Google Announces Android Press Conference For January 5th


Nexus One news just keeps coming today, first T-Mobile “officially” stating they will support the “Google Android device” and now Google announcing a press event on January 5th in Mountain View. We believe this is definitely related to the HTC Nexus One. Google states:

With the launch of the first Android-powered device just over a year ago, we’ve seen how a powerful, open platform can spur mobile product innovation. And this is just the beginning of what’s possible.

Please join us in Mountain View on January 5, for an Android press gathering.

Let’s see what other surprises Google has in store for us. No word on pricing, but stay tuned and don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!


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  • Sanjay

    Everyone keeps touting Google’s Android as being an open platform. Is it really? Is it like Linux where the source code is published, etc. With Android you still are tied into Google accounts, etc. to be able to use the phone. That is not open platform. I wonder. Comments?

    • Sanjay

      i.e where can I go to get the source code for the operating system?

    • sorandkairi

      That was just stupid! Truly the only “account” that u would have to use with any gphone that i have had the pleasure of using is an email account! Thats just to reg…….U know what……i’m not going to get into this……..that was just stupid. Do u know what “open-source” is?

      • Sanjay

        Okay my ignorance on the new Android operating system. However, I still look with suspicion when there is so much of Google on these phones including the requirement to open an e-mail account with them and having all your e-mail flow through that account. When you think about the major competitors you say RIM, Microsoft, Apple and Google, get it? You don’t say RIM, Microsoft, Apple and Android. That is all I’m saying. I don’t have anything against them or the system. We just should not pretend that a major corporation does not have their fingers in it. You might be stupid if you think they don’t.

      • sorandkairi

        I say… blackberry, windows, iphone, and android!!!??? I mean whats ur point. U can say an operating system or the phone. The way u say it makes absolutely no difference in what the mobile device(not i didnt say phone again) does! And ur right, Google is “in it” but just opening an account with google doesnt mean at all that u have to use THEIR EMAIL SERVICE!

        Think about it man, every single device that has email/text/data capabilities all have what u have searched for/sent in a text/or even read backed up on a centralized server (period) There is no way around it. And i’m using ur examples as examples, Blackberry with RIM (remember if RIM goes down, u cant use ur device), Windows Mobile with Windows (they back up all ur data in their system on their server, for whatever reason) Iphone with Apple (not truely open-source, dont know about them backing up data tho but i’m sure At&t does), and Android with Google (all ur info is theres, no way around it).

        It kills me that ppl go off on a tangent like that not realizing that ur ISP now has all of ur personal infomation and one can use that information in malicious now if they like. But ppl trust them. They trust their physicians with SSN and other important info. But ppl trust them. They also trust resturants to not take ppl’s credit cards numbers and use them as they see fit! But in still ppl trust them. So why the hell wouldnt u trust Google! If all the ppl havent done anything to you (including tmobile) why worry about Google…..In my opinion, there are just another company with a product and we are consumers. Thats it period

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Just like they say that iPhone has a real OS but it’s not on any other devices other than iPhone which would in actuality make it Proprietary.

  • sorandkairi

    GREAT Tmonews!!!!!
    PS did any1 have accessing the site today?

    • Kickstar13

      You mean trouble accessing the blog?
      Yes we were having some problems. Everything should be back to normal.

      • sorandkairi

        Yeah meant to say problems accessing the site/blog today, sorry.

  • Mobbyd

    hope it cost $200

    • sorandkairi

      I hope its free!

      • Mobbyd

        hahah so do I


    seriously who cares this phone is gonna blow more cock than the next commenter, bring on news about the HTC HD2! which will be 100x better than the “Google” phone.

  • Todd

    I’ll probably hold out for the HTC HD2

  • TrueCoug


    Intelligence FAIL.

    • BKJOE



  • JBLmobileG1

    Did TmoNews get an invite or what? If so how did you do it? I am signed up for Google press but I am not sure if that would help my chances any.

  • Humm they didnt send this to developers? Anyway smells like a launch to me.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    This may be the invite-only thing. Where everyone that attends can buy it at the place of gathering. I hope not as that would suck for everybody here.

  • 9ooyan

    i would get this thing on jan 5th if it’s available. please sweet fetal jesus, don’t fail me now!

  • xTheMan42

    Have fun with the HD2 and its shitty Windows Mobile software. Sorry, I have the Touch Pro 2 with 6.5.3 and have tried many variants, and while I love the Hardware, Windows Mobile is lightyears behind Android and the Nexus One will blow anything away, Software and Hardware wise. Seriously, how can anyone say a Snapdragon Processor and 512MB RAM, thatas right, RAM, not just the Rom, is crappy? Seriously, go smoke Apple’s c*ck then, as thats where the clueless ones are. That and Windows Mobile really isnt up to par, no matter what the spin.

    • bkjoe


      once windows mobile 7 releases android will go down to hell!


  • bkfist


    You do not need to have any email flowing through the phone if you do not want to. There is a completely separate email client that allows email from any pop/imap client built into the OS. Also, on Android 2.0 and above the built-in client also does Exchange Server support. (This client is separate from and independent of the GMail application)

    There are also numerous other email clients available for free, or for a nominal charge from the Android Market, other alternative markets such as slideme, or directly from the publisher’s website. Although the official “Android Market” is tied to your GMail account, the other options are not, and are fully allowed/supported in the Android OS. If you do not wish to use any Google services, you don’t even need the GMail/Google account. You can choose to skip the initial registration all together, but will be prompted to sign in if you choose to use any of the Google supplied services like Google Navigation, Android Market, GMail, etc.