“Hot” Handsets For T-Mobile’s First Quarter?


So these tips have been coming in slow and steady for the last 24 hours or so. Apparently, T-Mobile has “announced” three “hot” handsets coming up for release in the first/second quarter. The first we know as the HTC HD2, so no surprises there. The second is a GPS device made by Garmin, which fits nicely in line with the leak from last week showing off an FCC report for a Garmin device with AWS bands. The third handset is the more mysterious of the two unknowns here, the MyTouch2, codenamed “Espresso” which will according to one source, “have a sidekick type keyboard.” Another email called it the MyTouch “Slide” so now we have two possibilities. The sidekick keyboard concept isn’t exactly a bad thing, in fact in some cases it could be awesome and I’ll admit my mind is racing with design possibilities.

These are of course tentative dates and very tentative at that. The HTC HD2 will come out in Spring as previously rumored with The Garmin “Fone” dropping sometime in early May. As for the MyTouch “Slide,” current word has that pegged for May 17th. Of course, all these dates are super tentative and subject to change.

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