Windows Mobile 6.5 Details, WM7 Going To HTC HD2


While we await the arrival of Windows Mobile 6.5 one week from today, those looking to score the HTC HD2 can expect to enjoy whatever goodness Windows Mobile 7 brings. Windows Mobile 7 isn’t expected to drop until November but after a false Twitter alarm, HTC has confirmed the HTC HD2 will receive the free update. Little is known about Windows Mobile 7 at this point, but Microsoft hopefully has put some serious muscle behind it as the competition has all but stolen the media attention. We’ll know more next month when WM7 is introduced at Mobile World Congress.


Those TouchPro2 and Dash3G customers eagerly awaiting the release of 6.5 next Wednesday can take a look at this list sent over to me last night highlighting some of the expected upgrades:

On January 20, the Windows Mobile 6.5 software upgrade will be available for customers with the T-Mobile Touch Pro2 and Dash 3G. Customers can obtain the update on at
Windows Mobile 6.5 includes some exciting enhancements, such as:
Windows Marketplace for Mobile
With Windows Marketplace for Mobile, customers can choose from a large library of mobile applications to purchase and download either through their phones or from their PCs.
Applications include games, business tools, and social networking.
Customers can check ratings and read reviews before they download an application.
Microsoft My Phone
Microsoft My Phone allows customers to easily store their phone’s data to a password protected Microsoft Web site for free.
Customers can back up their phone automatically, including SMS, MMS, and memory card files, to a secure Microsoft server.
Customers can share photos on their favorite social networking sites, access their contacts, text messages, and more online.
Customers can recover data from a lost phone and remotely wipe their phone if needed.
An active Windows Live account is required for this feature.
Visual Voicemail
Mobile Backup
The Windows Mobile 6.5 software update will not be sent to existing customers over-the-air. All customers must download the update at Existing customers will be notified of the update via a free T-Mobile SMS beginning January 20.

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  • john

    Nice to see that there’s actually something gained from the update, unlike the cliq’s 1.3

  • MishkaGreen

    Still waiting on the MT3G Android 2.0 update :-/

  • FMH

    certainly hope that the above list are not the only improvements… an official 6.5 tmo rom, hmmmm, i wonder how long this will take to crash.

    • john

      Seeing as how its free, and I’m getting the hd2, its of no consequence to me.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        And the point of your post is?

        Bandwidth waster. LOL.

    • watbetch

      The T-Mobile stock WM 6.1 rom was extremely stable.

  • Trampled

    Oh hells yeah… the HD2 just keeps looking better and better. Glad I passed up the N1… or was forced to pass it up really… but happy that I waited none the less. I’m hoping some Xbox Live gaming goodness really does make it to WinMo!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Having used Android and WinMo 6.5 I can tell you that WinMo 6.5 is an excellent mobile OS. And considering the quality products MS puts out, I know WinMo 7 will be awesome.

      You are wise to be waiting for the HD2. I predict it will be one of the finest handsets on the planet, especially since it is made by HTC.

      My T-Mobile Touch Pro2 is made by HTC and the quality of manufacture is outstanding. It it is the finest feeling handset I have ever owned. Since the HD2 will be HTC’s premium handset I will probably end up sleeping with it under my pillow. LOL.

      Heck, I still love the feel of my TP2 and I have had that since August 09. I marvel at how well it is made. E.g., the keyboard is the best I have ever used on a portable device.

      Just saying.

  • desennium

    6.5 is available NOW!!!!!!!!!!!


    • xnifex

      whatever you’re smoking to where you saw it on the site, i want some!

  • Sean

    Seeing as how I’m running 6.5.3 on my Tmo Wing, the official/free update is of no consequence.

    However, knowing that I’m going to be getting the HD2 when it arrives (March please, not end of April!!!), I AM concerned about the drop date of the HD2 if it’s going to have WM7. I hope they mean the upgrade to WM7 when it arrives & no delay until WM7 is available…especially as slowly as TMo rolls out official updates.

    • J-Hop2o6

      or u can get a custom ROM from xda, instead of waiting for tmousa to release it.. i had a custom 6.5 (EnergyROM 6.5/2.1) for months now..

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I have the T-Mobile Touch Pro2 and am too looking forward to the HD2. I will be giving the unit I don’t want to my girlfriend to use (who is using my hand-me-down G1 as we speak).

      HD2, Snapdragon, WinMo 7, I think I will be using the HD2 and gladly relegating the TP2 to hand-me-down status.

      The G1? It’s going on eBay, for $100 or less.

      I took the article/comment to mean that the HD2 will NOT debut with WinMo 7 and we will get WinMo 7 for free when it comes out.

      That’s a semi downer because I have been posting all over the net that the HD2 will debut in April and so will WinMo 7.

      Here’s hoping that HTC and MS are engaging in a bit of disinformation to throw everyone off and keep things a secret, albeit I am very, very happy with my TP2 running WinMo 6.5.1 and the HTC Sense user interface.

      But Snapdragon, 4.3″ display, WinMo 7, and a capacitive display, man oh man I am in no matter what it cost.

  • just some dude

    No chance at success, not counting WM 6.5 cuz its garbage, i wonder if WM 7 will help microsoft out any. But from the looks of some early videos it is all over the place and far too bloated, there trying to cram in the kitchen sink too. I wonder what will happen to Microsoft after so many flops like the Zune, Vista, Win 7, and all of WM versions.

    • conrad

      Uh huh… you’ve seen an early video of windows mobile seven while the entire tech blogisphere hasn’t been able to even see a screen shot. You are such a liar.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Just Some Dude… quit coming on here and thread crapping. You don’t use any MS products do you are not qualified to render an opinion. You are just trying to be fashionable by echoing what others say.

      I have used MS mobile products (and others too) since 1997. WinMo 6.5 is an excellent product. For the consumer it works well. And that’s all that matters, how the consumers like it.

      Geek opinions posting on these sites don’t count in the bigger scheme of things (to be sure, stand on a street corner all day asking every phone user what OS is on the phone and you will get a blank stare). But they all will have an opinion on whether the phone is “fun,” “cool” and easy to use.

      So quit with the YOUR garbage comments, they add nothing to the conversation. (And what you say is nonsense anyway. I really wish the site owner would ban you).

  • David

    Haha that’s cool, now windows mobile will have some of the features I have enjoyed on my android device for months now!

    • David

      @David Actually many of these features already exist for WinMo phones and I enjoyed them on my WinMo 6.1 device for months like you.

      Just because you didn’t know about these WinMo features that doesn’t mean it didn’t exist and it’s new.

      I hope you just post that comment becuase of your lack of knowledge about WinMo not because of being “just some tool”.

    • jaymax

      Ugh. Another fanboi.

      • john

        Those don’t exist here…lol

  • All I want in 2010 is a multitouch, Android device, with a snapdragon processor, built in memory of 16 GB or greater and a slide out keyboard…


    • just some dude

      well there is a nexus one pro rumor with a keyboard. you can root to get multitouch, will have snapdragon, i dont think it will have 16gb internal. then again google said next time around there looking in to having the apps on the sd card so that mite not be an issues.

    • Viper

      Uh, wrong post. This is about Windows Mobile. kthx

  • David

    Look at all these Android fanboys posting in WinMo related post again and doing the only thing they can do the best in their life. How sad to see people like these!

    Go enjoy your $200 + $350 ETF kids with no customer service to support!

  • just some dude

    As promised ill send you the info just mail me your email, use anon this is a public access disp email. ill grab it from the server, you can delete yourself if you want.


  • just some dude

    got it, ill get back to you by 2200.

  • WMisbest

    Wow a lot of bashing WM here, I have had both, First I had the T- Mobile shadow, The OS wasnt bad but the crappy little processor in the thing made it horrible. I then Pre ordered and got the G1. It was a nice device, but with just as many drawbacks as wm in different maybe even more important categories. There are so many apps for WM all over the place, cant say the same about Android just yet. Apps 2 SD out of the box is huge, and android cant do it. I now have the TP2 – actually had it sense it came out. Lets seeeee, Skyfire browser – It has complete Flash support, Apps 2 SD out of the box – MS office mobile – ( didnt have to pay 30 bucks for some crappy decoder – Oh yeah and I can use my phone as a freaking mobile hot spot thanks to the file folks at XDA – I think both OS’s are good in their own right but WM is superior in many ways.

  • just some dude

    Well lets seeeee on my rooted Nexus One default bowser flash support, apps2sd, a few options for office stuff im using documents to go, wifi/usb tethering so im basically a router. LOL. I think one OS is the best Android of course, And the other well its WM need i say more. WM is the one that loosing market share to both the android. And its WM that is desperately trying to copy features of other OS’s to stay afloat. And its WM that HTC will scale back production and possibly drop all together. I could go on for another paragraph of companies dropping WM for Android. I think 2010 will be very big for android. At the same time when WM7 drops vendors will laugh at MS for incompetence. And when MS asks why is none using our OS, they will say we went another way. Android rules.

    • WMisbest

      Maybe you didn’t read those options – Out of the box – Most people aren’t going to root and flash roms on phones so having these options – apps 2 sd and the others I mentioned are extremely useful. I do not doubt that Android isnt a serious player in the game because it is, and from my experience with it, its a very stable, user friendly os. But now that you are speaking mods , lol Wm is far more modable then Android mostly because people have been moding wm for years partly because the os was seriously lacking and also because it is relativity easy to do. Anyways good luck with your Nexus, I will have the HD2 on day one. And c’mon how many features on both updates Os’s have spinned ideas and features of the Iphone. I like both os’s as I said but I prefer WM as it is a more productive os as far as using it for business purposes. As a Insurance Claims Adjuster I need complete Microsoft Office as well as complete Exchange support, Android doesnt have it nuff said.

      • Biggie

        yeah that fag doesn’t know how to read he just toots his little horn

      • just some dude

        Android supports exchange natively now, and there are apps out that give you word, excel, pdf, powerpoint. Android will destroy WM and Iphone.

  • Viper

    Uh… anyone know why the Touch Pro 2 isn’t showing on the website right now?

  • just some dude

    They came to there senses and dropped all WM phones. LOL. just kidding.
    maybe one day.

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  • Josh


    How come you even let this “Just Some Dude” come here and post these stuff!?

    Please just go and read his posts in this website in every single WinMo related posts and see how he insults everybody and worse than that talking about people’s family and insulting them with bad words and any other ways he can…

    This is a real shame! I can’t believe you guys let a person who has no respect for other people ideas and more important for their family come here to your website and saying these stuff.

    Please go read and check every single WinMo post in this website and see his posts. Please do!

    How come you don’t delete his posts!? How come you don’t ban this guy from your website!?

    He doesn’t have any post in Android posts but every single WinMo post he is here and doing same thing. Really shame and not professional!

    Is this how you gonna keep this site Professional?

    For protecting this website and keep it professional you need to act and do some serious action against this guy.

    • David

      His comments have been set to require approval before being auto-approved. I try to keep up with all of them but its tough. I’ll keep an eye out for them and make sure they are clean and so long as they argue the merits of a point, they’ll go through. Personal insults most certainly will not.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Agreed Josh. That’s why I don’t come on here too often. People like Just Some Dude thread crap, insult and deride. If I was the owner I would not post his comments, I’d ban him.

      He is the reason why people don’t hang in here, it’s very distracting. Plus his comments are always the same, trashing anything to do with MS or Windows Mobile, plus any phone he decides to not like (for whatever reason, such as the color or battery rating).

      Judging by the number of spelling and grammar errors I suspect he is a 14 year old or a high school dropout.

      Well, this thread has turned into no fun or interest, so see you.

      This can be renamed the “Just Some Dude’s” site. LOL.

      David should really rethink letting this guy hang around. Free speech is fine, but if it chases away people from the site, is that really worth it? I don’t think so. When he insulted that other person he should have been banned immediately. Why babysit his comments.

  • CallawayBomber

    Since I update on that early release ROM two weeks ago, my wife is saying there’s something going on with her TP2. She’s en route via D.C. so by 11pm, I’ll know what’s going on. I’d like to know if anyone else who took that leaked update is having any issues and if you are/were, what did you do to resolve them.

    I’m basically going to take the T-Mo release if I see an issue. Otherwise, I’m getting irritated with her constant disappointment in the phone.

    I won’t dare tell her what I heard via T-Mo employee who has knowledge of what’s being beta’d right now. He said Summer time is also a good time to get a phone.