Sprint/T-Mobile Merger Rumors Continue


Here we go again, yet another Sprint/T-Mobile merger rumor. Although this time the odds seemed to have improved to 55%. According to the Wall Street Journal, Sprint shares have increased more than 6 percent after Citigroup raised the wireless provider’s ratings on Wednesday. Michael Rollins, a Citigroup analyst believes that T-Mobile will be buying Sprint within the next year.

As you already know, Sprint, the nation’s third-largest wireless carrier has been losing subscribers left and right due to the lack of “exceptional” customer service, an area in which T-Mobile excels. Rollins claimed Sprint will stem some of its subscriber losses over the next six months. Rollings also claims that Sprint is doing a better job of promoting its products and services in addition to improving its customer service experience. But that’s not all. Rollins wrote in a client memo that the probability “has risen to around 55 percent.”

Even though many observers say such a deal would be disastrous because Sprint operates on a CDMA network while T-Mobile uses GSM technology. Rollins disputes that “if Sprint keeps its bad debt and churn levels down, it could be on its way to growth, with T-Mobile’s help.” And not to mention, they will truly challenge the nation’s top wireless carriers, AT&T Mobility and Verizon Wireless.

What do you guys think? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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  • Thomas

    That would be a train wreck (see, e.g. Sprint’s purchase of Nextel). Take the money for the acquisition and grow the coverage area. Finish adding 3G over the entire footprint.

  • Wagonis

    I would love to see how this pans out if it actually goes through. Will they keep the 2 as separate networks and continue to provide CDMA and GSM connectivity or will they phase out CDMA? And if the ladder is the case, how will they handle current Sprint customers and theyr devices? Because now you have millions of devices that will no longer be able to connect to the network.

  • yaaaay, best technology, best plans, best phones and wimax/hspa hybrid….bring it on baby, bring it on.

  • jay

    I think this is a ploy to raise Sprint share value. From a technology perspective, this is a disaster – how then would it make business sense?

    • BBSwany

      Agreed. It makes literally no business sense. Sprint is on their way out. GSM is a cheaper technology, but Sprint is moving forward on WiMax for 4G. Unless T-Mobile is going to make CDMA/GSM hybrids (which is really gonna give them terrible selection for devices), it’s an absolute horrible idea.
      Verizon is already going to GSM for LTE. Three GSM carriers and Sprint on CDMA. They won’t have a leg to stand on by the end of 2010.

      • Bill48105

        Oh yeah Sprint will be hurting bad because we all know a huge amount of Sprint users are there because they can roam on Verizon so they think of it as ‘almost V but cheaper’. Take that away & they are screwed glued & tattooed. Think they got churn now. lol

  • Not gonna happen…

  • The only way this would make any sense is if they are getting a bargain and need the 1900 Mhz licenses. The migration for all involved would be, challenging…

  • skee

    This would be horrendous……I predict a catatrophe and death of two companies if this does happen…

  • MTC44

    “an area in which T-Mobile does very well in.” Oh lord that’s bad grammar.

    Can we please stop posting every speculative merger/iphone article on this blog? There is absolutely no direct evidence that this merger is pending. Until we hear something that is actually convincing, can we PLEASE stop feeding this? It’s a waste of time and, like the “project black/dark” madness, gets people thinking way too far out of the box.

    Just stick to phone releases and Android updates, unless something substantially comes around.

    • umaluver

      then we’d only get 1 or maybe 2 updates a week :P

    • I’d have to agree. Too many rumors.

    • Leachpunk

      Yeah tmonews…

      stick to only writing what the people want to hear.. not what you want to put on your own blog that you feel may be news worthy… this is completely free to the people so you should not inform us of anything other than what we want to hear!

      Go freedom!

      • David

        Thanks for the advice, I’m pretty sure the website is dedicated to news that is T-Mobile oriented. Repetitive or not, rumor or not, this site is dedicated to the happenings in the T-Mobile world and I’ll continue to make sure the blog continues with that.

      • YourDad

        You are an idiot….. Just read what you wrote. “this is completely free to the people so you should not inform us of anything other than what we want to hear!

        Go freedom!”

        If you don’t like what you are reading go somewhere else or maybe start your own site. Pansy. Freedom of speech is part of that Freedom you shout so proudly. His site, his rules. You have the right to go elsewhere.

      • Leachpunk

        I suppose I forgot the tags… was a bit too much to figure out that I was sarcastically shooting down the original poster that I commented to.

      • Leachpunk

        sarcasm tags is what I was speaking of… I assume the comment system parsed out the tags

      • I think the problem that is making people respond, David, is that this isn’t really news, and probably isn’t “happenings in the T-Mobile world.” I am not sure I agree (the is the reason for being of most tech blogs. I swear, if I read one more story about the nonexistent, vaporware, as-yet-neither-confirmed-nor-announced Apple Tablet I’ll go into apoplexy), but it’s a fair point. Just hoping you see it from your readers’ point of view.

  • John

    55% … really?

  • Bigg

    I’ll believe when it goes to 85% (yea right). Please don’t let this happen, I dont want cdma phones. If that’s the case, Att will be the last GSM in the great USA. I will move to Europe.

    • 2FR35H

      Wouldn’t it be the other way around since it would be Tmobile buying sprint? I believe so. Then I can see this as a potential good thing. The guy is right tmobile has damn good customer service but would this not allow tmobile to cover more ground? meaning more places that you can get signal? So AT&T would not be the only GSM just that tmo’s gsm would more than likely improve and then maybe we can get some more decent phones and a wider variety.

      Think about the phones that sprint has that you want I mean don’t they have their own version of the htc hero?

    • BBSwany

      Verizon will be GSM by 2011 – 2012.

      • kershon

        Ya and in 2012 Vz will be in 2nd place. #1 T-Mobile. #2 Verizon. #3 ATT. #4 Sprint if they are still alive. lmao

    • kershon

      Why would T-mobile convert to cdma? cdma is a dying technology.

    • dboy

      lol!! agreed!!!

  • kershon

    Cellphonesignal has an article on this also. According to them this Rollins says he thinks the key to all this is to move Sprint’s customers all over to T-Mo’s network and eliminate Sprint’s entirely. Sounds like a can of worms to me. http://www.cellphonesignal.com

  • wayneNtampa

    For T-Mobile, its all about spectrum. Forget about the technology for 2G/3G. Make it worthwhile to salvage as many customers as possible by inducing them to switch networks and shut down the other network as fast as possible. Potentially spin off or sell whats left of the iDen(Nextel) unit.

    The only other interesting bit is the network services group. This would be a coup for T-Mobile bringing the US business in line with the rest of the world for the services unit. Get it integrated with T-Mobile’s as fast as possible. It will take a lot of work and flawless execution to squeeze any synergy out of a marriage like this but it would be critical for T-mobile to have the deal be accretive from day 1. At a minimum it needs to be neutral.

    For Sprint, if every quarter you lose 1.25 million subscribers (net) and you have x million subscribers, how many quarters before you have no more customers to lose? Its like watching someone bleed to death.

    • johnkzin

      Nextel may be more valuable to T-Mobile, than Sprint itself.

      iDen is a GSM based technology. iDen phones use GSM SIM cards, and then layer another protocol on top of it. So, potentially, it would be easier, faster, and cheaper to convert the iDen spectrum and equipment to T-Mobile GSM … than doing the same for the Sprint spectrum and equipment.

      • chris

        Obviosly you don’t know what you’re talking about. The iden technology isn’t even a true cellular technology. Its a radio-based technology. Because they use SIM cards doesn’t mean anything. Iden sucks. Period.

      • johnkzin


        From wikipedia, on iDen:

        “Most modern iDEN handsets use SIM cards, just like GSM and [are] compatible with GSM handsets.”

        “The interconnect-side of the iDEN network uses GSM signalling for call set-up and mobility management, with the Abis protocol stack modified to support iDEN’s additional features.”

        In other words, just like I said: iDen uses GSM as the underlying technology, and layer their additional features on top of it.

        Sounds like you’re the one who doesn’t know what you’re talking about.

  • johnkzin

    Part of me thinks it would be cool to see. But lets look at the meat of it:
    1) T-Mobile would have to convert all of Spring’s infrastructure to GSM. To some extent, this isn’t too bad — iDen is actually GSM (or, rather, it’s something that sits on top of GSM — it uses the same GSM SIM cards and everything). So they’d get some quick boost out of it there (no pun intended). But, they still have to convert all of Sprint’s CDMA and EVDO infrastructure to GSM/WCDMA. Can they really do that faster than using the acquisition money to buy and install new infrastructure?

    2) They’ll have to, some how, convert all of the Nextel and Sprint customers to GSM/WCDMA handsets. The Nextel customers might not be too hard … as I said, they’re actually using GSM already. But the Sprint customers, either T-Mo has to give them new handsets, or the customers have to buy new ones. Easier to use Verizon’s open handset policy to just convert their handsets to Verizon.

    3) Both of those also apply to WiMAX. Either T-Mobile goes WiMAX for 4G, or they have to convert the WiMAX customers to LTE. I would hope that T-Mobile is going LTE, so that means: converting infrastructure and customers.

    4) and that doesn’t even begin to address the various MVNO’s that have deals with Sprint. Will that be a loss of revenue as they run to Verizon? Or will it be a Nextel style albatross around T-Mobile’s neck, having to keep the CDMA network in place until those agreements run out?

    IMO: the only clear “win” that T-Mobile would get out of this is: Sprint and Nextel’s spectrum. So, the question is: is that worth the prices associated with #1-#3? Probably not.

    The only win(s) for me: Mifi and the Samsung Moment. I’d love that, but not if it’s going to be a financially ugly meger process (see Sprint’s acquisition of Nextel).

    Use the acquisition money to instead court Sprint/Nextel customers aggressively. Offer special conversion deals. Get new/better devices (everything Sprint has, T-Mobile needs to have; everything Verizion has, T-Mobile needs to have … I don’t think AT&T has anything worth pursuing versions of (not even the iPhone)). Offer 1:1 trade-ins for devices from Sprint/Verizon/etc. All funded by the money T-Mobile WOULD have spent on buying Sprint.

    And, in the mean time, dump tons of resources into beefing up the network capacity, native 2G coverage (less roaming), and 3G coverage spread.

    Suck Sprint Dry, don’t buy them.

  • Lashay

    Man…. i think this would be cool as long as t-mobile would keep sprints plans because sprint has the best plans ever like the any mobile anytime….i mean you can get unlimited data, text, picture txt, any mobile any time, free nights @ 7, free weekends all for only 70 bucks that is great

  • Ray

    I work for a third party retailer of T-Mobile we also used to carry Sprint and stopped because of the massive amount of sub-prime business sprint has on their network. Customer service aside we all know its terrible, but when Sprint bought out Nextel they dropped they credit ratings everyone got approved. I myself at 18 was approved for 10 lines no deposit, did I pay my bills noooo I was 18 (I know better now love my mytouch) but is this really what t-mobile wants? Yes we will become a bigger name in the industry but all these spending limit customers will they be converted to post paid or flex?

  • Tina

    If it did happen, T-Mobile would lose customers.

  • timdawg919

    I left Nextel a little while after Sprint took over. Customer service coupled with billing errors and their practice of cutting you off on the weekends when you have your free minutes because you went $2. 50 over your bill amount is why they lose business and will continue to lose business. Please let T-Mobile stay away from them.

  • bchan

    Message to TMOBILE: When Cingular (great customer service) merged with ATT (bad customer service), the resulting ATT is something left to be desired.

  • MrTeddybear

    I think it could be an awesome aquistion on Tmo’s behalf. What yall have to understand is that the merger of Sprint/Nextel was messy due to Sprint. This is Tmo we are talking about. Tmo will be the buying party, not Sprint. Sprint/Nextel had problems because of crappy execution and big wigs not doing what they were suppose to. Do we not have some level of confidence in Tmo to have the merger happen seamlessly? I do. Yes it would take a great deal of work and a lot of overtime hours but it can be done. Most likely, Tmo would have all the CDMA devices wiped out. Offer a great deal to the Sprint customers, have them switch out their phones. In the meantime, convert the CDMA devices over to GSM or whatever. After these said devices are done, offer another deal to the old Sprint customers who switched phones. Give them a deal to go back to their old phones if they wanted, or a decent, not great, offer for a different sprint phone. This could work. IT will take a lot of LONNGGGGG NIGHTS.

    • vikingfan45

      okay let think this through real quick this would be horrible….. According to you the sprint/nextel merger was horrible because of the BIG WIGS LMAO T-mobile BIG WIGS ARE THE WORST IN THE WORLD and by FAR THE most BLIND. T-mobile would kill itself if they did this merger……. why would u jump on a dying company from a business standpoint it makes no sense……. what t-mobile needs to do is start making better moves as a business and get 3G rolled out and less roaming on at&t network they spend millions of dollars every year to roam on at&t network……. after that fire Robert Dotson he an idiot and half of the other execs on t-mobile.

  • Steve

    I would love to see Tmobile really grow to take on ATT and Verizon but I’m afraid that Sprint would ruin the good parts of tmobile like great customer service! Sprint may have better plans and phones but quality of service both on network and through CS are more important to me at this point. Sprint doesn’t measure up.

  • watbetch

    Sprint has a TERRIBLE public image, this would be a TERRIBLE move unless it was T-Mobile, and T-Mobile offering a newly accquired CDMA and iDEN network. iDEN isn’t exactly dealing well with their new found subs so I don’t think it’s a good idea anyhow.

    T-Mobile needs to invest in itself, and buy out existing smaller GSM networks, AT&T is doing it..

    • watbetch

      And actually, AT&T might’ve bought up most of those carriers.

  • Leroy

    When I was with T-Mobile, the customer service was outstanding, but the coverage sucked. My phone was pretty must useless in the areas I travel. When I heard that Sprint roamed onto Verizon towers, I knew I would have the best coverage by signing with Sprint (combining the Sprint and Verizon towers). I have dealings with all four wireless companies, and I rank them in customer service: #1: T-Mobile, #2: Sprint (yes Sprint), Last: AT&T/Verizon. If we could combine Sprint’s network & plans, and T-Mobile customer service, we would have one solid provider.

    • Bill48105

      No way in a million billion years would TMo drop GSM & go CDMA. That would be really stupid & probably the main reason so many TMo customers are against a merger.

  • Bill48105

    People there is nothing that says TMo would have to convert anything if they bought Sprint/Nextel.. Why would they bother if they’re planning on moving to LTE soon anyway? TMo buying Sprint/Nextel would be an awesome business move IF they played their cards right. The 1st & foremost benefit is jumping in the ranks with total customers. ATT & Verizon both used acquisitions to leapfrog each other so why not TMo? In the short term they leave everything the way it is and do some planning (which I’m sure they’ve already had plenty of meetings about already if they were seriously considering it). They let current S/N customers stay with what they have OR they can move to TMo with an awesome deal on replacements phones. It is a win-win vs forcing everyone to change because not only do you avoid pissing people off who don’t want to change but you can avoid the cost of buying every customer in contract a new phone. (If you think about it this is essentially what Cingular/ATT did with their merger. They didn’t force anyone to change, not directly anyway) Not saying it’s the same scenario but it allows them to get the customers without it costing them much at all. Likely no more than the current sales they run regularly now. At some point when they are rolling out LTE they’ll be pushing existing customers to get new compatible phones anyway, why not be Sprint/Nextel people too. And at some point they can think about shutting down the old cdma network for the bands but odds are that wouldn’t be anytime in the near future. Look how long it took them to shut down TDMA & old analog cell service.. Anyway not saying it’s an ideal situation but definitely doable especially with the timing of LTE in the near future and TMo’s new plans.


    And in unrelated news…….

    A Piper Jaffray analyst is 70% certain Verizon will have the iPhone in 2010.

    • vikingfan45

      most likely lol they do have the wallet to secure the deal but they burned there relationship with apple in the pass so idk but MONEY TALKS and Verizon does have that.

      • 2FR35H

        Nope they are full of it plus it doesn’t even make sense to have two competitors on the same service. It would go to tmobile. The droid was an iPhone killer so why in the world would a carrier include the victim and a killer?

  • Lilwill13

    T-Mobile should buy MetroPCS and get its LTE spectrums. Then T-Mobile should buy Sprint and combine Sprint’s CDMA network and MetroPCS’s CDMA network. So, then Clearwire merges with T-Mobile. At the end Clearwire and Sprint engineers would take care of WIMAX towers and T-Mobile and MetroPCS engineers would take care of LTE towers. And T-Moible would take care of the GSM network. MetroPCS and Sprint engineers would also take care of the CDMA towers. And T-Mobile can get help from Clearwire to boost their @home services. There’s enough money to go around with those 4 companies.

    • Bill48105

      And the regulators would have a field day. lol

  • dothack

    yep, that make more business sense. everybody thinks that if tmo buys sprint, they need to keep two seperate networks working. however they can do it BUT after the merger, tmo can offer excellent incentives as a cheaper/better value cell phone to jump from sprint cdma to tmo gsm service..once all that done, all the nice unused spectrum that tmo acquires can use it for whatever it wants (mobile laptops, smart electronics that connect to mobile network for data, etc)… i see this more happen that keeping two incompatible networks running side by side. you will need vip from tmo and sprint to see if this is actually worth the risk. i say to tmo to save its money from the merger, spend it on more effective commercials (like verizons ad effectively showing how big its 3g network is compare to att) to get those customers from sprint/verizon/att

    • Bill48105

      LOL can you see TMo “map for that” ads? It’d look like a few ants crawling across the map. “Ant for that”. LMAO! Of course they’d keep separate networks for awhile no matter what. It’s not like in the course of a month they’d be able to migrate everyone over & give them free phones. That’d be nuts to even consider. The reality is they can be smart about it and offer great deals to convince people to switch but doesn’t make much sense to do that until LTE is rolling so they can push new phones to ALL customers, even the TMo side.

      • kershon

        Ant for that. ROFLMAO. Really a good one. (can’t stop laughing)

  • newspeak

    I hate how yet again we are going to have the spectrum issue keeping us from having a competitive market for handsets …verizon and att are going 700mhz for their lte networks …regardless of what happens tmo will be left with an oddball spectrum again….i think they could be buying sprint purely for the spectrum and towers ….i can’t check now but isn’t 1900mhz one of the euro 3g bands

    • Me

      Both Verizon and AT&T purchased AWS spectrum and have indicated that they are planning to have a hybrid 700/1700 LTE network. Can’t be sure until it finishes, but I’d imagine it will be similar to the 850/1900 of today, with Verizon and AT&T using 700/1700 and T-Mobile just on 1700.

  • JBLmobileG1

    I don’t see Verizon going from CDMA to GSM considering they spend billions on their network. (I was told this by my Verzion rep). I mean why spend BILLIONS on your network only to scrap it for something totally new which you’d need to build out all over again. Maybe Verizon will use GSM for their LTE but continue to use CDMA as well. This in turn would mean Verizon would have hybrid phones that use both GSM and CDMA which means if Tmobile did buy out Sprint then MAYBE just maybe they would have the same setup (using GSM and CDMA). This would make sense because then you know Motorola. Samsung, Nokia, LG wouldn’t mind making Hybrid phones because they would be able to work on most of the major US carriers. So whatever phone Verizon would get chances are Tmobile or Sprint (whatever they’d call themselves) would get the same phone lineup and vise versa. So this would be a smart move for Tmobile to buy out Sprint if this is the case. It would probably make the coverage just as good as Verizon… and make the data end of it all probably one of the best of ALL the major US carriers. Also Sprint spent a lot of money backing up Clearwire (Clear) so this would be great to aquire 4G WiMax. I guess I wouldn’t mind it soo much if this was the case so long as Sprints customer care didn’t follow. We’d then have covrage, data, and phones. This woukd then bring the companies out of the Red and into the Black (Project Black). Let’s hope it comes true. Add the iphone to the lineup and we’ll put at&t in third and give Verizon a run for the money.

  • Paul S.

    Are Sprint’s towers worrh it…matbe, just maybe. Converting those towers would cost Much less than getting the land rights and building them. Just a “simple” conversion to gsm hardware up top – the cheapest part. The expanded network, along with a phone discount trade AND basic training for Sprint’s reps could really work with the largest and fastest 3g network at 21 mbs. Then the LTE in 2012-13.

    • watbetch

      There would be too much tower overlap

      • rossi

        Would it be necessary to convert every tower? Of course not.

  • saintory

    Would the real understander of rules and regulations please step forward? In the meantime I’ll offer my opinion based on some rule research. I offer anyone else to look at the FCC rules too. Start here:

    There are 7 (8?) sub sections to Title 47. Change the number after “cfr” above to get to them.

    Near as I can tell 47 CFR 1.948 is the “rule” of transferring licenses. Near as I can tell there’s nothing in there about what you can do with the spectrum after you transfer it from licensee a to licensee b, as long as it’s still used for the same reason (e.g. Fixed Mobile).

    Moving onto 47 CFR 2.106, the portion of the table we’re interested starts in the 30s. Take a look at p. 34 of the PDF and you’ll see how 1710 – 1755 is allocated: FIXED MOBILE. Good example we should all be familiar with.

    Now I know that there are some pieces missing here. For example, the FCC has definitions for Narrowband and Broadband PCS, the frequencies they operate in, and how big the frequencies pieces are. Also involved are physics, how much data can travel in each frequency and at what size chunk per service.

    Finding these rules can help with the rumors but hypothetically speaking it would appear that it doesn’t matter how you implement the spectrum usage, as long as you implement for the same reason. I.e. If you take CDMA spectrum and reallocate it GSM spectrum there’s nothing official blocking it from happening.

    Am I missing something here? If not then purchasing Sprint/Nextel for the spectrum that fills in T-Mobile’s greater network and then leasing or selling the overlapping spectrum to other interested parties could be be a win-win in revenue.

    Thoughts on this?

  • dboy

    BOOOOOOOOORING!!!!!!! when is tmobile bringing new phones man?????? instead of nonsense news!!!!!

    • David

      Really, you think I am hiding handset news in my pocket?? The news comes as it comes my friend, when there is something magnificent to report on phones and I can report on it, I won’t hold back!!

  • podstolom

    I’d like to use my 3G netbook on T-Mobile’s network. Right now I can’t because the 3G radio in it doesn’t support T-Mo’s AWS frequencies on HSPA, only ATT’s. But if they bought Sprint and kept CDMA running for a while I could. As it is I have to run the dang thing on Verizon. But my dash 3G is on T-Mo. I hate 2 phone bills.

    • hey i just wanted to let you know i also have a netbook(dell) & i also have the t-mobile dash 3g in which i luv because of the 3g; well anywayz i have the unlimited internet on my dash, the reason i do is because of my netbook in which i plug in my dash via usb cable & do internet sharing. Its great & i luv it because via 3g its FAST.

      I hope this helps with your situation. No more verizon & no more 2 phone bills, just one on the great new 3g network T-MOBILE

    • volt117

      You dont need to do that.. you can just tether your dash 3g to your laptop then get a 3g connection to that. If you need help doing that just email me at (grizer117@gmail.com)

      • podstolom

        Oh yeah, I do a little tethering with the dash too on my other notebook, that’s why I actually switched from VZW last summer no $30 tethring charge and it works great. The funny thing is, with the new HSPA+ 7.2 and 21 Mbs rollouts coming, that phone is gonna tether faster than the built-in card in the netbook on verizon’s EVDO. lol

  • TC

    This is just we need to be a strong competitor with the RED and BLUE, this is a great rumor and hopefully comes to truth!!!!!

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  • I think this will be great in my opinion, then they’ll be the number one carrier. Regarding the gsm & cdma phone problems, all they have to do what verizon & sprint’s been doing for a while with there world traveling smart phones put both cdma with gsm sim cards.+++++++

  • crumbsnatcha

    Well considering i left sprint for t-mobile whats that tell ya…Sprint has worst customer service ever

    • Sprint on 042410

      I did the opposite, left t-mobile for sprint since t-mobile has the worst network ever. Maybe in a few years t-mobile will have a network worth talking about.

  • Pirchy

    I will leave and go with AT&T if they guy out sprint.

    • Bill48105

      That is just plain silly. Especially without seeing what would happen 1st. So what would you do if you went to ATT then later TMo/Sprint merged with ATT? :P

      • BeerBellyBilly

        Why, then, he’s off to Verizon. And then if THEY merged with att/sprint/tmo, then it’s two cans and a string. Ohhh….i forgot, it’s wireless, so forget the string.

  • Ariel123

    i think we should be excited that wm 6.5 is coming out for the tp2 ;)

  • John

    I have to say, sometimes I re-read articles just for the comments, so entertaining/informing.

    With ATT current stance on perhaps bringing ala carte data plans to their service, (WE’RE GONNA GET YOUR MONEY YARRRR) It’d be interesting to see tmo+sprint combine into a larger carrier focused on lower prices vs ATT & verizon focusing on higher prices.
    At the basest of levels, because yes I am completely aware of the differences in coverage. http://www.deadcellzones.com/ is a handy tool btw.

    • Bill48105

      LOL zoom the map so you can see the entire US then choose Verizon Deadzones. That map look familiar? Awful lot like their 3G map they advertise against ATT’s. :D

      One problem with that map is if you zoom to Michigan & choose Tmobile is hardly shows any deadzones or heat vs ATT, Verizon & Sprint all have a lot. So the # of customers & how much they complained come into play as well as no complaints if TMo cutomers know they aren’t supposed to have coverage in certain places. ;) Heck most of TMo’s map is roaming here if you zoom to state level on TMo’s coverage map.

  • Ben

    well if they don’t merge come May, i personally am probably jumping ship to ole Sprint. just better coverage here and i think the plans are cheaper when the mobile to mobile is factored in (and i dig that 5 MP camera on the hero).

  • rewdy

    It still seems weird to me for a GSM network carrier to buy a CDMA network. The systems would still have to remain separate, which seems like too big of a liability for T-Mo. If they did that, I’d be curious to see if there would be a way to convert any of the technology for one type of network to the other to standardize. I don’t know that much about how it all works…

  • IncognitoG37

    Agreed. Keep that mess out of my network!

  • newspeak

    The more i think about this the more it makes sense

    They can keep the cdma network up for a tramsition period while they add those same towers to the tmo network and either spin off the rest when the transition is over or lease them ….then they can add that spectrum to the network

    Considering their new move towards no contract plans …it doesn’t seem like they are looking toget those sprint customers

    And it does make sense if they are going to use that spectrum for lte

  • NoBrooks

    First I don’t think T will touch Sprint until they absorb their last two affiliates. They only represent about 400,000 subscribers, but they can be a real pain.

    Second, Sprint only owns the Spectrum, Sprint sold it’s physical towers to Sony a year or two ago and are leasing it back. This would make it easier to transition Sprint to GSM. And sell their 4G assets to Clearwire, and make the jump to LTE. It actually makes a lot of sense. And while there will be several transactions involved the sticker price won’t be as much as you might think.

    I think Sprint customers would enjoy the TMO culture and while they would have to migrate Sprint customers slowly and gently, they will still lose those OLD school IDEN folks. But I think their loses will be mitigated by an influx of AT&t and the evil V customers that would have an incredibly strong third party candidate!

  • kershon

    If I remember correctly, when earlier merger rumors were flying it was stated by some big wig at Clearwire that it would be an easy conversion for them to switch from their wimax technology to lte. So if this is true, if T-Mo does buy Sprint this would give them a big jump ahead of the other carriers in terms of early lte deployment and Sprint-Nextel technology would not have to be maintained for as long a time frame with a much sooner lte deployment.

  • Danta

    It will be good for both providers and here is why. T-Mobile needs to increase their data speeds and coverage on their data network. Sprint actually has the best domestic wireless data network (based on 3g and 4g speeds and coverage) in the industry. However Sprint’s international presence is greatly lacking; that is where T-Mobile’s international network really shines.

    The greatest hurdles to this merger will be combining the various technologies and perhaps FCC approval.

  • Bill48105

    Seeing the lights go on makes me smile. :) Funny how sometimes you wonder if rumors are started to see how people react to the idea or unofficially help them brainstorm scenarios. Just from people’s comments in here it should give TMo & Sprint something to think about. Now if we could just get these beat down dead horse rumors to stop & have some real solid info it’ll be all good and give us something real to talk about.

  • antthony

    Tmobile sucks why would they wanna merge with that train wreck? This rumor needs to go away not gonna happen. Funny how this website talks about sprints bad customer serice and lose of customers.. sprint doing so bad they went above tmobile funny how that happens? BTW tmobile customer service sucks ass I thought sprints was bad but omg… Tmobile though does do 1 thing right.. Keeps hill billys and trailer trash with cell phones!

  • Lilwill13

    T-Mobile should buy MetroPCS and get its LTE spectrums. Then T-Mobile should buy Sprint and combine Sprint’s CDMA network and MetroPCS’s CDMA network. So, then Clearwire merges with T-Mobile. At the end Clearwire and Sprint engineers would take care of WIMAX towers and T-Mobile and MetroPCS engineers would take care of LTE towers. And T-Moible would take care of the GSM network. MetroPCS and Sprint engineers would also take care of the CDMA towers. And T-Mobile can get help from Clearwire to boost their @home services. There’s enough money to go around with those 4 companies.

  • ladybug1011

    I switch from tmobile to sprint i really didn’t have any problem with sprint customer service and i been with them for four years now but tmobile on the other hand doesn’t have alot or coverage where i live tmobile have no coverage i think its a big mistake sprint would be better off going with US celluar but we will see how this plays off…

  • shawn1224

    Damn Sprint & their CDMA network. I want to know when Android 2.0 updates will roll out to existing T-mobile android customers. Take care of home 1st before you try to broaden your horizon.

  • Tangluther

    I switched from t-mobile to sprint and I haven’t had any customer service issues, I also pay my bills ontime…… wonder if that makes a difference, hmm… I will say that the only thing I hate is that I cannont remember my pin, where I used to be able to just switch sim cards I now have to call and have it done. I like both companies I think it would only help them both!