Nexus One Pricing Leaked


Update: The terms of sale have leaked via a PDF that while dated for November 17th pretty much details the process by which you buy this phone. Read here.

This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for! The guys over at Gizmodo have got their paws on what seems to be an internal Google document revealing pricing for the HTC Nexus One, both subsidized and unsubsidized. Getting right to the point, the Nexus One will be $530 unsubsidized and $180 subsidized with a new 2-year contract with T-Mobile. Here are some details to take note of:

-$530 Unsubsidized price tag

-$180 Subsidized (new 2-year contract)

If you want the phone at the $180 subsidized price there is a catch. There’s only one rate plan: $39.99 Even More 500 mins + Text + Web for $79.99 (umm…What if I want unlimited minutes?). According to Gizmodo’s Tipster, existing customers cannot keep their plan if they want a subsidized phone; they have to change to the one plan, and this only applies to accounts with one single line. Family plans, Flexpay, SmartAccess and KidConnect subscribers must buy the phone unlocked and unsubsidized for $530. Also you can only buy five Nexus One phones per Google account. Google will sell the handset at

And if you cancel your plan before 120 days, you have to pay the subsidy difference between what you paid and the unsubsidized price, so $350 in this case. Or you can return the phone to Google. You also authorize them to charge this directly to your credit card.

Google’s set up some pretty tight requirements. Seriously though, what is up with only being able to get the Nexus One subsidized at that one price plan? 500 mins, I go through that in less than 2 weeks. I really hope Google makes some last minute changes to their requirements.

How’s the pricing looking? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


Thanks to EVERYONE who sent this in via email and the @TmoNews twitter account!

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  • Vixdev

    That blows. T-Mobile has really started fucking their customers over with their price plans and phones. If I’m forced into a new plan, I think I’m going to just wait for a HTC HD2.

    • Mega G


      • Trill

        Finally! someone said it.

  • Mega G

    530 bucks?!!!? WTF?

    I wonder if T-Mo employees will get a better rate… just wondering..

    • cDawg

      thats what im saying!!! im not down to pay 550 for this phone

    • Ritchie

      Well how much do you think cell phones cost??? All good phones cost 300-600 dollars, get over. Why dont you get a 39.99-100 dollar phone.

      • Mega G

        Hey why don’t you smoke me? For 530 bucks that thing better cook me breakfast..!!!

      • cDawg

        well i guess sense we work for tmo were use to getting 400-500 dollare phones for half the price sorry ritchie….jerk

  • cmenson

    Welp, looks like I’m not going to be getting the phone if this is true, that sucks.

  • JulioG

    Thanks to me i tweeted this information to
    Thanks David.

    • David

      Shit man sorry, I didn’t even see your tweet until after I had already started getting massive emails on this, I got it up after the first email which came in right after it was posted! This is why I don’t source usually unless people request me because everyone wants to be given credit and its hard to figure out who was really first!

  • Erin

    I won’t be getting this phone. I’m on an Even More Plus plan.

    • Erin

      People shouldn’t be forced into one plan, that’s stupid.

    • Mega G

      Even you’re on Even More Plus you’d have to pay full price no matter what, anyway.

      • Erin

        I thought we could pay monthly payments for phones. Looks like I have that option when I log in.

      • Mega G

        This is NOT T-Mobile selling the phone.. this is GOOGLE selling the phone. GOOGLE would have to offer the EIP.. NOT T-Mobile.

      • Erin

        Ok Ok, damn. Calm the hell down.

      • Mega G

        LOL.. I am calm.. =)

    • Erin

      Ok…judging by all the caps I wondered. I misunderstood, looks like a lot of people are.

      • Mega G

        Well.. I COULD switch to decaf for the rest of the evening if think it would help… ;-)

      • Erin

        Lol. I have had far too much caffeine today.

      • Duane

        Where do you see the payment plans for the phones that you spoke of earlier.

      • Erin

        If you mean the Even More Plus plans, if you click on upgrade phone and select one, it’ll ask you if you want to pay it all at once or monthly.

  • Galen20K

    I’m definitely getting this Unlocked and keeping my Unlimited Loyalty Plan. 530 is pocket change anyways.

  • jadams


  • Cmon son

    That seriously sucks @$$. I am hopeful that it’s not true. I have no contract but on an unlimited family plan and I don’t plan on changing it for this phone. Thanks God there is a back up plan…. Xeperia X2 or HD2 anyone?

  • justme

    If that ends up being true I won’t be getting this phone. If I can keep my current plan – Unlimited Loyalty on 2 lines – I’m there. If not, well, not. Trying to think happy thoughts.

    • Galen20K

      You can keep your Unlimited Loyalty plans buying the phone Unlocked.

      • justme

        should have clarified – i know i can get it unlocked, but i need subsidized. not rolling in dough here, not to mention it’s just after xmas.

        either way, i think being forced into any plan really sux.

  • FlipWil

    Wow at the pricing ($530) unlocked. Also I’m going to be forced to get a new plan if I want the phone at the subsidized price? -_-

    I might just bite and get it unlocked (hate contracts), pick up the Nokia N900, or wait for the Xperia X10.

    2009 needs to end quick. January 5 is so far away lol.

  • Antoine

    Hopefully my G1 continues to hold up. Theres noway im paying that much for the phone and it doesnt have a keyboard. I might have to set my sights back to the n900.

    • Ritchie

      How much do you think the N900 is going to cost you $100, get real.

      • Antoine

        I well aware of what the n900 costs. But with the n900 i get a keyboard and i get to keep the plan i want.

      • rushmore

        The N900 is the same price or cheaper, since there is a $50 rebate for the N900. N900 has:

        1. 32gb built in PLUS microsd slot
        2. Play Flash now and no seven month wait
        3. Keyboard
        4. Video out
        5. Play Duke Nukem 3D perfectly with sound (sorry, had to add this and is true)
        6. Plays wmv, MP4. avi, divx, mov, mpeg, flv and asf files. Nexus is only MP4.
        7. N900 has the best or equal sound quality of any device I have listened to, and that is from a picky SOB like me.

        No contest. N900 is the better deal.

      • umaluver

        Can you read? If you buy the phone unlocked you can use whatever plan you want… which is the same you would do with the n900

      • GenesisDH


        He may have a grandfathered pre-Dark plan like a good number of people here, if so then it’s better to buy a phone that is *known* to be free from plan restrictions. The N900 has no activation or plan restrictions, whereas we aren’t 100% sure if that’s the same case with the NexusOne bought without subsidy.

        Remember, T-Mobile still supports the device from a billing standpoint, that means they could enforce the latest ($25-$30 w/out text) ‘smartphone’ data pricing on this thing and say ‘F-U!’ to former G1/MyTouch/smartphone users on cheaper data plans…

        Antione, I’d say go for the N900. It seems to be the better of the two devices for the price, plus you’re protected from having to arbitrarily change your plan.

      • rushmore

        Can read fine. N900 is a MUCH better deal. Do the math and compare hardware as well as obligations for the subsidized version. No comparison if the Nexus is $530.

        Unless you just have to have an Android device, the N900 pummels Nexus as far as value for money.

  • Jonathan

    Dammit. Buying unlocked makes much more sense given the difference between the cost of this contract and my current plan over two years, but I can’t afford the unlocked price until I get my student loan money after the 11th. What to do, what to do. I must have this phone yesterday. Time to play that game called “Sell everything except my banjos and my body.” Okay, maybe my body.

  • youngrobNow

    well if they only give u 500 min. will we be able to use our Google voice number to make free calls?? that wouldnt be soo bad…or maybe thats just what they want us to do…hmmmmm…

  • eBay… no doubt that in less then 3 months after the release someone on eBay will have a ton to sell… I wont pay 500.00 for it nor will I be forced into the ‘one plan’ so eBay here I come LOL

  • TK-421

    Sucks chocolate salty balls

  • manus

    damn well it looks like my good ol g1 will be sticking around for a while. i dont understand why google, probably the richest company on the planet cant sell them for 200 dollars no contract, and get one of these in everyones hand and when everyone has androids they will start to make their money back from the market or something.

    • rushmore

      G1 is better if you like game emulators. Touch screen even with multi-touch sucks ballz playing old school.

  • D’mya

    I still have one year with my phone but is there a way I can still get it?

    or do I have to buy it unlocked?

  • jak2black

    god.. i spent 500. something on the TP2..
    *SIGH*.. jebus christ.. how ham i going to explain $530 dollars to my parents lol..

  • Trill

    Let the evil anti comments begin lol. This is interesting though but I sure hope they rethink this for business but its probably not final yet but who knows.

  • ilessthan3yoo

    I would think that would be the minimum which how tmobile plans work…so this is all rumours.

  • just some dude

    i think ill buy unlocked and pop in my SIM.

    • Namo

      My goodness!!! Its already unlock!!!

  • Mobbyd

    Man that suck true how we shouldn’t stay with one plan
    so if I don’t get it then i’m waiting for that new LG Android phone

  • youngrobNow

    they just want us to use our goOoooooogle voice

    • just some dude

      if you buy at full price unlocked “$530” google does not care, you can put your SIM in there and use your existing number. they get $530 they get there analytical DATA for ad rev and Tmo gets your monthly money.

  • MAC

    530 sounds about the right price for an unlocked phone.. i would even say that it is cheaper than some unlocked phones out there in the market right now with provably “lower specs”… i paid 350 for an unlocked nokia 5 years ago and 400 for a sony ericsson three years ago… i think i will be buying this one for sure.

  • soviet

    guys thats a normal price for a unit like this

  • Titty!

    I don think this is the only pricing, if you look closely, it seems there is 5 different pages on this site?
    Besides, ive been told otherwise..

    Either way, I’m looking more towards an X10 :)
    This to me is nothing but another HTC Android “Google Experience” phone
    I’m satisfied with my mt3g being my “Google Experience”

  • shadowmaster2215

    again, google is selling this, so this is probably the only plan they plan on dealing, like an annoying auth. dealer who gets certain perks of access to tmobile…as soon as tmobile sells this through their stores, i think all plans will be available…180 is AMAZING! and 530 is great too, if u thought an unlocked phone was gonna be less than 400, you make me laugh, im srry, but its better than being gyped 900 bucks for a boring X1 or 600+ for the HD2 which may only be available unlocked in Europe…its about time they sell an unlocked phone at a good price in the states

  • Mike

    Ditto on hoping this is inaccurate or at least incomplete.

    I was really hoping for something more around $300 (or more realistically, $400) for the unsubsidized version, but oh well, shiny new crap is expensive. No real beef there.

    Even getting into a contract doesn’t bother me that much — non-contract would be great, but I’ve been with T-Mobile since they were VoiceStream and they’re fine, I’m not going anywhere. But the plan restrictions are pretty rough.

  • And what is to stop me from changing my plan? Will t-mobile really lock you into that plan for 2 years? What if I said my phone got lost, and I’m using my old non-smartphone. T-mobile would force me to pay $80 a month for a data plan I can’t use? Are you locked into specific plans as it is?

    And I just don’t get it. If T-mobile is doing the subsidizing and getting to FORCE people into that contract, there are clearly people that would pay MORE per month. I of course want to keep my cheap $49 family plan, and then add two data plans, making my total bill $100….not $160 like they want me to do here.

    I just don’t see what T-Mobile is getting out of it by forcing people into a specific plan. Maybe this screen comes AFTER the person already picked the plan they want?

  • Luke

    Im down to pay 530 that phone looks like its gonna rock, and with the amount of people saying they wont pay that much means It might make the phone more exclusive unlike the iPhone where everyone and there grandma has one.

  • jon

    This is an awful decision, especially for something that’s being insanely overrated. Tmobile had free marketing with all this hype and this decision will kill it. Android already exists, the processor is nice, but the rest of the hardware was needed to make this revolutionary and it didn’t happen (no qwerty, another htc cookie cutter layout), so let’s stop acting this thing came straight from the heavens, which is what these companies are acting like

    The iPhone was helped because people who weren’t phone junkies bought into it, ‘one plan or unlocked’ is going to turn most of those people off. Both companies messed this up

  • Brent

    Really, y’all are complaining about $10 bucks less than the Touch Pro 2, $80 more than the Bold and Behold II. Do you really want not think you aren’t getting more than $80 bucks better than the Behold? The one plan thing is weird, and hopefully not accurate, but the unsubsidized price has to be expected.

  • Andy

    Google has just shot itself in the foot, as bad as it is locking a phone (subsidized) to just one network, making it only available on ONE plan, a single line plan, is like F***ing your sister! its just wrong and people wonder what the Freak is wrong with you! I thought google was gonna change something here, but as far as i can tell them “up yours!”

  • Syko

    I think $530 is fine for unlock/unsub phone. But on the other hand, $180 for a sub phone with just one plan, that’s just not cool. xD

    I think I might end up buying it for $530 then hook it up with my current plan. (Currently with a MT3G with unlimitied data/text) May even consider switching to the Even More Plus Plan!

  • 9ooyan

    if i buy the phone unlocked and unsubsidized at 530$ and sign onto Tmobile with a 500 minute Even More Plus Talk/Text/Web plan (59.99), i would save 130$ compared to the subsidized Even More plan above (79.99) for a 2-year contract. No brainer, i’m buying this unsub/unlocked ASAP!

  • Merlyn

    If you have a problem with the single plan offered, then buy it unlocked. You actually will save more money in the long run anyways… simple math to follow:
    Even more plans cost $20 per month more than Even More Plus plans… on a two year contract (24 months)…
    $20 * 24 months = $480 compared to an extra $350 to buy unlocked up front.

    Yes, some may not be able to afford the extra $350 up front to buy it unlocked… and if you cannot afford it WHAT THE HELL are you doing buying a smartphone and paying for a dataplan? Get your finances in order, build up some savings, then go out looking at options like this phone.

    I think the pricing is more than fair given the specs on this phone. Especially that the X10 is similar/worse in many ways and may be over $800 unlocked.

    • But you’re missing the fact that if any of us want to upgrade to a DIFFERENT smartphone, it’ll be insanely cheaper than buying this thing. I could get a G1 for $130 subsidized, and I’m in the market for two phones. We’re talking $800 more to go with two Nexus Ones than two G1s. (this is ignoring plans, because they’d cost me the same).



    this phone doesn’t do $530 more than my g-1.

    my g-1 can’t call from my living room and my blackberry can.

    all my obligations to t-mo are done in sept. 2010 and i’ll be going to verizon with droids and a network extender box bought on ebay.

    then, i’ll sell my 2 crackberries and my t-mo wifi router and won’t even look back.

  • Merlyn


    Agreed. About time they sell an unlocked phone here in the states that is not hugely expensive ($900+ X1).

    I welcome our new unlocked phone overlords.

    • shadowmaster2215

      Someone who agrees! I dont want to keep buying euro phones, its annoying

  • The Observer

    judgin by the reactions. I’m curious, what did you actually believe the price of the phone would be? Did you honestly believe it wasnt gonna be in the $500-$600 range? lol

  • Mark

    what a joke. I hope we can all wait 90 days to pay 199 or less from google. Look how quick the my touch came down to 99 dollars after intro. Lets face it this phone is not a “game changer” but more a value add to what’s already available. I am still very concerned about battery life

  • wayneNtampa

    Hope this is incorrect. Why would anyone want to DOWNGRADE a plan to upgrade a phone? They can choke on it.

  • rushmore

    Let’s see:

    For the same price you can get an N900 that has 32gb of storage built in, supports tons more video codecs, has Tmo 3G and a keyboard.

    N900 kicks Nexus butt! Please do not even start on the 3430 verses Snapdragon. Already been beaten to death that they both have strengths and weakness that balance out. Both are great chipsets.

    • soviet

      i have n900 and really considering nexus coz n900 not cutting as phone yet, n900 90% tablet 10% phone

      • rushmore

        More phone stuff is coming. As far as Nexus, paying that much for a non keyboard device and a wimpy 4gb card thrown in is steep.

        A more economical bridge is a $200 G1. I have one rooted and clocked at 528mhz. Works great and will cover me until more smart-phone function is improved on N900.

        $530 plus tax is a bit much for a bridge.

  • queensnewbie1

    what is the deal with the single plan option and excluding upgrading a line on a family plan?!?!?! Google just lost my purchase.

  • playthecharade

    I was extremely excited for the subsidized plan until i saw all the little catches…i cant help but feel like google wasnt planning on making many sales from the sub’d version at all.

    guess all their chips are in the future US unsub’d phone trend

  • MarkMc84790

    I think I will just stick with my unlocked iPhone until a better price/package is available. I’m in no hurry.

  • Syko

    Someone from Engadget said: Quote from: tickedon, “For a confidential Google document, why would the screenshot show Safari rather than Chrome Looks fake to me.” It might just be fake afterall. Hmmmm…

  • Mark

    With these options they can’t possibly expect to sell very many of these? This a marketing ploy from google to test the strength of there brand. If we all band together and wait 90 days this price will fold..

  • Iasthai

    So if you’re already currently a T-Mobile customer then you have to buy it unlocked and at the retail of $530? I’m confused. Changing my rate plan to get it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. I’m currently on the myFaves 300 for $39.99 with Android Unlimited Text+Data for $34.99 so it wouldn’t be that big of a departure.

  • Mike

    Where is the Google loyalty discount lol?

    Throw in a $100 discount for having an active Google account for several years. That would change things a bit.

  • chris

    This isnt looking to good for us employees either, i was hoping 8 could use my discount but that isnt looking very promising :'(

  • JK

    If I’m wrong, please correct me

    the phone with 2yrs contract is $179.99, $196 after taxes.

    $80(500min,Unlimited text/web) x 24 months = $1920

    $1920 + $196 = $2116 at least after two years contract


    $530> $577 after taxes

    $60 (500min, unlimited text/talk) x 24 months = $1440

    $1440 + $577 = $2017 after 2 years

    • JulioG

      Not everyone pays taxes.

    • you havent compared the contract price for even more plus. That would be a more fair comparison.

      • john

        He has, fair comparison…however if you go longer than 2 years you will see even more benefits from buying it full prize and using it on even more plus on t-mo. But still, Google blew this one of.

    • sam

      I only have 1 issue with your math JK, and that’s who would not want the web on this phone?

      • JK

        To Sam

        people who would not want the wen on this phone just pay the full of amount of the device.

        but maybe it would like any other T-Mobile phones, it will locked some features until you

        have the Android Unlimited Web.

    • Usman

      I just priced it out… if you get a corporate discount with the EM plan, as I’m eligible to do, the EM plan is the overwhelmingly best choice. Over 2 years, I’ll actually save around $195!

    • Cordell

      The price of an unlocked Nexus One may actually be only $429. From the Nexus One – Terms of Sale pdf:

      “For example, if the full price of the unlocked Device without service plan is $429 USD and the price you paid for the Device was $179 USD with a service plan, the Equipment Recover Fee you pay will be $350.”

      Obviously, the author of the above “Terms of Sale” can’t add. Nevertheless, it does offer some hope of a lower-priced phone from Google. Nokia is selling their unlocked Express 5800 phone with features and functionality approaching those of the Nexus One for $259. Google is obviously mindful of this fact and is looking to establish its phone as the “iPhone killer.” At $429, the phone would undoubtedly have a far greater impact on the smartphone market than at $529.

  • fort

    Man. I remember reading “tmobile needs a real kick ass smart phone” Now your getting it for $180 or $530 and people are still crying. There still Cricket or Boost mobile. I’m now selling mytouch 3g. Will ship..

    • Usman

      I’m not complaining a bit… I just hope we’re allowed to get the more expensive Even More plan. I want 1000 minutes/month… 500 won’t cut it. Best case, I can get that plan with my corp. disc. and pay $2015 over 24 months for 1000 minutes, and unlimited text/web. Worst case, I buy the phone unsubsidized and keep my existing plan with corp. disc., which also includes 1000 minutes and unlimited text/web for for $2059 over 24 months.

      Crossing my fingers that we’re allowed getting a more expensive plan through T-mo!

  • TP

    That single rate plan option sounds like something AT@T would do to their iphone customers because of there crowed network. I hope Google doesn’t have the same fears.

  • lev

    I think T-mobiles pricing in general is ridiculous, and this pricing structure, if true, to me is laughable, I understand this is a super high end phone, but if they really want people to buy it, the pricing is way too high, and whats up with having to switch plans because I am an existing customer?, look, I love T-mobile service, but in my opinion they always seem to be late to the ball, and when they are late, they always seem to screw over customers, or existing customers, I hope this does not hold up and the pricing changes, otherwise, I think this could be an epic fail!

    • they gotta make money some how…Mrs Zetta doesnt pay the light bills! But I kinda agree…seems like they always get the price points wrong

    • Usman

      For all you guys whining about the $530 price, you should have figured out by now that this phone is really geared toward T-mobile service! They’re the only carrier that provides a plan specifically for unlocked, unsubsidized phones. For example, you would save $130 over 2 years by buying the phone unsub’d and paying for an EM+ plan on T-mo, over a comparable plan on contract with T-mo. If you’re not on T-mo, you don’t want this phone anyway… Edge only would blow.

  • adien666

    i think its a good deal. $530.. i guess ill sell my G1 and Behold 2.

    • omgz

      Eeeww, a behold? What were you thinking?

  • HD2 it is! well, actually…maybe T-mobile will eventually begin selling the nexus phone after they find out no one is willing to ditch their new found freedom from contracts for a 530 dollar dent in the pocket. If this realization comes before the HD2 then the race is still on…otherwise bring on the 4.3 inch capacitive goodness!

  • meat

    79 bones a month? I have no problem with this. And I would wager Google Voice minutes do not count against that 500 minutes, so unlike other phones where GV is crippled, since this one is full-on Google kool-aid, we’ll finally be able to use *proper* GV.

    I will be buying this, even though I swore I’d never own a phone that doesn’t have a physical keyboard.

  • bigbolden

    I think it’s a deal..HOWEVER….is this not the direction the T is going? MAybe Im reading this wrong. Folks you gotta think it thru….Google had a phone prepared with T-mobile bands…that’s a good thing…
    So we have choices:
    Nokia N900
    Sony X10
    Google Nexus one
    And various other phones comming…’s gonna be a different 2010…

    • abe

      i couldn’t have said it better myself bigbolden. before it was like ok tmobile what ever. now it like 2010, what, OK TMOBILE!!! LOL

    • tmogeek

      @bigbolden is right. 2010 is going to rock for TMO. If you are on a beer budget get the G1 or MT3G. They are great phones in there own right.

      If you’ve got the coin go for the Nexus One. I know I am. I’ve been buying phones since 1985. My moto 8000 cost me $2k and my cell bill was $1k/mth. $500 – $600 for a flagship phone like the Nexus One is a no brainer.

      Unsubsidized phones + lower rate plans is a winning combination.

      • jjasonham

        Can you be my sugar daddy?

      • Deawoo

        Well tmogeek, looks like you would be the only one in the group that would complain that you can only order 5 of them per account. Seems like a bragger to me.

  • Think of this like buying a computer, not a typical phone. I’m perfectly content with paying $520 for a top of the line smart phone. If it is anything like my last phone, it should last me a couple of years.

    • rushmore

      N900 is a computer. Nexus is a phone.

  • Doug

    Does anybody know if I order through the website, can I still get my corporate discount? (T-mobile gives our company employees the corporate discount)

    Also my contract is up in May. What kind of deal, if any could I get? I wish I know what my options were with this. Who would I talk to? the T-Mo corporate store? their customer service people? Google? who? Any ideas would be welcome.

  • umaluver

    I’m more offended at the car dock being $50. What the hell is that.

  • jadams

    If these prices are true, which I seriouly doubt. Google obviously wants you to use google voice instead of tmobiles voice plan limiting the mins to 500. The unlock price me be close to 500.00 but one plan I dont buy it. Yeah these images are in a safari browser not chrome.

    • BBSwany

      Um.. The images are from Firefox running on a Mac.

      • David

        Whats that matter?!

  • Trill

    I would say not to get your panties in a bunch guys just wait and see how this plays out but I’m not buying anyway and for those who were thinking about the N900 should get it since its almost the same price and plays a lot more video codecs as well as has flash with tmobile 3G and has 32GB built in and multitasking is awesome just youtube N900 and see for yourself but I love android.

    • Chuong

      I already own a N900 (gotten used for a good price). I was hoping to get this for under $300 unlocked/unbranded. Oh well

  • Einhander

    Any chance of getting one of Tmo’s data only plans and using google voice for talk and text?

  • jeck

    Yeah there goes my idea of getting this phone. Here’s to hoping the Palm Pre lands on TMo soon so I can get it with the payment plan.

  • xmasguy

    any speculation on whether the nexus one will ultimately be available under the t-mobile employee handset discount program? I don’t want to drop $530 ordering one in a few days from now to find out a few weeks or even months later than I can get it for $200-250…

  • dreamer

    This doesnt look like usual google designed page. Just look at all google designed pages (fairly consistent) you would see this completely different. I think its more of a photoshop work than real

  • Vito A

    It’s nice that T Mobile is finally coming out with a comprable phone to the so famous Apple I Phone. I don’t see why they would make you change your plan if you decide to go with this phone. I currently am on a business plan with multiple phones on the account and from what I understand I would not be elligable for get it. Also I find it ridiculous that we can not just add the data plan for the additional $25 a month and keep the current plan we have. The reason why I have been with T Mobile for so many years is that they have great rate plans and their customer service is 2nd to none. I hope that they will allow their customers to keep their current plan and have the option to buy the phone with or without a contract and just and be able to add the data plan for the additional fees. Lets see what they decide to do.

  • fort

    eligible for an early upgrade or who wish to buy iPhone as a gift, the prices are $499 (8GB), $599 (16GB), or $699 (32GB).

    Now you say.

  • Vito A

    It’s nice that T Mobile is finally coming out with a comprable phone to the so famous Apple I Phone. I don’t see why they would make you change your plan if you decide to go with this phone. I currently am on a business plan with multiple phones on the account and from what I understand I would not be elligable for get it. Also I find it ridiculous that we can not just add the data plan for the additional $25 a month and keep the current plan we have. The reason why I have been with T Mobile for so many years is that they have great rate plans and their customer service is 2nd to none. I hope that they will allow their customers to keep their current plan and have the option to buy the phone with or without a contract and just and be able to add the data plan for the additional fees. I mean really, who uses 500 minutes anymore. Lot’s of us use our cell phones as a main phone replacing home phones. Lets see what they decide to do. Hopefully they will make the right decision.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Man…. what a bummer. I am not losing out on my current plans and paying more for less. Plus I wouldn’t even be able to get it now unless I was able to upgrade early. And heck is I had $520 just laying around I could think of a lot more uses for it right now than a phone. True its probably worth it for what it offers but heck who really has that kind of money to shell out on a phone. Can you even add insurance to it if you buy it outright? Or with a contract for that matter. All I can say is unless I win one I won’t be seeing a Nexus One anytime soon. Hopefully the 2.0 or 2.1 on the G1 is true… if Google could just have it to where you save apps to sd Id be happy for another year. So many apps and not enough memory… so much for an 8GB card with not much to put on it :-(

  • 18.4009

    Well damn! I am on the family plan and no way I can change the plan and no way I can pay the $500+ price tag…. Noooooooo!

  • Y314K

    Well, following this phone was a waste of 2 months…

    I am only willing to pay this price for the fully featured HTC Bravo…

    So, It was nice knowing about u Nexus One…

    Here I come HTC Bravo…lol

    Any news who might be picking this up in the US…

  • mark925

    I can understand the unsubsidized pricing…. but forcing a plan on people for the unsubsidized plan just reeks of retardness. It’s almost as though they’re strictly trying to focus on getting new customers (not that that’s entirely bad) while giving the middle finger to their existing customers who would GLADLY fork over $180-$200 and add 2 years to their contract to get the phone on their existing plan. Hell, if they made it $299 subsidized if I could keep my current plan I’d do it. But having to pay $500+ for it, no effing way. I’m due for an upgrade in July, so hopefully between launch and then Google comes to their senses.

  • JBLmobileG1

    I wonder what it means by “existing users may qualify for upgrade pricing” could this bring hope??? Maybe if you aalready have Android Web and Tmobile service you could upgrade and get it for $179.99? Makes me wonder if anyone who already has service will be able to keep their plan and all new qualifying customers would be stuck having only the one option. Still I’d be out of luck because I have almost another year on my contract. Please Tmobile let current G1 users who pre-ordered before have a shot at picking up the Nexus One early at the upgrade price….

    • mark925

      I think what it’s referring to is that you have to be 11 months into a 12 month contract or 22 months into a 24 month contract to be eligible for upgrade pricing (standard TMobile policy).

  • SouthBoy

    two or three years ago google said that they will have a phoone and it will be free because is going to be subsidized for the companies that advertise in google web page. In the other hand Tmobile is trying to get more and more costumers, but offering this phone and plan never is going to be competitive and I hope in the future Tmobile not limit the web plan like AT&T for it lack of capacitive. Tmobile must to Continue putting in the market better deals.

  • TP

    It they brought back myfaves with that 500 minutes, then it would not be a big deal!

    • Ivet

      I agree! I am extremely disappointed by the ridiculous unsubsidized pricing! At least if i had the option to use my MyFaves, i would then consider it. But seriously, I am on a family plan+still have myFaves. What gives Google??? >:(

  • N1 @ 99$/199$ with Data Only plan – It’s a game changer, I’ll dump my iPhone and move to it

    N1 @ 199$ with TMo contract – It’s yet another Phone, still no compromize or sacrifice my iPhone

    N1 @ 599$ without contract – Another unlocked phone will come down to 99$ in few days/weeks/months

    But, hey if they dont’ provide GVoice + N1 + 199$ + Data Only plan for their own phone, why would they complain to FCC on Apple / ATT that they dont’ allow GVoice ?

    Are we creating another M$/Apple…?

  • john

    Awww crud!, I had such high hopes for you Nexus One, and google how disappointing!
    Damn!, and you can’t get this on a family plan!
    The only thing that would still make up for some is if T-mo sells the phone and lets you pay it over 20 months with even more plus.

  • tato22

    its way to over priced wayyyyyyy over there crazy ill pass on that i think we can say we gota better shit to buy then this for that i get the n900

  • Maybe I’m a special case, but I’m on a two line family plan that costs me $49 a month for 400 minutes (which is plenty when our entire family is on Tmobile). I want to upgrade to smart phones, so another $25 on each line, but that’s still only $100 a month. If I go the Nexus One subsidized route, it costs me an extra $60 for two years (at which time maybe I could move to a cheaper plan, but still couldn’t get back to this plan). But $60 x 24 months is $1440 more just in rate plan changes. Now to keep my current rate, I’d have to go either unsubsidized, or get a G1 or myTouch. In that case, the rate stays the same, but now I’m spending $1060 for two Nexus Ones, or $260 for two G1s.

    I don’t care how awesome this phone is, it doesn’t make sense.

    • don

      if you think $530 is too expensive for a phone with better specs than some netbooks than you are better off with a G1

      • I didn’t say it was too expensive. What I said was, for $400 less, I’ll probably just get a G1. No one is purchasing a Nexus One in a vacuum…there are competitors and alternatives.

        Try again don…

  • niididy

    Great phone. And I don’t mind the price. But restricted to just THAT ONE PLAN doesn’t cut it. I’m also on a family plan. Just when everything was on the up and up, they do something stupid to stunt their own growth in potential device sales and at whatever rate plan. At the above mentioned plan, one will never realize/fully utilize the full potential/power of the phone. Google had already alienated a sizeable amount of potential buyers, including myself and that sucks. Been looking forward to purchasing one of these…but can’t with the options/stipulation presented me.

    • don

      doesn’t anyone read anymore. You only have to have that plan if you get the subsidized price

      • Brian

        I think everyone is complaining though because they want that price, while sticking with the current plans they have. That is at least what I gathered. =P

      • Viper

        Uh yea… there is only one plan. Or you get no plan… not a lot of options. How about, oh I dunno, letting grandfathered plans in on the subsidized price or even people who want unlimited minutes? c’mon… if this is for more than just this google phone, it’s going to look like T-Mobile no longer wants subsidized pricing period. 500 mins won’t cut it.

    • Usman

      I don’t see how T-mo would turn you down if you called them back the same day and told them you wanted a more expensive plan.

  • Viper

    Oh sheesh. So one plan if you want it subsidized, or you get it unlocked? ONLY ONE? They really are pushing not only even more plus, but attempting to push everyone who’s grandfathered off of their plans.

    I hope this only occurs with this phone… wouldn’t be happy if I can’t ever go subsidized again if they lock each phone to a certain even more rate plan.

  • iPhone_on_TMobile

    TMobile must price the Nexus One competitive with the iPhone plans. The rumored $80/mo may end up shooing away customers over to iPhone.

    Also iPhone is rumored to be upgraded soon as well.

  • rinklighter

    Having that one rate plan is kinda jacked up, but I don’t really understand all the whining. It’s a simple formula, really: totally awesome, unsubsidized phone = you pay more.

  • I think everyone needs to chill untill google officially calls it. That being said, if google(and t-mobile) for that matter really want to “revolutionize the industry” with this phone, if these are the plans,pricing they plan to run with- this might end up being a not – so great idea and business move for google(I know, I know it’s google$$). But the reasoning is, they put other phone companies that support their software on their devices at an huge, competitive disadvantage. How do you compete with the company ,when you run their software but they run it better on their OWN device – and you are both competing for the same potential costumers?. Where do you think the consumer will go?. It’s a catch22 for the other phone companies, do I still support googles O.S and run it on my devices while becoming the nexus ones’ red- headed step- child?. Or do I try another O.S and lose out on android, and lose even MORE sales?. This could backfire here folks
    people have gotten tired of this apple- like domination thing. Stay tuned. But there is a sun rising soon, x10 and htc hd2 may be tmo’s saving grace. Now when the iPhone hits t- mob in the summer how many people will pick that up on magenta?. This may not be good for the nexus one without better pricing, plans. Just saying…

  • mike

    Screw this i will leave android for the n900 before i pay that for a damn htc device.

  • bradsh

    fully worth it as long as it works with T-zones. IT HAD BETTER WORK WITH T ZONES

    • J-Hop2o6

      I tried the TP2 AND the G1 with t-zones, and both work fine

  • just some dude

    the $530 price is not to crazy for an unlocked phone, but for google to make a deal with tmobile to offer only 500 minutes of talk time nuts.

  • Mike

    In the terms, did anyone notice that on the end of page 2 that when explaining the consequences of canceling within 120 days, the figure they use for the unsubsidized phone is $429? Not $529. Interesting…

  • I think that Google and T-mobile came to a agreement with the 500 min thing. Because Tmo knows about GV. I think Google might be pushing for more GV use. I have GV and ill be able to have unlimited minutes and talk all day. What is to be seen is how the T-mobile network is going to handle the massive surge in Data usage. If the data side turns to crap then GV wont be so useful.

    • just some dude

      but we are still not sure it will be VOIP running off tmobiles data.

  • John

    They did what I would have done.
    You can’t resell.
    You can’t have multiple phones on one plan with family, friends etc. to lower monthly charge per user.

  • ME

    For those who want more mins…What is stopping anyone from calling up T-Mobile after phone is released and switching to a unlimited EM plan ($99.99?)

    • Usman

      That’s exactly what I’m saying… T-mobile isn’t stupid. If you call even the same day and say, “Hi, I want to pay you more money for more minutes”, they’ll jump to upgrade you.

      • Can someone correct me if I’m wrong…but have the data plans for tmobile always been $30? I thought they were $25 per line, but all I see on their website now is $30. When did that change?

      • Usman

        That changed with the introduction of the Project Dark plans.

  • mrbill

    So…..If I want to keep my existing, grandfathered plan, I have to pony up the 530 bones. If I want to to get the $180 “existing customer” price (not an upgrade price which I’m fully qualified for since I have been on T-Mo for 3 years and still am using my DASH) I will have to pay an extra $15.00 month for 1000 FEWER minutes each month ($360.00 more and 24,000 less minutes over the 2 year term)and I loose my upgrade I have sitting on! That doesn’t include the overage I would have to pay for the extra minutes I would use every month. Normally I use an average of about 800 minutes month although right now I am using about 1000 since both of my parents are very ill. I thought I might get this phone, but now I don’t know. I think I’ll wait for more details.

  • StevenG

    Here’s what you do. Get on the Even More Plus Plan. Then, call up Verizon and tell them you want to switch over to their service. They’ll cancel your T-Mobile account and start you a Verizon account with the same. THEN, within 30 days, call up T-Mobile and say you want to start a new T-Mobile account with your Verizon number. T-Mobile will allow you to do so. So, then you activate a Even More plan with your $180 Nexus One. Problem solved.

    (This is if you switched to the Even More Plus plan with hopes of getting the Nexus One on a payment plan, like I did.)

    • GenesisDH


      How did you do this within 90 days? I thought you can’t cancel—->become a new customer until 90 days passed. That’s what happened when my dad’s account got transferred to my sister. He had to wait three months before signing a new contract.

  • Didn’t mean to reply above…

    Can someone correct me if I’m wrong…but have the data plans for tmobile always been $30? I thought they were $25 per line, but all I see on their website now is $30. When did that change?

    • beastly

      They’re only $30 on individual Even More, because of the phone subsidies. On Even More Plus, you’re only paying between $20 and $25 per line, depending on your rate plan setup.

  • don

    Why is everyone acting like this is a t-mobile phone? I don’t understand why everyone complains all the time about stuff that is pretty reasonable. I guess you would prefer google to just give away the most powerful smartphone ever made.

    • Silly Don…at it again.

      Don, what networks in the USA does the phone work on? And of those networks, which one(s) use the full capabilities of the phone?

      Oh, what is that you say, only t-mobile? Maybe that’s why people are calling it a t-mobile phone.

      And stop with this giving it away garbage….no one in this entire thread has said they expected that.

    • mrbill

      I, for one am not complaining about the phone price, I’m complaining about being forced into losing my current rate plan.

  • Confusion about plan limitations with this phone aside, I’m still pretty bummed I pulled the trigger on a cliq and am already outside of my remorse period…

  • j

    I’ve been waiting for this phone since the day it was leaked. But this pricing scheme is incredibly bad. Some sort of subsidy I will understand, but grumble to myself about. But purposely restricting the plans? What a terrible idea. I’ve said it before many times, I need an Android, I don’t need a data plan.

  • kendrix_myrealname

    Well so much for my nightly bed wetting of this phone. They have pissed me off bad. Stupid ass prices. It may sound stupid but id rather pay 200 for this with my 1000 mins. They’re acting like Apple now. Not cool

  • John

    Cool thing about this is that you can change price plan at any time with tmo. Get it sub’d, change pp in 30 days then after 365 days go to em+ plan. 1 yr with em and 1 with em+. Discounted phone, don’t see a way to lose

    • GenesisDH

      The fact that this ‘subsidy’ only applies to postpaid customers. That’s a lose in most people’s books. Last I heard T-Mobile is aimed toward non-postpaid customers (hence why FlexPay and EM+ are hotly marketed by T-Mo), and in most cases FlexPay customers have an option to pay for the phone in payments. This rumor throws the installment plan out the fire escape if true. Ridiculous.
      This shoots FlexPay, SmartAccess and family customers in the foot and groin.

      I’m on a EM+ plan and qualify for installments, but I have to pay the full cost up front? Blech…

      Plus, there’s no guarantee that you’d be able to move off the EM plan buying this on contract. Hopefully you’re right (just like most hope that there really isn’t a ‘one T-Mobile plan only’ setup as displayed), but don’t expect it to be.

      • John

        Can anyone see tmo letting google really dictate their arpu (average revenue per user) for those already on em+ that would kinda suck. Hopefully this is only the start of the process.

  • Usman

    How do we know that the $79.99 Even More plan detailed in the picture isn’t just the minimum plan required for this phone? That makes a whole lot more sense than keeping people from buying more expensive plans.

  • Fate

    wow.. $530 for the freakin’ phone.. man.. I think I’m going to be after this..

    • js-1

      thats how much the iphine is too…evem more i think to buy it out right.

      bicthy bitchy…gees.

      • Aaron

        iphone is around $800 retail

    • js-1

      no its 599…i asked

      • Kickstar13

        Asked who?

  • justme

    read the update, and what caught my eye was the fee attached to the 14-day remorse period – $45. of course that’s waived if you return in w/in the time frame in as-new condition and in an _unopened_ package.

    realize any and all of this info – pricing structure, plan restriction, remorse fee – may be wrong, but if it is, dayum.

    • GenesisDH


      That isn’t unusual. T-Mobile’s restocking/remorse fee can be upwards of $35 for most smartphones.

      • Usman

        Yes, but it’s Google that is charging the $45 “refurbishing” fee…not T-mobile, since they’re not selling the phone.

      • GenesisDH


        Nokia does the same with their unlocked phones, Apple does with their phones, etc. This is normal policy.

        Go to a BestBuy look at their returns policy, a number of products they sell are subject to a restocking fee.

      • justme

        ah, didn’t realize that. the last time i tried a phone and returned it in the remorse period i wasn’t charged anything but the shipped. of course that was a long looonnnngggg time ago.

    • Peter

      What caught my eyes was the original price they were thinking about back in Nov (or whenever the ToS were written): $429. I wonder what increased the priced by $100.

  • Oce

    So loyalty customers get screwed! Count me out!

  • GreenTea

    so is the plan just $80? If so…this makes my current bill cheaper and I only have 300 minutes with Myfaves now…most of My faves have Tmo now so 500 minutes with unlimited tmo-tmo will work just fine


    • StuckInTexas

      @GreenTea – Really? I have 2 lines, 1000 minutes and MyFaves for $59.99 a month. No data or txt.

      Would consider this as an upgrade, but there is no way I am changing my plan.

      • eli_the_great89

        Unless you received some sort of mean discount, I find it hard to believe that you have a MyFaves plan with 1000 whenever minutes for $59.99 when the chepeast MyFaves plan when it existed was with 400 whenever minutes for $69.99, and that’s just the voice plan it obviously doesn’t include any extra services.
        so….??? How is it your plan is so cheap?

      • Mizraim73

        I also have 2 lines with 1000 minutes and MyFaves for $59.99 a month. I believe it was a special promotion for new customers several years ago.

    • TonicTrouble

      Not true eli_the_great89. I have one line on MyFaves w/ 1000 minutes for 59.99.

    • deeone

      i’ve got 1000 minutes with myfave $39.99, i won’t lose to this crap.

  • Androidnoob

    Wow $530 unsubsidized?! Please tell me this isn’t so.. I was seriously about to return my Cliq anticipating that the price for the Nexus one would be cheaper than the $400 msrp I had to pay for the phone (I’m paying $22/month for 20 months on an Even More Plus plan)! It looks like I might be with the Cliq for now =/

    • Usman

      If you still have time to return the Cliq, but decide to keep it because you’ll pay an extra $5 a month for the N1, you’re not very smart!

    • Usman

      If you can still return the Cliq for a full refund, but don’t do so because you’d end up paying an extra $5 a month for the N1, you’re not very smart.

  • Does anyone know the price for the Android data plan on T-Mob? I’m planning to buy it unlocked and still have my iPhone on a grandfathered $20 unlimited data plan which I’m sure won’t work with the N1.

    • GenesisDH


      It costs $30 for Even More and grandfathered voice plans, $25 for Even More Plus plans.

      • beastly

        $20 for the first two lines on an Even More Plus family plan. :)

  • JGreen

    This is fair deal, the plan is not bad! Dont forget this is a Google phone and will most likely come with Google Voice! Free minutes and text! Im love’n it got my $530 ready!

    • Unal

      Google Voice is not free mins. Google Voice is not VOIP. It uses your existing mins.

  • Tmo Employee

    If what is said is tru, WTF is T-mo thinking with that price point. Oh yea we have this alsome phone, BUT you have to switch your plan to somthing your prolly go over on. Thats grimey. Somehow I cannot see google telling tmobile that people have to switch to a certain plan, considering they just did this huge project black launch, for the unlimited plan price point. Thats like saying heres a new car, BUT you can only drive it 40 miles a week. I don’t see this happeneing for very long if it does. No worries to be as I am getting the phone anyway, whether its via being an ambassador or through my discount.

  • Tmo Employee


    • GenesisDH

      @Tmo Employee

      Calm down.

      The rumor behind this is that the ‘GV minutes’ are being done over VoIP (presumably via software Gizmo5 made post-buyout).
      If GV’s done over VoIP it would be free (I know, I use GV over VoIP on my computer a lot, don’t use any T-Mobile minutes doing so) and this would completely avoid the T-Mobile voice network…

      However, I don’t see this rumor coming true. At least not yet.

      • Unal

        Now that is true. If they activate VOIP that is a different story. That would be very nice.

  • Abdililaah M. Mohamud

    I am so excited to finally have some “solid” proof of the N1 on T-Mo, and I was actually prepared to to shell out more than the $530, so its a win for me! For sure!

  • -ray

    No way am I giving up my unlimited talk time for $50. Plus, is google going to offer insurance on this phone? I always get insurance because I tend to drop a phone every once in a while… One more thing.. What is it with that cheezy color? Black would have been more manly!!

  • Rick

    “And if you cancel your plan before 120 days”

    Um, what if I cancel my plan after 120 days??? Home free?

    I’d like to hear more about that.

    ps – all you family plan users with no data; I had to buy data plans for EACH line. This makes your $60/mo bill more like $130/mo for two lines. MyFavs is still pretty cool, but it ain’t free.

  • BAR

    Any thoughts on when you’re eligible for the upgrade @ $180? I still have 11 months to go out of 22 months to go before I’m technically eligible for a fully-discounted upgrade.

    I called Tmo last night and for a new Blackberry, it’s cheaper to cancel my account and sign-up for a new account then it is just to get a new one. I hope this won’t be the case with the Nexus One.

  • sortamad

    where were those good ol’ days where all you had to do was call 611 and just extend your contract to get a phone…

  • iwantone

    I have a question. . . I don’t know how to make this any clearer but i’m on a family plan with my fam. I have a sidekick and pay the 20 dollar grandfather fee. If i get this phone how much will the date cost?

    • Peter

      $530 according to rumors…

    • beastly

      If you’re on a grandfathered plan, I think I remember data being $25 per line, but that was because we already had shared unlimited messages.

  • Ozz

    I agree with Oce. I have been a loyal customer since the original Sidekick, got the loyalty plan when it was FIRST released, and now my loyalty gets me exactly SH**!

  • Rayen321

    “Existing users my qualify for upgrade pricing” It states that in the first section. Everyone relax until the launch date.

  • iwantone

    Oh and i’m buying the phone unlocked as well if that helps.

  • iwantone

    Oh and i’m planning on buying it unlocked if that helps.

  • Robert

    Again, anybody willing to spend over $500 for a phone must be crazy in my opinion or a millionaire which I’m assuming most of you aren’t.

    It’s funny how many comments here are from ‘kids’ that are worried about talking their parents into buying this for them. I’d just laugh at mine and I’m relatively well off but the thinking that ANY phone is worth as much as a decent computer is laughable at best.

    I could buy 2 netbooks for what they will be asking for this phone… and yet people on here will flock to it as though it’s the next best thing when in fact in 6 months it will probably be outdone by something from Samsung or Motorola anyway.

    And I doubt this is Google as much as it is Google/T-Mobile who had to have agreed on how to market this so everybody claiming that T-Mobile has nothing to do with this… they are ‘subsidizing’ (stupidest word ever) the phone so obviously they have something to do with it.

    And once again they are screwing their loyalty customers and those on family plans as well.

    I can’t believe how easily people are fooled and buy into the idea that a phone costs $500 to $1000 and has to be subsidized to make it affordable when you can go out and buy a computer for that same price… NOT subsidized.

    Really? Can your phone do more than your laptop can? I didn’t think so.

    • Rayen321

      Can your netbook do half the things a Nexus One can do? Camera, GPS, portability? This is a device you use everyday all day nearly 365 days a year. As for the Kids comment, I’m an adult that will be buying the phone, but as I said before i will wait until the launch for THE FULL DETAILS.

    • Usman

      The full, unsubsidized price of many non-smartphones are about the same as netbooks. What’s your point?

    • Richard

      Anybody willing to pay for a subsidized phone and get locked into a 2 year contract must be crazy.

  • Da Boss

    I was wondering about that price is you read the terms of sale document on page 2 at the bottom it says the unlocked price is $429 where did the extra $100 come from the proof of the price is in the terms of sale that you posted so I doubt its gonna be $529

    • Rayen321

      That was an example.

  • Yeah it’s ME

    No go for me…I can’t (and never could) justify paying that much for a phone. It’s a phone (a good one but still)!

  • Peter Johnson

    This is just crazy. I am on a family plan with 5 phones. I would have to drop my phone from the account to get a plan that is worse than my current one. I don’t think so. I have been with tmobile for 7 years. I hope they change their minds about the plans and/or pricing. If they dont the first time the change their txt message rate i’m leaving tmobile. I have owned a G1 since the lanuch ( i pre ordered) they are not doing my any favors and have put a bad taste in my mouth.

    • sortamad

      thats the same thing that im saying… why should we have to change our whole plan to just get an upgrade… especially when a lot of times (if you’ve been with t-mob for a long time like me) you have to change your plan for a crappier one… im happy with the one i have now, cant i just get the phone for another two year upgrade with the same plan??? is that too much to ask?

  • ron

    Looks like a great phone. I am an fan of Android. But the slating of the family plan (which I have with 4 lines) will keep me away from this phone. There is no way I’m gonna pay $500+ for any phone.

  • jeff

    I really don’t think this is real…the off contract price is in line with phones of this class …the subsidized price is also in line but the plan requirement is just bizarre…if this is true its defiantly not a game changer…and if the plan thing is true i don’t think this phone will go very far

    still if they do offer the payment plan through tmobile i might give it a go

    • GooG FreaK

      i agree…. the whole thing wreaks of hoax…. I mean, they are using a mac for god sake… probably an apple/iphone fan boy trying to stir the pot.

  • GooG FreaK


    So, as a current(and long-time)Google phone(G1)owner(got it the day before the official release date), and T-mobile family plan subscriber, I am going to need to pay the unsubsidized price instead of a semi-upgrade-subsidization price??? That is F%$king whack!! I have unlimited everything, and 3 lines on my account, and I feel as if I am being mugged in a dark alley here… It actually BLOWS MY FREAKING MIND that they think this is an appropriate course to be pursuing…. just because someone is a gadget geek doesn’t mean that they are a single guy looking for an individual rate plan.

    • Usman

      You chose to sign onto a 2 year contract…no one forced you.

      • Usman

        Nevermind… misread your post man.

  • Disappointed

    This sucks. I need it on the Even More family share plan for it to be worth it. It is cheaper for me to get two subsidized phones and shell out an extra $240 over two years than it is for me to spend over $1,000 to buy two phones.

    ($240 is the price difference between the Even More and Even More Plus plans, (I did not include unlimited txt messages because I do not need them with GV))

  • TheAtom

    This is disappointing. You can say I am complaining but this phone went from being a game changer, to worse then trying to buy a different smart phone. Why do we have to change our plan to that? I am okay with having to get a data plan, but to have to change to a specific plan is game changing in a bad way.

  • Aaron

    Cmon kickstar13/David give us some details plz!!!

  • Aaron

    This doesnt sound like tmo at all

  • Rosco

    Ok, wait folks, DO THE MATH.

    You already have an existing T-Mobile line. (Family plan, whatever). You buy the N-1 for $180 (a new line). $80/mo for the new line of service. When you get it, put your existing sim in the N-1. 121 days, 4 months, $320/mo later you CANCEL the new line, and get T-Mobile to unlock the phone. (they will unlock any phone you get from them after 90 days). What did you pay for the new phone? $180 + $320 (4x $80) = $500. You (effectively) get the N-1, Unlocked for $500, and have spread the cost out with $180 down and ‘4 Easy Payments’ (Ron Popeil would be proud).

    • CaptKirk

      Don’t forget the early termination fee one would have to pay. A 2 year contract needs to be signed, so if one cancels in 4 months, he/she will still have 1 year and 8 months left on the contract…meaning a decent sized early termination fee, which will drive the total cost well past the initial unlocked price of $530.

  • In case anyone was wondering, if I go to UPGRADE my current phone, then I’m given the option of $25 unlimited web. Apparently that’s just gone for new people under the project dark pricing.

  • Unal

    I think we should wait and see the details. Clearly it can’t be one page with one option. That is not normal in any carrier in the world. One plan? I think that is either a start point or there are more details.

    • JayJay

      I agree. This obviously is NOT the final say of what plan we can use because nobody will limit a customer to just one plan, that’s just an outrage lol. Google knows better. I think it’s just to amp up the hype of it all honestly…

  • Jose

    Not even the Iphone cost that much….

    • Kickstar13

      An unlocked iPhone 3GS 16GB brand new in the box costs around $800

      Nexus One costs $530 brand new and its unlocked.

  • David

    From what I read. T-mobile is NOT selling this device, Google is and T-mobile is supporting it. $530 is to much money in my opinion. I have 2 lines on a 1800 min family plan, 400 text and data on 1 line (my G1) on a Flex pay 2 year contract and my bill with taxes is $150 a month. I will get another android phone but not this one. The stipulations are just plain stupid. No flex pay, no family plan?? I have to go to a lower price plan with less minutes? Stupid. FAIL.

    • NiiDiddy

      @David – Exactly my thoughts!!

  • beastly

    The iPhone cost more than that, and people still lined up around the block to buy it. But the iPhone had much better lead-up publicity, there was no recession, and it wasn’t launched just after Christmas.

    Honestly, the installments on Even More Plus is the best idea I’ve seen in a long time, and I’m not sure why T-Mobile isn’t finding a way to get Google to let them offer the installments to their customers. That might actually put one of these in everybody’s hand. Think about it. Google makes their announcement and says to all the folks out there paying $110 a month for 900 minutes + data and messages on an iPhone, “Hey, check it out. You pop down $35 activation, sign up for unlimited everything with T-Mobile, and you get this phone and service for $106.50, no contract, and your rates go down to $80 a month after 20 months. Not good enough? Sign on with a friend to a family plan, and you’re only paying $96.50 a month. Still not good enough? The next three lines you add have no activation fee, and each one is only $81.50 a month and they effectively get the best phone on the market for free.”

    Not allowing T-Mobile to put this phone on the installment plan is going to tick off existing Even More Plus customers and means passing up the chance to steal a bunch of AT&T customers. I just flat-out don’t get it. Isn’t part of Google’s purpose to get a bunch of Android phones out there so they can gather mobile data for their market research?

  • Sgt. Cell

    How does this phone go from announced to released so quick? How about doing this with the HD2. I’m ready and waiting T Mobile.

  • Bob

    Ah, and here is where all of the Google fanbois that were saying they were going to ditch their iPhone and get the “Google Phone” turn around and say “Holy crap, that’s expensive!” and realize that it’s not a game changer it all. It’s just another HTC phone with Android.
    FYI, you can already buy unlocked phones. Sony-Ericsson has been selling them for ages, and so has HTC.

  • beastly

    Also, I don’t really see this phone as being fundamentally different from a mytouch. When the iPhone came out, it was the only phone in its class. So far as I can tell, the only things this phone offers that the MyTouch doesn’t are a better processor and a newer version of Android. That’s kind of nice, but it’s not going to bring in many new customers, either for Google or for T-Mobile. It’s certainly not worthy of a Google press conference.

    “Hey, guess what, guys? We’re releasing a new phone that’s pretty much more of the same of what you’ve been seeing from Android over the last year. But here’s what’s new and exciting and different: we’re selling it directly, which means you don’t have the same purchasing options you have with any other Android phone! Just thought you all should know.”

  • GooG_Nut

    I’ve learned with T-Mobile that you have to want until the press release for the full information….all will be revealed.

  • Kickstar13

    The unlocked pricing really isn’t that bad, if you compare it to the myTouch 3G

    T-Mobile myTouch 3G=528Mhz Processor, Android 1.6, 3.2MP camera-> Price: $499 w/o contract

    HTC Nexus One=1Ghz Snaprdragon Processor, Android 2.1, 5MP camera, AMOLED Full Touchscreen-> Price: $529 w/o contract unlocked

    • The problem is that if I want to keep my plan, I have to pay $530 for the Nexus One. If I get a myTouch and want to keep my plan (and new contract) then it only costs me $150. That’s almost 400 dollars.

    • Ariel

      The Mytouch is 399 w/o contract, not 499. It used to be 499, but Tmobile now sells it for 399.

  • asian_inspired

    wondering if tmo employees will be able to get a hold of the phone with their discounts???.. what do you guys think

  • Kickstar13
  • eli_the_great89

    $180 on a 2 year subsidized plan doesn’t sound bad at all.

    Now they’ll be forced to put down the price of their hideous deformed TP2 and Behold II.

    This is a phone I can see at a higher price, SnapDragon processor makes up for it all.

    • Kickstar13

      Its not the subsidized price that’s making people frustrated, its the requirement of that one single 500 mins+text+unlimited web $79.99 plan that is required to get the Nexus One at that $180 price tag.

      • CaptKirk

        Exactly! We want to be able to use our existing plans (I am assuming most of us already have unlimited data plans) with this phone! I think most of the complaints are from people with Family plans… Blocking us out of a subsidized phone makes even less sense!! We pay more per month than a subscriber with a single line!! Why are the customers that are paying T-Mobile MORE getting LESS in this deal? Kind of ironic from T-Mobile’s perspective when they have plans named Even More and Even More PLUS. e.e

        I sure hope this pricing information was either intentionally “leaked” by all parties involved in the sale of this device to test the waters or that this information simply isn’t finalized yet.

        I am trying very hard to be patient and calm considering Google and T-Mobile are generally understanding and appreciative of their loyal users/customers. Hopefully that will be the case and there will be further clarification and consideration made for the pricing issues.

      • Usman

        I still think that is the MINIMUM plan that will be required on contract. I can’t think of a single reason why T-mobile or Google would want to limit potential revenue by limiting people to 500 minutes. It just isn’t good business.

  • JBLmobileG1

    $530 may sound like a good deal but let’s be real… how much do you think a phone like this cost to make. I bet if you cut the phone price in half it would still cost less to make. What is funny is Google has always been known to give out Free services so I don’t see why they would charge so much on a phone. Then again HTC I am sure gets something from it. I think all phones at outright cost are overly priced but that’s just me.

  • JBLmobileG1

    On a second note…. why do I (or anyone else for that matter) want an unlocked Nexus One phone. I mean seriously sure you could use it on AT&T but not with 3G.. only edge so its pretty pointless. I am sure your paying the extra money just to have it unlocked.

  • Mark

    I don’t understand why people keep comparing the retail prices of any phones. There has never been a popular phone that generated it’s sales at retail prices. Even the first i phone had a price reduction very quickly.

    This will be the test case for the retail price program with t mobile. I’m more surprised google would risk a poor start by such a high price point. In 90 days this phone will be 150 or less and free thru t mobile. Why would google go thru the bother of selling a low volume phone?

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Good points Mark. I too am not sure what Google is thinking. Do they think anything with the Google brand will sell? Do they control so much of the mobile market (apps and OS) that a a device that seamlessly integrates everything into one device will be a success? Do they have some grand plan where this phone is only a small part of the bigger scheme?

      Some thoughts:

      1. Google assumes no one ever pays retail, so the price point is to motivate people to go with a plan. To be sure, I am not aware of anyone in the past, including myself, who has paid full price for a phone (at least not since the days of subsidized phones). The closest I have gone to paying full price was in August 09 where I bought the T-Mobile Touch Pro2 for $329 on a one year contract.

      2. That $550 price point is nothing new. All of the newer smartphones are $500 to $800, with prices in the 500s being the average “high priced” phone.

      3. What is new is Google selling it unlocked. Previously no manufacturer or carrier has sold an unlocked “debut” phone on the retail market. The question is, is Google more interested in selling phones via T-Mo or do they see the unlocked version being a big seller.

      4. IMHO the market has been saturated with smartphones and the various operating systems. And consumers considered the G1 the Google phone. So the Nexus, IMHO, won’t be that big a deal. If anything, to consumers this is more of a sequel to the G1 and that phone (with Android) has run its course. In other words, the public is over the excitement of the Google phone (again, which was the G1).

      5. Again IMHO, the Google phone OS (which most consumers understand to be Android) has become too fragmented. In other words, there’s too many versions of Android out there, which one you have depending on your phone and carrier.

      Fragmentation is not a bad thing since competition breeds improvement in the OS and user interface. For example, Motorola has the MotoBlur shell (user interface) that emphasizes ease of use if one is on on the social networks (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace).

      But how that might hurt the Nexus is that the buying consumer now has a lot of choices when it comes to Android and the user shell. While the Nexus might have made a big splash in Sept. 2008 (when the G1 came out) now it’s not that remarkable a device, at least not to the masses.

      6. And let’s face it folks, the Nexus is no longer a revolutionary design, at least not to the masses who base a major part of a buying decision on how a phone looks, feels and functions. Put the Nexus next to all the other touch screen only phones now on the market, it looks the same.

      7. Which brings to mind, what about all the people who insist on a keyboard? This phone does not have one so that leaves me wondering how big of a market will this phone eliminate as potential buyers?

      But in 2010 I suspect a huge part of the the consumer market will be going touch screen only. Using myself as an example, I bought the T-Mobile Touch Pro2 because it had a keyboard. Because I send fewer e-mails and texts than before I use the touchscreen more than before. But I do like using the keyboard when typing.

      So does this mean I might take the plunge and go touchscreen only? I don’t know. I suspect that the percentage of touch screen only users is increasing every month and will overtake those of us who use keyboards.

      Well, that’s my mouthy comments on all this.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    eli_the_great89 says: I find it hard to believe that you have a MyFaves plan with 1000 whenever minutes for $59.99 when the chepeast MyFaves plan when it existed was with 400 whenever minutes for $69.99

    You don’t know how plans work or what you are talking about. $69.99 for 400 minutes was not the cheapest MyFaves plan.

    Most everyone knows that T-Mobile has had promotions over the years, some lasting as long as a month, others for a week. That has resulted in many people having plans that most others have never heard of. So there’s no reason to be questioning that person’s truthfulness.

    And technically I have the cheapest MyFaves plan. I have two MyFaves lines for $89 monthly. That was loyalty pricing and while it made MyFaves moot, we are holding on to them because they are not offered any longer.

  • Jonstonson

    1. Drop the trackball.
    2. Ditch the brown/gray/puke color.

    I’m not an iPhone lover at all but HTC phones do not look as attractive as the iPhone, therefore it will not sell like the iPhone.

    I’ll keep to my 9700.

    • Dan

      I think google should allow the N1 to be used on a family plan. It’s ridiculous to only allow it on an individual plan.

      • pancho

        I know right, I wanted to get it on a family plan too.

  • Bobby

    me wants n-1

  • francisco

    i cant wait for this phone!

  • francisco

    i agree mike! =]

  • Jobbers

    I want this little jobber

  • Vision77

    I am gonna wait it out…..I think this is google testing the waters. I got a feeling 2010 is going to be a big year for T-mo. I like the Nexus1, HD2 and N900….I would get an N1 if I wasn’t gonna get kicked out of my current plan. So if I gotta spend $530, I’m gonna get the best phone. I will be checking out N1’s competition.

  • thechemist

    Really Google? I was headed to get this phone as soon as it hit the shelves. Now it’s only hitting the online shelves and I will have to pay $530 for it since my wife and I have the family plan? Wow.


      • Annonomous

        From what I understand you can change your plan w/ t-mobile once you recieve the phone. I’m not sure if this has been confirmed or not. I heard it from a t-mobile customer service representative.

  • thechemist

    Which I meant “NO!” I will not be getting this phone now. next….

  • Manny


  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Just a small note: the definition of a “leak” is “information that becomes known despite efforts at concealment.” Does anyone really believe that the Nexus One Google details are leaked information? I don’t. It’s obvious that part of Google’s marketing is to let loose on the Net the typical:

    Unidentified blurry single shot.

    Then a few more pics, a little sharper.

    Then three or four shots, sharp and clear.

    Followed by the leak of leaks, video on YouTube with the device in action.

    Followed by spec sheets and more pics.

    Then information on which carrier will get it, usually a salesman brochure or single page meant for employees who will be selling it.

    Followed by retail pricing.

    And lastly, the release-sale-debut date.

    There’s nothing wrong with building excitement with the timed release of bits and pieces of a new product.

    Guess I am just tired of calling this stuff “leaked” information when it’s really just a company’s precise marketing plan, fully authorized by the powers that be.

    Faux leaks are certainly one way to launch a device, but can we all call this stuff what it is and quit with the “leak” labels.

    Just sayin.

    • Timo

      It sure does wreak of viral marketing campaign. If people were so intent on leaking info that they were supposed to keep secret, you’d think they could have gotten some in focus pictures.

  • JustAPhoneUser

    Wow, if this is really how it is, this phone will end up being one big dud. Seriously, 500min? I would never give up my current unlimited+data at $75mo for this. and no way am I paying $530 cash for a phone…

  • Vbear1

    Google I was going to buy your phone as soon as it hit the market but I will not give up my loyalty unlimited family plan of $89.00 for this phone and I will be damned if I pay $600.00 for a phone plus the tax. Did you know we are in a hard economic times or you are trying to help AT&T keep its Iphone unbeatable for another year.

  • Vbear1

    I would rather buy an unlocked IPhone for the $600.00 and use my Tmobile sim card and have the best phone and my current plan.

  • Damian Wayne

    I still want the phone, it seems like $530 is actually reasonable for unsubsidized (remember $1,000 Xperia?) and I think the phone is worth it… I just don’t have $530 to spend. AH well. At least this will make me wait and see what happens w/ the HD2 and new Xperia.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I agree with you there Damian, $500+ seems to be the default high-end phone price and I am used to it so I would pay that price, especially instead of that horrible, draconian plan Google expects people to pay.

      That 39.99 price for 500 minutes must be T-Mo’s and Google’s way to assure that people will buy the more expensive plan. If anything, history is showing that people are getting away from 400 to 600 minute plans because that’s not enough minutes.

      The carriers know this. They see people using way more minutes than this, for example, if someone is on wireless only at home, meaning no land line.

      Does not matter to me, I have paid $400 to $800 for phones for years. Back in the 90s $500 got you a phone whose only feature that you were paying that kind of money for was bragging rights that it was the smallest phone in the world at the time.

      And like your recall of the $1000 Xperia, in year 2000 I paid $800 for a Toshiba PDA Phone, that was a precursor to the iPhone. And that was $800 in year 2000 dollars. It had a color display, touchscreen only, and could play movies and music. I even had a now-defunct Sierra Wireless card that gave me Net access. That was something back then, connecting to eBay on my phone. (I have always said that the iPhone was nothing new in terms of technology, as evidenced by my year 2000 Windows Pocket PC Toshiba PDA phone, that would have been called a smartphone today).

      If I like the Nexus or the HD2 (that will also be an HTC device, but rumored to be running Windows Mobile 7) I will definitely pay the unsubsidized price. I’d rather do that than be tied down to a contract, especially a draconian contract that might be T-Mo’s attempt to get users to pay overage charges each month

      (That’s where the money is with cell phones, each customer paying $50 to $200 a few times a year in overage charges. It’s as evil as credit car companies and banks making billions, estimated $75 billion, on over limit and overdraft charges). I suspect carriers want to do the same. Can’t make billions in overage charges if people have unlimited plans or plans with plenty of minutes.

      I digress, forgive me.

      • Usman

        I still do not believe that if you order the subsidized phone, and call T-mobile later the same day, that they won’t let you upgrade to a more expensive plan. They’d rather have guaranteed cash flow, than variable cash flow based on potential overage charges.

      • hellowoutthere

        Unless you are jumping from provider to provider the subsidy really does make sense for the consumer. Given that this phone is really only t-mobile compatible (for 3g) it really does not make sense to forfeit a subsidy, other then for the fact that the plan it comes with is SO bad. I think most will just pass this one up and wait for a better deal.

        Now, if we could just renew our existing plan and get the subsidy, then we would have a go. I am not sure why they would not give this a an option, other then that they may be banking on people dipping into EXPENSIVE overage minutes to make up for the subsidy….

  • adude

    And I was so looking so forward to this phone. Can’t keep your plan and get a subsidy? $530 is far to much money as well. This is actually a worse deal then an iphone.

    I would go for it if I could just extend my plan like you can with all other phones. This 500 minute plan is silly. Who would want that?

    • Matt

      When it comes to T-Mobile, I am sure you will be able to. Is everyone forgetting this is an invite only deal right now?

  • skilz


    your plan sucks, how about 79.99 for unlimited min, data, AND Text from tmo.

    • Maybe he doesn’t want to pay 5 dollars more for text?

  • Matt

    Get the 500 minute plan and then call T-Mobile and change it to the Unlimited. It’s that simple.

  • hellowoutthere

    Wow, that is a crappy plan by todays standards. It is not that the phone is not technically worth $530, but I for one could not financially justify paying this price or the unlocked version when I have a choice of so many other great phones and plans such as the Droid, Pre, or Iphone for for basically $330 less with a reasonable modern plan, all be it subsidized.

    I was really anticipating this phone, but under these conditions, IF this leaked doc is correct there is no way in heck I will be going for it.

    Oh well…

    • Usman

      Are you joking? You can’t justify it financially? Even at $530 and on an Even More Plus plan with T-mo, it would be WAY cheaper than the Droid or iPhone on their respective carriers!

      Why can’t you simpletons understand that subsidy or not, you are paying the full price of the phone one way or the other!

  • Jharper

    They really BUNGLED this one up! What a bummer…

  • jemarti

    If this information is acurate, the plan restiction for the subsidized phone is pure fail. I was going to replace my crusty old T-Mobile Wing with a Nexus, but I’m on a family plan with my wife, and I’m not the least bit interested in changing to a crappier plan just to get this phone.

    The more of us that yawn and walk away, the sooner they will drop this stupid plan restriction.

  • Rich

    Okay. This is a complete failure on Google’s/T-Mo’s part.

    I mean first we’re in a horrible economic period here in the US and for them to come out with this phone – which will probably be surpassed in less than a year anyway – and force people into either going with a horrible plan or paying full price (which is a ridiculous anyway when every intelligent person on the planet knows it costs pennies to produce anyway) isn’t very market savvy right now.

    Also it’s a bit ridiculous for people to keep raving on this as an ‘unlocked’ phone when in fact it really only works on T-Mo for 3G and why would you want a phone like this if you can’t use it on a 3G network anyway. Plus, you can pretty much unlock any phone… all you have to do is wait long enough and then ask – so that’s not really a big deal anyway.

    With this price point, horrible T-Mo coverage and plans and the fact that it’s going to be pretty much stuck with T-Mo regardless of what Google will say… this is shaping up to be a total failure for Google.

    • Usman

      As has been mentioned about 143,043 times before… the total cost of the phone and plan, subsidized or unsubsidized are relatively close, but it’s ALWAYS cheaper paying the unsubsidized price and then paying less on the monthly Even More Plus plan with T-mo. The only exception being if you’re eligible for a corporate discount on the Even More plan, which ends up cheaper in some cases.

      Secondly, the definition of an UNLOCKED phone is that it works on ALL GSM CARRIERS. This phone works on T-mobile, AT&T, and other GSM carriers. Just because you don’t get 3G on AT&T doesn’t render this phone “locked” somehow. Arguing otherwise is sheer stupidity and ignorance.

      Finally, T-mobile doesn’t have horrible coverage and plans. Clearly you’re not familiar with their service. I’ve been with them for 8 years. I’ve traveled all around the country and have only ever lost signal once, for about 5 minutes while I was driving through backwoods Pennsylvania. Their plans are an amazing value. The only real competition on value is Sprint. Verizon and AT&T are overpriced considering I get perfect coverage with T-mo at 60% the cost I’d have on an iPhone or Droid. It’s very clear that you’re clutching at straws to rationalize your jealousy at the amazing deal that we’re getting on T-mobile. Sorry, but that’s not our fault. You shouldn’t have chosen to sign with Verizon or AT&T, and you shouldn’t have chosen to live in some small podunk town with limited coverage. Deal with it.

  • Usman

    For those of you complaining about the unsubsidized price and crying about it being so much, I’ve crunched the numbers to calculate what the “real price” of the phone is when you buy it for $180 and sign a contract for a higher monthly payment. Note that the service you’re paying for is identical… you’re just paying more per month if you buy the phone subsidized.

    Based on that information, using the prices of the 500 minute plans that T-mo offers, the “real price” of the phone when you pay $180 upfront is $660! In other words, by subsidizing the phone, you agree to pay an extra $20 per month for the plan. That equals $480. $480+180=$660.

    Now stop bitching… Google is giving you a DEAL by only charging $530 unlocked and off contract!

    • Robert

      Wow. Do you work for T-Mo or Google? ‘Cause you’re a total whack job.

      Anger management anybody?

      Anybody that would suggest that they’re getting a ‘DEAL’ (in all cap letters even) at this price point with this phone needs professional help.

      I’d say that it’s running pretty much 50-50 on people still happy about this, yet you’re attacking EVERYONE and suggesting that we’re all nuts and insane because we just don’t obviously ‘get it’ like you do.

      • Usman

        First, I didn’t intend to sound angry, but I suppose I see how my comment could be read that way. Secondly, no I do not work for T-mobile or Google (though after law school I’d take a job with Google in a heartbeat). Am I a fan? Yes. That aside, I am basing my comment that this is a deal on the fact that Google could easily have charged more for the unlocked price, as long as it stayed under $660, just like Apple does for the iPhone off contract.

        I call it a deal, because financially speaking it actually works out to cost less at $530 with the EM+ plan than it does at $180 on the EM plan…and yes, if people don’t realize that FACT, then they don’t “get it” like I do. It’s simple mathematics, and numbers don’t lie.

    • Scritz Mcgritz

      OK, over a course of 2 years you will pay $130 extra for getting the phone subsidized. Not a big deal. It is actually financially wiser to go with the subsidized plan than going unsubsidized. Shelling out $530 for a phone is silly when most people could be spending that on more important things like… um I don’t know the gas bill. I mean really saving $60 a year goes unnoticeable. You couldn’t even buy a shirt from Abercrombie with $60, Give me a frigen break!

      • Scritz Mcgritz

        * unnoticed

      • Usman

        Your response illustrates my point, which some others have also made. You’re simply advocating saving some now and paying more later. As I’ve said before, you should look at total cost of ownership, not just the shortsighted initial cash outlay. But what the hell… if you want to spend more money for the same thing you can get for less, then go ahead. I’ll keep my $130.

  • tmobilerep

    you will be able to up your minute package, dont worry… you can change at any time to 500,1000 or unlimited…

    its probably tmo’s way of making money off of overages

  • matt

    iphone off contract (not unlocked/at&t 3g bands): $600
    nexus one off contract (unlocked/tmobile 3g bands): $530

    at$t unlimited everything: $149/month
    tmobile unlimited everything: $79/month

    The value is unquestionable. A full retail price of $530 for a phone like this? C’mon.

    And just to compare the contract prices:
    nexus one: $180 + $79/month for 500 minutes, text and data.
    iphone: $200 + $89/month for 450 minutes, text and data.

    Either way, this is a hell of a deal.

    • Doug


  • marc

    google must be smoking crack , i have a unlocked iphone 16gb i got off ebay and i use the unlimited everything package from my bb curve for 89.99 a month and i talk 500 min in 2 days ,,,they must have been really high when they came up with there pricing and plan details ,,people will never give up there plans for that and pay 530 plus tax thats 2 unlocked iphones for me ,,,,,,,,,,,,. MAYBE NEXT TIME GOOGLE

  • Aly401

    I really really would love to have this phone. BUT I am not going to pay $529 for a phone. That’s ridiculous! And it is only available through Google? Whatever! That’s Crazy. Hopefully the price goes down. Then I will think about it purchasing it. Not to mention the fact that if I buy this phone right now I’ll be force to change my unlimited everything plan for some lousy a** plan with only 500 minutes. Google has to be kidding. Right?

    • David

      I am in total agreement, if anything this makes T-Mo look like greedy shysters to those of us that paid $400 plus for a G1 just several months ago. I like the nexus much better, but there’s no way in hell I’m paying anymore than $300 for it.

  • bill

    YOU CAN GET AN N1 IF YOU ARE ALREADY ON A FAMILY PLAN. I just learned how today. You have to call t-mo to figure it out but after a little expressed disappointment on my end they figured out how to do it. Now I’m debating on if I really want it..but you can do it.

  • This phone is actually optimized for TMoB3g.

  • bill

    ***Update it’s $379 bucks if you’re an exsisting t-mobile customer with the full discount. Not sure if I like it that much..

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  • NeedNewMktgPlans

    WIsh they wouldn’t force the 5mb plan on people – it takes away the savings if you’re making people pay an extra $10 a month for 24 months =$240…So if you’re someone who is interested in those phones but don’t need 5gb of data, then the sale actually doesnt work for you.

    • Lacedupchi_ct

      1. dont buy those two phones
      2. um they are giving the phone away the company has to make it up some how and the data plan is it. 

  • CRT24

    There still appears to be questions about this promotion so let me clarify for everyone:

    1. Both classic and value are eligible
    2. New lines must have unlimited minutes Plus qualifying data plan (5gb for amaze and gs2)
    3. Existing customers qualify with at least 22 months since last upgrade on unlimited classic or switch to unlimited value plan both with qualifying data added
    5. If you have more that 6 months left on your existing contract then you will have migration fees to switch to value anywhere from $50.00 to $200.00 per line…..6 months or less left on your existing contract will have no migration fees to switch to value.
    6. There is a stipulation that if you renewed your contract after a certain date due to a rate plan change, and it has been at least 18 months since your last phone discount where you can switch to value without migration fees…..go to your local store and have them check it out for you.

    This is a pretty strait forward sale so just follow the rules and it should work out fine for you but just remember you have to be on an unlimited minute plan with qualifying data and with this sale even the non smartphones have the 200 mb data requirement to get the MIR. I know some people will still complain about this sale but this is a really good promotion. I hope this information is useful to everyone.

  • mike prspr

    HMM, not too long ago i was told by the so called editor of this site that he has the better pulse of Tmo customers after i stated ive seen that Tmo is going to lose ALOT of cutomers due to their billing and CS practices of the last 2 years. VW and sprint are the benificiaries of all of this. Im splitting next month. And as far as handsets, im tired of getting deutch telecoms left overs.

    • I don’t think I’m a “so-called” anything, I am the Editor of the site. Until we see fourth quarter numbers that specify T-Mobile has lost customers because of customer service and not things like th iPhone, I stand by that statement. I would say most people would agree that I have a good pulse on the T-Mobile customer base.

  • I have the old family fav 5 plan… Looks like I won’t be eligible. 

  • User999991

    What burns me is that many of these promotions require a $10 minimum data plan, which I have, but I have the “Classic” which throttles.  TMobile wants to force me to the “new” $10 plan which charges for overage.  I understand why they would not want to sell the Classic to a new customer, but why for someone who has been a loyal customer for 10 years?

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