HTC Nexus One Gets Reviewed, Digitally

With Magenta “officially” confirming support for the Google Phone (aka HTC Nexus One) this morning, we finally have a video review of the much anticipated Android device. As we mark off the days on our calendars of the expected January 5th 2010, 9AM, release date, which our sources claim that ordering will be available through Google ONLY, enjoy a  nice video review courtesy of one lucky guy at PointGPhone, who managed to get his paws on the Nexus One. Most of the content in the video is already known, but its nice to see a video review with decent quality. Another video with a few snaptshots of the Nexus One after the break! Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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  • Alex

    dude i want 1

  • eYe

    Price point is still unknown and that’s what’s going to make or break this pohne. I would love to get it but if the retail is over $400… I’ll just have to sell my kidney I guess

  • Yeah… kinda want one NOW!! I can’t wait until this thing hits the streets!!!

  • kevin

    how did this assclown get his hands on a Nexus One?

    • tato22

      i think he works for them google guy need to go back to school lol

  • Rik

    I would appreciate if someone with one of these could determine if it actually has Voice Dialing, or does it only have the Voice Phonebook look up as with Android 1.6 phones.

    • eYe

      1.6 has VoiceDial, it works a lot better then phone book look-up actually.

      • Rik

        1.6 does not have Voice Dial, you have to use your finger.

      • umaluver

        thats what she said

      • Rik

        No, she said “1.6 has VoiceDial”. It does not.

      • Rik

        No, she said “1.6 has VoiceDial”. That is wrong, it does not. I would also like to know if this phone has Bluetooth Voice Dialing, which of course 1.6 does not.

      • Corey

        LOL… you have to use your finger… thats what she said….

      • TehAndroid

        My Cliq has voice dial, it doesn’t work that great so I don’t use it. 1.6 has voice dial and this one should too. Though I’ve never been able to make it work with my Jawbone.

      • XfooYen

        Ric, you can use more than your finger.

      • Rik

        Everyone who is responding that these Android phones have Voice Dial are wrong. You are mistaking what T-mobile is calling VoiceDial on these phones for a real Voice Activated dialing. These phones only have Voice Activated phonebook lookup. Once it pick the number or choices of numbers, you still have to finger the screen to dial. That is NOT VoiceDialing. My old T-Mobile MDA had real voice dialing, and with Microsoft VoiceCommand had an even better VoiceDial feature. These Android phones DO NOT have VoiceDialing. Don’t make me explain this again.

      • XfooYen

        I don’t think you get it, Ric. We tried, though. We tried.

  • tato22

    dam phone is niceeeeeee

  • Corey

    Just a tip for… If you are going to make a video review in your bedroom… make your bed first.

  • jmts80

    Wow phone looks nice. Lucky guy. He ruined it by having a Club America (soccer team) icon tho ugh!

  • 18.4009

    I feel like we just watched a youtube video of Timmy from south park scoring a nexus one.

    • BBSwany

      You made me LOL on that one! We should be thankful we have more eye candy but seriously, that has got to be the worst 5 minute phone “review” I have ever seen. He really didn’t show us anything. And then the photos and video from the phone…

  • vicz33


  • Spence

    I NEED IT!!!!!

  • fernandizzel

    Poncho says “I don’t if it’s unlocked becuz I don’t have an AT&T sim card” EXCEPT FOR THAT ONE IN THAT IPHONE NEXT TO YOUR GOOGLE PHONE! Would have been nice if you pulled it and tested it out.

    • MrTeddybear

      Just because you have an Iphone does not mean you have ATT dumb dumb. Its called jailbreaking and unlocking. He could have easily had the Iphone on Tmo’s service which thousands upon thousands of ppl do. I have a coworker who has a Tmo Iphone. Please tell me you arent that dumb?

      • TK-421

        And he said he didn’t have a sim in his eyePhone because it was in his Nexus One, and you can see him touch the no sim message on the psiPhone…. This was the funniest review I’ve ever seen!! I think he should do all phone reviews because I need a good laugh now and again, especially when these phones are taken slightly too seriously. Man I can’t stop laughing…

    • julacho

      Poncho ur momma.

  • thatsonofa

    He sounds like Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite…. awesome phone though, can’t wait to get one!!!

  • dothack

    finally my wait for a great android phone is almost complete!!! lol dont get me wrong guys, the g1/mytouch/cliq are great android but they are not exactly what i would like to have for the next 2 years..from the review that i seen, this one is definitely sexy device..its great that i still have a full discount available, i hope they so some kind of presell like the previous devices.. excellent way to start the new year!! :)

  • jimbo831

    @fernandizzel. Just because he has an iPhone doesn’t mean he has an ATT SIM card you moron. No reason to act like a douche because English is his second language. How well do you speak a second language? I bet you don’t at all. He obviously uses a T-Mobile SIM in his iPhone like many others do, including the owner of this site.

    • Kickstar13

      Agreed. I use an iPhone with T-Mobile as well.

    • sikkboy

      I also use an iPhone on TMo.

      • ima kill u

        as do i

  • jimbo831

    @dothack. Sotty but your full discount doesn’t help you with this one. Read the article posted earlier where T-Mobile states they will not be selling this phone. If it is only sold by Google, there will be no discounts. I am still holding on to hope that it will be under $300 due to Google subsidizing some cost to get it out there.

  • Dime04

    I wonder if he’s talking about pricing for the phone at the end of the video….when he answers the phone. He says “What did they tell you?” then he says “$200 or $570” I believe. In Spanish of course. I was thinkin maybe $200w/contract and $570w/o contract.

    • StefanB

      He actually says 2000 and 5700, so i dont think he’s talking about the phone… that would be too much lol.

      • umaluver


      • StefanB

        Well he doesn’t say anything about pesos or about money, he just says 2000 and after that “oh 5700” so i don’t know.

      • julacho

        Could be:

        1 US dollar = 13.0297 Mexican Pesos

        2000/13.0297 = 153 dollars (subsidize)

        5700/13.0297 = 437 dollars 100% price

  • andrew

    this is the dope phone

  • kemikev

    Glad to see Fez is still keeping himself out there.

  • xStevenBradleyx

    Is this Guermo from Jimmy Kimmel doing the review?

    • julacho

      gringo ignorante.

      • Podginater

        LOL, I don’t speak any spanish but even i knew what that meant.

  • efjay

    So whats so special about this phone that so many are falling over themselves to get it?

  • Eric

    At the end of the video he says “5700” which if he’s talking about pesos would put the price of the phone around $435 US, which more than likely would be the price without any discounts,

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Camera Focus will help this video out alot.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    And I can’t believe he actually took a phone call at the end and completely forgot about the review. And I think he said it was from the guy that let him borrow the phone to review it. LoL!!!!

  • anybody try and decode that barcode on the back of the phone yet??

    • Podginater

      I beleive it’s a link to the android site.

  • organic

    I can’t believe I just watched that video. It’s not a ‘review’, it’s a joke, can I have my five minutes back, please?

  • Mgoggle

    It would make sense for Google to price this around the same price as the Iphone or cheaper.

  • shadowmaster2215

    FOB! lmao, but i honestly cant wait for this phone, its about time we get a good phone other than the iPhone and droid to be stateside first

  • abe

    Hey this video is the first that we have gotten in English. this is the best, so far. Hopefully we will get more i think after the 5th unless there is more leaks going on….thought i was going to get an ipod touch 3g but i think I’m gonna wait. or shouldn’t i??

  • JD

    Another crappy camera job… come on people, if you’re gonna do a review, get a stinking tri-pod!

  • LOL maybe he’s talking abt the amount he can get on Ebay for it!

  • What a bunch of haters, you should be glad he sent in the video and he did apologize for the not speaking good English, he also said he is Latino which means he could be from anywhere in Latin America. I have not been attracted to the android but this phone looks really nice.

  • Lori

    I think that was a great review. His English was broken but he told us that from the start. Honestly I understood him just fine.

    For you racist punks who only speak English, I’d like to see you go to South America and try to give a video review in Spanish and see how good you sound? Idiots!

    Got that off my chest. Moving on! ;-)

    It showed us what we wanted to see. A real live video of the phone in hand. What a beautiful screen. Doesn’t the iPhone look so dated in comparison?

  • Cpt-G

    @donluig: What other Latino in America uses the word “hijole” other than a Mexican? He ‘s Mexican (just making that clear)

    On behalf of the “Review” umm, the phone does look nice in different angles. We really didn’t learn anything new and exciting.

    I like how he says at the end “This is the best best Android phone ever” LOL! He does remind me of Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite.

  • Slvr1

    He needs to make his bed before making any more vids. LOL jp.

  • Dennis

    Mucho Bueno!!

  • discard

    The reviewer mentions that one of the things he likes about the phone is how it DOES NOT require a data plan. Is that a pre-launch oversight or has there been any other mention of anything like that elsewhere? I recall that the “leaked” pricing/terms document at least states that the subsidized option will need to have a plan with unlimited data.

    I imagine this is an anomaly/loophole that will be blocked but I thought I’d see if anyone else had thoughts on the matter.

  • The Nexus One has a lot going for it.

    If hanging online is your thing than one would love to place hand on it.
    It provides various apps such as Gmail, Talk, Maps, etc.

    Well the feature that impressed me a lot is its voice recognition, as my dad finds difficulties in texting ,so now it wont be a BIG DEAL for him.
    The only thing that annoys is muti touch feature which is missing thus for Gaming freaks it is heart throbbing.
    Apart from this holding this is in hand feels expensive and it catches the eye, and overall it exceed exceptation of a consumer