BlackBerry Bold 9700 Review, Verdict: Success


While today’s attention will almost undoubtedly be focused on the Nexus One, for the last two and a half weeks or so I have been playing with the Blackberry 9700 Bold. I’ve kept the phone far longer than I was supposed to as I simply didn’t want to give it back. I love it even with all the faults of the Blackberry OS, and there are not many. The 9700 is a magnificent device for both the power user and the individual who simply relies on email.


With the massive popularity of the iPhone and the rising popularity and adoption of Android, it’s safe to ask where does Blackberry go from here? Let’s preface that by saying that Blackberry is holding steady in the marketplace even as other phones seem to gobble up the press attention. Blackberry has a firm grip on the corporate world and while the iPhone slowly but surely attempts to crack away at it; they have a long long way to go.


The hardware on the Blackberry really is quite wonderful, especially compared to the previous Bold which I always found just a little too large. At first glance, the keyboard seemed a bit cramped but, after a day or two of usage, I was firing off messages without missing a beat. Previous Blackberry users will feel right at home with the Bold 9700 with the traditional layout of the keyboard and side operating buttons and their functions. However, I did enjoy the addition of the touch-based lock and silent switch on the top allowing for quick access to those two functions.

As the first T-Mobile 3G Blackberry, I had high expectations for the 9700 and, thankfully, it doesn’t disappoint. It fits in the hand perfectly and has plenty of horsepower to get you through your daily routine and the battery life is something else. I experienced almost 6 hours of runtime on the device with typical usage. In the first few days as I was tinkering around, I was a bit under 4:30 of battery time.


RIM certainly has their hands full and while some might consider the look of the Blackberry tired, I adopt the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mantra. The 480 x 360 screen is beautiful, inside and outside, and makes for a truly enjoyable experience on the phone. Wallpapers are sharp as are emails, messages and, well, everything else you can do on the phone. Even the browser, which I’ll touch on later, has smooth-looking colors. The faux leather cover that hides the battery on the back makes the fun that much more pleasant to hold on to and considering how perfectly this phone fits in the hand, that’s saying something.


RIM sends you home with their usual assortment of goodies contained in the box, charger, holster, USB cable, earphones and a 2GB microSD card to ensure you can take plenty of pictures with the 3.2 megapixel camera which really comes back with some sharp images. The 624 MHz processor is no slouch and easily handles multitasking back and forth between emails, messages, Pandora and the browser without so much as a stutter. Customizing the phone is a treat with themes, ringtones and wallpaper available on the interwebs aplenty. The constant ability to change the look on the Blackberry has always been a selling point for me as customizability is key to my happiness. For others, the stock look will do fine, but if you want to add just your own little touch, you’ll have the ability to do so in spades.


Heavy keyboard users will be thrilled with the QWERTY keyboard as it is just a delight to use. As I stated earlier, there was a slight curve for me but after 48 hours with the device, I was in heaven shooting off emails without error. The trackpad makes me want to forget about the days of the trackball and happily so. While I didn’t find the trackball terribly difficult to use, browsing long emails or lengthy webpages gave my thumbs daily workouts. There is a slight curve to the trackpad as you should adjust the sensitivity to a percentage you’re comfortable with using. After that slight adjustment, using it became second nature and while it doesn’t make up for full on touch, it might be that much easier to move around the phone’s often deep menu system.

Testing the BOLD 9700 around South Florida proved yet again to be a delight. Notice my continued use of the word? I just loved this phone! While my house seems to be devoid of 3G, outside of my neighborhood 3G signals came through strong and clear and phone calls were crisp and not a single person complained when talking to me on the other end.


I don’t take advantage of the UMA service on T-Mobile, but I expect it performs as well as expected though I did use the Wi-Fi in house to browse the web. I didn’t test load speeds as I didn’t do much browsing outside of my home but the phone rendered web pages as best the Blackberry can. The browser is the single remaining complaint I have with the Blackberry OS and, while they are making inroads toward webkit adoption, that day simply isn’t coming fast enough. In the days of Android and iPhone, the Blackberry browser is really just unacceptably bad and should be the foremost priority in Waterloo.

All said and done, the Blackberry 9700 is a superb device for on-the-go professionals, addicted emails users and those individuals who want a tried and true operating system. Not to be forgotten is the excellent Blackberry Messenger service which is really the most addictive part of my Blackberry world since the instantaneous ability to connect with other Blackberry users is just fun.
The Blackberry 9700 took all the positive aspects of the Blackberry 9000 and dropped them into a smaller, more attractive package. The Curve is my favorite phone of all time and yet with the 9700, I got all the size advantage of the Curve with a new OS, 3G and battery life that rivals the 8300 series. Chalk up an equally great keyboard and I believe we have a winner here. If Android or Windows Mobile aren’t your thing, the 3G Blackberry is an excellent device and you’d be foolish not to give it a look.

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  • Jose

    i had a 9700 but as soon as i found out about the nextus one i returned it..i kind of wish i never did.

  • Matt

    Good Review. I too am located in South Florida and I find that the 3g coverage is excellent! This phone has been excellent for me! I did however notice something that isn’t really important, but phones that are built in Mexico seems to come loaded with a bunch of demo apps, where as phones that were built in Canada seems to come w/o them. Like I said, not important, just something of an observation! Love the site, keep up the good work!

    • T

      Really? Im in Clearwater Florida, and the 3G coverage isint very strong… Even on the highways I don’t seem to have full bars very often. The service is probably better in the bigger city’s (Tampa, Jacksonville)

  • Matt

    Good Review. I too am located in South Florida and I find that the 3g coverage is excellent! This phone has been excellent for me! I did however notice something that isn’t really important, but phones that are built in Mexico seems to come loaded with a bunch of demo apps, where as phones that were built in Canada seems to come w/o them. Like I said, not important, just something of an observation! Love the site, keep up the good work!

    • oakie

      that is an extremely odd observation, and likely incorrect.

      the demo apps are loaded onto the device via service books. what demo apps show up are based on the carrier’s agreement and automatically pushed onto every device once BIS is activated on their account and the phone has been provisioned.

      if your blackberry is not tied to an account with BIS or BES, the demo apps do not show up (unless they were preloaded) and will not reshow if they’re deleted. if you try to delete them with an active BIS account, they will be reloaded every time the phone is hard reset (battery removed), along with the rest of the service book package during the reprovisioning process every blackberry performs upon startup.

  • jason

    Best blackberry I’ve owned!!! Def need a official tmobile OS update soon! But overall very satisfied

  • Koloheboy

    I love my BB :) my first too. :)

  • Will it replace your iphone?

    • David

      That my friend is an EXCELLENT question! Actually, I might pick up a Nexus One, though only after I see some real breakdowns and reviews.

      • I will have to see what Google announces it with, features-wise, and also some reviews. Plus, they have to get right with the pricing. None, of that Even More-only stuff.

    • cosmo10292

      this actually will. all this phone is missing is more memory. but u can buy a 16 gb card from crackberry doe only $40 so it officially replaced my iphone :)

  • shmengie

    this past saturday – the day after xmas – my original 8100 pearl died. (yes, i cried a little!) i’ve been holding out for the nexus, but needed to get *something* to use until then (my old sgh-t319 wasn’t gonna cut it). so, i ran to my local t-mo store and picked up the 9700 (full disclosure: i had no intention of keeping the 9700. i was going to return it within the 30 days and get the nexus).

    well, i was back at the t-mo store the very next day returning the 9700, opting instead for the 8120. why, you ask? am i crazy? maybe. but’s here’s why:

    1) i prefer the bigger keys/suretype combo over the tiny, tiny qwerty.
    2) could not get wifi to work.
    3) that damn lock button on the top! every time i went for a convenience key, my thumb would, without fail, accidentally lock the device.
    4) micro-usb says what? man, i have a collection of mini-usb chargers all over: home, car work. that micro-usb connector was the last straw for me.

    having said all that, yes, the 9700 is solid, beautiful piece of hardware. really, it feels well built and really, really solid. the 3g worked well, and os5 is pretty slick.

    ultimately, though, i’m holding out for a big, android touchscreen device. but, after seeing the leaked pricing on the nexus (probably fake), i might have to keep my 8120 and wait a little longer.

  • Agree with your review.

    I have used the UMA service quite a lot and it’s amazing. The only downside to UMA (which acts as a sort of cell phone repeater using your wi-fi) is that not all routers seem to work.

    To date I have not run out of memory (a BIG beef that I had on the BlackBerry Bold 9000). The pictures are nice and clear.

    The audio quality of calls is a very nice surprise. The sound is super clear and there’s no noticeable background hiss, etc.

    One problem I’ve had here in CT is the phone tends to get hung up on EDGE every once in a while and I have to turn off the connections and turn them back on to get 3G to display.

    The browser is still typical BlackBerry (bottom of the barrel) but the email and OS stand up surprisingly well.

  • Kickstar13

    I love my Bold 9700. I got it when it was first released, its just after I own an iPhone 3GS as well and the Bold 9700 IMO is only good for email.

  • I don’t like the BIS email dependency. RIM needs to fix that. Notice how the BES doesn’t go down, since mostly corporations use it. LOL. RIM knows better.

    • Kickstar13

      Yeah there have been quite a few BIS outages. Not good in my opinion, but I know it happens sometimes.

      RIM needs to rectify this problem from occurring in the future.

      • oakie

        besides, if you want to, you can always buy a copy of BES, install it on your home computer, change your internet service provider to one that offers a static IP, and deploy a BES network to support your personal blackberry.

        the home computer would then just be a server and would have to be on and connected 24/7 to redirect incoming email onto the BES to be pushed to your phone as well as for secure internet access. plus you’d gain contact and calendar syncing through MS Exchange if you chose to integrate it into your BES.

        as long as your home computer never powered down or otherwise crashed, you could have 99.999% uptime on your blackberry network on your own terms; plus you’d be well aware of any maintenance downtime if you had to reboot that computer for any reason.

    • oakie

      uh, BIS and BES are pretty much the same thing. BIS is pretty much a RIM-operated BES for the general consumer… providing the same e-mail delivery and network security BES offers but lacking the contact and calendar integration offered by a standard BES network.

      BES, like you said, is for corporate networks. it was brought out by RIM to allow large companies with a network of blackberry devices to be self-managed.

      BIS was created by RIM when they decided to enter the general consumer market. They simply upscaled BES and trimmed back the unworkable features (as i described above) to give consumers the “push email” capability. obviously without BIS or BES, a blackberry doesnt received pushed anything.

      but because a BES is managed by someone other than RIM and is independent of the BIS network, they don’t face the same outages. but your thought that BES is technically any different (or more reliable) than BIS is incorrect; a BES is only more reliable in that it operates on a smaller scale and not for the general public.

  • Alberto

    This looks like a great phone, and I’m dieing to go back to a blackberry soon. The only thing is that this phone is the same size as my moms 8900 (originally mine) and I hate small phones! So I’m most likely going to have to buy the old bold on ebay or something.

    But if that doesnt happen, now I know that I can get this bb instead.

  • I don’t like the BB Browser. They need to change that. Even on the Storm, it is old school.

  • beastly

    I agree with your review 110%.

    Here’s how I dealt with the subpar browser: I downloaded Opera Mini, which I use to surf blogsites, and other places where I’ll be reading lots of text. Opera Mini does what the default browser *ought* to do, which is makes text fit to the level of zoom you use on the browser. The most annoying thing about the stock browser was having to scroll back and forth as I read through paragraphs of text. I love the trackpad, but not that much!

    Opera Mini isn’t perfect either- a lot of pages aren’t really displayed properly, and it interacts poorly with the javascript on certain sites (I’m thinking of IMDB, in particular, which would not respond to my clicking on the search button at all.) This is where the stock browser shines. On content-heavy web pages, the stock browser can handle just about any type of java or html that gets thrown its way. Between the two browsers, I do pretty well, and if that’s the price I pay for having the best damn email/phone device around… well, it’s more than worth it.

    Not to mention the fact that this phone really flies on 3G, never lags when switching between applications, boots up in record time, and handles all the streaming music, simultaneous conversations, and facebook updates I can throw its way. There’s a reason Blackberry is still the #1 smartphone out there.

  • Jonstonson

    Owned my 9700 since the day it came out.

    Let me start by saying that I love BlackBerry and I love my 9700. The optical trackpad is phenomenal compared to my BB 8900 trackball and the phone is extremely smooth with each transition and speeds through multitasking functions.

    However, since I’ve owned my Blackberry 9700 I’ve had the following problems:
    – Not allowing me to open unread text messages.
    – When opening an unread message, it would go back to an old text.
    – Not very often but occasionally the trackpad hasn’t read my finger well.

    I tried reinstalling BBOS 5.0 to possibly fix the messaging problem with no success.

    Planning on getting a replacement through warranty soon. Not happy about it, but I have to say that the blackberry 9700 is STILL the best BB I’ve owned.

    • Jonstonson

      the speaker phone is very clear on the 9700 as well, but it sounds like the one on my BB8900 was louder.

    • David

      I have had a 9700 since the day they came out. Started with an 8900, then got all hot and bothered for the Behold II (a total turd phone) and then went back home to mama with the 9700.

      I really love Blackberry……well, until now.

      My phone randomly reboots.
      My phone will do this – ‘Call Failed’ – randomly.
      Certain emails that come in as new (whether I have my email as POP or IMAP) will display as read and I have no clue that I have a new email.
      My voice mail indicator doesn’t work, whether I use Visual Voice Mail os standard settings. Apparently since I am on a family plan using family allowances, there is an internal glitch. Whatever. This sucks.
      My screen goes white randomly.

      All of these are known issues with the phone, which kills me because i LOVE the phone…..and if they fixed these issues and get that browser fixed, I will not leave BB for another phone (most likely a Nexus One or HTC Bravo/Passion or whatever they’re going to call it).

      The new OS and trackpad are heaven.

      Oh, who else has read that BB is coming out with a Palm Pixi-like device (a BB 9700 with a touchscreen as well)? THAT would be the ultimate. Also, who else likes the Plam WebOS? I find that really, really, REALLY nice to use.

  • kershon

    I bought my 9700 on Nov. 16th the day it was released. This is my third bb. I have had the curve 8320, 8900, and now my 9700. I am completely satisfied with my new bb. I use uma most of the time while at home and it has so far performed flawlessly. Everything said in the review I can agree with. Ya, I know bis has had some downtime lately and needs some improvement but my phone is perfect for me. I am intrigued by the Nexus One, but it is hard for me to imagine giving up my bb for it.

  • TP

    Played with my sisters and I tried to keep it! Keyboard was better than I thought, still holding out hope of the Storm coming to T-Mobile, if not this will be my next blackberry!

    • phoneking13

      Well I guess you will be getting the 9700 then, since according to a T-Mobile Rep, AND a Blackberry rep I talked to yesterday, the Storm is NOT coming to T-Mobile.

  • Jason M.

    I am much happier messaging (all types) on my BlackBerry 9700 than I am on my Storm 2 or my iPhone 3G. The only thing I love about the iPhone over both of those BB devices is the web browser. Well, it also has the ability to make much clearer voice recordings than the BlackBerry. Other than that, the 9700 absolutely is my go to phone, and with Opera Mini I don’t need to have the iPhone around at all. Fortunately I have two lines…

    The 9700 has been my favorite and most reliable BlackBerry thus far…and I have owned every single GSM model since 2006.

  • Tournstone

    I had an 8900 for the past year. Got this one to replace it as an “upgrade”. So far I’m really unimpressed. I mean it’s 3G right? That was one top reason I moved to it over the 8900. But in speed tests I never have hit over 500K. On average I get about 200K. My sim in a G1 (and the service changed) gets 1.5Mbits average. My wife’s Cliq gets 1.5 to 2Mbits easy. (I blame RIM for that then).

    And now that T-Mobile charges me minutes for UMA calls, there goes that advantage.

    Generally the overall performance is just not impressing me. All my kid’s videos still play as well on it, all my music syncs as expected…I mean it’s all just fine, but nothing really exciting me. I’m still not used to the touch pad. The browser still sucks. Opera Mini is a wee bit better (but nothing compared to Maemo or Symbian). Messages work as expected (though still arrive slower than on an IPhone. Google Sync works as expected. I mean I can’t declare a success to something that maintains the status quo and still gives me slightly faster 2G speeds. (after what I am paying in monthly installments on the even more ++… I may ebay this with accessories and get the Nexus One). Sorry

    • abe


      you need to talk to them about the $10 uma plan that is unlimited text and calling over uma.i know cause i have the 8900 and i have unlimited uma. ……though dont know if i should get the nexus and see if android has a voip or just upgrade to this 9700 and get an ipod touch 3g 32. good luck!

  • NiiDiddy

    Great Review! I agree with everything, having played with the Bold 9700 myself. I have always been addicted to BB, however my newfound love for the Android direction has slightly curbed my enthusiasm for BBs. The wife still stays steadfast on BB, so I still get my cravings satisfied after playing with hers.

    Just like you, David, I need to see something better plan-wise for the Nexus One…before I get rid of my MT3G.

  • BronxBebe

    My BB 9700 has been lost by the great brown truck UPS right in time for Xmas my relative isn’t to happy of them doing so but they’re replacing it.

  • branon

    I agree with all of David’s comments. This phone is a gem to use. I have used an iphone and a G1 for most of one year now and I prefer the 9700. I never expected to do so. I had gotten one for my wife, and I played around with it. The trackball makes me not miss all that screen touching and multitasking is so good on this phone. No more lags etc. And of course, making calls is so easy (its nice to return to a phone where calling and PIM is done so well). Finally, it syncs with itunes too!

    By the way, David you know that there are shortcuts for jumping up and down the browser pages. And if you are using Opera mini, it is even easier.

  • I’m generally pretty satisfied with the 9700 but still find the keypad to be VERY stiff and at times painful to use. In fact, every BB I’ve had has been gradually worse in this category. I started with the 8100 (definitely the best experience), moved to the 8120 (more challenging), and then the 8900. I agree with the prior poster that if you’re good at SureType, you can type much faster on those models.

    At least OS 5.0 offers Predictive Input, which can reduce the number of keystrokes, but it needs some work. Specifically, the Use Contacts as Data Source is great, but it includes phone numbers. So, if I want to type the number 20, it wants to insert a ten digit phone number of a friend in BHM. If I turn off that option, then I end up having to type some friend’s long names when it would normally insert them after only a couple of letters. I’d be curious to know if anyone regularly types phone numbers in messages and enjoys having the phone number fields included as Predictive Input.

    Anyway, a rep told me that the new keyboard is designed this way so that it will last for years. But will our thumbs? Frankly, I don’t expect to keep it for years, as this is my fifth BB in 3 years (I briefly tried the 8320 when it launched but returned it as typing was considerably more laborious than the 8100, plus it felt very clunky). I hope RIM will recognize that power users need much better keypads. That said, the trackpad is a HUGE improvement, like night and day. The ball on the 8900 seemed worse than its predecessors (I also had to have it replaced three times due to the ball sticking), and there were days when my thumbs would hurt so much from ball use that I’d have to switch to fingers. Now when I use someone else’s device with a ball, it feels downright dangerous.

    As another user mentioned, the 3G is VERY wonky. I frequently see it falling back to EDGE and sticking there, but even worse: it often goes to GPRS even in urban areas where you’d never see that otherwise. The only fix is to toggle the mobile network on and off. I also see many times when 3G is on but doesn’t appear to do anything. The arrows will move (primarily in one direction) but the browser and/or apps will time out, etc. This doesn’t happen over UMA, just 3G. I suspect that this is related to the device “sticking” to a data network that may not be there. Perhaps it actually loses 3G but thinks it’s still connected?

    Processor speed is incredibly improved over the 8900. I used to spend a fair amount of time hourglassing (often having to reboot to get it to recover), and that has hardly happened at all with the 9700. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve had to force reboot the 9700, and they were all related to App World issues where an installation never fully completes (every update to BBM seems to wreck havoc, as did the recent Pandora update).

    I’m pretty pleased with the 9700, but would I recommend it to a non-BBer? Not likely. There are too many quirks (like the browser) that I tolerate that others find too confusing. The shortcuts can be handy, but I see folks that have had the devices for years but don’t know what T, B, or space do. I think of a BB like DOS machines: it was faster to do what you wanted IF you knew, but most people preferred a slow graphical interface. Now folks are the same way with touchscreens, and I can see their appeal even if I thought I’d said farewell to them after my Treo and MDA.

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned the spontaneous reboots or the frozen white screens. Those are common and hopefully will be fixed with the next OS release, which we desperately needed weeks ago. Here’s hoping we’ll get that ASAP! In the meantime, if you’re a BB fanatic with zero interest in the Nexus One, get the 9700. Otherwise, I’d suggest waiting.

    • oakie

      “As another user mentioned, the 3G is VERY wonky. I frequently see it falling back to EDGE and sticking there, but even worse: it often goes to GPRS even in urban areas where you’d never see that otherwise. The only fix is to toggle the mobile network on and off. I also see many times when 3G is on but doesn’t appear to do anything. The arrows will move (primarily in one direction) but the browser and/or apps will time out, etc. This doesn’t happen over UMA, just 3G. I suspect that this is related to the device “sticking” to a data network that may not be there. Perhaps it actually loses 3G but thinks it’s still connected?”

      “I’m surprised no one has mentioned the spontaneous reboots or the frozen white screens. Those are common and hopefully will be fixed with the next OS release, which we desperately needed weeks ago. Here’s hoping we’ll get that ASAP!”

      i thought it was a service issue after i bought the second bb9700 and compared them side by side; my latter 9700 would get internet service in locations where the first one would hang. eventually, i found out it was due to having to reload the OS early on… apparently DM for Mac isn’t so reliable. i reloaded the OS using a windows machine without a hitch and it’s been working ever since, without fail and matching the performance of the second 9700 i bought.

  • 30014

    I left blackberry for android and haven’t looked back. Blackberry lovers get excited over every new phone release and I can’t understand it. You guys are basically just paying for new hardware because every bb I ever owned in the past had the same problem, and that was that they shipped with rim’s outdated os. Unless someone needs constant and immediate email access I would not recommended bb to anyone. I keep hearing opera mini. While it’s better than the stock bb browser, both fail horribly compared to the iphone and android browsers. Yes I know rim is working on a webkit browser, but does anyone think apple and google don’t have major happenings going on. Blackberry needs more than just a new browser, the os needs a complete overhaul not the incremental improvements it has gotten over the years. I know u fanboys are ready to get off your leashes and attack, but whatever. The truth hurts sometimes so deal with it.



  • Brian

    YEAH, someone mentioned the preloaded ‘demo apps’ that no one want but WILL come preloaded. I called tech support and you can only hide them and not remove them REALLY. They cost too if you accidentally enable them! My 8900 from a year ago had none of these!

    Oh, why was this even call the Bold 2? It’s nothing like the bold! Catering to AT&T folks again. This is basically a 8900 with 3G, a trackpad and a mix of bold/curve keyboard. I like it though but it should have been the Onyx or the curve 9700.

    The phone performs great and I like it. BB website says its battery lasts longer than the 8900 on their website but I didn’t see this as logical since it has to power a 3g receiver AND i have been right…and the battery last about 10% less than the 8900 but I can live with that to have 3G. And from what I hear it’s MUCH better than the Bold 9000 battery life!

    The bb web browser kinda sucks…I downloaded both Bolt and Opera mini browsers and it works better. ALSO you have to do manual batter pull to reset the OS every other day or so to clean up memory. I think they need a little bit of a OS rewrite.
    Quickpull app is a free way to do a virtual battery pull…but it should be part of the OS if their OS is so buggy that it needs rebooting so often.

    All in all…i use it for voice and email the most and blackberry does this the best.

  • eli_the_great89

    This phone is really amazing.
    To reiterate what every review says, its literally every amazing bit the Bold 9000 bought to the plate but in a smaller, sleeker design.
    With that said, although many people despise the “huge” form factor of the Bold 9000 (I guess the more modern prefer smaller?) I should say that the Bold is actually a great device since my buddy is a pretty big guy and his hands simply don’t cooperate with such a curve-esque phone.
    The Bold, as the huge phone that we all know is, gives him more comfort to text and email, so I’d say its a WIN WIN for RIM. Especially for those on At&t who can choose from the Bold 9000 and Bold 9700 for their own likes/reasons.

  • Cyberpyr8

    Am I the only one that hates that Bold style keyboard? I love my 8900 and I want that phone (screen resolution & camera resolution) with the optical trackpad. I like my Curve style keyboard much better than the 9700 keyboard. But the trackpad is a huge improvement over the track ball.

  • ive had my g1 since the presale. i was going to get a cliq but decided to wait until the nexus one came out. now that it looks like it would cost me 530, the bold is looking really good to me. any advice or suggestions as far as switching from android to blackberry?

  • chuck

    Has anyone with the random booting problem have opera on their phone? I have had 2 9700’s in 3 months and they only seem to have the problem after I load opera, and it seems to clear up after I uninstall opera. Just curious if this is the problem or coincidental.

  • Freddy

    to the guy that is thinking from Android to Blackberry. I personally have had a G1 until yesterday when i called to get the new Blackberry Bold 9700. I LOVE Android to the max, but i personally wasnt going to go with ANY ONLY touchscreen phones. I NEED to have a QWERTY keyboard and i need something fast. My G1 was amazing at web browsing and the touch screen, but i just couldnt take the fact that it was slowing down and i cant take the fact that the rest of the Android phones arent going to come out with qwerty keyboards so i decided to go with the Bold. I say go for it

  • logan

    great unlocked blackberry. easy to use, smaller than the first, wifi is great, 3G is nice. pretty happy with it. great for my business too. got my last one on and it’s pretty sweet. gonna get another for the kid. 2 thumbs up