T-Mobile Rolling Out HSPA 7.2 Before Years End


Earlier in November, reports were coming in of a few cities supposedly getting a taste of T-Mobile HSPA 7.2 speeds. Our friends over at AndroidandMe, reached out to T-Mobile, to confirm whether or not the HSPA 7.2 launch date had been adjusted and received a very good response. To summarize, T-Mobile is sticking to its previous statement, which was to roll out HSPA 7.2Mbps by the end of 2009. T-Mobile also states that they will be integrating HSPA+ 21Mbps into their 3G network in the next several months with “broad national deployment anticipate for mid-2010”. No specific date was provided by T-Mobile as to when they plan to roll out HSPA 7.2, but we think it will be just in time for Christmas! I don’t know about you, but this is some exciting news! Its time to show AT&T who really has the “Nation’s fastest 3G network”! Hit the jump for the full statement from T-Mobile, courtesy of AndroidandMe and a list of devices that will support HSPA 7.2 Mpbs! Sound off in the comments!


T-Mobile statement regarding HSPA 7.2:

Thanks for checking in on this. HSPA 7.2 will be enabled across T-Mobile’s entire 3G network by year-end.

  • T-Mobile’s 3G network currently covers 250 U.S. cities, reaching approximately 180 million people. T-Mobile will continue to strengthen and grow its 3G network to reach approximately two-thirds of the U.S. population by the end of the year (more than 200 million POPs).
  • T-Mobile will integrate HSPA+ into its 3G network in the next several months with broad national deployment anticipate for mid-2010. With HSPA+, customers will experience network throughput speeds that are three to five times faster than today’s 3G networks – with theoretical peak download speeds of 21Mbps (depending on device and other factors).

According to AndroidandMe, the devices on T-Mobile’s network which support HSPA 7.2 include:

  • T-Mobile G1
  • T-Mobile myTouch 3G
  • Motorola CLIQ
  • Samsung Behold II
  • HTC Touch Pro 2
  • T-Mobile Dash 3G

NOTE: This is not the complete list of devices that will support HSPA 7.2 Mbps

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  • Mark

    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Our XMAS present is back!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jmstro04

    Does this mean that anyone with 3g will now have the 7.2mbps?

    • J

      You will have HSPA capability on the network, but you won’t necessarily be getting the same speeds. It is not just a software upgrade like some people are saying. It is a software upgrade to add the capability. To get the speed, you have to add circuits. Not every site will get the 4 circuits that is required to get those speeds. You may get half that. You may not even notice a difference in some areas.

      • 3Gis 4me

        Besides the ‘capacity’ issue with the t-1s/circuits you need to have the handset compatibility. The network is getting a software ‘patch’ that allows users to have access to the higher bandwidths but there is more than just a switch flicked and your zooming.compadibility

      • Rubin

        Really, between you “J” and 3Gis 4me neither one of you know anything about engineering nor anything about how t-mobile did this upgrade. you guys need to stop talking please. I can’t reveal much, because of contract reasons, but I can tell you that are only software change when it comes to this switch. They designed the HSPA 7.2 to work with existing 3G towers that way they wouldn’t have to do any upgrades physically at the tower itself. When HSPA+ 21 comes out, then they have a few towers they need to upgrade but not many.

        Like I said I can’t reveal much but as an research engineer, for a certain company who shall remain nameless, this change is honestly just a flip of a switch.

      • J

        well, i work as a manager in T-Mobile engineering and operations. I also happened to be on the team that turned it up in my market. No one really knows it on due to there only be on T1. So tell me how you flip a switch a get 7.2 Mb/s out a 1.5Mb/s T1? Unless there is some new math out there, you need more than one T1. Only a few towers needing upgrades for HSPA+? My area has over 200 NodeBs. Every one of those that will become HSPA+ will need system module replacments for the new transport equipment. The new transport alone is a huge project. Whatever you think you know about this project, you don’t.


    WHAT.!? Sidekick LX Isn’t Supported.?! I’m Almost Pretty Sure They Work On The Same Frequencies Because When Me And My Sister Were Going To Mexico We Checked And They’re The Same Frequencies.

    • not about frequency…its about capability to support that great of a speed…only the above devices are capable

    • its not about frequencies…its about whether ur phone can support it….and only the above devices can support those speeds..

    • bigs12

      Not every phone the software and hardware to run the speeds, look at the specs of the phone were it says 3g and should say HSPA+, I think that’s what it will say, the BB 9700 isn’t on the list but it does support it

  • ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! thank god!!

  • newspeak

    Oh man santa heard my gift request

  • 30014

    There are just over 3 weeks left in the year, so tmo had better get it in gear. Until they get handsets that people really want they can steal at&t’s marketing and promote the fact that tmo now has the nations fastest 3g network.

    • Kervin

      It’s a software upgrade, AFAIK. And with such an aggressive turnaround, I’m assuming they already have it configured and tested, just need to pull a switch.

      AT&T marketing has at least got some stuff right. It’s the overall Network quality that counts.

      I’m a loyal Tmobile user, but coverage is still, years behind the big 3. This is one measurement of network quality. Latency is a huge issue for 3g protocols, and HSPA is no different. Also, 7.2 is just your ‘last mile’ speed. What happens when you put hundreds off your 7.2 HSPA connections on a tower that’s backed by a few 1.5MBit T1’s?

      • watbetch

        Behind AT&T and Verizon..

        And they’re not just installing more T1’s, do your homework

      • Rubin

        WOW you really are dumb, they don’t use T1’s for cross country connections. They use a form of OC192 FIBER. Please get a brain and do research before you talk.

      • Kervin

        You guys missed my point. I was using T1s as an example…

        I’m pointing out that the cell data speed is not the limiting factor here.

  • mkd718

    That certainly is good news. Now all tmo needs is htc hd2, n900, se x13, and htc passion. if that did occur i would like to see verizon try to bully magenta. Hahaha

  • scrapper

    what about HSPA 7.2 for new Bold 2 9700 ???

  • RuleNumber1

    Hey, since you guy’s buy this stuff, you’ll love this company I heard about that is going to revolutionize the energy industry by brokering power between different municipalities. They are starting in California, but have the infrastructure in place to role it out nation wide. Yep, it’s a pretty safe bet that Enron will be the NASDAQ of energy…

  • Yo It ain’t right

    The Sidekick isn’t supported?! Really now? come onnn THe G1 is there -.- and thhats super oldd. microsoft failss

  • andrew

    this well be good with some good smart Phones like sony x10 Nokia n900 htc hero motorola droid tablet blackberry 9100

  • Kickstar13

    NOTE: This is not the complete list of devices that will support HSPA 7.2 Mbps

  • Jae

    Are they sure the sidekick lx doesn’t support it? that suckss :/

  • Pete Figueroa

    Great but when will this get to other places then just Philly? http://www.speedtest.net/result/646790983.png

    • Kickstar13

      Philly has HSPA+ 21Mbps which is around 5 times the 3G speed T-Mobile currently has. HSPA+ 21Mbps, T-Mobile states is going to be launched mid 2010

      HSPA 7.2 will be released to all 3G markets before the end of 2009

  • ShotWithAnSLR

    I don’t want to have anyone jump to conclusions with this information, but each of the major carriers has a tower on my company’s property and last week a tech was in for T-Mobile to install a device to test for any type of interference that some new hardware might encounter. He cited an upcoming roll out for an upgraded service, but could not get into specifics. I’m just saying….

  • tinalooks808

    You guys need to chill you obviously didn’t read it carefully
    According to AndroidandMe, the devices on T-Mobile’s network which support HSPA 7.2 include:

    * T-Mobile G1
    * T-Mobile myTouch 3G
    * Motorola CLIQ
    * Samsung Behold II
    * HTC Touch Pro 2
    * T-Mobile Dash 3G

    NOTE: This is not the complete list of devices that will support HSPA 7.2 Mbps

    **Notice the word NOT above

  • dboy

    cool!! i still got edge!! greeeaaaat!!!!….

  • TMOguy89

    I live in a pretty big high-end neighborhood and as of today the somewhat close T-mobile tower as been acting funny throughout the day , i called the CCare rep and she said she didnt know why exactly and i should have around 2-3 bars , Later i check my phone and i have blazing fast 5 bars 3G SPEEEDD !!! T-mobile is improving very quickly , and with these new fast HSPA 7 – 21mbps speeds they can support alot of data traffic and much more high end smartphones !!!!!!!!!!

    + T-mobile finally recently put a new tower right next to my college so i can actually have coverage in class and work !!

    • jongie123

      I live in south Orlando ,Fl.I dont know whats happening but i have been 2 hours without signal.I thought that something is bad with my phone since i have a rooted android,but check my wifes phone and is the same.hopefully its an upgrade in this area and not another faillure like happen a month ago.

      • TMOguy89

        i live in orlando too , i hear ya

    • watbetch

      How was your reception before??

  • money mo

    I see only ANDROID phones and the dash supports, and I just paid all this money for this boring SLOW 9700. The only phones that will be added to the list is phones that will come out in the future.

  • kershon

    This is really great. T-Mobile has really been expanding and improving aLl year. They have come a long, long way since Jan. 1 this year. Keep it coming T-Mo! Kick ATT,s butt.

  • kendrix_myrealname

    I also live in a high end neighborhood and I always have fast 2-5 mbps speeds. And to jump to 7-21 mbps will be super amazing. I recently just came from slow ass edge on my blackberry lol

  • farcyded

    this is awesome. now how about they improve the service in east texas, between Dallas and Shreveport.

  • For anyone that didn’t know this: the new BB 9700 does NOT support 7.2 HSPA. It can’t go past 3.6 HSPA. RIM didn’t make the 9700 a 7.2 HSPA device.

  • FILA

    Nice, now lets see those ATT commercials, lol. T-Mobile: The nations fastest 3G network. The Nations Fastest Network!

    But dont get it confused, let me translate some numbers…

    Mbps = Megabits per second
    MBps = Megabytes per second
    KBps = Kilobytes per second

    7.2 Mbps = 900 KBps
    21 Mbps = 2.625 MBps

    Verizon’s LTE Plan:
    Swappable SIM cards for LTE phones
    700 MHz LTE band
    8 – 12 Mbps

    Come on, we already defeated Verizon if there plans are still accurate with T’s 21 Mbps, seriously whattttt!!!!! Thou speeds will continue to increase with LTE-Advance with a max of 1 Gbps (125 MBps) and Sprints WiMAX at the same, your not going to see them speeds for a very long time. T-Mobiles plan is to up the data transfer rate to keep us filled up while working on T-mobiles 4G network, which I don’t believe they decided what to use yet. Either way its a little ways out there, and by summer we will have some of the fastest shit in the US!

    Come on G1v2!! Make my dreams come true

    • Kervin

      To be honest, I’d prefer 8Mbps LTE to 21Mbps HSPA any day of the week.

      Main reason is latency. Try VOIP, Video Conferencing, Online Gaming, Remote Desktop or any applications that need a low latency network connection on HSPA.

      I need remote desktop for work, and using it on 3G is painful. Though it’s much better than RDP over Edge.

      AFAIK, the best latency HSPA is going to give you is about 70ms. That means your real world pings would be sitting closer to 100ms. Please let me know if anyone sees different. LTE cuts that down to 10ms.

      For many applications, latency is now the limiting factor, not Network throughput ( bandwidth ).

      • alex

        I don’t even get 10ms ping times on my PC with FIOS – there is no way you are getting that with LTE

        Getting a 100ms ping time on HSPA would be amazing – in reality you would get more like a 500-700ms ping time.

        I am not sure where you came up with your numbers – unless you are looking at the ping time just phone to the tower?

      • Kervin

        Sorry, I should have mentioned that’s theoretical to the first hop ( tower ).

        LTE and WiMax are able to do 5-10ms whilst HSPDA can get to 70ms at best.

        In the real world they’re all higher but the 60ms spread between the two will probably remain.

  • soviet

    my touch speed is super fast, philly burbs here

  • Volt117

    WAIT!!! what about the new blackberry bold 9700 I just got that, if that doesnt work that would be so messed up??

    If any one knows about my question please email me at Grizer117@gmail.com

    • watbetch

      I believe it’s only 3.6mbps.. sorry. But you will see an increase in speed

  • Oblio

    T-mobile should do a marketing plan like verizon did to them except this time about speed instead of coverage. Then they would have to get owen wilson to say stuff their speed, then tmobile will get the iphone and everyone will leave att because they would no longer have the fastest 3g or be the only ones with the iphone.

  • Mark

    Dang! Somebody was out working on the water tower about a 1/4 mile from my house In CO this weekend. Looked like they were working on antennas though. In NOLA this week. Hopefully I will get home to a nice, fast surprise on Friday!

  • WHoop Whoop! Major Christmas to me. & i’m part of one of the major cities (Detroit), so i’ll probably get it sooner than the rest.

  • Rorison Meadows

    Yesterday, I had E on the top bar of my Touch Pro 2. Tonight it says H! That means I have 3G in Spencerport, NY today!

  • I wonder will the new Blackberry 9700 support HSPA 7.2, because I think i’ll be switching to that device very soon.

    • J-Hop2o6

      Nope.. 3.6mbps max..


      look at Data>3G.. its HSDPA (3.6)

    • mmaxsooner

      I wouldn’t worry about 3g speed with 3.6 if anyone has 3g with tmo they are likely getting 800 to 1.8. With the switch to 7.2 the speed should increase to 1.8 to 3.5. The 7.2 speed is achieved in a lab or near perfect conditions. So the move to 7.2 will not obsolete many 3g phones, now the 21 rollout that’s a whole different ballgame. Would love to see 21 speed but in the 918 I am still not sniffing 3g period. Check out domz post below this is what we can expect.

  • phoneking13

    Hopefully when Cincinnati launches Thursday HSDPA 7.2 will be automatically activated….

  • Bigg

    My N900 and Touch Pro 2 def can handle that speed. Tampa, Florida market…when will we get 7mb of goodness?

  • domz

    staten island ny already has hspa 7.2 no update required my max speed went from 943.6 kbits to 2379.2 kbits yay

    • DAMGIC448

      Will the Signal Icon on my G1 still say 3G or will it say something different when HSPA 7.2 is rolled out?

    • alex

      If you are getting 2379.2kbit/s you must have HSPA 21+
      (21/8 = 2625
      7.2/8 = 900)

  • Sanjay

    Yaaaaaaaaaay! Did I say Yaaaaaaaaaay? This is what T-mobile needs to be doing. Get aggressive like Amazon.com did. With the customer service focus they have, all they need is to aggressively improve infrastructure and speeds. These speeds are going to be faster than my DSL. DSL will need to catch up or won’t everyone just get a wireless card and drop DSL? Awesome.

    • DAMGIC448

      DSL is measured in MegaBytes per sec and cell phone data is measured in Mega Bits per second. So even at 21 MBps on a cell phone that is only comparable to 2 mbps on DSL. So DSL will still be faster

      • Kervin

        Traditionally all Network speeds are measured in Bits and not Bytes. DSL, Cable, Cell, Satellite, etc. That’s the network, as in the Layer 2 Network protocols.

        Software applications like browsers, layer 3 and above, tend to measure speeds in Bytes and not Bits.

        It’s not a hard and fast rule though.

      • Sanjay

        Not true. Network speeds are in Mbits not Mbytes (look at their web site). AT&T DSL elite is 6Mbps not MBps.

  • rushmore

    Ironic. I can not even get a steady Edge signal, yet alone 3G probably EVER where I live, yet Tmo is pushing even more technology.

    Give us tube technology instead! Tenacious D was right all along!!!!

  • Michael

    The Sidekick LX 2009 may support HSPA 7.2 Mbps as it has the same radio chipset (Qualcomm RTR6285) as the T-Mobile G1.

  • rushmore

    Tmo beat NOBODY until they can show the same coverage map as Verizon. Heck, on a relative scale now, Tmo is At&t and At&t is Verizon.

    Instead of pushing more tech- get the freakin’ coverage with what you have. Mega Cartman level lame.

  • Rocko

    @ jongie & tmoguy… I had no issues with lost signals yesterday. What side of O-town are you on? Southeast seems to have more problems amonsgst all carriers (I know people near Sea World who can’t get a signal on Sprint on that side of town)… it might be the Epcot ball creating interference (that was a joke).

    That’s pretty disappointng about the BB Bold, I am SOOOOOO happy I didn’t get it. Looks like I’m sticking to my junky G1 for now.

    @rushmore: So why don’t you do what everyone else does and jump carriers? Sprint sucks in Orlando, so why would I sign up with Sprint? My point being: For those of us w/ solid coverage, your complaint falls on deaf ears.

  • Aston

    WTF RIM? 3.6 only? what is the speed now?

  • Rick

    Well, since i usually get around 550kb on 3G here in Phoenix, I would take the increase.

    Of course, the past two days I have been getting EDGE where 3G was rock solid, so I’m hoping the techs are in there messin with the circuits.

  • ThomasBruh


    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Truth be told, no one cares about the iPhone, so your all caps post is irrelevant. LOL.

      • kershon

        Yup. Never had one, never will. But I might have a SE x10 someday to match my bb9700. Then I can take advantage of those high speeds yet to come. ha ha

  • jymmyblanka

    hey wonder if it is going to be posible wiht that speed to play video games wiht Xbox or playstation3….???????

    • BeerBellyBilly

      Ohhh yeah, vdeo games, xbox, ps3, round-the-clock pandora, youTube and Hulu too. All the kind of stuff that gives AT&T’s Ralph de la Vega nightmares and anally retentive catatonic hissy fits, from what I read of his assessment of AT&T’s bandwidth usage this morning, congestion out the whazzoo, all of it coming off the iPhone. So open them pipes wide, T-Mo, 7.2, 21 Mbs, Gbs,, whatever your upgrades can pump through, because if you decide to snag the iPhone, data is gonna barrel down those towers uncontrolled and unchecked like water down Niagra Falls.

      • kershon

        Muhahahahaha. “nightmares and anally retentive catatonic hissy fits”. That was very eloquently put. I can’t stop laughing. ROFLMAO

    • J-Hop2o6

      shit i play xbox live NOW on my towers’ maxed out 0.96mbps (120kB/s) speed and it still works.. but it has occasional hiccups,, even disconnects from xbox live, and i’ll have to sign back in.. but since i don’t pay for comcast fast ass internet (for now since im jobless)anymore, and i only pay $6 for tmo’s internet.. so i cant wait for tmo to bump up its speeds to 7.2

      i tether my xbox thru my TP2’s Wifi Router that connects to tmobile’s data

      • Bill48105

        Watch they’ll have a way to limit use to only those on the expensive Smartphone plans. :D

        Not to be mean, understand you’re jobless & all, but it’s people like you who ruin it for everyone.. You get a great price & abuse the system using it for stuff it wasn’t meant for (tethering, xbox live, probably using GB’s per month) especially under your cheapie plan that was meant for small amounts of data. :P It just backs up what I’ve said numerous times, they should not have unlimited plans as they are either abused or underused. Instead they base costs on average use & we wonder why unlimited has gone from $6/m to $40/m to $60 or more for tethering with some carriers. So for 1/10th the cost you are stealing essentially. ;) That is why it should be metered usage so that way someone using 1GB pays less than someone who uses 10GB and it doesn’t matter what you use it for, from browsing on your phone to tethering. Problem is people like the security blanket of unlimited where MOST people would actually save on a reasonably priced metered plan PLUS it’d cut way down on network traffic because people would consider how important that download is rather that ‘hey I get unlimited I’ll download it anyway’. THAT is what is killing ATT’s network. Had they not required unlimited data plans usage would be MUCH less.

      • J-Hop2o6

        but thats why they dont offer t-zones anymore.. plus i doubt alot of ppl on tmousa tether using a cellphone (since there’s a small amount of cell phones that has tether/3G).. so im not really a problem on the network.. and i used 5GB last month if u were wondering.. but i do see your point tho,, only if there was alot of ppl thats doin the same thing as me on the same tower.

      • Bill48105

        Right TMo sees what people are doing & adjusts pricing or policies partially based on usage. How is it fair you do 5GB & pay $6 when someone else gets a new smartphone & is forced to get a $30/month data package even if they use 0MB. Remember when unlimited meant unlimited as in all you can transmit? Read the fine print, all unlimited plans/services have limits but they can still call it unlimited. My real beef is with the cell carriers who can get away with marketing ‘unlimited’ & forcing it upon people when it’s not really unlimited and far from fair for the majority of people who get stuck paying more per MB than others just because they chose to not abuse it (or utilize it to it’s fullest extent & then some as you. lol) Like I said the fairest (and in the end likely cheapest for most people) is some sort of metered system so that they don’t charge a different rate depending on what device you have (why should it matter? $10 unlimited Shadow plan vs $30 unlimited mytouch plan..) or if you tether or whatever. Anyhow I’ll quit ranting lol

  • thom

    All of this is great if you have 3G to begin with, but here in my neck of the woods( Mobile, Al.) we are still waiting for 3G period. I have been a loyal customer of T-Mobile for over 5 years and am really getting frustrated over this.

  • Meh, ill believe it when I see it :)

  • Curt

    Funny, I’m in one the first 3G cities and I get roughly 100-150 bits per second on my blackberry 9700 all over the city. My old phone on Edge seemed faster. Tmobile needs to get up to 7.2 here before it talks about 7.2+.

    I think this is all HYPE…I mean I’m in a major city and Edge was more consistent.

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  • RR

    Bah Humbug! I pull a dismal 600 Kbps in so.cal … i am just bitter .. i want 7.2

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  • nick

    I’m pretty sure pittsburgh already has hspa 7.2, possibly even the hspa+ 21+ because I have the N900 and it shows me have 3.5g instead of 3g. Also the speed the websites load is amazing compared to the iphone and g1 as I used them all 3 side by side on a picture site. Full pictures loaded within 15 seconds after clicking on them. Can someone get a confirmation for me?

  • RR

    OK, so it is all about hype !!!!
    First they said HSPA 7.2 “by Christmas” … thats come and gone and still no 7.2
    now still “this year” ????
    (its three days away tmo!!! )

  • Pc

    750 Kbps in Kentwood, MI a bit faster than before but I know thats not HSPA 7.2

    • fishwiz45

      ok t-mo! hit the switch! light it up here in cleveland! less than 24 hrs to go!!

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