I could not find any info that they own any networks outside the USA.

    • Joe DeProspero

      Yeah I guess the iphone could come to T-Mobile, I mean they do gotta keep second rate phones for 2nd class citizens. I would be offended if they did indeed bring that garbage to the shelves of T-mo. I would suggest getting a “smartphone” something that could mutitask, like the godfather G1 or anything ANDROID! would be step in the right direction. idont wanna icrap iphone! my G1 killed the icrap!

      • Twitch110

        Sorry dude, but the G1 is the bastard son of the Iphone. Iphone blows it away it every way imaginable.

      • Davidohio

        I agree! My friend Kelly has the iphone and she can’t do the basic task of sending me an mms! That is messed up. Actually, I have played with the iphone and it is nice, but it is not all that. It is way over rated. I love my G1 but I am due for another android upgrade.

      • opps my son just got the new iphone3g and got a drop call here in Paradise,Tx i alowed him to make a call on my trusty old G1 guess what good by iphone he got a android smart move huh

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Please… keep waiting for the iPhone, that way I can be sure I’ll get an HD2 since there will be one additional on the market.

    • Mockerfab4

      @MegaG – You and me both, but aint holding my breath.

      As for the Android being a smartphone? Definitely not smart for business folks who need Outlook.Worst phone I ever owned! Shipped it back happily to Tmo and went back to my iPhone. Now I’m waiting for the HD2!

  • sam

    Would really like to hear more 1 GHz+ phones being released. And I hope the HD2 is windows 7 upgradeable.

  • Mockerfab4

    Nice! Glad to see Tmo is getting some great new phones and other goodies in their line up. Something for everyone! :)

  • Any info on the MyTouch Slide? Are the specs the exact same as the current MyTouch with just the addition of the keyboard?

    Also, whatever happened to the rumored G1v2 (or the 2nd G1 phone that was rumored to come out sometime this year)?

    Argh, would really love the HD2, but at the same time, I really need a physical keyboard on my phone…

    • FILA

      Same questions here with me. Seems like not alot of people remember the G1v2, but Im thinking that project got dumped for the MyTouch Slide. If the specs are the same as the rest of the MyTouch series, its not worth the upgrade. I think the Nexus 1 will be the best choice for us who want a physical keyboard because of the larger screen, so the keys would be bigger. Cuz Im with you to, I want a physical keyboard, but I dont think thats gonna happen anytime soon with the specs we want. One downside about the N1 I dont like, or the real deal breaker, is we cant see the screen outside, so hopefully a N2 is in the works

      • I hope you’re wrong. I mean the Droid is a phenomenal phone which is fast and has a great keyboard. I would hope that T-Mo would come out with a phone that is super powerful with great functionality and with a keyboard.

        I guess we’ll just all have to wait and see. Whether the phone is WM, Android or whatever, I don’t really care. I just want a fast phone, with great features and a keyboard so I can text and e-mail.

      • john

        @ alt, the droid is the bastard child of the g1, @ fila…nexus’ screen is smaller than the hd2, so how is it the only viable option. I think the tmo uk lineup would be awesome.

  • ahh

    Yeah I agree I’m also waiting on the iphone too see ifit becomes unlocked or if it comes to tmo but I might get that hd2 it looks very promising

    • Joe DeProspero

      Yeah I guess the iphone could come to T-Mobile, I mean they do gotta keep second rate phones for 2nd class citizens. I would be offended if they did indeed bring that garbage to the shelves of T-mo. I would suggest getting a “smartphone” something that could mutitask, like the godfather G1 or anything ANDROID! would be step in the right direction. idont wanna icrap iphone! How could you pick between a smartphone(HD2) & a piece of crap(you know)

      • Twitch110

        Did you really just post the same comment? Both equally stupid. In no way is the iphone crap, and you know that. Saying otherwise is just childish. At least respect the game son.

      • Davidohio

        T-mobile does have the iphone in europe, at least in Germany check it out.

      • john

        I’m not an iphone fan, it is marketed well, and tools seem to swarm to it though, so as a business decision that’d be great for magenta. The iphone can’t multi-task, all it should be considered as is a glorified app launcher that can make a couple of calls.

  • randall

    Dang I was hopin for Motoroi news,all in good time I guess

  • Artur

    All I want is an Android phone with at least 3.5 inch screen, Snapdragon or at least a 700Mhz modern processor, and 8GB of onboard storage. Is that too much to ask for…?

    • andrew

      samsung they well do stuff like that

    • CO_Yeti

      Its called the Nexus One, and it’s already out…

    • Artur

      Yeah, N1. I know. I’m still reluctant to drop that $600 it would cost me. Got a killer grandfathered family plan that I’m not willing to loose for subsidy. Curiously, I can get a subsidized phone from TMO and keep the plan. Motoroi from TMO would be perfect but sadly it’s still just vaporware. I want what I described above from TMO directly so I can take advantage of my discount. I guess that IS too much to ask for. Maybe by Christmas something will be available but with TMO, you never know…

  • andrew

    any price on the htc hd2

    • 1 arm & 1 leg with a 2 year commitment.

      Lol no, not really but I don’t see it being cheap. The TouchPro 2 was $25O.OO with a 2 year plan.

      The HD2 is way too awsome to bee any less than that. And that’s not even bringing the improved U.S. hardware version into the equation.

      • chris

        I’m guessing it would be around the same price, 250-300. Remember, those hard keyboard cost more money to make than full touchscreen ones. so i’m guess it would be around the same price. Whatever, i don’t mind if its 350, heck that phone will blow every other phone away. I don’t really mind about the apps (i know winmo market has way less apps) but the phone itself is a game changer and i bet, having blockbuster, mobile tv and other goodies will make us forget about playing games with that beast.

  • Max

    Any words about the Motoroi? cuz i’m feeling disappointed

  • Joe DeProspero

    Yeah I guess the iphone could come to T-Mobile, I mean they do gotta keep second rate phones for 2nd class citizens. I would be offended if they did indeed bring that garbage to the shelves of T-mo. I would suggest getting a “smartphone” something that could mutitask, like the godfather G1 or anything ANDROID! would be step in the right direction. idont wanna icrap iphone!

    • B

      We get it man, seriously, shut up.

    • Twitch110

      oh my…

  • Marvin

    Yea, the iphone is great for everything but making phone calls!!

  • Manny

    Im sick of using my iPhone in EDGE with Tmo, i wish they would get the iPhone so i can browse in 3G, if by the summer tmo doesnt get it, which they probably wont, ill jump ship with a Nexus One, im tired of crappy Edge.

  • FILA

    Nokia 5310 in that picture, ahhh these were the days, my very first phone on T-Mobile. I wish Nokia get into Android, cuz Id def be buying that 5230

  • Brian

    No news on the Blackberry 9100? I NEED that phone badly.

  • JBLmobileG1

    I think the iphone is a waste. I told someone I work with not to get one and that he will hate it. Sure enough what does he do? Picks one up…. and… he hated it. He took it back within a few days. He even jail broke it and still hated it. He actually has Tmobile and a MyTouch and went to AT&T for the iphone. Not only does he hate the iphone but he didn’t have anything positive to say about AT&T and he’s sticking with Tmobile. (Good thing he never cancelled or ported his number) I am still trying to talk him into a Nexus One… and if I could afford it I would get one too. As for all these release dates… I wish we did hear more on the MyTouch 2.0 or the Motoroi. Hopefully more info. will come soon.

  • Cybersedan

    N1 all the way, I bit the bullet and made the purchase, I didn’t like letting go of $600 for a phone, but man I’m a one satisfied customer.

  • Siberiously

    Seriously how can you even compare the iPhone to the g1. I got the g1 when it first came out and used it for about a year then got tired of it so I switched to an unlocked iPhone. The iPhone is more polished than android and I like to watch movies and play games. Android’s video player is lacking and iPhone is far superior when you talk about gaming. I’m not a fanboy, I’ve had the g1, 9700, mytouch, and iPhone all in the last year. Even on edge the iPhone is my choice. I’m tired of people hating on the iPhone, it seriously changed the game in terms of smartphones.

    • Twitch110

      Amen brudda. The Iphone is still the top phone easily if you ask me. HD2 is the only other phone that i think will MAYBE come close to matching it. Both have their pros and cons. But i think the HD2 will be sick. I’m all about movies, music, and all things media. HD2 looks like it’ll come close. we’ll see i guess.

      • Mockerfab4

        Double Amen! Actually went from iPhone to Android, back to iPhone. No comparison. Hands down the iPhone is the best and longest phone I’ve ever owned. I’ve had mines for 2 years which is a record for me as in the past, I’d buy a phone every 9 months. I hope the HD2 will at least come close. At least I know out of the box I can sync my Outlook mail, contacts and calendar with ease. ;)

      • Of course

        Yea sure I agree with you guys, I mean the iPhone is just such a great phone it can multi-task and all that .. oh wait ..

      • Of course

        Ok wait but at least the iPhone can work as a router right? supports tethering & sharing your data connection through wi-fi with your laptop right? i mean it can do that at least? or it can’t? oh yea right

      • Twitch110

        Dude, multi-tasking is just one small piece of the puzzle. It isn’t EVERYTHING. Nice? Yes. Necessary to make a great phone? No.

    • Mockerfab4

      Multi task?! I had a phone that multi-tasked before I went to the iPhone, i don’t miss it. I also had an Android phone and what was the point of multitasking when it crashed every 2 minutes while doing it…

  • kathi17

    Nothing exciting there for me. The best one is the HD2, but I hated Windows Mobile, so I guess I will stick with my trusty G1 running eclair until I see someth8ing I really wan’t. (Can’t afford a Nexus, and I have a family plan, so I can’t get it).

    • kathi17

      Ooooh, sorry about the typos, I’m really not illiterate!!! I just have long fingernails, and I’m a bad typist.

      • chris

        i don’t know where people get this windows hate. lol, whether its desktop, laptop or phones, people just hate windows.

        I haven’t tried a windows mobile phone, i’ve had mostly symbian os from my nokias. Then i jumped to Android bandwagon the day it came out.

        But that HD2 really looks promising, and I think I’ll give winmo a try. I don’t really mind what people say, they said a lot of bad things about vista, but guess what, i haven’t had any problems with Vista at all. But anyways, getting back to the subject. I hope that when the HD2 comes out, you’ll take at least a chance to look at it and open your mind. and hopefully, you’ll rethink winmo again.

  • AndroidMaster

    Does anyone remember the Samsung Bigfoot? I wonder if it will still launch as one of the Tseries phones listed above… or if it was just a fake one…

  • Ms. Matrix

    Look, I’m cool with the CliQ XT, but the phone that I really want to know a date on is the Motorola Motoroi. Every phone site I goto, it says Tmo is getting it in March, but I can’t find a date on it anywhere.

    • randall

      Its still just a rumour, if it was coming in early March it would be anounced by now

  • Mog

    If the iPhone is headed to T-Mobile this year, it will be announced at Jobs’ WWDC keynote, which is on June 29 this year. (Hmm…three years to the day of the iPhone launch…might an exclusivity deal be expiring, hmm?)

    Some people don’t think that Apple will bother launching the iPhone on so small a carrier as T-Mobile and instead head straight to Verizon. I’m sure we’ll see a Verizon (LTE?) iPhone too, but considering the customer count of T-Mobile rivals the entire population of Canada and the iPhone is available on *three* Canadian carriers, I think we’re large enough to matter. Especially since all it would take to get an iPhone on T-Mobile is changing the 3G bands, it’s not like switching to CDMA or anything. And it’s not like Apple can’t see that lots of people are unlocking iPhones and using them on T-Mobile…so keep the dream alive.

    But enough Apple talk. What I want to know is, are webOS phones coming? I read the BGR report…sounds exciting! The Pixi is no Pre but if T-Mobile can sell it for $299…that’s less than virtually any smartphone except 2G BlackBerries. That would be a great option for people opting for contract-free plans! Hopefully we see some Palm phones in April…both to have some phone launches in April so there’s not a six week gap, and so that T-Mobile can beat AT&T to the punch yet again. :-)

    Three days after AT&T launches their first Android phone, T-Mobile will be launching their fifth (and that’s not counting the MyTouch 1.2). Go us ^_^

  • shawn1224

    Thanks Mog, there’s at least another individual who recognizes a game changer in WebOS. I would love to see the Palm Pre on TMO’s network, probably one of the more polished OS’s out there aside from the iphone. If TMO really wants to endear themselves to the customers, they would give us more options than just WinMo or Android.

    • Davidohio

      I know nothing about the palm os, I have read some reviews on cnet, phonescoop and a couple others and the reviews were not good at all. I am all for tmo bringing palm onboard though.

  • basically the hate of windows mobile is corny. iphone came out and centralized all the apps in one spot. Windows mobile phones has tons of apps just not centralized in one spot. So since the iphone is so easy it gets rave reviews, dick riders, fanboys. at then end of the day anything a iphone can do windows mobile been doing and can do more.

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