HTC HD2 To Get Windows Mobile 7, Says HTC Russia

thumb_450_HD2_WM7 update

We knew Twitter was becoming a heavy source for all kinds of information, but breaking news from the tech world hadn’t yet gone that way. Don’t tell that to the folks from HTC Russia who stated through Twitter, the HTC HD2 (expected to drop on T-Mobile sometime next year) is going to be the only HTC “communicator” phone to receive the Windows Mobile 7 update. That’s good and all, but for the T-Mobile faithful, how about some Windows Mobile 6.5 love for devices that are actually being sold today?

That’s really all there is to say here…the guys at WMExperts say this is a likely scenario as the WM7 required specs are all met by the HTC HD2.


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  • deeone

    let’s hope it’s true, it would be great.

  • bjfam83

    I’m looking forward To this device

  • ndy500fan

    I understand all of the excitement over the Google Phone, but damn. I’m a little bitter that they are stealing all of the press. I just want more info on the HD2 release here in the States. I’m thinking of traveling to Taiwan and breaking into HTC just to see if I can find some info. OK, not really, but I do wish those Ninjas could come up with more info for those of us who have been drooling over this phone since October.

    • conrad

      thats because this is basically an android fan site. the other devices get token coverage here so they can maintain the guise of being a tmobile blog and not an android blog. if you want actual device news you have to goto other sites that are less biased. granted tmonews has broken some nice news (which is why i still visit periodically) now and again, but really its 90% droid praise 10% “oh yeah, here are some other devices…but they arent droids and thats all we have to say about that” posts. I just set my news agrigater to alert me of post related to actual smart phones.

      • David

        Seriously, I think all devices got the amount of coverage that they warrant. Give me more HD2 news and I’ll post it but Android is considerably more popular therefore has more information coming out at any given time. You think its all some conspiracy when you really have no idea what goes on behind the scenes.

      • just some dude

        I for one cant wait for the HD2 to come out. LMAO.

      • Peter

        Well said Conrad and I agree with you. As you said I decided to go to other sites that are less biased (and not against Windows Mobile) as well to be able to get more information about smart phones news (even those that come to T-Mobile).

        I used to came to this blog a lot more but when I saw how things changed here (blog became all about Android news – more advertising actually – and trashing Windows Mobile as much as they can) I decided to stay away and get information and news from others.

        • David

          And yet here you are visiting and commenting. What you and your friend Conrad fail miserably at understanding is the volume of Android news related to Windows Mobile. You think it’s done with hatred or favoritism when it’s none of the above. We cover relevant news and as Android is ye hottest thing right now, it’s going to get the lions share of coverage. When other big phones drop, I’ll cover those too. It’s really disappointing the level of armchair quarterbacking I read in these comments from people who talk without a single idea of what goes on behind the scenes at this blog or others like it.

  • Great point! I like the nexus one and all but, the REAL flagship device on t- mobile IS the htc hd2. It is the most innovative , best looking world class device and it’s exclusive to t- mob in the U.S. It is the phone that the rest of the world loves and owns. This IS the phone we need, bar none..this is the ONLY phone the iPhone fans fear. Ask around if you don’t believe.

  • I hope tmobile gets this phone sooner than later, I need an iPhone replacement (like the iPhone but I like having 3G speeds, iPhone is unlocked/jailbroken). Not only that the nexus one isn’t as nice lookin’ as this device. And hopefully the dev’s over at xda can get android running on the HD2!

  • Galen20K

    I truly believe both the Nexus One and HD2 are both Handsome devices, I can’t decide which one I like Better. I like them both for various different reasons!

    • edd

      haha stole my words

  • Conrad, I think you are completely off base. Tmonews does NOT even refrence the “droid” in any post I’ve seen ( could be wrong). And the only reason they mention android is because of the popularity of android inspired devices out on the market- which happen to be some of the BEST phones on the market. I’m not a huge fan of android but, to call this site ” bias” is kinda silly- they cover EVERTHING on this site , the good , bad and sometimes the ugly- they pull no punches, that’s for sure. So if you need a REAL review on a certain phone, wait for the guys on this site to review it . Not saying other sites aren’t good but, almost every rumor on this site has been TRUE. If you don’t believe me ask some of the other people on these blogs. Keep up the good work tmonews. And Conrad , stop the playa hatin. Just saying…( and happy new year!)

    • ndy500fan

      Well put Wojax2. I wasn’t trying to stir the pot. Just craving more info, which I’m sure will come in due time. David, I think you guys do an excellent job and don’t agree with Conrad at all.

  • Sgt. Cell

    Gotta agree, this site covers all brands, be it Blackberry, HTC or Goggle (and many more). Pretty fare across the board. Keep up the good work. This is the first site I check for my T Mobile news. As someone earlier said, release the HD2 T Mo.


  • rapaleeman

    As others have said this site is pretty unbiased as a whole when compared to other blogs (BGR for instance hates WinMo and says it quite often for instance). The coverage on all the T-MOBILE devices is pretty extensive and to me fair based on the amount of hype for each device. When the HD2 drops (hopefully soon) I can expect this site to be littered with info on it including specs, pics, unboxings, etc… as has been the norm for all the big releases (check out the dates surrounding the TouchPro 2 or the Sidekick LX).

    On the other side of the coin, I am one who never bought into Android. I don’t like the interface (I truly hate the pull out drawer) and I don’t like any of the devices (all disturbingly underpowered). With that said there are days when I visit this site and I get Android overload and just want to pull my hair out over it.

    I can see the point of the claims of this being an Android “fan” site to the casual visitor. It truly isn’t in my opinion.

    • David

      I’m SUPER excited for the HD2 and you guys will see large amounts of coverage regarding this device on the site when it drops. No question about it!!

  • just some dude

    It may get a mention, but when the Google Nexus One drops look out. After all it will be running Android, i cant wait.

  • Kickstar13

    HD2 getting update to WM7…was an error, says HTC

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  • SatinMike

    Will Windows Mobile 7 still include built in tethering and who do I need to talk to to get XBOX 360 tethering!!! Talking about another great selling point!!!