More 3G Launches For December


Another day, another set of 3G launches as this week continues the T-Mobile final push to a  2009 goal of 200 million 3G users. Fort Wayne, Indiana and St. Cloud Minnesota have gone official with rumors of Canton, Ohio also going live hitting my inbox. Fort Wayne was no surprise given our information earlier this week but St. Cloud is a terrific addition as I am sure residents up there will welcome 3G with open arms. Of course, I think we can all agree we’d welcome HSPA 7.2 with open arms, chocolate candy and a dozen roses. Welcome to 3G folks, enjoy the view.


  • 30014

    Welcome to the 3g club.

  • sofaraway731

    I wish they would expand Oklahoma City’s 3G into Edmond. It’s a suburb of OKC, and I’m nearly on the border of Edmond and OKC, but just far enough away that I can’t get 3G at home. I rarely go to OKC either… #endrant

    • umpossible

      @sofaraway731 same for Norman! It’s ridiculous they haven’t expanded it into the main suburbs yet. I know Norman is fairly far away, but it’s pretty big. Edmond is so close that there is no excuse.

      • jaybee

        yeah, im from tulsa and still no 3g.

    • kershon

      I live in central Illinois. Peoria is the nearest town with 3g. I don’t have it at home, but one more tower between here and Peoria and I will have it. Not a big problem for me though. I got hotspot at home and edge is pretty fast but of course nothing like 3g.

  • enjoijams

    Are you trying to say HSPA 7.2 will be here by Valentines Day?

    • 30014

      According to the previous article HSPA 7.2 will be here before the new year.

  • JJ

    Yes Canton, OH is 3G live based on the information I heard as well.

    • phoneking13

      About what time do they turn on 3G? I’m guessing around midnight…

      • JJ

        Generally any major launch will happen at midnight hour. This will give them some time to guage their network performance before busy hour traffic comes in.

  • Nick

    What about Tulsa? Have not heard a word about when we will get 3g. Edge here seems to be getting more congested and almost unusable.

  • kershon

    Congrats to St. Cloud, Canton, and Ft. Wayne. And welcome to the club. The rollout keeps on a-rolling. WooooHoooo!!

    • Jeff

      Thanks! I was totally shocked when I saw the 3G icon on my phone this morning. Never would have guessed it would happen before the end of this year!

  • T.P.

    What about GRAND RAPIDS!!!! I’m ready for that 3G kind of feeling!

  • cockpitinferno

    Where’s Parr with that damn list and the “TMo Sucks” comments that follow each one of these 3G blog posts? I give Magenta credit for making some huge strides this year.

  • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

    Many congrats to Savannah, St. Cloud, Canton, and Fort Wayne! (-:

    Now, the 16 largest US cities with no TMO 3G are:

    Louisville, KY
    Tulsa, OK
    Cincinnati, OH
    Lexington, KY
    Anchorage, AK
    Lincoln, NE
    Madison, WI
    Boise, ID
    Grand Rapids, MI
    Mobile, AL
    Little Rock, AR
    Fayetteville, NC
    Jackson, MS
    Tallahassee, FL
    Springfield, MO
    Sioux Falls, SD

    • mmaxsooner

      And the list gets a little shorter. But dhort enuf ehh parr, we are still in the no 3g boat. Hate to think it but I heard rumors of tulsa slipping into 1/4 2010 which is decidedly better than second 1/4 like parr in boise. Go broncos gig those horned frogs. And when 3g does come to tulsa I hope its not the spotty mess like okc. U can drive I-35 through town an slip into 3g 6 times before u get to moore ok. Don’t hate the 918 bring us some 3g santa. And 7.2 if u go through the trouble bearded dude.

      • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

        Yeah, I bet Tulsa and Boise launch very near each other next year. Good luck against Stanford on New Year’s Eve. I was really hoping BSU would play OK again in the Fiesta Bowl, but I am glad that BSU is playing in the Fiesta Bowl, and I really hope BSU slaps the Horned Frogs. ROFL! (-:

    • Tanya

      When did Mobile, AL get 3G? o.o

      I must’ve missed the memo! But don’t blame me too much here. I still have a dumbphone.

      • phoneking13

        THey didn’t. The list is for the big cities that DON’T have 3G yet.

    • rinklighter

      I knew Parr would be on it! Are they even working on 3G for these larger cities? While adding more smaller cities is great, these are some major metro areas being neglected.

      BTW, I think the BCS shafted your Broncos along with TCU.

      • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

        Had BSU been relegated to some not-known bowl, I would have really been mad, and felt hugely shafted. But, at least BSU gets a large named bowl, and at least BSU can pit it’s strength against TCU’s. And, I’d love for the BCS system to finally give way to a true playoff system. Heck, all the big cities with the current big bowl games could keep playoff games in their cities, so they still get the revenue and exposure, but it would really give a team like BSU the chance to show it’s grit against more big name schools. I really think it could be a win-win for EVERYONE. (-:

      • jmts80

        Happy to hear that more cities have joined the 3G goodness. I am here in Phoenix and I can’t wait to see TCU and BSU go at it in the Fiesta Bowl (my girl got me tickets). Yeah they got shafted by not getting a shot to beat one of the big boys but it will still be a hell of a game! We want PLAYOFFS!

    • Well Stacy, I’m here to say you CAN take Cincinnati, OH off that list. We went live at midnight last night and it’s working well here in Cincinnati as well as the Covington and Newport areas of Kentucky! Woot! We have 3G!!!

      • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

        Many congrats to you Samantha, and the rest of Cincinnati, OH — Home of the Reds, Bengals, Kit Kittredge, & WKRP! (-:

  • fuzzmanmatt

    Will 3G be my Christmas present? Grand Rapids is a very conservative area… Maybe a Hanukah present? Pretty please?

  • kendrix_myrealname

    It’s funny cuz edge isn’t in all places. They still have gprs or roaming on att

  • My vote is to add Cheyenne Wy next! :D

  • phoneking13

    Wow Canton? Why Canton? Cincinnati STILL isn’t turned on… :mad:

    • According to the latest information we (Cincy) WILL HAVE some of the #G lovin by this time tomorrow. Right now it’s 19:33 on 12/09/09 and I’m just waiting to see what happens. So give it another 24 hours and then see what happens eh?

      • phoneking13

        Well if it’s true that they usually turn it on around midnight, we Cincinnatians have approximately 3 hours, 35 minutes to go. ;)

  • phoneking13

    hmmmm….according to t=mobile’s coverage map it’s not showing 3G in Canton… how often do they update the map?

    • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

      From what I’ve noticed, watching the site over this past year, they tend to update the maps on Friday through Monday, and not Tuesday through Thursday. Also, they tend to update the maps with a bunch of cities, and never on any kind of set time table. Right now, the maps are current as of November 16. I’m guessing that they’ll update the maps either this weekend or next weekend. Maybe even both. I would think that they would want to update the maps the very day a city goes live with 3G, but they obviously have a different idea.

      • phoneking13

        Perhaps, however I’m not holding my breath for Cincinnati launching late tonight/early tomorrow morning…. :(

    • JJ

      Monthly once……..I suppose.

  • ok does anyone know if t-mobile will ever take out video calling?
    i think it would be nice to see video calling in the usa since they have it europe.
    im pretty sure the t-mobile 3G network would be able to handle video calling.

  • tmonuts


  • Ruben

    Can we get some 3G love in Puerto Rico. Such a small island and all we get is edge.

  • RuleNumber1

    How many times must i tell you that cinncinatti is not going to get 3G? In limmerick form now:

    Look at all the other launch posts from me
    you soon will see,
    there will never be 3g
    in the city of Cinncinatti

    • phoneking13

      lol cute

    • JJ

      Cincinatti is 3G live as of today I believe.

      • RuleNumber1

        Of course! I’ve been telling you guys forever cinncinatti would get 3G!

  • Mr. MN

    Okay, I don’t know whether or not my phone (MyTouch 3G) is going crazy, but it picked up the 3G logo last night. I called a T-Mobile representative to confirm and she said 3G isn’t turned on in St. Cloud, MN, but I should power my phone off and turn it on again and if it’s still on it, then I really have 3G. I did just that. The phone picked up edge initially and then switched to 3G with four bars. It’s just confusing because the rep said nothing was scheduled for this city. Is it possible that they secretly turned it on without spreading the word? I did the speed test thing and download speed was 874mbps and 348 uploads.

    Does anybody live in St. Cloud and have a 3G capable phone? Please confirm this.

    • phoneking13

      Reread the post again. it was said that St. Cloud, MN, Canton, OH, and Ft. Wayne got 3G today….

      • Mr. MN

        Yeah, but like I said, I called T-Mobile representative to confirm and she said currently, there isn’t any 3G in my area. It is hard to believe it’s for real when the representative said they’re currently not providing 3G service in my area, the map doesn’t show 3G coverage in my area, and technical support they have no information on any activity going on in my area.

  • phoneking13

    36 more minutes till 12pm in Cincinnati.

    Still monitoring….

  • phoneking13

    I got a question: With T-Mobile’s 3G, can you surf the net and talk on the phone simultaneously like AT&T claims to do, or not?

    • yes u can i done it on my g1

      • Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus! Can you talk and surf at the same time? Oh baby can you ever! I have the MyTouch tethered to my computer and am surfing the net when a call comes in from my sister-in-law who has questions about the GPS on her MyTouch.

        Still surfing the net I take the call and am talking to her while surfing. I opened GoogleMaps and using Latitude sent yer my local while we were talking, opened Sherpa to look for a place for her and sent that while still talking. Then dropped her a quick email while still talking.

        Anything the iPhone can do on the Death Star, we can do on Magenta! Woot!

        So enjoy! To the poor apple users I have only this to say:

        Come to Magenta, we have cookies! Plus everything you can do on AT&T can be done here, CHEAPER!

  • phoneking13

    CINCINNATI OFFICIALLY HAS 3G starting @ 12:16am

    3G keeps fluctuating between 3G and EDGE at work in Covington, KY

    • Yup, I’m about 20 miles north of you on the Cincinnati line and I’ve got 3G too! Wow, it’s snowing and I’ve FINALLY got 3G, it’s like Christmas, just a little early!

  • It’s 0:43 hours in Cincinnati and 3G is hot! Indicator lit up on my phone and things are moving a good bit faster! Woot, Cincy has some of the 3G love! Does this mean I have to get a shot now? :0)

    • phoneking13

      What area of Cincinnati are you at?

      • I’m just north of the Regean Lateral in the Hartwell, Wyoming area. It’s working great for me.

  • deangelo724

    Loving the 3g speeds here in Cincinnati. I used to live in Birmingham, Alabama and had it there. Been here for a year and finally back to what I’m used to, eexxxxcellent!

  • Jordan (Cincinnati)

    yea i have 3g too keeps going in and out over here in delhi

  • phoneking13

    I had it all the way up till the Sharon rd. exit on I75. So from there all the way to Middletown its all EDGE. :(

  • dely

    Jordan, I live in Delhi on Anderson Ferry and I have 3G until I get down Delhi Pike closer to River Rd and then it switches to Edge. When I get a little down River Rd to downtown, it switches back to 3G. This is the only route I have tested it on thus far.

    • Jordan (Cincinnati)

      i will see what its like when i head to the mount today for an exam.

  • dely

    phoneking13, I tested the ability to surf and talk at the same time early this morning and it works like a charm.

    • phoneking13

      Yeah my friend Brandon confirmed that too on the phone with me lol…

      • I’m very pleased to report that I had my phone tethered and was able to keep on surfing when a call came it. So yes, anything the iPhone can do, our Droids can do too. Surf and talk at the same time? Cake. Email, send reservation links, share maps and GPS data? Just did it. Cake. Not a hint of trouble. Works like a charm.

        Death star users, come to Magenta, we’ve got everything you’ve got and it’s cheaper! And we’ve got cookies too!

  • Sean Martin

    Bump! I’m feelin’ 3G love in Cincy! Woot!

  • timmyjoe42

    Woo Hoo, I’m surfing with gas.

  • Rello

    living in west chester, ohio and 3g is running live and fast…

  • Masrico

    Live on the westside (I74 and Rybolt). Did not see 3G this morning, but switched to 3G driving downtown and now I am in teh game.. has anyone confirmed if we are 3G or we have been automatically upgraded to HSPA 7.2?

  • Chris

    West Chester, Ohio is LIVE with 3G…. (probably from Cincinnati)..

    My speeds so far have been between 0.6Mbps and 1Mbps DOWN…. and around 512Kbps Up..

    I’m at/near Union Center…. at the moment


  • phoneking13

    How did west Chester get 3g? I was by the Tylersville rd exit and it was still on edge

    • My bet is that it was TI (Terrestrial Interference) that kept you from seeing it at Tylersville Rd. 75 Drops a little there, so you might have just slid into a slight weak spot.

      • watbetch

        How fast is your 3G girlfren?

  • phoneking13

    Samantha you’re not too far from me. I’m from Amberley Village.

  • Chris

    I dunno.. All I know is Union Center… (Allen Rd, IKEA) can get 3G…

    • phoneking13

      I’m going to try by Tylersville today and see

  • Chris

    Ok… seems anything past Cincinnati-Dayton Rd. in West Chester… is still on EDGE (giant ass tower next to AT&T Store on tylersville lolz)

  • Ed

    Hey, it’s 6 AM on the 11th and NO 3G in Louisville. What happened? I thought today was our day!

    • Sanjay

      Yeah, what is going on. No 3G in Louavull. Dissappointed. Did the guy who was supposed to turn on the switch forget to set his/her alarm? Where are my anti-depressants?

  • Sanjay

    Where did the reference to Louisville getting 3G on Friday go? I know I read it here, but can’t find it now. Was it deleted after getting us all excited?

  • JJ

    Fort Collins, CO is 3G live as of today I heard.

  • Max

    Fort Collins is live but Louisville still isn’t because Tmobile continues to hate us…

  • JaDeNKC

    We just got 3G today in Grand Junction, CO!!!

    • boriquajake

      I see we have it, but I haven’t really noticed major speed increases yet. I must admit that seeing that beautiful little “3g” icon is nice though.

  • Corey

    Well I had 3G for a couple days here in St. Cloud MN and now its gone, don’t know why but now I’m back to craptastic EDGE coverage. I’m kinda bummed and got my hopes up for nothing. Oh well, it was fun while I had it.

    • Mr. MN

      I’m sorry to hear that, Corey. I’m happy to say I still have it in my area. It’s not everywhere because I just went to Cub Foods and all I had was EDGE. I have it from where I live all the way to SCSU. I live right behind Tech College. If you want to enjoy some high download speeds, feel free to stop on campus and enjoy.

  • Corey

    Hey Mr. MN man that’s some weird stuff, I live over by the Wal-Mart and for 3 solid days I had 3G now I’m gonna have to roam around and see where it ends. I called T-Mo up and they said the closest they had on track was becker but we all know how those level 1 support people know. Well hopefully I get it back, I lost it around 2p.m. on the 11. Weird thing was I was just testing the speed too and then went to work and next thing I know there’s that darn “E” again. Well enjoy the 3G I know I did when I had it LOL

    • Mr. MN

      That’s strange because I left my apt last night, drove downtown, and went to Mcdonalds on Division and I had about 3 to 4 bars of 3G all the way. Don’t call customer service, I did the same thing and the lady argued that they don’t provide 3G in this city yet. Try power cycling your phone and see if you still don’t have it. I hope it comes back on for you guys, man.
      Download speed downtown is about 950kbps and 394kbps upload.

  • Corey

    Yeah it would be nice, I have power cycled several times and even checked to make sure I didn’t have the 2G box selected. I’m over near the holiday inn on 2nd st. and nothing here. Gonna head downtown later and check it out.

  • Corey

    Drove to the MCD on division and yep 3G is there then it kills right near the Walgreens. So its comming slowly but surely. Just wondering why they shut it down over where I am.

    • Mr. MN

      I believe I have some information you’ll like. I just made a stop at the T-Mobile store in Crossroads Mall. I talked to one of their reps and the guy said they have a few towers around here that are not quite ready for 3G just yet. The reason we have 3G in some areas is because there is one tower between here and Becker that is already juiced up with some serious 3G speeds. The good news is, according to the rep, the rest of our local towers will be firing up in the next couple of weeks. Don’t give up hope, man. You will soon be blessed with some super high speeds.

      Yeah, you’re right. Once I passed Walgreens, 3G was off. Strangely though, my MT3G picked up 3G signal by the Macy’s in the mall.

      • Corey

        That is some great news! I believe it will only be a matter of time until I get my 3G back up and running. I did test out the speeds of the 3G when I had it and I do have to say that they are really nice! It would really be nice to see T-Mobile step up the plate and get the ball rolling on more 3G. I bought my G1 over a year ago and have been waiting patiently for more coverage to come. Still love my G1 and have no plans of getting a new phone anytime soon, so heres to waiting patiently some more for 3G to come in to play. When I had 3G at my location I loved it. I used the program stream furious often and would love to do so again. I can do it on EDGE but it times out often so for now I’m using Pandora. I like to stream music as I am falling asleep. Thanks again for the info Mr. MN :-)

  • Mr. MN

    Not a problem. 3G in our city means good news for us all. I use Google Maps Navigation a lot so if the speeds are slow, I will have a problem. EDGE does the job but sometime last week, I went to Wate Park and I was left only with GPRS. I know they’re working on it because it is in high demand these days. Enjoy your holidays (and hopefully some 3G goodness).

    • Corey

      Thank you and same to you. Here’s something for you, Sartell has 3G! I was out there last night and had full bars and before it was just GPRS now that is something weird haha.

    • Corey

      So I was sitting at home minding my own business and BOOM 3G is back again! Full bars and nice fast speed again. Hopefully it stays this time!

  • Mr. MN

    That’s good news man. Enjoy it while it lasts. Hopefully it stays on for good this time.

  • cd

    Woke up this morning and phone is on 3G

  • cd

    Woke up this morning and phone is on 3G here in Louisville, KY.