T-Mobile To Release Windows Mobile 6.5 Next Month?


The good news is that this isn’t the 400th article this month talking about a potential Sprint/T-Mobile merger. The better news is that this rumor has a stronger chance of coming true than a Sprint/T-Mobile merger. One of my trusty ninjas hit me up tonight with information claiming that a Windows Mobile 6.5 update will see the light of day for the TouchPro2 and Dash 3G beginning January 6th, 2010. No other info was offered up with this date, though I assume it’ll be a pretty straight forward and available from T-Mobile.com. More details will be posted as we work to confirm this date, that while unconfirmed looks to be pretty solid.

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  • JL

    The only update for a Windows Mobile device that would be worthwhile would be an update to Android. Zing!

    • john

      Valuable opinion I second it…lol

      • just some dude

        Agreed Android all the way, Windows anything blows.

    • efjay

      An “update” to google spyware is a downgrade!

      • Ed


        The geeks can keep their limited Android.

    • Smart User

      The only update for Human Brain and not being stupid would be not update to Android junk.

    • daguila

      I don’t want to start with an WM v Android rant but.

      That might be good if:

      android could sync directly with my outlook via active sync, and have my phone operating normally while still docked to my comptuer

      if there was and free version of Everywan Remote support (a program where i can plug it in to my comptuer and view my phone screen on my comptuer send text messages and emails directly from my phone using my comptuer keyboard, be able to edit my registry and tweak the systems settings to customize anything i dont like

      If there was a way for me to connect my bluetooth and voice dial, ask for time, appointments and so on

      If i could have my phone read out my emails and text messages through my bluetooth or my speaker phone

      if i could install Skyfire 1.5 to view any website with flash support

      if i could flag my exchange account emails, send meeting requests, cancel meetings

      if i could syncronize additional folders besides my inbox

      if i android had WMWIFIROUTER where i can share my connection via bluetooth, usb, wifi,

      if android had a native remote desktop application where I don’t have to go through a third party server.

      If android could allow me to see the folders shared on my home computer via networking.



      i can keep on going but i’ll just stop here.

      So what can android do that WM can’t besides having a prettier looking way of looking and settings and programs?

      • tRodHxC

        awesome! haven’t tried Everywan Remote yet, but I’m about to. been using mymobiler (http://www.mymobiler.com/) for years.

        anyways…after reading the first couple comments i started building my own list like this and it had some of the same, but a lot different too. I bought the G1 when it came out, took the hero for a test drive for a few weeks, and i still keep coming back to WinMo. Yes Android is prettier and has a cleaner ui, but no mobile OS can even compare to the power and flexibility of “Windows Phone.” Just throw on SPB mobile Shell 3.5 and then it has the best mobile interface too.

        1. WinMo
        2. Droid
        3. Jailbroken 3GS
        4. Crackberry

        Haven’t messed with WebOS yet. Have a good day!

      • tRodHxC

        oh ya one more thing…FREE TP2 PLUS $100 cash for sending in a working phone made by BlackBerry, Apple, and Palm and/or have a Windows Mobile or Android operating system.

        Link to get rid of crappy phone for some cash…

        Link for $0.00 TP2…
        Comment about how great WinMo is and then ask me.


  • About Damn Time, Damn 2010 Really? Keep information updated on this one. Now we can have an Official Backup. In the meantime if you need to send your device in for warranty download the one I package together.


  • Eli_the_great89

    I hope people are getting excited fir the update comming to the Dash 3G
    because the TP2 T-Mobile has is too pricey and it’s extremely ugly.
    Lacks all high end aesthetics it originally offers.

  • Ariel123

    its about time for this why couldnt they make this for december 25th it would be a very nice xmas gift for us. i just hope it looks like the european version of 6.5 with htc sense 2.1 not like the att version yuck

    and you dash lovers *eli* you should keep your mouth shut about the tp2 because who are you to call a phone ugly that you probably never had in your hands before. the tp2 looks alot better in person then what it does in pictures

    • eli_the_great89

      @ ariel
      Actually I’m not a Dash 3G lover, and I have held the TP2 in hand.
      In fact I’ve had Verizon’s, At&t’s and T-mobile’s in hand…..
      And I a “consumer” have all the right to call a phone ugly if its in a choice portfolio of a carrier.

      Oh and its quiet comical you spoke out of your mouth telling me to shut up
      And yet all you did was insinuate.

      You deserve an award for being meat head.

      • Ariel123

        and i award you for being a dick head

    • daguila

      Dude you have no idea what your talking about… the TP2 from t-mobile is the awesomest thing around.

  • vikingfan45

    lmao the EURO verison of the TP2 is way better but i guess the EURO version of any phone is always better lol waiting for HTC HD2 the TP2 was a let down HOPEFULLY THAT COMES TO t-MOBILE in the meantime guess i’ll just take some more pictures on my SAMSUNG BEHOLD 2 lmao……….

  • WXman

    I have never understood all the hate toward windows mobile. I used a Wing for a while and it rocked. Dash 3G has to be even better. Can Android get Hotmail on the phone without hitting the website? Nope. Can Android view/edit Office docs right out of the box? Nope. F all you WinMo haters. WinMo is the only OS I’d trade my Android for.

    • randy

      Actualy it can do all those things and much more!!!

      • WXman

        Android out of the box can create an Excel spreadsheet? Please do tell us how this works. I was under the impression that there are very expensive apps. on the market for this for a reason.

    • lava

      Hotmail? That’s your reason for choosing an OS? Wow… I love WinMo and have a TP2, but Hotmail? How in the world do you read your emails through all of that spam?

      • just some dude

        if you can even log in, its so easy to hack a hotmail account. Win mobile is for loosers and maybe old people. No wait i take that back my father inlaw has a myTouch.

    • Smart User

      Yeah Android can do those things but much more less otherthings!

  • FILA

    sooooo, haha

    how bout that G1v2!

  • efjay

    Always funny to see the WM haters get themselves in a lather anytime anything remotely positive is said about WM. Its not as though there arent good android devices available but the pure hatred just cant be contained. If your android is so much better why arent you off enjoying it instead of stalking the net for WM news to baash?

    • Smart User

      Becuase sadly most of these WM haters are just bunch of loser. When they can’t win they try to win by trashing other things. So Sad!

  • conrad

    to “just some dude”

    you forgot to mention that wm is also for those of us who are more interested in being productive and maintaining 6 figure incomes than a toy phone that can mimic fart noises and light sabres. wm is the best solution available but it does require an iq above a sack of hammers

  • Aaron

    Well— I’d say this conencides with the release of the HD2 just perfectly then right? >:-)

  • Nitaino

    01-06-10? That’s 3 months after WM 6.5 official release. I Dont understand this “fight” about Android vs WM? Both are great, Androids are good Multimedia phones and WM are very productive phones (business users) so you choose which one get. I use a TP2, If HTC HD2 comes Tmo I’ll buy it. I also like “HTC Bravo” 3.7 Amoled inch screen with Android OS. I did like the Hero and MyTouch but the screen is small for me. Anyways if you like ur phone dont talk s*** about others.

  • This is such a great news… Long live T-mobile

  • Seattle Rat

    Greetings PDA users, Android & WM alike,

    I used an Excalibur (T-Dash) for nearly 2 years and became hooked on WM. I dropped, kicked, and drop-kicked that device dozens of times before the screen finally shattered about two weeks prior to T-Mobile’s release of the Rhodium (TP2). That gave me some time to decide on a replacement device: I considered the G1, the newly released ‘My Touch’, but my primary focus was on the new Dash 3g and the TP2. Despite the huge price difference, I remembered how much I had longed for WM Pro when using the Dash and made the obvious choice: Rhodium.
    Well, I am pleased with it. I am pretty darn thrilled to have WM Pro 6.1 (stock) and have spent countless hours trying out a huge collection applications that I could never get to work on my ol’ Dash but had kept stashed away for the PDA they were destined to be executed on. However, I too am less than pleased with T-Mobile’s treatment of WM (particularly TP2) purchasers.
    Just for kicks I called T-Mobile’s customer service… I asked to be transferred to the PDA dept., but the rep. I spoke with insisted on helping me (claiming to be well versed in PDAs). So, simply asked: “When are you releasing the update to Windows Mobile 6.5 for the Touch Pro 2?”. After he put me on a brief hold to do some searching on the T-Mobile supercomputer for relevant information he came back and said, “I cannot find any information regarding an upgrade for your phone.” He did, however, transfer me to the PDA dept. where, again, I was put on hold, and told the exact same thing.
    About 15 or 20 minutes had passed by this time and I decided to take it a step further and asked the PDA rep. if he could have his supervisor call me (I was told he wasn’t available). Again, I was put on hold for some time. You’ll never guess what he told me… well, if you have spoken to T-Mobile customer service, perhaps you will guess!
    He said, “My supervisor told me that when an upgrade to 6.5 becomes available, it will be sent automatically to your ANDROID through the air waves like a radio.” I chuckled and said, “Thank you very much, that’s exactly what I needed to know.” and hung up.

    I still love my Rhodium…

    • Jaz

      I love that Reply, t mobile spends to much time trying to push they android phones yet they need to work on better knowledgeable PDA reps an better service

  • Yoboii89

    I gotta touch pro 2 windows mobile rocks can’t wait for 6.5 =]

  • Lance

    Tmobile techs told me that they have been trained on 6.5 but do not know the exact release date yet

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