Dell Mini 10 Notebook Coming To T-Mobile?


If you may recall, a while back one of our trusty tipsters informed us of an unknown Dell product that was headed T-Mobile’s way. The original thought was of course, a netbook as other carriers currently offer a selection of 3G equipped netbooks. Then of course came the SlashGear report of the Dell Mini 5 possibly coming with T-Mobile ready AWS bands. Today, thanks to another very trusted source, we now hear that the Dell product is none other than the Dell Mini 10 recently launched at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year. It looks like T-Mobile might finally jump onto the Netbook bandwagon.¬†According to our source, the Dell Mini 10 is slated for an end of March release. Pricing, monthly service requirements and other details are still unknown. However, in the meantime, feel free to check out Engadget’s hands on review of the Dell Mini 10! Stay tuned for more info and don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  • andrew

    not a good idea tmobile most use tether there phone as internet and tmobile 3g not good in most places

  • Ahh Yo!

    One thing to say about that: “Dell sucks!” Always have and always will. Never cared for Michael Dell nor his products. I still cry about that Dell bought Alienware. I’d rather support Apple.

    • FILA

      Id rather support DELL

    • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

      So go support Apple and At&t. Why you feel the need to tell us this? No one cares.

  • randall

    I wonder if youll be able to use a upgradeable line on a family plan for this

  • kathi17

    I would rather have a real notebook, (Mine is really old), and tether for surfing. Most of those Netbooks aren’t that much less expensive than a notebook. A real Notebook as well as a large screened smartphone like the Desire, or the Dell Mini 5 would be my ideal setup for when I am away from home.

  • Mockerfab4

    I owned this, but sold it recently to a family member. I’m glad Tmo is getting into netbooks, but feel they kinda got into it too late IMHO. Especially now with more powerful Tablet PC’s being made. The mini10 is a great product, BUT not powerful enough to stream Hulu and Netflix.

    Personally, the HD2 once it’s release will replace the netbook I had and I will continue to use a powerful laptop to do my work stuff and use the phone to do the simple entertainment and small business functions.

  • Chris

    It’s coming. Bet on it. Wait for official word shortly.

  • podstolom

    I am glad T-Mo is finally getting into netbooks but I wish they would subsidize more powerful notebooks, maybe the ultra-portable class with more powerful cpu and graphics processors. And man I sure hope whatever they offer has bluetooth in it as well as 3G and wi-fi.

  • FILA

    This is a netbook, and without the NVIDIA Ion2, this netbook aint worth it. The broadcom video accelerator only plays certain things in certain players. But very nice pick for T-Mobile’s first netbook, the built in 3G would be nice, but not worth the extra money a month when you can just tether. Im waitin for the Asus EeePC with the Ion2 in April!

  • Kendrix_myrealname

    I guess T-mo had to wait and see how well this market would accept the netbook trend. Me, personally, am not a fan of those puny little laughing stocks. I love my MacBook and tehering from my Mytouch. I think us T-mo loyalist are just spoiled and have been getting the best all around deal from any company. The only thing that would ever make me hate T-mo is if they start to control the tethering like Att and Verizon does. Although they are late to this market, there is money that is lost without it. They have lost customers just because of this stupid novelty. And Americans are quick to change their minds. So in essence, good move Magenta

  • vikingfan45

    Lmao this is a loss for t-mobile serious business customers is not going to come over to t-mobile for this netbook plus there 3G coverage is very limited…..

  • Mr. Strat

    Netbooks are crap. We’ve got a Mini 10 in our department, and it’s an underpowered piece of shit. Why do people waste their money on this junk?

  • Chris

    By the way… March 24th launch date.

  • Grrrrr

    Maybe we should all be happy we live in a world where all things are possible and stop complaining !!
    Thank you

  • Its great that tmobile has Dell notebook to have fun with in downloading music , picture or chatting with friends