Hands-On With T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 21Mbps Network


With T-Mobile promising to roll out HSPA 7.2 by years end, and HSPA+ 21Mbps by the middle of 2010, a few lucky residents of Philly have already been blessed with T-Mobile’s ultra fast 3G network. A lucky individual over at jkontherun was kind enough to share his hands-on experience with T-Mobile’s HSPA+, currently live in the Philadelphia area. Using a T-Mobile webConnect USB stick the individual started out and tested T-Mobile’s current 3G network, which resulted in speeds around 1.11 Mbps download and 0.67 Mbps upload speeds. Then the individual used the same hardware in the HSPA+ test network, and noticed speeds noticeably increased, yielding, 5.58 Mbps download and 1.23 Mbps upload. That’s some blazing fast mobile speeds! The individual also tested the HSPA+ network out on the Nokia N900 which supports T-Mobile USA 3G bands. Hit the link below to read the users full hands-on and let us know what you think in the comments!


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  • Matt

    Oh here we go again.

  • Barakuda

    i am still waiting to see if t-mobile is full of it….they say thursday cincy gets 3g, and friday louisville gets 3g….if they keep there word then i will get excited for philly and all the rest of us….if no 3g thursday and friday….i will have nothing good to say for t-mobile,sorry so negative however we have been promised for a while….so until thursday and friday,i am from missouri…”you Gotta Show Me!!!”

  • Chad D

    Will all current tmo 3G phones be able to use the HSPA+?

    • phoneking13

      There isn’t a phone out that fully supports HSPA+, however, if the network launches HSPA+ in your area, you *should* see a significant speed increase over HSDPA…

    • eli_the_great89

      no there are a select few that support HSPA 7.2
      for the later HSPA+ (21 Mbps) they’ll have to release newer phones that support such speeds.

      Current phones that support 7.2 are:
      MyTouch 3G
      Samsung Behold II
      Dash 3G
      and a couple of others.

      it’s hard to say about the Blackberry Bold since it hasn’t been considered to handle the 7.2 speeds but the Blackberry Website speaks of its capabilities to run on UMTS (3G) and HSDPA (3.5G)

      • Chad D

        Thanks for the answers! Can’t decide if i should stay with a bb or move to android…

      • Duck Dodgers

        The Touch Pro 2 is also 7.2 capable.

  • Chet

    I just used mobilespeedtest.com on my Bold 9700. I turned the Wi-Fi off, and ran the test (1Mb) it says my speed is 3980kbps.


    Can that be right? That’s not all that different from being on Wi-Fi.

    • denny

      you cant run speedtests using the blackberry browser because of how blackberry transmits the browsers data. you need to use a application to test the speed, or tether the phone to your computer and test it from there.

  • Kickstar13

    The Bold 9700 can only handle 3G speeds up to 3.6 Mbps

  • dboy

    this news are starting to get boring!! is tmobile getting some hot phones for christmas?????

  • phoneking13

    anyone getting 3G in Cincinnati yet?

  • Jordan (Cincinnati)

    no nothing yet here in cincinnati still on edge

  • Jordan (Cincinnati)

    3g in cincy!

    • watbetch

      How cryptic. Needs moar plox. Speed tests, etc.

  • ali

    I can also confirm that Canton Ohio has 3G. Not too bad

  • Manolo

    So when will I stop seeing those annoying AT&T ads everywhere that claim “Nations Fastest 3G Network”

  • Marco

    I have a Blackberry 9700 that averages about 150-200 kilo BITS per second in one of the first cities to get 3G. This is basically litter faster than Edge speeds for people who don’t know. I would worry about get 7.2 functional all over before doing 21..lol…We were one of the first to get 3g and it’s spotty and slow.

    Come on tmo!

  • Marco

    Manolo: I don’t like AT&T but they are faster than Tmo in MOST cities. I keep Tmo ’cause it cheap. But AT&T can keep their ads..they are correct.

    • watbetch

      They won’t be.

      • kershon

        Not for long. About another 2 weeks. Or less. Roflmao!

      • Bill48105

        TMo is SOOO far behind the only way they’ll catch up to ATT is to merge with them. :P seriously though, TMo having HSPA+ in a select few cities does not make them faster than other carriers in a meaningful fashion. It’s almost laughable like Sprints 4G network. Besides, even once the towers are upgraded they need backhaul bw or it won’t be any faster. Like I said they got a long way to go and ATT’s network is only getting better as people get fedup & go elsewhere freeing up some speed for those left. lol

  • RR

    I live in So.Cal and it is pulling a dismal 140Kbps indoors and about 780Kbps outdoors. I checked my friend’s iphone on AT/T and it is doign about 850Kbps
    indoors and outdoors.

    Above numbers are avaerage over multiple readings from SpeedTest.net app downloaded from the market and is on a new moto cliq.

    • Michelle

      I’m in Chicago. Ran the speed test using the app you mentioned on a myTouch 3G. My results:

      995 kbps Download
      355 kbps Upload

      I’m actually indoors and at work out in the suburbs at the moment where my connection is usually slower. Curious what the test will show when I get home in a few hours!

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  • BrY

    In LA metro, and Tmo has always been good to us here, I’m consistently getting

    DL: 1800
    UP: 1230

    And this is consistent in places I go to, and indoors too! ITs amazing, on my Nexus One and in the status it says its connected via HSPA

  • PhxBlue

    And here we are its Feb, 2010 and I am LUCKY as a mofo if get 500kb downlink in Phoenix Arizona….Retarded.

    • PhxBlue

      Thats on a Nexus One by the way.