WM 6.5 Update Leaked Early


In a change of pace, something is actually released early, kind of.  The last we heard, the official T-Mobile release of Windows Mobile 6.5 would be on January 20th (along with a laundry list of other happenings).  It seems, though, that the link for the direct download has been leaked.  This update is for the Dash 3G and Touch Pro 2.  Just head on over to the link, enter in your IMEI, wait, and presto, WM 6.5 just in time for the WM 6.6 or 7 to be announced. So head on over and get your fresh upgrade.  Leave your thoughts and experiences in the comments, or discuss it in the Forums!

WM 6.5 Update

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  • jkspike3

    very interesting

  • jkspike3


  • Brian

    I just downloaded and upgrade. Seems like it is same as the one leaked last week. Cool!

  • David

    Yeah looks like same as the one leaked last week but for some reason I can feel it is smoother than the other one.

    Touch Pro2 was fast and works great and this update makes it even smoother and faster. Most of already available apps are now there without any need for installation.

    Microsoft also recently updated Windows Live and Bing. This build includes older versions. So don’t forget to get the latets version of Windows Live and Bing after upgrade.

    From your phone go to these links and update Windows Live and Bing:

    windows Live Link: http://wl.windowsmobile.com/

    – Click on Download English (Pro) For Touch Phones

    Bing: http://mobile.search.live.com/client/download_manual.aspx

    – Click on Download Bing for Windows Mobile 6.1 or 6.5

    Enjoy! :)

  • David

    Actually for Bing update from your phone go to this link and follow instruction:


  • DDD

    DIdnt work when i put in my imei

  • lee

    the update is great..minimal newstuff..but many kinks worked out of old stuff

  • podstolom

    Maybe this is a “release” version of the bild with the debug code removed. That might explain snappier performance. I guess I’ll re-load it and see. I’ve had a few freezes and hiccups with the old “leaked” version. A debuging code-free release would lessen memory footprint too.

  • I have an unlocked palm treo pro that’s running wm. Anyone know where I can get this update for free for my phome? I would prefer an official version.

    Thanks nd good to see tmo releasing this early!

    • sirphunkee


      I’m just pulling a number out of my butt here, but I’d say there’s approximately a -127.9% chance of that ever happening. And even if somebody DID release an official WM6.5 upgrade for that (or any other) hardware, it would be the carrier that sold the phone in the first place.

  • jaymes

    hmm…when i press “download” the page trys to load then it says “page connot be displayed” :(

  • Viper

    Anyone know if the Wifi Internet Sharing app is in there?

    I somehow doubt it :P

  • Nitaino

    Woohoo it rocks.. no Internet sharing via wifi but if you want it go to xda developers and get it there.

  • Sanjay

    I downloaded and installed. Looks good. Got all my settings and data back on the phone. However, I’m not sure I see much difference other than appearance. Did I read that this has the sense UI? What is that? It is still the Touch Flo interface with updated symbols, etc. I like the integration of some apps but if we have to re-download lates windows live and bing anyway what’s the benefit?

  • podstolom

    Well, for me, the main benefit is the revamped PIE. Still seems a bit slow to me but better than the old 6.1 version. The zoom feature, one-column formatting and full screen viewing make the upgrade worth it.

    I tried installing the wi-fi internet sharing from xda-developers but all it did was disable the wi-fi option in the Comm manager and no means to enable itself. 5 have a dash3G, maybe it was meant for a tp2, I dunno.

  • outcast

    I downloaded and installed the upgrade. Looks and runs nice. I found a problem though, Microsofts MyPhone back up says my device is not compatable so I am unable to get my contacts synced back. I did notice they brought back the program that syncs with t-mobile

  • xnifex

    did Tmo keep PIE as the default browser or did they leave it as HTC’s default of Opera Mobile?

    • Sanjay

      They have Opera Mobile as the default. I don’t like it. All my favs are in PIE. Is there a way to change this? By the way I am trialing the SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 and it is so far way better than the Sense UI. If I continue to like it, I will buy it.

      I find the upgrade to 6.5 to feel a bit more sluggish on my TP2. I hope this is the latest version because it is date 12/15/09. Could they have tweaked it more before release?

  • zonaodc

    after i dowload the file it says that the file cannot be opened. either it is not signed with a trusted certificate, or one of its components cannot be found. if the problem persists, try reinstalling or restoring this file. what am i doing wrong?

  • Lee

    well it was working fine but now i’ve got memory errors popping up…i haven’t added any programs or files to the phone nor do my messages get saved so i don’t know what the deal is

  • Leslie

    Hey i been trying to update and everytime am about to get the software and my phone goes into 3 colors i get disconneted and i cant continue. Does anyone know what am doing wrong or what i can do, please email me at Lesliev182@gmail.com thanks ^-^

  • John

    Hi Guys, wmpoweruser.com website today posted about OpnMarket website which we can call it alternate freeware Windows Mobile MarketPlace for Windows Mobile.

    It has more than 6,700 free windows mobile games, tools and themes. Download software for HTC Touch Diamond / Pro / HD / Fuze, Samsung Omnia and other smartphones.

    They have huge selection of apps, games and etc. Some are very old from 2002 and many are new recently released apps.

    I just tried UNO, GSoundBox and Rush Hour. So far all works great on Touch Pro2. I can tell they are very nicely design, good graphic, run smooth, and fun.

    Here is a link if you like to try: http://www.freewarepocketpc.net/

    Just sign in and enjoy thousands free stuff for your Windows Mobile Phone.

  • Evan

    I have been using Windows MyPhone to sync my contacts and calendar. However I see the post saying the 6.5 upgrade disables that. Is it possible to sync with both Windows MyPhone and T-Mobile or might they conflict? (If stupid question, so be it—How do I sync with T-Mobile?)

  • There might be compatibility issues when you try to sync them because of the software limitation

  • HectorC32@yahoo.com

    Dose any one know how 2 download the tmobile software udate fo an unlocked att htc tilt 2/touch pro 2 if u can help plz email me i tried but i cant bcuse the imei number