T-Mobile “Officially” Confirms Google Phone


Update: Our sources are confirming  a January 5th date, 9am, ordering through Google ONLY. Sadly, still no word on pricing.

T-Mobile has gone and made their expected support of the Google Phone aka Nexus One “official” this morning, albeit in a vague sort of way. According to our sources, through an internal system T-Mobile is reporting they are getting an Android device but won’t do any support for it other than “billing, coverage, features and rate plans, as we have previously stated. All troubleshooting and exchanges will be managed by Google and HTC. Launch is ‘early January.’” That’s all we’re hearing right now but we’re reaching out to sources across the board looking to find out more. Hopefully we’ll have some pictures here in a few minutes!

Right now we are hearing January 5th still, early in the morning but we can’t say if thats T-Mobile, Google or both. Hopefully with this new confirmed information, leaks will get a little more “leakable” regarding launch dates, pricing etc…

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  • dave

    Hurry with your pictures and hurry with the release of this phone

  • deeone

    compared to the G1 and Mytouch, this phone will sell like hot cakes if tmobile really comfirmed their support.

  • Noel

    My w8 will soon be over…i w8ed long enuf to get my hands on an Android phone w/ a decent screen size and killer features. January can’t come soon enuf…

    • 9ooyan

      +1!! i’ve been off contract for 6 months with ATT, patiently waiting for said android device. Jan 5th sursly can’t come soon enough. but what about that rumor of invites? is that still true, do you think…i sure hope not.

    • 9ooyan

      +1!! i’ve been off contract for 6 months with ATT, patiently waiting for said android device. Jan 5th sursly can’t come soon enough. but what about that rumor of invites? is that still true, do you think…i sure hope not.

  • Gabe

    Since June I’ve been waiting to get a new phone. I even thought about leaving Tmo because of there crappy phones they’ve been getting. But I’m glad I stayed. So go TMO!!

  • queensnewbie

    The most important part of this is that it states that it will only be sold via the Web through Google itself. That’s the first solid confirmation I have heard of where and how we will be able to purchase it– just hope invitations go out to the masses in early January.

  • Jose

    YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! finally confirmed cant wait ti get it.

    • Corey


  • jmts80

    Good job T-mobile! I am still a bit unsure about not having a real keyboard but this phone looks very promising! I am impatiently waiting for pix and release date :)

    • OchoCinco

      real keyboards suck –> see Droid

      • dans

        Droid keyboards sucks -> see Touch Pro

      • Wilma Flintstone

        So true. Touch Pro 2 keyboard is awesome as is the G1 (I don’t own one but I did my in-store demo review on it). Droid’s keyboard could’ve been better sure but all real keyboard do not suck and I wish that the Nexus One had a real keyboard.

      • My N900’s physical keyboard isn’t even 4 rows like the Droid, but unlike the Droid it’s made of high quality materials and has much better tactile feedback-not to mention it pops and clicks to lock in place, again unlike the Droid. Many people don’t see the relevance of a physical keyboard, but when a virtual keyboard pops up on any size screen device it takes up valuable visual real estate (screen area).

        queensnewbie said the most important thing-this is the first official phone to be sold as an unsubsidized, unlocked device. hope this starts a new trend where manufacturers start to use Motorola’s new antenna that supports both AT&T + T-Mobile 3G bands (maybe someday they’ll add CDMA or WiMax to support Verizon or Sprint, too) and start selling Unlocked devices like the rest of planet Earth has been doint since 1998.

  • carlos


  • This hardly confirms it. I need more proof than a dodgy screenshot of some purported support website.

    • David

      Its confirmed, I’m telling you this is a legit shot, from a legit source…

      • unknown

        Nothing goes beyond Streamline. It is as solid source as it is going to get. Anything more obvious would be someone slapping you in the face with the phone.

    • Kickstar13

      Do you know what Streamline is?

      • As a former T-Mo employee, I can tell you that Streamline is their internal web system where employees go to learn about new phones, rate plans, etc. It is supposed to be proprietary and confidential, but it looks like someone has blown past that. This is where the entire T-Mo knowledge base is housed and available for its employees.

      • Ah, thanks for clearing that up.

  • DavidinJax

    Hmm I’d have to play with it first. Honestly I got a 32 gig ipod Touch for xmas, and I’m one foot in AT&T’s door.
    My cost would go up about 30% but it might be some thing I decide to do. I’m so not happy with my BB anymore now that I’ve had a chance to see what the IPHONE WORLD is like

    • umaluver

      If you already have an ipod touch, I would think that would make it unnecessary to even bother with the iphone, and would be even more encouraging to get the N1. I would rather have one foot in both doors. no? 32g ipodT + N1 on TMO + not having to deal with ATT = priceless?

      • Sergio

        There’s a new iPhone coming out in June , + contract with AT&T is ending , so it’s going to another carrier . So yeeah your not gonna have to deal with AT&T much longer .
        iPhone ftw .

    • Mike c

      David get the bast of both worlds. Buy a jailbroken unlocked iPhone off of craigslist and put your tmo sim card in it. No 3g but edge is plenty good enough for a mobile device. Go tmo!

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Beg to differ on your Edge statement.

        I have a T-Mobile Touch Pro2. I have Manila TV on it and watch MSNBC all the time (it’s real TV, I have had it on and also the cable TV on at the same time, just to confirm it’s real TV)>

        I have also used my phone to tether to my notebook. I got an almost DSL speed with that.

        No way Edge would give me the speed needed for those uses. (And the TV is not a novelty. I have been in line at movies waiting for an hour to get in, e.g. to see Avatar). Put on the earphones and watched MSNBC for an hour. Time went by fast. LOL.

  • Deuce017

    This is good news!! Can’t wait for more pics and price.

  • tmoemp

    that “purported support website” is one of tmobile’s internal resources, check other screenshots of “leaked” phones. either way, very excite

  • meeker

    ok guys ?. Im not on contract with Tmobile anymore. So since the phone is being sold only through Google. Will I have to resign my contract?

    • Kickstar13

      Right now rumors are suggesting it will be sold unsubsidized by Google. But other rumors state that T-Mobile will subsidize the handset. There is no confirmation as of yet.

  • eYe

    BGR reports that January 5th is only for Google. Now, does that mean that Google will sell it by invites only or to general public. Who will they invite if they go that route? Everyone with Gmail? Employees? Developers? Too many unknowns in this story

  • Brad H

    Good to see official confirmation of an early january release, considering all of those rumors about a delay til march.

  • Los

    this says nothing about the “invite only” rumor for the Jan/5 release. i assume that hasn’t changed and those of us not cool enough to get an invite will have to wait for whatever the mass release date will be.

    • 84Berry

      Those anyone know if the battery life will be better than Mytouch or Behold 2?

  • ano

    Here’s hoping that Google subsidizes it like MS & Sony for Xbox & PS3. If Tmobile subsidizes it, it would be like any other of their phones, with 2yr contracts, but that’s not likely, which makes this exciting.

    • 18.4009

      If it isnt going to be sold through T-Mobile then I wouldnt think T-Mobile would be subsidizing it? You wont even go thought them to get it..

  • stork

    Any word on a UK release or is this USA only?

  • Jose

    so how are we suppose to order with google? it takes so sense, so do we call google? google store? we need more info.

    • Peter

      You go to a Google website buy the phone and when you have it you put a T-Mobile SIM card in it and off you go; not hard at all…

  • Kyle

    David, what about the rumor that it will be for invite only or developer only sales at first?

    • dans

      I would guess that anyone with a google account will get an invite which is to say there will be some kind of link to buy the phone when you log in.

    • dansus

      I would guess it will available to gmail users, there could be some sort of buy now link when you log in.

  • Chuong

    Please let it be under $300.

    • dansus

      Rumour has it at $199.

  • ThetanLevel13

    Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn… the fact that we’re all still in the dark with only a week to go to Jan 5th tells me this CANNOT be available to all us Joe Schmoes next week. Of course, I could be wrong and will eat my words, but I’m just as eager as the rest of you, so I’m just trying to be realistic… not a hater.

    But seriously… where’s the media blitz? Banners on Google even? Sidebars on facebook? TV commercials? Google has the $$$ and the outlets to promote this thing to every end of the world, and they haven’t. I can’t get past that because it seems so odd to me. So I’m not banking on getting this phone next week becuase I’m skeptical that it’s an ‘available to everyone’ street date.

    I’m done done done with this G1 and am trying so hard to be so patient… but it seems like Nexus One news blew up all over the place… then nothing. All I need is a solid release date and where to get it and I’ll be ok… why can’t they at least give us that?? Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!

  • tato22

    we need a dam price to see how much hope is under 400

  • tato22

    where in google what link what site ?

  • money man

    This does not make any sense to me i mean if it is going to release next Tuesday wouldnt google have provided us with info I mean they actually want people to buy the phone rite

    • BlkBear

      Yes they want people to buy the phone, and they will. Many of them just from what they have heard about the phone.

      And sure they can a mere few hours before release, flood the net with everything the “people” want and need to know about the phone. Google is an internet company and may very well be hedging it’s bets on internet buzz, to do it’s “advertising” for them.

      If they wanted to, they could release full specs and features 48 hours before launch time, as well as get devices into the hands of bloggers, tech head and media types,(if they haven’t already done so).

      But of course, we’ll just have to wait to see what actually happens. And like any new thing, the first day will be a feeding frenzy as far as, who buys the first one, what the real specs are, blah blah more blah.

  • The Unknown

    I am waiting for this. 1 Ghz Processor would be the best in this. I hope T Mo Subsidizes it and sell it for less than 250$. This would be the phone for the new decade. When AT&T got sucked by Iphone Traffic, Hope T Mo Network doesnt crumble with this

  • Riley

    Why are you fools so excited to buy a phone from the world’s largest spyware company Google?

  • Riley

    Why would anyone want to buy a phone from Google the world’s largest spyware company ?

  • Mateo

    Here’s to hoping there is a no-contract/service option for those of us using Android Phones on ATT. (not a fan of ATT, but even less of a fan of Tmo).

    • Usman

      Really? I’m visiting my dad in West Chester, a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio, right now. A few months ago, I had only GPRS access here. Now I’ve got 3G everywhere.

      Enjoy your Edge connection on a shoddy network while we’re connecting to HSPA+ next year. Unless you live in some podunk town, T-mobile’s network is great!

  • B

    lol , “A little more leakable.” Man I can’t wait for this thing any more.

  • JayJay


    I’m still a little iffy about a full touch phone. But with the size of the screen it shouldn’t be a problem!

    But honestly, if Google is going to be the one actually selling it….
    How do we exactly..buy it? =/ it’s not making any sense.

  • savagejeep

    Come over to Verizon and the Motorola Droid. I do love the Android OS, seriously T-Mobile?

    Come to a better network and better plans. (And no I am not a Verizon rep)

    • Usman

      I’d probably consider Verizon if it wasn’t so overpriced. I’ve got 1000 daytime minutes, unlimited n/w, and unlimited sms and data for around $65 a month.

  • phonegeek

    In a way im actually quite glad they have been so secretive about all of this give us something to dream/drool over and hope for most of the time we get all the info out the blue im happy its so hard to get the info give us a challenge :)

  • Danny

    I have a feeling that Google will sell it subsidized and unsubsidized.

    It will subsidized for new customers who will have the opportunity to select T-Mobile USA as their carrier during the online checkout. Hopefully such a system will work for upgrades to.

    Then I’m sure there will be an option to buy it at full retail by “not,” selecting a carrier at checkout.

    Either way, this is how phones should be sold….. Away from the carrier walls. Hopefully the unsubsidized price isn’t too astronomical. These unsubsidized prices need to come down to promote adoption of this business model.

  • Danny

    Oh yeah I wonder if we select T-Mobile as the carrier during checkout if it will have the SMS/MMS and data settings preconfigured?

    • jtaylor991

      dude usually those settings come programmed into SIM card. So either way it should work w/o entering in the settings.

  • Noel

    I’m very excited cz my long w8 for an android device w/a large enuf screen and killer specs will soon go online on Tmobile. That said..i’m not so sure of the sale model proposed by google. I would have loved to see this phone also go on sale on Tmobile stores w/ a heavy promotion..men i could just envision the ppl lining up on Tmobile doors to grab one of this baby. Simultaneous online and store sales will surely produce double/triple or more weekly numbers than online only sales will generate. I know google is far capable of out doing the heavy ad blitz done for the Droid which translated into huge sale numbers. Either way i know i’ll get mine..i just want to see its initial sales to out-do those of the other much hyped phone, and also to bring tons ppl thru Magenta’s doors to grab one of this badboy..Tmo sure needs what ever help it can get to grow its customer base.

  • Watching Android rollout to date, I am left with two conflicting data points. One, is that everyone I talk to within Google is supremely confident that the data (that they are looking at) suggests that they are poised to win in the market. Two, I am confused relative to the ‘battles’ and ‘war’ analogy, what is the battle they are fighting and what is the war that they expect to win.

    By that, I mean at this stage they are not in the same league to win the potential iPhone buyer, as Android lacks on hardware design, developer tools, media, apps momentum and marketplace.

    Yet, based upon RIM’s last quarter, it’s not like they are taking share from the Blackberry. Hence, best guess is that they are REALLY going after the Nokia and Symbian ecosystem, which is fine and logical, as it represents a comparable structure in terms of variety of device form-factors, multi-carrier approach and Nokia/Symbian has a dispirited developer base, so low hanging fruit.

    The only paradox is that to win that audience, you can’t be effectively competing with the handset guys (i.e., Motorola, HTC, Samsung, LG) in either soft or hard form (by anointing a preferred device/partner or formally branding, marketing a Google device). Yet, to not do so is to guarantee that the distance between iPhone and Android only grows.

    Personally, I think that they have misread the market, and face a choice between a fragmented market or abandoning their open credo and trying to go toe-to-toe with Apple in areas that Google hasn’t proven to be strong at; namely, hardware design, user experience, developer tools, etc.

    For more fodder on this one, here is a post that I wrote called:

    Android, Inevitability and the Dawn of Mobile: ?

    Check it out, if interested.


    • Joe OpenSource

      Hey Mark,

      Get a clue! Whats all the buzz, you say? If you can not see the potential market then you sir are an idiot!

    • just some dude

      With regards to the battle i think they want to win the number one spot of android phone provider. And the war of cource is the king of all mobile phones. I see this happening as we speak, there is great potential for Google to be the top dog.

  • just some dude

    If the rumors are true then are we to expect that on Jan 5th that Google will send out invites or actually put it on sale. Because its a little late for invites, and i haven’t heard of any one getting invites so far.

  • Cant wait to see the Google phone! … I hope it is a +ve rumor and Google really launches the phone ASAP

  • Passerby

    A 1.8MB BMP screenshot on a webpage?

    Ever heard fancy new image formats called PNG or JPG or even GIF?

  • Jack

    The Japanese market (DOCOMO) has had a “google” phone with stunning similarities for months. Don’t believe the hype. Everyone’s just trying to make a few cents broadcasting such “release’s”.

  • dothack

    yeah, i agree. adding this bads to already compatible att/tmo gsm phone and unlock will be great for that don’t like contracts. remember, you can always get a phone with no discount, no contract with any of the major telco and ask for the sim subsity unlock to unlock your device once is fully paid..just like rest of the world. except here in america, the subsity idea of a phone with a contract is by far more popular than paying the phone full price..

  • The unsubsidized pricing is much higher then people were expecting, coming in just below Motorola’s Droid.

    I can already tell by the reaction at NexusOneForum.net that Google has already lost a lot of “good will” with potential customers.

  • Bryan

    The Boy Genius Blog has this article with leaked docs and pricing:
    Google Nexus One docs get leaked: $530 unsubsidized, $180 with plan

    • David

      You mean you didn’t see our article with it???

  • thunderstorm

    I heard its five hundred and fifty dollars….too much…googles already rich they need to bring the price down.

  • No_More_Cracked_iPhone

    i got t-zones to work with my iphone.. will it work with nexus one?

  • just got off the phone with my friend at T-Mobile, he said as of right now the Nexus One will only be available thru Google, $530 unlocked or $180 with new T-Mobile contract, new customers only, existing customers may not upgrade to this phone, and the only rate plan allowed by Google thru T-Mobile is 500 minutes, unlimited text and data. T-Mobile hopes this will change as this is very unusual. T-Mobile has new very simple plans and a nice way to pay off expensive phones how ever at this time Google will not allow it with the Nexus One. I hope in the future T-Mobile will offer nice phones such as the Nexus One, N900, etc on their $20/month payment plan as the only “top tier” phone T-Mo seems to sell is the BB 9700

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      OK, this clarifies things a little, I think.

      The phone will be available ONLY through Google?

      This means won’t be going to T-Mobile’s site and see the phone for sale?

      Google will sell it two ways, unlocked ($530 or thereabouts); or with a T-Mo 500 minute plan, 2 year deal ($180).

      If one buys it unlocked, he or she can use it on any GSM network (T-Mo, AT&T, etc.)?

      This is unusual because this is the first U. S. unlocked phone to be sold by a company? As I understand it, subject to intellectual property rights, most phones around the world, other than the U.S., are sold unlocked. Is this accurate?

      With T-Mo’s venturing into unlimited, flat rate, plans, phone payment plans, and this new unlocked phone being sold at retail, this will be an interesting year, 2010.

      Wonder where we will all be in 2011-12. I sense good times for we consumers.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Any thoughts on why this phone is debuting AFTER the holiday buying period? I have some speculation.

    1. Much like a movie premiers, Google did not want to compete with other phone launches. Google knew the Droid was coming out and that Verizon was dedicating $100 million into its ad campaign. Why create unnecessary competition.

    2. Perhaps there’s no other product launches scheduled, so Google can have the airwaves to itself (marketing loves to get free ads, aka coverage on the nightly news). If a Google phone is the only electronic event newsworthy at the time, this assures nightly news and cable TV coverage.

    3. I hear handset sales are dismal and the Droid sales fell flat after the hype ended and the initial excitement wore off. Maybe Google and T-Mo figured there was no rush since people were not buying expensive handsets as gifts this year.

    Sidenote: If T-Mo gets the HD2, coupled with this, what do all the critics of T-Mo (“T-Mo never has any nice handsets”) have to say now. I retorted to those comments that IMHO T-Mo had a nice lineup, but surely there are other nice phones coming up. Seems we who defended T-Mo were right. (IMHO the Nexus and HD2 will be two of the best, if not the best, smartphones on the market. The iPhone is stale and I don’t think any of the other touchscreen only Android or WinMo 6.5 / 7 phones measure up to these devices).

    We are ready to replace our G1, that looks like hammered dog sheet compared to these phones. Will be a tough call, both phones to be Windows Mobile devices, or to keep one WinMo, the other Android. I am leaning toward having one of each OS.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Anyone want to root their Nexus, before you even have it in your hands.

    Here you go:


  • Dimitar

    Sounds like fun. But still I didnt see anything that can make me change my mind of using IPhone, and buying Nexus
    Important phone numbers, http://www.FreePhoneList.com

  • Wow .. I wonder how this thing is going to fair compared to the release of the iPhone or Droid? Competition is always good .. will cause everybody to step it up!!

  • Mike

    Leaked pricing info:

    $530 unlocked, $180 with 2-year contract at $80/month ($1920 contract plus $180 = $2100 total!)


  • I would like more get more information.

  • I would like get more infomaton.

  • slowpc

    Ok , is this 9am EST or PST… I don’t want to have to order it from the machines at work :)

  • Uhm… I’m pretty sure this link to the “google store”: http://www.googlestore.com/shop.axd/Home … ain’t the right link, lol. Anyone got a link for where to order this? seems I’ve seen http://www.google.com/phone “passed around”, but it’s 404 (prior to official launch?)

  • @ zenshadow the link to purchase the phone is “google.com/phone”..or google.phone/com” one of the 2, can’t think of it off the top of my head right now. The Bravo is another HTC phone with the same specs, coming in April thru TMO not Google, hold off if you can..Thats what I’m doing..rumor also that the Iphone will be coming to Tmobile, the Tmobile overseas already carries it and I don’t see Verizon doing it, with all the smack talk on it as of late. The Droid is also coming to Tmobile, so good luck with waht ever you choose!

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  • I dont know about the west coast but TMobile service in the mid atlantic is horrible! If they can address that they can compete with their new phones

  • This post was a year back but I still found very useful. I come on here by searching the google phone after I actually got 1. I personally like htc, google and iphone as well. This 3 phones have their powerful functions. Nice share ;)

  • How can Google phone differ from iPhone 4?
    Does it have things that iPhone have as well but doing much better?

  • The unsubsidized pricing is much higher then people were expecting, coming in just below Motorola’s Droid.

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