Confirming Our Own Confirmed Handset Info


So here we go, the rumors and the leaks regarding new phones just keep on cranking from TmoNews. We’ve been uncovering quite a bit in the past few days and we’re ready to again confirm some dates and add some new ones. Regarding that MyTouch “Slide” we’ve been discussing, look likes its dropping 5/17 in any color you want, so long as its black, red and white. That Motorola Android phone we’ve been hearing about for March 10th? Looks like it goes under another nickname, Zeppelin. Remember that from the leaked Motorola Android Roadmap that broke this past October? Regarding that HTC HD2 so many of you have been asking for the drop date on, once again a March date looks good to go. Still fighting for its market share, Nokia looks to drop at least one new device on the big Magenta. Back in early November, the FCC gave some hints toward the Nokia 5230 complete with AWS bands, expect that on March 17th as well. That Garmin aka “Columbus” phone we hinted to last week? Looking to drop May 5th. Something from HTC is dropping on February 10th and we’re still of the mind it’s the MyTouch 1.2, or the regular MyTouch with a 3.5 mm handset jack. Comes in Black and White.

Here is the real kicker though, our ninja who is definitely on our trusted tipster list says that at the end of March, expect something from Dell. Now here is the real mind game, he said it doesn’t look as though it’s a Dell phone, but something else.   Can we finally be seeing T-Mobile jumping into the Netbook game? This is something we are DEFINTELY keeping an eye on!

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  • Sencere T.

    i wonder if that mytouch slide will run android 2.1

  • B

    I don’t care for a netbook, but I wasnt expecting the HD2 as soon as March. I just hope they don’t bug out with the price.


    Should I sell this Nexus 1 for the HD2?????? Hummmm

    • Bugdog

      Yes. To me. For $50. Ah hell, make it 100.

    • Zapote21

      Sell Android to go with WinMo??? Uhhhhhh no. lol

    • Quasar

      I’ll be happily keeping my Nexus One :)

    • Peter

      The answer is yes. Why buy Android phone which doesn’t have many of WinMo features at first place?

      Yes buy HTC HD2. Enjoy phone and it’s nice Sense UI and many WinMo features. When WinMo 7 comes by the end of this year you gonna enjoy your HTC HD2 even more.

      And here is a link to a website with more than 6000 Apps (All Free) for windows Mobile Phone:

  • HTC HD2 in March and the Motorola Zeppelin also in March? Should be an interesting month…

    I wonder if the Zeppelin will have Android 2.1 or Motoblur on it (probably Blur)

    • john

      Blur is only a skin, cliq is getting 2.1

  • MemphisPapa

    I hope the Dell rumor turns into a tablet.

  • kershon

    Well this is really good news. I have been having problems with my bb9700 and I had problems with my curve 8900 before that. I have to call tech support today. I got up this morning and I got “sim card rejected” on my screen. Wtf?? So I’m done with blackberries. I’m putting this one on ebay and getting the hd2 when it drops.

  • Duck Dodgers

    Hemm. I got the same thing on my Touch Pro 2. I had to reboot to getg it to work. Wonder if they’re upgrading towers?

  • Wilma Flintstone

    My hype meter just dropped to 20 degrees (It was at 80 before this news). The Moto Zepp? Nokia 5230? They know that should’ve been the Motorola Shadow and Nokia N900. The only interesting news here is that Dell is planning something for Tmobile.

    I’m getting the XP Phone. It’s been priced for around $400 to $650.

  • Z

    As a consultant, I travel for a living (280,000 miles last year) and netbooks are perfect for me, thin and light.

    Even though I love my netbook for traveling, bundling a netbook with a plan is just stupid. A good netbook can be had for between $280 and $350. The majority of them support a SIM card. So, if you want a netbook, find the one you want and buy it. Then add a plan from your carrier.

    Now I know it makes it more convenient, but with the (I believe) Verizon bundle, you wind up spending somewhere around $1000 for the cost of the netbook.

    And even though I like Dell’s laptops, their netbooks are lacking. If you want a good netbook, look at MSI. I have an MSI Wind U100 currently and it’s a great machine, especially when the ram is bumped to 2gb. Their new U130 is even better with 10 hour battery life. Asus is also great as well.

    I’ve used a tablet, and they aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. If you have to have a tablet, think about a convertable from HP or Toshiba. On a computer, a real keyboard is mandatory.

    Just my $0.02.

  • darrm

    Maybe wrong topic but….here goes anyway. I am still not sure how some people came up with Even More Plus being the better option other than no contract. In my case I have a 2 line family plan. Let’s go 750 minutes. Even more over the life of 24 months is gonna be $2856 including data. Even More Plus is gonna be $2640. Now imagine these with a Cliq. Even More would be $198(two phones) now with the price break or $298 before. They are $399 each out right. So Even More with phones would be $3154. Even More plus with two phones $3440. Am I missing something other than $300 extra for no contract???

    • xymboulos

      I think you included messaging in your Even More Plus quote but not your Even More quote.

    • Quasar

      Yep, with unlimited texts for both phones on an Even More plan (which is included in the Even More Plus plan), it will be $20/m more. That would come out to $3360 over 24 months. With two Cliqs added to that, you pay $3560. That means you would save $120 on the Even More Plus plan, and that’s even with T-Mo’s recently reduced contract prices.

  • mmaxsooner

    I for one am just glad to see tmobile getting the phones we truly crave, to bad the add campaign for this was 6 months to early, But who cares tmob is getting serious and I wonder who will bring out the first phone that REALLY takes advatage of the rumored 21 mbps rollout. Keep it going tmob promote the phones and bump the 3g speed and coverage you can look to move into that #3 spot by years end.

  • JMTS80

    I am really really glad T-mobile is finally stepping it up and getting serious about competing with the other 3 carriers. Still undecided if i should get the Nexus 1 or the HD2 but its a good problem to have! Hopefully i can do without a physical keyboard

    • Randy

      II have a nexus one. Nexus one wins in all categories except screen size. Also the nexuse one will recieve many updates. HD2 will probably never change from the way it is on day one.

      • Peter

        Please don’t give false information Randy or should I say don’t lie please!?

        First of all Nexus One doesn’t win in all categories. Actually Nexus One fail in most categories compare to HTC HD2 and in the best situation it can tie with HTC HD2 in some features.

        And HTC HD2 will get upgarde to Windows Mobie 7 by the end of this year according to HTC itself. That means we will see more from HTC HD2 in future and many good and new features will come to HTC HD2 (Including Performance, UI Look, Features, etc.) when Windows Mobile 7 is available.

      • jmts80

        Hhhmmm u make some good points! I am almost convinced

  • tato22

    what happen to the nokia 9000

  • J510

    Check this out… Could this be T-mobile bound?
    It has a Us release date for March

    Check out: “Motorola Motoroi coming to USA in March” –

    • umaluver

      I hope so. That zepplin looks like shit. The motoroi looks fun.

      • I talked to my guy at Verizon who tests phone and that’s supposed to release for Verizon.

  • Brian

    I am tired of my blackberry Bold 9700 & tmo. It drops calls like crazy!(AND yes, I’ve called tmo tech support many times). ‘Network failure’ errors constantly while talking on the phone. The tech support told me to switch the BB to 2G mode (from 3G) and guess what! No drop calls for a week on 2g mode…BUT THEN why did I upgrade from my 8900? oh, yeah…3G that I just shut off so I can get phone calls without dropping. They also said that the drop calls might be 3g overload?, a bad sim card? or I needed to reload the OS?….please…the 2G switch fixed it but this is ridulous. I can’t use 3G? or have to switch it on when needed?

    You rock t-mo!! And your 3G sucks in one of the largest cities in the USA…I’m on edge data speeds until my contract is up and then I’m done with Tmobile!

    • thanzig

      I’ve locked mine on to 3G using the eScreens and haven’t dropped on 3G. It seems that this is a RIM software issue similar to the Nexus One.

  • I am excited about the nokia 5230, it does have A-GPS but something tells me there is no wifi which is epic fail but I am thinking the price should be right. It’s a perfect for the wife, she has the 5800 navi edition for now but maybe i’ll “upgrade” her to this or just get her the tzones plan so she can use the phone wherever she wants as opposed to just wifi

  • podstolom

    A dell netbook on T-Mo has been in the rumor mills for at least a year now. It’s about time if it finally pops up. Hopefully the aircard in it will be HSDA+.

  • Todd

    **sigh** March for the HTC HD2…I’m still holding hope for next month, but I guess what’s another month.

    • Peter

      I think sometime in March is kind of right as David already mentioned it many times.

      The only thing that may change this date is (I think) they are still not sure to release HTC HD2 with WinMo 6.5 and then later upgrade it to 7 or just wait and release it with Windows Mobile 7.

      According to HTC itself, HTC was involved in Windows Mobile 7 Design with Microsoft. So I am sure we will see a lot more exciting news about this phone and new Windows Mobile 7 on it.


  • Bayou city

    Does anyone know if the tmobile hd2 will have the same specs as the one released in the uk? The hd2 released in the uk only has a 1230 mah battery, I’m hoping they will upgrade it. After owning the g1 I’ve become OCD about my battery life.

  • rushmore

    Wow. 3.7″ devices with NO keyboard or multi-touch and 3.1″ devices with keyboard and low res screens.

    Yeah, great line-up. Not.

    • john

      Hmmmm, the 4.3 inches on the hd2 not enough…tool

      • rushmore

        No keyboard on it…. dillweed.

  • Dalton

    Year’s starting off awesome for T-Mobile:)
    Hope they keep it up!

  • bigblue

    what happened to the htco bravo? basically nexus one with 720p video recording.

    • T-Michael

      was wondering the exact same thing…a slew of sites were talking about it around Dec 17; and as late as yesterday, I saw another new article concerning the HTC Bravo. It is slated for European release in March. When will we see the glory that is the Bravo?

  • JBLmobileG1

    After using Android I don’t think I could ever go back to a WinMobile phone. Plus if I did I would lose the data plan that I currently have and I would end up paying more. While its only a $5.00 difference I would also lose out on my 400 texts that I get. Yeah true I could get unlimited texts but I don’t even use all 400 and that would just be more money thrown away.

  • FILA


    I am so fucking ready for the MyTouch Slide. It has to have a Snapdragon or Im not upgrading. Plus Im so fuckin excited that DELL and T-Mobile is partnering up. I also heard back in AUGUST!!!! that T-Mobile would be gettin in the netbook game like any other provider. Funny thing is, Im in the market for a ATOM2 netbook right now, and im looking at the Dells, I cant wait, cuz if they get one in, holy shit, 3G on my netbook! Oh my god, you have no idea!

    Come on MAY

    • rushmore

      Sanpdragon on a 3.1″ low res display seems like putting a Porche engine in a KIA.

  • puzzled

    Should I get rid of my jailbroken 3gs for htc hd2

    • David

      I think you should. Specially with all these features already included in HD2 there is no question about it plus Windows Mobile 7 will coming later this year and HD2 will get a free upgrade.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      IMHO… yes. For many reasons:

      — The iPhone is getting dated and stale.

      — The HD2 will have better specs and perform better than the iPhone.

      — I like that non-iPhone handsets have expandability and ability to upgrade: the HD2 will have an expansion slot that will handle 32GB microSD chips. The iPhone keeps users handcuffed to the brand through planned obsolescence. E.g., you want more capacity you have to buy a new phone, not just a chip, like on 99.9% of all the other phones out there. Want an extended battery for long trips or where you won’t be able to charge the battery? Can do on the HD2, can’t do on the iPhone.

      — The HD2 will run WinMo 6.5 and eventually WinMo 7. IMHO WinMo has far better customization possibilities, every aspect of the phone OS can be tinkered with. I like that.

      — And this is a matter of preference, but phone ownership for the iPhone requires being an AT&T customer. No thanks.

      — Phone ownership through AT&T is far more expensive than with T-Mo. So pay higher prices for an inferior product? That makes no sense to me.

      — And just on moral grounds I won’t do business with Apple. Apple could easily put a microSD slot and consumer-removable battery on the iPhone. But they don’t, for a reason. That reason is to keep iPhone users captive to the product. That’s dishonest in my book, removing choice by the consumer. (All the arguments on why Apple won’t address the microSD and battery issues are without merit when you take into account the logic. Who could argue with a straight face that Apple is doing it right and all the other manufacturers are wrong.

  • damien

    BTW – Mytouch 1.2 is coming out in Feb10th, Its on the layout that we recieved for tonights swithout.

  • Vinny

    Does anyone have any clue as to the Bravo? I heard a March release in Europe, but also that it might drop in the U.S. earlier. That is the phone I want!

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Well I am putting my TP2 up for sale. There’s just too many new phones coming out and while I questioned if I need all that extra power, I got my answer just now. I have two Blackberry Pearls that I keep as emergency phones should I ever lose my latest and greatest phone.

    Today, to force me to sell the TP2 I removed the SIM and put it into the 8120. It has a big “E” give me the ol’ stink eye (because it does not get 3G).

    So it will be a tough few months waiting for the HD2.

    And one phone not entering into anyone’s mind, but might mine, the rumored Microsoft Zune phone, that will be coming out next month (possibly.) It will have Windows 7 and will be sold in the same manner as the Nexus 1.

    Will have to see what I think of that phone.

    And I believe the rumors about the Zune phone, if for nothing else that such would explain Microsoft letting its mobile OS slip to 10% market share.

  • Wilco

    I thought Microsoft would never put out a phone? They were awful critical of Google putting out the HTC phone via the Google Shopper. They said it would drive away their partners.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Wilco… here we are almost to March 1. No “Zune Phone” that I heard about, just the MWC mention of Windows Phones coming out in November.

    But they said that Win 7 phones will have a Zune type interface. So maybe I was right because I got it all wrong. That is to say, in February Microsoft did announce something called Windows Phones that would have a Zune like interface. So that’s kind of a “Zune Phone coming out in February.” LOL. But I should have said that in February Ms will announce Zune type phones coming out in November.

    Let’s see what else I can get mixed up. Hey, I know. Supposedly MS was supposed to debut WinMo 6.6 in February. They did not. Maybe what I meant was that MS would announce that WinMo 6.x.x OS will now be called Windows Mobile Classic.

    Better yet, just ignore my posts unless you have lots of time trying to decipher what I mean to say.

  • the design of the MSI Wind is similar to the basic netbooks you can find around. the price point of this netbook is cheaper than acer or dell netbooks `