“Hot” Handsets For T-Mobile’s First Quarter?


So these tips have been coming in slow and steady for the last 24 hours or so. Apparently, T-Mobile has “announced” three “hot” handsets coming up for release in the first/second quarter. The first we know as the HTC HD2, so no surprises there. The second is a GPS device made by Garmin, which fits nicely in line with the leak from last week showing off an FCC report for a Garmin device with AWS bands. The third handset is the more mysterious of the two unknowns here, the MyTouch2, codenamed “Espresso” which will according to one source, “have a sidekick type keyboard.” Another email called it the MyTouch “Slide” so now we have two possibilities. The sidekick keyboard concept isn’t exactly a bad thing, in fact in some cases it could be awesome and I’ll admit my mind is racing with design possibilities.

These are of course tentative dates and very tentative at that. The HTC HD2 will come out in Spring as previously rumored with The Garmin “Fone” dropping sometime in early May. As for the MyTouch “Slide,” current word has that pegged for May 17th. Of course, all these dates are super tentative and subject to change.

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  • Galen20K


  • Jason

    That’s hillarious just last night I was saying I expected the mytouch to kind of become tmobiles new sidekick and now this that’s awesome! I hope this isn’t all they have in store for us though, I still want to see the bravo!

  • chris

    what ever happened to the Sholes Tablet???? The Droid minus the slider? thought that was coming to my beloved Tmobile..

    • TehAndroid

      From what a buddy of mine told me they are testing it. So its not for sure, he also tested the sony 8 megapixel phone, but its still in the works.

  • newspeak

    i would love for a bump in specs in a significant way…if it has as good a keyboard as the g1 and is paired with a decent processor then i am on board…one thing tmobile has demonstrated is that they do push out timely android updates and htc seems commited to doing the same so its almost as good as the nexus one

  • Vyse

    The HTC Espresso is a variant of the Hero with a QWERTY keyboard, according to some rumors from early December. I’m interested to see what it looks like, as it wasn’t in the leaked HTC 2010 line up.

  • Enduser

    Our HTC rep comfirmed that the next “big” thing coming to T-Mobile is the G1v2 but it will be for Q4 2010

    • Tony

      I few months ago, a T-Mobile Rep. told me that they G1 would be discontinued and that a new Mytouch with keyboard would be out.
      Interesting indeed.

    • pecoy

      Perfect. Just in time for us g1 adopters to upgrade

    • Y314K

      Enduser: Did u mean Q1 2010… Or is TMobile waiting for the other carriers to eat their lunch again… Like it happend at the end of ’09…

      • Enduser

        No, I really meant Q4 of 2010. Q1 would be the unfortunate Fender Mytouch

      • Y314K

        Well… Dave has gotten a couple of Q2 MyTouchv2 May 17th emails…

        Is the Q4 G1v2 you heard about a different set then the MyTouchv2 Dave has heard about… Since they are so similar in specs I think of them as the same phone.. Just one with a keyboard and one without…

      • Y314K

        Damn it… Seems it’s going to be a Hero speed phone showing up a year late… Guess in true TMobile fashion… A full snapdragon phone won’t show up in TMobile till the end of 2010… That sucks… Nexus One doesn’t count… Since only one plan is available… And no Family Plan..


        “According to the profile details, the Espresso will have the standard 528MHz processor found in the Hero/Magic, a QWERTY keyboard and a 320×480 display. HTC Espresso = a QWERTY keyboard-packing Hero, any takers?”

        No point in the age of SnapDragon & Tegra 2… Hopefully they will up those specs… If not… Guess the best Android options for TMobile will be the Nexus One which is not a TMobile phone just a fully Tmobile compatible phone… or if we get lucky there might be another not TMobile but TMobile 3G friendly Archos Phone Tablet with HD2 screen size…



        Guess we should know before the end of February…

  • Sanjay

    Good to see TMO kicking it up a bit. However, I do wish the HD2 had a slide out keyboard and win 7 installed. The slide out keyboard is a must for me. I still think the onscreen keyboards leave much to be desired. I have the TP2 and initially was using the onscreen keyboard but got tired of having to fix typos. Now when I have a lot to say I use the slide out physical keyboard and it works great.

    On a side note, almost everytime I turn off the TP2 screen and move to put it in my side holster, it gets turned on again. It is a nuisance. I am convinced it is the magnetic closure causing a switch in the device to turn it on. Anyone experience this? Is there a way around it?

    • manus

      with a 4.3 inch screen i dont really know if you need a physical keyboard.

      • john

        Agreed, that’s a lot of real estate

  • tylermobile

    We just had a major account rep in are locations and we were told 3 new phones in Q1 And Q2

    Garmin Phone- MARCH
    HTC HD2-unknow
    Nokia Touch Screen cheap soon it will replace the t-mobile tap that if your a dealer cant order anymore its sappose to be cheap something like the
    Nokia 5800 express music phone

  • soulcontroller

    What about the Sony Eric X10?

    • jak2black

      dude thats what im wanting to know about also lol

  • This is great news…

    I’m considering getting the HD2 (the only thing holding me back is the lack of a physical keyboard) but now I’m intrigued by the MyTouch2 (I want to see what kind of keyboard/hardware it comes with).

    I’ve been a WM person for a very long time so switching to Android (if I do decide to switch) will definitely be a change…

  • mark

    I think this is proof that the new rate plans that require paying full retail are not working. The fact that many current t mobile customers already have better plans are now unwilling to pay the inflated retail prices for smartphones and blackberries. I think google is learning the same thing with the nexus one.

    • john

      How does this post really make sense?

      • manus

        @ umaluver the funny thing is he didnt lol but we are talking even more plus pricing.

    • manus

      i see this too my friend wants to get a mytouch for tmobile, but he doesn’t want to pay 400 dollars. So he tells me he can go to verizon and get a droid for 200. i try to tell people you will pay over a thousand dollars more over your contract but they dont care as long as a phone is cheap i guess.

      • umaluver

        Did your buddy not graduate high school? The mytouch is 149 on contract. Would be nice if people learned to compare apples to apples.

        also your math of ‘over a thousand dollars more’ is a few hundred bucks off.

      • Dalton

        I’m not a Verizon “fan boy” in any way shape or form, but I’d go with Verizon IF I could. Have you seen their coverage (3G too!) compared to T-Mobile’s? Eh. Yeah. I think not. But if you can’t afford it, T-Mobile is perfect. I’m happy with them. :)

      • Bill48105

        @Dalton – No V fanboi either but you see they’re dropping their unlimited plan pricing Monday?!?

        “The service provider cut its unlimited family talk and text plan from $229.99 to $149.99 and its nationwide unlimited voice plan was reduced to $69.99 from $99.99”

        “An unlimited family voice plan will cost users $119.99, down from $199.99, and nationwide unlimited talk and text plans were lowered to $89.99 from $119.99”


        Seems their “Meh” response to TMo’s Even More plans was more like “Oh Sh!t” and now they’re reacting with steep price drops of their own. Unfortunately the article doesn’t credit TMo for starting the price war & almost makes it sound like TMo will be part of the sheep herd following V rather than the true instigator of this very welcomed trend. I guess TMo will have to revise their ads claiming 1/2 the price of V now. ;)

  • rushmore

    Surely Tmo is not releasing the three year old 7201 in another phone with MyTouch2?

  • rushmore

    Sony X10 is out of Tmo’s price league. This device is expected to be $800.


    This gives me time to play with this Nexus 1, sell it and move on to something else. This phone addiction is crazy!!

  • Inhuman

    Any word if the HTC Bravo will make it to to USA? And what quarter?

  • MyTouch2 w/ physical keypad interesting. If it has a faster processor, we’d have a winner!

  • jp2dj1

    Yea a faster processor… and a big screen… and a 8mp camera… and 720p video recording… and and………… com’on who am I kidding… right??

  • loyalty rep

    Boy I’m an avid g1 user it would be great if we got a g2..with snapdragon…decent sized screen that’s all lol

    • Y314K

      I’ll see your SnapDragon & raise you a Tegra 2…lol

  • whatever happen to the sony ericsson cs8 phone. I been waiting for that phone to come out, does anybody know if it got discontinue or coming out this year?

  • Dalton

    I can wish, but if a G1v2 came out tomorrow i wouldn’t be able to get it. No money, but once I save up enough I’m getting rid of my G1. ASAP. It’s a great phone and all, but mannnn does it lag. And I’m a teen. So I love downloading games and stuff. G1 just isn’t “with it.” Other than the keyboard. I gotta have a keyboard! ;) (Seems HTC hasn’t been making ANY phones with a physical keyboard lately.)

  • Gabe

    Do anyone know if the HTC HD2 will have android one it, because thats what i was told by a t-mobile rep????

    • umaluver

      hd2 is winmo 6.5 currently and is expected to upgrade to 7.0. However, the beauty of winmo is that you can dual boot and have Android installed in addition to winmo.

  • ohsnap123

    i heard directly from a motorola employee that the sholes is coming to Tmo in Feb.

  • Juan

    Size of the screen has nothing to do w/me wanting a physical keyboard. I type very fast on my G1 keyboard. Almost as fast as I do on a computer keyboard. What sucks about softkeys is that you have to switch back and forth to enter numbers and special characters whereas on a physical keyboard you just hit shift or alt on the fly as you type. If a softkeyboard had multitouch then you would be able to do the same.

    • galen

      you wouldn’t care about a physical qwerty keyboard if you had swype. I downloaded swype on my mt3g and it’s an incredibly fast and beautiful software program.

  • whyhellomichael

    How is may 17 first quarter. Jan feb march=Q1. I’ve had my cliq since before launch and love it. If moto continues to push quality products such as this I would be interested in picking up other devices from them. And this comes from someone who tried his damndest to NOT sel moto products (w490 and the actv still plauge me to this day).

  • Will

    Well my guess is the mytouch slide might be this phone on http://modmygphone.com/forums/showthread.php?t=21631 its the htc Lancaster. It might have been for AT&T but maybe they switched the frequencies for 3G on the phone and now its heading to T-mobile since AT&T were slow getting android. The droid tablet is coming and probably the Motorola Droid is around the corner too for T-Mobile. Hopefully T-Mobile will get the Xperia X10 too. And why couldn’t T-Mobile USA try to get their hands on the Android Vega Tablet. Hopefully they’ve got Apple making a Tablet and an Iphone for T-Mobile. I mean why wouldn’t they T-Mobile will have the fastest 3G in the nation by years end and t-mobile will probably announce LTE at the upcoming Mobile World Congress.

    • john

      It does seem to fit the bill.

  • Tom

    What would be ideal is T-Mobile should buy MetroPCS and get its LTE spectrums. Then T-Mobile should buy Sprint and combine Sprint’s CDMA network and MetroPCS’s CDMA network. So, then Clearwire merges with T-Mobile. At the end Clearwire and Sprint engineers would take care of WIMAX towers and T-Mobile and MetroPCS engineers would take care of LTE towers. And T-Moible would take care of the GSM network. MetroPCS and Sprint engineers would also take care of the CDMA towers. And T-Mobile can get help from Clearwire to revive their @home services. There’s enough money to go around with those 4 companies. T-Mobile’s plan for 2010: 1. Faster internet which is on track so check 2. Top of the Line phones which is on Track. T-Mobile 2010 looks good already can’t wait to get my upgrade at the end of the year. Have a G1 right now my phone is already outdated even with all the hacks on it I have HTC Sense UI on my G1 with apps2sd.

    • Rick

      The part of the Merging is possible and reasonable but sounds very unlikely. And I agree T-Mobile looks on track in 2010 HTC HD2 already announced, Windows 6.5 released, Nexus One, Garmin phone coming to the spotlight, Nokia and T-Mobile look like they are becoming good friends, LG and T-Mobile look to be talking phones, HTC and T-Mobile are becoming good friends, and Motorola looks to be a good suspense movie after some T-Mobile employee asked a Motorola worker if T-mobile was getting the Droid he looked at the employee and smiled and people assumed that that means yes. This year looks good but T-Mobile should look into Lenovo phones and sign an exclusive deal for the USA. Motorola did say when they launched the Motorola Cliq that there is more android Motorola devices coming T-mobile’s ways so the Droid and the Droid Tablet looks very possible.

  • branon

    I am quite certain that if a phone is to be released in May, that would not count as the first quarter!

    • branon

      my bad, you did say first/second…

  • FILA


    Well Ive been saying all along for the G1v2 to get released and well this is kinda like it. The MyTouch2 aka slide, jeeze, if this is true, they better put a snapdragon in that damn phone. If they do that with all the goodies the N1 has, they have a buy from me, now I cant wait till fucking MAY!!!! PLEASSSE hopefully some screen leaks sometime soon, oh my god

  • Jay

    guys guys stop getting overexcited for the Espresso, it’s not even a great or next gen(or even current gen?) phone…its outdated and half a year too late. it has the same CPU has the G1/MT3G/CLIQ…all it is is a MT3G/G1 with a better keyboard and Android 2.1.

    i’m a huge physical keyboard person myself and I still have a G1 and didn’t get the CLIQ because of its horrible keyboard but no ****in way I would get the Espresso over the Nexus One, no way. The N1 is so much better it’s not even funny, the Espresso is like a kid’s toy compared to the N1 and so last year. The HD2 is going to be amazing but idk since it’s running WinMo…maybe I’ll check out WinMo and see if I can deal with it compared to Android…but idk, it’s going to be hard for anything to get me away from Android or to be better than it.

    As for the Bravo, it’s the same **** as the Nexus One, except the N1 is out already and you can get it the next day now if you order it. The Nexus One is better, easily. Wanna know why? It’s Google’s flagship phone, that’s first. So what does that mean? All the Android updates, and the fastest. It’ll be the first phone to get any Android 2.2 or higher versions unless an Android phone releases with that first. Even if one does the Nexus One will be the FIRST phone to get an update to the latest version of Android because like I said, it basically is Google/Android…the HTC Bravo is going to be running HTC’s Sense UI. Not only is it going to be HTC first who haven’t been that great delivering updates, but it’s going to be running their Sense UI, which isn’t better than vanilla Android IMO and it alone is going to take up a lot of time to code over for the newest Android version. So what does that mean? It ties in with my first point, you’re going to have to wait a WHILE to get the latest Android version on your Bravo, if you get it at all…check out the Hero, it’s been out since November of last year and **** still is running on 1.5…we on our G1’s and MT3G’s already have 1.6, the Droid is the only phone with 2.0 and the Nexus One(once again Google’s flagship device) is in a league of it’s own and has 2.1. This is where the Espresso and Bravo will be lacking, Sense UI is actually a deterrent for them at the end of the day…it prevents fast Android updates to be released to them, if at all. The Nexus One will get all the updates and the fastest, it’ll no doubt be supported for a long while.

    I’m gonna get the Nexus One this week because it’s no doubt worth it and the best smartphone out right now and prolly will be for a while until an Android version of the HD2 comes out. If WinMo is good enough for me tho…who knows then maybe I’ll switch to the HD2.

    I’ll def switch to the Android version of HD2 whenever it comes out tho even if I have a Nexus One.

    How about Sprint tho? Yall hear they’re getting an Android version of the HD2 with WiMAX radio built in to it later this year? There’s no release window yet but that’s ****in awesome, that’s everything we all wanted. I don’t see myself leaving T-Mo anytime in the near future but I’ll be the first to say that if Sprint does get an Android HD2 with WiMAX even if WiMAX is in my area or not because their 3G is pretty good and is in my area and if that Android HD2 doesn’t go to T-Mo soon too or is already out for them I’d prolly switch to Sprint and get that Android HD2 right away. I love T-Mo tho, amazing phones and amazing prices and excellent coverage and speed for me and great customer service and GSM, I can upgrade my phone or get a new one whenever I want cause of SIM cards, they’re great, hate CDMA…but that’s the phone everyone wants…a 4.3″ Snapdragon Android phone…Android version of the HD2…amazing. It’ll obviously be beat soon by a Tegra 2 Android phone tho, prolly with Android 2.2+ and maybe a 4″+ screen too or a 3.7″+ screen with a physical keyboard. =p That’s how technology goes, I love it. Good thing I can save up money to get these nice phones.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Jay, nice post. Very informative. But it is not relevant to the 99.9% of the consumers who HTC, Google, MS, Android and others are selling to.

    All the consumers knows is what looks sharp, cool, and is fun to operate.

    I have a T-Mobile Touch Pro2 running 6.5.1 and the HTC Sense user interface. Everyone who sees it loves it and is envious. And here in downtown San Francisco there are thousands of people using the latest “cool” or “fashionable” phones.

    None of them give a rip about WinMo, Android, Palm, or whatever. In fact, as I said before, stop 1000 people on a street corner using a phone, 995 of them would not be able to tell you what OS the phone has. But they will tell you “Oh it has this cool little icon I press and I can get e-mail quite fast.”

    Truth is the public does not know which phones are in the pipeline and which phones have which specs. But they can tell you that Droid commercials are cool and they heard something on the news about a Google phone (which is not really a Google phone anyway, it’s an HTC phone. And one has to wonder where Google will go to get their next phone since HTC said they won’t make phones in that kind of relationship, again. They want to sell to carriers. I digress).

    What carriers have to deal with is a real nightmare because none know which will be the next big phone to capture the consumer’s interest, so that they will go to one carrier over another.

    And then there’s the war. Not the one overseas in the Middle East, but the price war over talk, data and handsets. ATT and Verizon are going at it and T-Mo and Sprint have to somehow get the consumers attention rather than the public thinking only the big two have great prices.

    But like anyone, I have no sympathy about this war. I predicted over a year ago that it was coming and now that it’s here I intend to enjoy the spoils. To be sure, I have paid all the carriers probably $200,000 since 1989, so I have no problem playing the part of a gypsy, so to speak.

    As to the HD2, that phone is going to be the next big deal. I measure a phone’s debut on how much it is in the news. I suspect that T-Mo has a big splash planned for that phone. Should be fun, especially since I am buying one.

    Heck, anything will be a bigger splash than when I bought the TP2. All there was on that phone was a few press releases in business journals. That was the biggest non-event I have ever seen for a phone.